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    Yuzno, Sakhalin Iland

    I will be posted soon to Yuzno, Sakhalin Iland. Can you share your information of sex guide for this city and other areas in the Island.

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny2003
    I will be posted to Odessa Ukraine very soon. Appreciate if someone could share the following info:

    1. Night life scenes and charges

    2. Security situation

    3. Cost of living in general
    Why you ask here and not in the UKR forum ?

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    Odessa - Ukraine

    I will be posted to Odessa Ukraine very soon. Appreciate if someone could share the following info:

    1. Night life scenes and charges

    2. Security situation

    3. Cost of living in general

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    I'll be in Lazarevskaya, Sochi, in a few weeks. I'd very much appreciate some advice on where to go to find a nice simple girl for a good time.

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    Has anyone been to Kayzon in Russia.

    Where can I pick up girls, I'm going in September 2007.

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    Not the easiest call based on your data.

    Quote Originally Posted by andy cap

    here are my nizhniy novgorod adventure.i go with the taxi only 10-15 rubles.

    i went to a strip club. the stripper proposed me to come back to my hotel but asking 20. 000 rubles.

    in taxi i asked the driver to show me the street worker but old fat and ugly. a mamasan show me a blond girl, about 25 old.

    i come to my hotel and asked security. i choice olga for one hours and 2000 rubles.

    i jump a taxi to the soloon and a mongolian girl spend the hour with me and it was 2000 rubles.
    i don't think you got taxi for 15 rubles.

    20,000 rubles for a stripper is worse than moscow prices.

    old ugly street prostitutes. a 25 year old prostitute from a mamachka.

    so far, can't see why anyone would want any of this over any other destination.

    another 2000 rubles an hour pro named olga from hotel security, and a 2000 ruble per hour mongolian saloon pro, that's the total of the rest of your mongering in the city.

    i'm really not trying to bust your sack or downplay how you did, at the least its a workable beginning, but without even one little peek-a-boo of any of the talent at spots you found, we're left with a tough call.

    mongers need more than just imagining your nizhny russians in action, because there's too many other good cities out there with better promise than your descriptions, from rostov and volgograd girls, up to samara and kazan dyevs.

    how can ya call nizh a 'mongers paradise' from one single website? remember this is russia, prostitutki sites are only posted for the purpose of seperating you from your money, so.......

    and, if you compare the "dosug" internet listings, (translates to the word 'leisure', ie., what horny guys do with spare time), the moscow and st pitr dosug sites have about 500 to 1000 times as many females in the popular 18-21 years old category, than nizhny.

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    To Top

    Ciao Top,

    If you should go there for working and you are looking for a nice short time girlfriend that "sleep" with you after a while, yes I think that NN is a good place, but remember that it is a big city and the people have a modern culture and they are not stupid and the girls understand if you are not. Fall in love of them: ((. If you want have many shots as possible, I suggest to fly in another country, to sud america or asia, it is better, cheaper and you are sure about the results.


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    Website for Nijni Novogorod

    Website specialized for finding something around sexe (Dosug) in Nijni Novgorod is

    But, one must read/understand russian.......

    There are adress for salons and individual (girls), prices start at 1'000 RB/hour (for those who can speak russian) + supplement as for anal.

    Compare to MOCKBA, Nijni-Novgorod could be the "paradise" for mongers who are willing to not be at their favorite MARIOTT hotels and ready to go outside of Night-Flight.

    In Russia, the more you can go East, you will enjoy the atmosphere we had in MOCKBA fifteen years ago : very nice girls and not pollued by USD or EUR.

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    Thank you for your report.

    I'd like to know if you think Nizhniy Novgorod could be a good place to spend one month, if someone speaks a little russian? You know what I mean?

