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    Now that the Summer (tourist season) is over, there should be a drop in the prices. Especially at the Tribunal and Marstal. If you are a night person and can wait until after 1 or 2 am to find a pro you can usually get her for the whole night (usually until 8 or 9 am) for a lot less( like $50 if you are patient). At Marstal and Tribunal MOST of the girls are pros there so if one won't deal with you, keep walking. I have never had a woman get mad at me for chatting her up and finding out she isn't a working girl. In the US you would get killed for this mistake!
    As to the escort agencies, I have never ordered from them but I did make several atempts to find out about prices and services offered but always found them sketchy and expensive. I am sure that you can have a good time for $300 a night with a beautiful girl but why buy something sight unseen? I find it much easier to get a GFE with a pro that I picked up and talked to for a while first. Often, I can tell by talking to her that a beautiful women will probably be horrible in bed. If she obviously knows she is good looking and acts like she is doing you a big favor by sleeping with you, sex will be about as warm as a St. Petersburg night in January!
    Berm... I would say all of the working girls there are semi-pro. They are just making ends meet like every one in Russia does. I have slept with a nurse, a midwife, a chemist(day job at restaurant), a school teacher and a married mother of 2, alll earning extra money. If you want a short term girl friend Russia is the place for you. I don't care if you look like Quasimoto, a lot of Russian women will be interested in you as long as you don't act like an asshole American. They don't seem to have most of the hangups women in other parts of the world seem to have.

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    Has anyone tried Egoist Escort Agency? There web site is
    Girls look pretty nice. I will be in St. Pete at end of month and will provide a review shortly thereafter.

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    Been living in St Petersburg for one month & figured that it was about time to contribute. Marstalls is a great place to go & surround yourself with foreigeners & it is fun, bar but a lousy place to pick up girls! The girls here used to negotiate but now are set on $100 price no deals to be had. I am a younger guy & I prefer professionals to picking up "regular girls" because there is no commitment. Made the mistake of taking home a dancer from the Koko Bango the first week I was here & all she wanted to do was call me at 3:00 in the morning & ask when I was going to see her again, after seeing her twice she decided we were going to get married & started scaring off other girls. Woah! I started going to Marstalls because of the posts here & really the girls are not as attractive as they were when I visited a year ago. I never paid more than $50 then. I have taken to finding girls on where there are a number of great hot women for around 1500 rbls an hour. I did not want to give up on the girls at Marstalls but the deal was up on Friday when I stayed until closing & offered a semi attractive girl 2000 rbls for one hour. She stuck firm on $100 and she went home alone. I guess all of the guys (suckers) that were willing to part with $100 (I even heard one girl demand and get $150) have bumped up expectations. Well happy hunting.

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    Thanks dusty bin - you are right. I checked the site again. Arina is number 30 when the girls pop on the screen. She speaks reasonably good English too.

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    I think that you mean 'Liza' not 'Linda'. The other URL does not work and I don't recognise what it might be.

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    To Berm 100 - This is my first post. I just left St. Petersburg a few weeks ago. I loved the city and will be going back again for a longer visit. I'm very much into searching for the GFE also. My only bit of advice if you're going in cold is to try Linda's Agency. It's on the internet with pictures of about 50 girls. I tried a few. I do not normally like agencies (don't really know what's coming and they're more expensive). But I gave it a try with only a short visit. I would recommend a girl named Arina. She is petite and slim (don't have her picture # handy). I called for her late at night and she showed up an hour later. She was dressed very stylish (nice Italian shoes and a scarf around her neck). Very pretty face and pleasant. We had something to drink and then she took a shower. She took about 15-20 minutes in the bathroom and I was beginning to get a bad feeling, but when she came out, she was dressed in heels and nice lingerie with a nice smile. She explained that she had a cold and I had woken her up. She also had to be up at 8:00 for some exams and it was about 1:00 in the morning. She seemed very open-minded (I didn't ask for anal though) and I had a nice time. I asked for her personal number and the price in the future would be half of the agency fee. She explained she only does it part-time (she's studying economics full-time). I called a few days later when she said she would be free but she told me to call later that evening because she was studying. I wasn't able to get together again. To try to sum this up - I think this girl had a lot of potential for a GFE if you have some time to spend in town. The agency will be $100 for a 1 and 1/2 hour experience, but if you like her, it's $50 + $10 for taxi fare for her on the personal line. She'll give you 50% off + $10 for any amount the agency would charge. If I recall correctly, the agency is $130 for 2 hours, $150 for 3 hours, $200 for 6 hours, $300 for 12 hours. They tell you this when you call - it's not on the web-site. Their ad is in the St. Petersburg Times also. Anyhow, I regret not getting another chance with her. If you give her a try, please post and let me know how it goes. Hopefully, you won't catch her during final exams. This is a long post for such specific information. Hope it helps. - jak

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    Hi guys.....can anyone suggest the places to go to meet "semi-pro" girls just looking to make a few dollars a couple of times a month. I am talking about the college girl type who may escort every once in a while to make a little money. Where can you meet these women in St. Petersburg. I want to avoid the hardened pros. Thanks in advance.

