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    St. Petersburg vs. Manila

    Dear all,

    I have trouble deciding whether to go have fun in Manila or St. Petersburg. Just as a background, I like young (18-25) slim girls, fresh face, bubbly personality, total GFE (prefer non-pros or freebies that don't ask for donation, but may hope for one). Here are the pros and cons, as I see them:

    Manila: PROS. Exotic warm place, very cheap girls, plenty non-pro GFEs (BIG plus in my book), speak English, often just happy to be treated nicely and stay with the foreigner. Great place to try an authentic girlfriend experience, without the crude P2 P component. Finally, one can find freebies on free dating sights. On these sites, you can chat the girls up and pretty much agree that she'll stay with you at your hotel when you come. They expect it. CONS: long and expensive flight.

    St. Petersburg: PROS. Gorgeous slavic girls, long thin legs, beautiful city, museums. CONS. Cold, girls are expensive, most (if not all) are crude P2 P proposition.

    I suspect that there isn't a way to secure dates with St. Petersburg girls in the same way one can with Manila girls. Mamba, so I hear, is P4P mostly. I guess that if Manila-style dates would be possible to arrange from afar (I can manage in Russian somehow), I would have ventured into Russia, in spite of the cold and high girl prices.

    Any feedback from the esteemed members here will be greatly appreciated. Ciao!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skwiskwis  [View Original Post]
    Been in StPb two weeks now.
    I envy you, meeting the New Year along the banks of the Neva. Take some pictures and let us see what it looks like.

    Так уносились мы мечтой
    К началу жизни молодой.

    So carried away are we by a dream
    To the beginning of young life.

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    Regarding the blond and else

    I have a few more photos of the blonde in which she does not look as willowy challenged. And I did impolitely ask her about, what appeared to me, to be photos showing her with ample thighs and an amble ass, and she assured me the photos didn't show her true figure and in fact she'd worked as a model and had been a dancer (and yes, it did occur to me to ask if she meant "large sizes model," but I didn't ask, since her price was to high for me regardless of how she looked).

    Again, I didn't meet her and just as photos can sometimes show girls to be more attractive than they are, the opposite is also true.

    Else. Been in StPb two weeks now. The going rate for girls on Mamba that use the local currency is still around 6000 rubles, give or take, with a top girl you find on Mamba, for example, asking 15 k rubles or 20 k rubles. So the prices are the same, as I recall, but the exchange rate is much better.

    And it may be a sign of the times, or it may just be the luck of the draw, but I have found Mamba girls, for example, much more aggressive this trip. I have had more answer me and the couple I've met have written me afterwards asking for additional meetings and a couple I negotiated with writing me and asking when we will meet. It might be the time of the year and it might be the economic problems and it might be both, or it might be just luck of the draw. Time will tell. The ruble is on a downward course again today, back up above 58 (dollar) at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skwiskwis  [View Original Post]
    Public transportation is not a mirror held up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it!
    пролетарии всех стран... (workers of the world)

    Where do you find these women online? Is it VK? Mamba?

    The blonde is a hefty li'l heifer. Does she charge by the pound, I wonder?

    OK, so it's $0.528379 USD to ride the metro in Russia. It's still a bargain, compared to $2.75 for a single ride on the NYC subway. Of course, in NYC, you can catch a subway train at 03:00 and still have time to make it in to work the next morning.

    I wonder, if I paid Evgenia 400 Euro for the night, do you think she would ride the Metro with me? I would be willing to pay, of course.

    с наступающим новым годом (with the coming New Year)

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    Ménage à trois

    Here's another StPb girl I've negotiated with, but have not met because of economics.

    400 $ for a meeting (not all night). Classic, oral (uncovered), anal.

    She also offered to have sex with two (males) for 700 $.

    Worth repeating: I have not met her (these are photos she sent me).
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    Caveat emptor

    "Evgenia" is looking for a sponsor. A couple of photos below. This is not an endorsement. I've never met her. I corresponded with her, received some photos from her, but when she gave me her "condition" for the initial meeting I passed: 400 E for the first meeting (all night), classic and oral. If anyone wants to try their hand with her message me and I'll send you her contact details.

    It bears repeating: I have not met her.

    And on the sideshow of a sideshow that is Putin's Russia, a new immigration form was handed out on the plane to StPb (from Amsterdam). No one, however, accepted the form at immigration, or anywhere else for that matter.

    And be forewarned of a price hike: metro tokens will be going up 1 Jan by almost 11%! From 28 rubles to 31 rubles. Moscow is announcing 10% inflation by Jan 1, the ruble has lost approximately 50% of its value in the last year, AND metro tokens are going up: Public transportation is not a mirror held up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it!
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    Update on bars

    I am travelling more to Moscow than St. Peter, so I would need some recent information. In the old time I was going to Tribunal and Mahgrib Disco.