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    Nizhniy Novgorod

    hi friends, here are my 2 cents about nizhniy novgorod. one month ago i was there for same days. i had a girlfriend that invite me to visit her native city and hence. why not go there. unfortunately here nobody wrote some info about this city and hence for me it was an adventure. i arrive in the evening of a monday and i stay at central hotel that is not near the centre but. few minutes with the taxi and only 10-15 rubles. the hotel is nice, at the first level there is a large casino, at the second level a good restaurant and after clean and comfortable rooms. the first day i spend the evening with my girlfriend, walking around the city but when she go home to sleep, at about 22. 00 i started to check this nice city. i took a taxi with a young driver that fortunately spoke english (i donít know any russian word) and he immediately understood what i want and he brought there. first stop at the e-zone that should be a nice restaurant, bar and disco place, but when i saw the empty car parking i was a little worried. in fact inside there were only waiters, i had a look but. change immediately. the second place that i visited was picasso but. i have the same impression: only 10 very young students were dancing and hence went away. the last place was the 5 element but i understood that the nightlife on monday in nizhniy novgorod was pretty dead. hence. i went to a strip club rocco that. the name should be a good program. inside empty, only another customer and me but about 6 very nice girls that started to dance around me and by only 100 rubles tip, they danced, stripped and also naked around me for some seconds. very. exiting. after a while i started to chat with lena, my slender type, and she proposed me to have a private dance for "only" 1000 rubles. i accepted without know what it was. we go in a private room and after a while she danced naked around me, allowing me to touch and kiss her, but not in that "soft and sweet parts". the lap dance was long as 5 minutes and after. my desire to have her was very height. i asked in polite way if she want come back to my hotel. after a smile she accepted but asking 20. 000 rubles. i was very surprise about this "shot" she was very nice, beautiful slender body with 2 fantastic breast and very nice face but smiling and laughing i asked if she come from hollywood city. she was a little surprised about my reaction, and she started to tell me she should pay her boss, the barman and so on. but i am not so stupid, i am a good looking italian man that unfortunately used italian dresses but i am not so rich and more i an not so old flat and stupid to pay that value. after a while she reduce to 15. 000 rubles but. it was too late. in fact after some second i pay the bill and. change to another place. i took another taxi about midnight. i asked at the driver to show me the street worker zone. i found them in a square in the centre but, mamma mia, old flat and ugly, completely different from the stripper girl. the taxi driver told me that only in moscow you can find cute girl on the road and hence. she bring me in a flat near my hotel where. a mamasan show me about 5 girl that were ready to. sleep with me about one hour for only 2000 rubles. i choose natalia, a blond cute girl, about 25 old. good body and the play was nice. the day after i spent all the day time with my girlfriend around the city that it is very close, nice clean and safety. but in the evening at about 22. 00 i was already ready for another trip. unfortunately i had the same result and a waiter in the the 5 element told me that only during the week end the places are full of people. hence. grrrr another trip to another strip club but. i have the same results. frustrating i come buck to my hotel and asked to security if he know a nice place to spend the night. surprisingly he told me: do you want girls? you should go to room 645 at the 6 level. at first i didnít understand but i want try and surprisingly at that room a mamasan with about 8 girls was waiting customers. i choice olga for one hours and 2000 rubles and i spend a very nice time with her. the day after i had the morning free because my girlfriend had to work at the university, hence i want to tray the vip saloon (www.doug-nn. ru). without knowing any russian words, i jump on a taxi i call the telephone number of the soloon and i pass my cellular phone to taxi driver. it was fanny because immediately they understood what i want. the woman at the phone explained to taxi driver where bring me and after 10 minutes taxi trip i was on the door of this saloon that is near the main road of the city centre. a very young girl introduced me in a clean flat and bring me in a room. after a second a parade of about 10 girls with very short dressed was introduced to me. it was difficult for me at the end of the parade explain at the young girl who i want but after a smile and many laughing she understood. a very nice mongolian girl very height (about 1. 80 m like me) spend the hour with me and i must tell that it was the best 2000 rubles that i spend there. the day after i left and telling the true without any pain. in conclusion nizhniy novgorod is a good city but very few girls speech english. in that few time that i was alone, i meet many nice girl and many of them spend some time with me but. without knowing the native language. it was very difficult to develop a deep relationship. ciao

    editor's note: i certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.

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    Hi Hamburg Willi.

    Did you ever find out anything about the scene in Krasnodar?

    Best regards


    Quote Originally Posted by Hamburg Willi
    Just back from Kaliningrad here some infos.

    The most and easyst way to get some nice girls is to buy the second hand newspapers like "Is Ruk i Ruki" or "Jarmarkt".

    they call ot "massage"-service but of couse its beautifull pros.
    to me it seems girls much more beautifully than in moscow, i was very suprised. (and moscow girls are realy very nice!)

    I searched for a good streapteaseclub but did not find one. Taxidrivers dont know, Hotel doesnt know. So a gave up.

    Something like a brothel or so also seems to not avaiable. ( I asked 4 taxi drivers)

    With the Tochkas i am a little bit afraid of the real strange number of aids-ill people here in this region (also i have save sex, i am afraid).

    Thats its :-)

    Tomorrow i will fly for two weeks to Krasnodar, hope to find out more infos for you.



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    Hi Bizoh.

    Any info on the scene i Krasnodar?

    Best regards,


    Quote Originally Posted by Bizoh

    Planning to visit Kursk this summer for about a week in July. Wondering if I should hire from Moscow an escort for that period? Any thoughts or recommendations on that?

    Thinking of a long-term let as on my previous journeys to obsure Russian towns/cities as a non-Russian speaker I have had some experiences but few of them sexual.

    Minsk, Belgorod, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Krasnodar and Kharkov have all had some fun but at best striptease joints and when very lucky the odd semi-pro. Tired of this desert of funless Russian nights and want to ensure a supply of success is taken with me. Easier and quicker than learning Russian.

    Anyone taken a week's hire sight unseen?


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    Feeling hot hot hot

    As long as you're not there to work, humidity is fine.. it adds to the sexually charged atmosphere.

    The trouble with Odessa in the Summer is that the girls usually have a serious case of foreigner fatigue by mid July and generally don't want to know us (or is it just me? )

    Yalta is the real deal in terms of pure native Russians on holiday (although Sochi is taking over from what I've heard). One thing about Yalta is that it caters for all social strata, not just the elite, so not all places are glam.

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    I didn't see any glammed up clubs in Yalta. I went to one in the main strip which was just dull. Yalta is so strung out and humid buy the time you get anywhere the last thing you want to do is party. Odessa was much more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bez Bezarra
    This IS the Bez lifestyle to a T-ski.

    (of course, I learned this from every Russian or Ukrainian guy I made friends with)
    Yeah, dried fish and Baltika are one of life's great joys... although in a pinch sushi and Corona work too.

    By the way, cute chick yours.
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