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    Astoria is one of the better hotels in St. Petersburg (stayed there 2 times), quite lavish, and stuff generally not intrusive, i.e. you
    can bring girls with you (did it all the time). Hotel girls (in a bar from 11:00pm) are overpriced and not very good in general.
    Popular pickup hangouts Marstall (Konushnia in Russian) and Tribunal
    known to every cabby and not more then 100 rub (~$3) cab drive away. $100-$200 for one and $300 for pair should provide you with very pretty companionship for the night (sometimes security wants $20 per girl you brought with you, if they know them as pros. Only happened with me with girls from Tribunal). .
    The other option is to call some agenices (one,, claims that operator knows english - I
    did not verify, my russian is pretty good).
    Have fun,

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    I'm staying in the Astoria hotel next week. Does anyone have any knowledge of any in house service in this hotel as I've heard it is very difficult to get outsiders in?

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    The nightclub Hollywood Nights. It is full of young hot girls. Every girl is a prostitute. it is Mafia run. I had a threesome for $150 the whole night. Also in the day a place by the docks called the Seamans Center.

    I worked on a cruise ship for a few years and traveled all around the world and I know pretty much all of the good spots and what tom pay. Never more than $75 a girl! I just had to give this info out because I am amazed at the prices some of these people are paying. I once got a bj form a hot hot girl in Guatemala for $5! Urakaine is also a good spot. Oh and St. Maarten a place called the "white house" amazing.... These guys that post this info are either really dumb or really rich.

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    Tried the service in my hotel last night (hotel Oktabryska) had a girl that offered full sex (oral, vaginal, anal) for $100 for 1 to 2 hours as she put it. very pretty and fairly sexy but very rushed and kept telling me why are you so cheap. finally refused anal and got in a huge fight with her and her pimp. Got a $20 refund and made them sorry they fucked with me. screaming in a hotel at 1am about fucking someone in the ass cannot be good for the business of the hotel, I am sure.
    Got lucky at Marstal's 2 days ago for free and got an complete night with Olga for $80, 4 days ago. I love this country

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    Or go to Tallin for a couple of days and get your visa there! No visa needed to go to Tallin and nice place to hang while waiting to go to Russia

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    The Russians were supposed to be introducing short stay visas, issued on the train from Helsinki. Last I knew there were problems and it had not yet started.

    If you are in Helsinki for several days then 'Finnsov' travel can sort out a visa within 2-3 days. They can also help with train and accommodation. Just look in the phone book, or ask at your hotel reception for directions. (they are downtown and share their entrance with Alcatraz, which you should visit)

    Cost I am not sure of, I know it is more expensive if you are American, but it is not silly money like the American agencies charge you guys! If you want to save time and money go to the Russian Embassy but you probably have other things to do, right?

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    i will be visiting helsinki from the usa for a few days next month. is it possible to take a train to st. petersburg for 2-3 days? here's the catch. i don't have a russian visa. can i get a russian visa on a 2-3 notice in the usa or helsinki? from what i've heard russian visas require time and that it might cost a few hundred bucks to speed up the processing. i don't think its worth hundreds of dollars for a 2-3 day stay in st. petersburg. any thoughts about this?

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    Tried out Maximus last night. It was almost as bad a Golden Dolls! 300rb to get In to a nice club and cheep beer to boot (60rb). However, the similar to Dolls, 3 women dancing on a nice central 3 post marble stage but the each dancer dances for half a song then comes to you for 100rb tip. I tried to get 50rb bills from the door and the bartenders but they refused. I had some $1 bills with me so I started sliping them those. They said "too little for Russia" I'm sorry do women here make more than american strippers? Also, topless only.
    Went to Marstalls and had a blast. Got drunk and almost got a freebie from the friend of the girl I got last week for 2500rb
    Also tried out papa colorado "kolorado Otets" at 72 Malyy prospect out on vasilevsy island. 150rb to get into the disco plus 100 more for strip club in back. Good contact dances at your chair for 100rb but only 4 girls to chose from. The place was pretty dead and the local guys were pissing off the girls by not tipping. Got a 10min nude private dance for 1000rb. By american standards it was worth it for sure. Got trapped by the bridges though, that sucked big time.
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