    On my last visit I was running around Nevsky and go home alone, because both bars had been closed.

    Where are the places in St. Peter like for Nigthflight in Moscow??

    I have scrolled to all the actual reports, but I have found nothing. I don t like escort service or brothels.

    I will stay in St. Peter on Monday and Tuesday, not on the weekend.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Some advice please

    Hello everyone!

    New guy here, just wanted to say I was going to St. Petersburg again in the coming month and I wanted to ask if anybody had any advice on where to get girls without getting robbed (literally or figuratively). Also, what decent 5-star hotel should I stay at so as to not run into any trouble with the hotel when I bring over a girl (girl-friendly hotel)? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Esli Vy nastaivaete!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stravinsky  [View Original Post]
    Does she have an obnoxious personality? Did she demand Anchovies and Pepperoni?
    Now I know what you are all thinking, dear readers: why would a Russian internet guy boot out a solid "5. " Pink hairs friend is a solid "5. " She would easily be a "6" if she had more leg. Or worked out a bit and rounded her backside. So a solid "5. ".

    But now I am compelled to include a rule as a warning, before continuing:

    Rules of Petersburg:

    Rule 11: In Petersburg, when a guy mentions he's into metal, he may or may not be referring to music.

    Please keep in mind, my Russian is poor, very poor, and while I can chat a bit with friends and colleagues, participate in the endless jokes about the alleged Southern Capital, and more or less "get to and from the toilet," Pink Hairs friends explanation (she speaks no English) as to why internet guy had his bro bring her suitcase to Pizza Hut was in Russian and with words and expressions I had never heard before (and, frankly, never want to hear again). And this conversation occurred after drinks. A lot of drinks. Drinks at a cafe. Drinks continuing at the apartment I rented. Wine. Shots of tequila. JD. It even reached the point where we had to call a "private" source and have more alcohol delivered to us via a guy with bottles of duty free bought alcohol in the trunk of his car (you can't buy hard booze in Russia after 11 pm or some such). So I'll repeat what I understand Pink's friend was saying, but, ya know, I might have missed or messed up some of the details. And she was very drunk the night before when she was with Internet Guy, and she wasn't sure if everything happened or was said or might have been what she was thinking at the time. But the climax, pun intended, will have to wait for when next we meet, dear readers.

    To be cont, but only if you really, really, really, really want to know.

    Teaser: metal and either oral or vaginal sex, I'm still not clear on the orifice, a marijuana crop, shots of some god awful liquor like drink from Internet Guys rural home, laughter, a lot of laughter, hysterical laughter, and three exclamations that, as best as I can manage, translate as "Wait, help me look on the floor, I think I lost a filling! And "Fuck no! That isn't going inside of me even if hell freezes over" and finally something having to do with Internet Guys mother and which species she belonged to (and well, in Russia, that's a line you don't want to cross).

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    Very nice, can't imagine why the internet gentleman would have left her behind. Does she have an obnoxious personality? Did she demand Anchovies and Pepperoni?

    I'm assuming that since you were able to talk her out of her clothes for the photo, that you were also able to talk her into bed. Was this a 2-for-1 deal?

    BTW--Why does Natasha Pink Hairs not have any, you know... pink hairs?

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    Obozhayu blinchiki

    Dear Readers;.

    Since I can tell you really, really, really, really want to see what Natasha Pinks friend looks like (and you asked so very very nicely, just like true gentlemen!

    Addendum: The alleged Southern Capital has proposed banning Skype phone calls in Russia.
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    Woof woof. Not all russian girls are beautiful.

    I'm guessing you paid for the pizza and the drinks.

    Rules of Petersburg.

    Rule 11: Remember Russian girls can spot a walking wallet a mile away.

    For someone who has been openly critical of the standard of girls other members have slept with, your girls really aren't very hot. If you had paid $1500 for the week could you have got a 6? If a guy left Natasha's friend in a restaurant and you haven't posted a picture of her she must be even worse than Natasha.

    Rules of Petersburg.

    Rule 12: Only kick other members if you can walk-the-walk.

    Stav. Thank you for describing how to post in Cyrillic. I will in future use this if I post in Russian. I do tend to try not to post in Russian though as I think certain members use it to try and look more intelligent than they really are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skwiskwis  [View Original Post]

    Now, since, even with the handcuffs, I'm obviously too much the gentleman, you already know what happened after we finished our drinks.

    Rules of Petersburg.

    Rule 10: Never go to Pizza Hut.

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    Yak she mash, kolega! Dobshe, bardzo dobshe, dzienkuye!

    Hey, it's all Greek to me (so to speak).

