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Thread: Saint Petersburg

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    Sorry misspelled. Marstalls. The hotel is actually not at Marstall is is 3 blocks south/west right behind the Kazan cathedral. It is a univerity hotel (like a youth hostel) but we got a private room for 700 rb with a shower and 2 twin beds.

    I am going to try out a new place called Maximus strip club and see how it goes.
    Also, the best strip club IMHO ANYWHERE in the world is Safari in Moscow. 300rb to get in and the girls give you a 1 song lap dance for only 100 RUBLES each all night!! I almost missed my train to SPG after my 20th lap dance including two brunettes that look a little like twins touching me and touching each other!! I gave them each 500rb and was an incredibly happy man for 20-30 minutes (I have no idea how long )
    I spent only 90 minutes there and spent only about $60! I was seriously considering missing my train and going back to SPG the next day.

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    Sorry to hear that you were disappointed with Golden Dolls. I have to confess I love the place. I usually aim to go before 10PM. It is important to be a little restrained there, be a little diffident. If they were wanting $100 for a 'private' then prices may have gone up, also my recolection was that drinks were not too bad, although if I recall correctly they serve only imported bottled beer and so it is, as in other places, significantly more costly. I usually drink to straight Scotch which was not particularly expensive.

    I usually tip the girls with 50Rbl, but do not tip every time, that way they stay keen as they can hope for money but it lasts you a lot longer!.

    I think I mentioned in a previous post the silly money that they want to do 'takeaway'.

    Was the other place actually Marstall, not Mistral, near the Church of the Blood on Canal Griboedova? I did not know that they had rooms. That is worthwhile knowing. For me a good night starts with a walk from my apartment, usually on Fontanka, a light meal at the Chinese opposite McDonalds, followed by an hour or two in Golden Dolls and then to Marstall for the rest of the night. I usually try to find a girl who is not on the game but don't worry over much if she is and then a walk or taxi back to my apartment, depending upon the weather and my impatience.

    It's a bit of a shame that I spend more time in Tallinn these days...

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    Golden Dolls


    I felt like had leeches sucking on me from the moment I entered. I was there for 5 minutes and 5 girls asked me my name where I was from and, Oh Did I wand a $100 lap dance in the VIP room! $10 before 10pm and $20 after. Beers are $8 (225rb)(everywere else in SPG they are MAX $2) A total rip off place.
    Yes, I got the nice come back for free pass but why put myself through that again. If you need to be harrased by women wanting your $$$ go here otherwiser go to Marstal or Tribunal.
    Had a beautiful blonde for $80 + $20 for the room from Marstal for the night until 8am. BBBJ and 2 SOG and a very good massage to boot.
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    Sorry about that!

    have a good time!

    You might want to ask Tania about the dinner parties that she can organise!

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    Could you give the site address again for the apartment locator for hotels in Russia. When I try to pull it up I get an Incorrect address message. ????

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    The Hotel Moscow was the place that persuaded me to only use apartments!

    They used to allow girls in for a small tip, about $20. They changed the security and women were no longer allowed at any price. I don't know if this has changed since I was last there about 2 years ago but I am not about to try it again!

    get an apartment for a few days $35 and up from Tania at

    Tell her Andrew sent you!

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    What is the situation with lady visitors to a room in hotels? I will be staying at the Hotel Moskva and would like to know if there is any problem in having your girl friend visiting you there in the evening and even staying overnight.

    Many thanks for an urgent reply.

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    Hello, there!

    I am heading to St. Petersburg in a couple of months.

    Planning to spend one week in one apartment (Nevsky Pr.?) ; is that a suitable location, I mean for night-activity ?

    I have been travelling to Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, but
    short-time "sessions" are not my cup of tea, though I had nice experiences (Gorgeous chicks and mostly good attitude), but I would rather go for all-nighters.
    How much should I expect to pay for an all nighter?
    Is this a convenient choice for SPB ?
    I'm also considering to visit "Intim Salons" or try to contact Escort Agencies : any advise ?
    Would you recommend any clubs ?

    Thanks in advance guys and Regards


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    Saint Petersburg

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