    Quote Originally Posted by Skwiskwis  [View Original Post]
    Now, since, even with the handcuffs, I'm obviously too much the gentleman, you already know what happened after we finished our drinks.
    I'm guessing you weren't balls-deep in her шоколадный глаз (chocolate eye)! Так жалко (so sad)

    Thanks for the report about your week with Natasha Pink Hairs. Seems a little pricey: $1,000 USD cash, plus gifts, plus bus/train fare, plus, plus... Боже мой (my God) forget about TJ, I could fly to Vegas for the weekend with all that.

    At least you got some free pizza.

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    Ja probudilsja ot bespokojnogo sna I obnaruzhil sebja slishkom dzhentel'menom.

    Sprosil I otvetil.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stravinsky  [View Original Post]
    Why don't you just write the Russian words in Cyrillic? So this is the process:
    Photo below is of a girl I met in Petersburg on Mamba a year ago, but who moved to Tver. Met her again for a week this month in Petersburg. Offered to buy her a train ticket, as I was a gentleman, but she insisted on taking the Bus (this is a plot point, by the way). Now I know what your thinking, looking at her photo: she's only a 4/5, but you will just have to take my word for it that she looks better in person. So you can stop reading here if you like: duration: 1 week; Presents (since I was a gentleman), perfume, chocolates, and something she chose from Victorias Secret; cash donative: $1000. Oral with no condom. Classic with. Anal: 'Do I look like I want to have a bowl movement during sex?' (that's a poetic translation of what she said); Handcuffs: only after a bottle of wine and two shots of tequila, with Rammstein playing. Oh, and the cost of her bus tickets, which I can't even remember, but they weren't expensive. Airfare from the US was around $1000.00; apartment was $50 a night. Taxi from Pulkovo was 400 rubles each way.

    So, if your still reading, here's the really interesting part. When I met her, she turned up with her best friend, who was arriving to meet some guy she met on the internet. The guy met them with a friend (I was late), and they were all waiting for me, chatting, when I arrived. And then, even though I had a taxi, the guy insisted on giving us a ride to the apartment I rented (on Airbnb) (another plot point, by the way). We took the taxi, but I noticed the guy followed us in his car. Jump to the next day, we are still in bed (I had not been much of a gentleman, unless handcuffing the girl your with to the bedpost qualifies in Russia as gentlemanly. Just might, come to think of it.), it's around 11.30 AM, and there is furious bleeping on the buzzer downstairs. The guy and Natasha Pink Hairs best friend have turned up, and the guy, so much the gentleman, wants to take us all to lunch. His idea of a gentlemanly lunch is Pizza Hut. Now the girl I am with, of course, wants to talk to her friend and hear about her meeting with internet guy, so, of course, being a gentleman, we go. And, internet guy, the gentleman he is, buys us all pizza. After a while I hit the toilet, return, and find the two girls talking, internet guy nowhere to be seen. He's off running some errand, I'm told. We wait. And wait. An hour goes by, and then internet guys friend, also too much a gentleman, turns up, with a suitcase. The suitcase of Natasha Pink Hairs best friend. It turns out internet guy didn't like Natasha Pink Hairs friend, and was ever so gentlemanly letting her know she could stay somewhere else, via a proxy of course, since real gentleman don't dump girls in person in Petersburg. And so, now at the table, the three of us are all quiet, not wanting to say anything, because in such a situation anything spoken would make it worse. Even coughing could make it worse. Eye contact. You get the picture? Being a gentleman, however, once the silence becomes maddening, I suggest we go to a cafe and have a drink. Or 20.

    Now, since, even with the handcuffs, I'm obviously too much the gentleman, you already know what happened after we finished our drinks.

    Rules of Petersburg.

    Rule 10: Never go to Pizza Hut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonners  [View Original Post]
    I would prefer to use the Cyrillic but unfortunately I don't know how. I wrote in Cyrillic yesterday and the forum put in meaningless numbers so I had to edit it in Roman.
    It's true, Jackson has the text editor configured to thwart the use of non-Roman characters, but there is a workaround.

    The text editor only filters characters when you upload your report, but not when you edit it. So this is the process:

    1) Write your report just as you want it to look, Cyrillic characters included.
    2) Copy the text of your report.
    3) Upload your report.
    4) Edit your report after it has uploaded.
    5) Delete the text in your uploaded report, with all the gibberish.
    6) Paste the text of your original report into the editor.
    7) Save your edited report, you should see the Cyrillic characters once it's been updated.

    NB: If you write more than one word, or a short phrase, make sure to include a translation of the Russian Cyrillic in English, this is our offering to the Admin Gods to keep them happy.

    I always run the Russian text through an online translator first, just to make sure that the result will make sense, in English, just in case someone wants to run it through a translator to see for themselves. So you might want to avoid expressions like, you know... Я вам покажу кузькину мать.


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