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    Will be in Arkhangelsk this weekend, little to no info to find. Will be occupied most of the time, only have some hours on Friday afternoon I am told. Any advice to a novice?

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    Other areas. Novosibirsk.

    A hot, nice guy with 20+ cm looking for cute ladies to have an outstanding awesome sexual experience, probably with extezze used if I really like you. Pills and music from my side. I'm very experienced and ready to deliver multiple orgasms with excessive cumshots and squirts.

    Reach me in telegram at Dalmera if you interested.

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    Nizhni Novgorod.

    I enjoy bedding a roster of pretty, skinny, petite regulars half my age or less, and have met quite a few very nice and educated ones in salons or on the web. BBBJ, DFK, 69 and CIF are my favorites and I ask this of any regular. Not so in this City. It seems to be swept of all beauties. I surmise they ply their trade in Moscow, where there is more anonymity and more money. The ads for independents on the web are all fake in NN. Photos 100% fake. You call and a dispatcher sends a like-sized Girl to you. The Dispatcher pretends to be the Girl. Even if they admit they are a Dispatcher, they blatantly lie to you. I was sent a petite one the other day, who was a mother of 25 why, chubby, not a great face, lots of make up, basically the opposite of my preferences. Decided not to make a Scene and had her for a prolonged massage. She was uptight, no hornyness, no wetness, no BBBJ. I just let her work my Little man and eventually sent her on her way. I was there to find a sponsorette in this City and failed. The search is pleasant and will continue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurkingdog  [View Original Post]
    Would love to have a place like this in the USA.

    Amen brother. But it would be the death of us all!

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    One more for the road

    Had free time Saturday afternoon. I arrived about 4:00 pm and somewhat surprisingly, 6 of the 7 rooms were occupied. I guess Saturday afternoon is prime mongering time in Kazan. Of course, I was there to see Margo, and it seemed by what the Madam was saying (this one was named Olga), she called Margo and she was "enroute" from her apartment. Of course, it could have been that she was in with another client and Olga just didn't want to tell me that. Anyway after about a 45 minute wait, I had my session with Margo— it was another amazing time. I think Olga May have given us a little more time since I waited for so long. Would love to have a place like this in the USA.


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    Another Relaxing Time

    As mentioned in the previous post, I seem to have found my own little spot of heaven here in Kazan. Stopped by and saw Margo again at Relax and had another marvelous time. One of the delightful things about her is that she seems genuinely happy all of the time — in my experience in this hobby, the providers (understandably) become jaded by all of the clients they deal with on a daily / hourly basis, some of whom I'm sure must stretch the provider's patience. In the four times I've been with her, Margo is never that way. And while she has a killer body, she has just as nice a smile that is warm and welcoming. I think I will likely stop by one more time before I have to return to the States.


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    Relaxing with Margot. Part 3

    So, I was able to get back to the Relax Salon and see Margot again. I had texted ahead of time and let her know I was coming. She was waiting at the door for me. She stated that she remembered me very well (I know the girls are all supposed to say that) but at least it seemed to be true (anyway, I believed it based on how she responded to me) — that's my story and I'm sticking with it! I session was as if the past five months was just yesterday. We had a wonofun shower and then amazingly fun post-shower activities. Once again I paid for the one hour, 2-relaxes, program and the sensuality was even more than the last time I was there. (5,000 rubles — approximately $75 USD). We really enjoyed one another and I had a marvelous time. I don't know if there were any other attendants present, the last time I went there was a lineup, but I was only there to see Margot anyway. If any of you get to go, I would highly recommend it. The address is Tazi Gizzata ulitsa,1 B but be forewarned, the taxis and the Uber seem to have an incredibly hard time finding this place. The closest intersection to this Salon is Tazi Gizzata ulitsa and Levobulachnaya ulitsa. Have fun! I'll probably return several more times before I leave to go back home it's that satisfying.


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    Back in Kazan for another week. Will probably stop at Relax salon to see Margo. Don't know what else is going on. Will make field reports when I can.


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    Need help in sochi

    Hello all!

    This is a senior member from India.

    I am landing in sochi on 14th June 2018 for a couple of days (fifa world cup) and was wondering about the mongering scene there.

    Any leads and tips would be helpful and appreciated.

    Best wishes.


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    Has anyone got tips for Sochi? Am there for a week?

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    Relaxing with Margot

    Well. I was so smitten by this young woman that I had to go back. I had contemplated "take out" but there was a standard charge of 10,000 rubles for 1-4 hours and as the hostess told me, "no sex". So if there wasn't going to be any sex, I thought I would just go back to the studio / salon and see Margot again. Wow! This young woman really does it for me. At the end of the first hour the knock came on the door and I chose to extend for another hour. As far as the activities— let's just say YMMV but I was totally satisfied after this visit. What a wonderful girl. . . The memories will have to last until my next trip but I definitely left a part of me with that young woman. Russian girls can be amazing!!


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    Back in Kazan -Relax Salon

    Back in Kazan for another business trip. Saw the Relax Salon webpage and decided to try it out. Don't be fooled by the address on the website, it's wrong. My Russian wasn't very good, but the hostess on the other line made it extremely easy for me to find the place. It's in a basement near the downtown city center of Kazan. It was a little tricky finding the actual location but the taxi driver helped me as well. I had a totally amazing session with Margot that left me wanting more. It appears that "Take out" is available but the hostess stated that the rules in the hotel where the same as those in the salon (no sex). Has anybody had takeout from one of these establishments to let me know whether that is actually true or is it a YMMV thing? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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    Promise land oh yea I'm searching for it too.

    I spent 3 months in Kyiv and some other cities in Uka, It was a test drive, some of them I met may still be opened to sponsorship but kyiv is pretty much dead because they are getting richer now. I have to go to smaller cities. I heard villages are risky because they may kill you and nobody will care. I will plan to go to Russia next year some of those cities are good choice poor enough.

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    It has been a long time since I wrote in this forum, but now I'm back to give more clue about inner russia to this forum rather than Moscow. Let me start off with what happened with me, got a Russian girlfriend, having a complicated relationship with her up's and down's. After a while we decided to split up. Workload kept me busy but I needed to come back to hunt devushki.

    The come back to the action is not easy, I found Moscow quite different from 4 years ago, English signals everywhere, hipsters are all over Moscow as well. I found myself rusty to chase devushki in Moscow but after some weeks, my shape kept better.

    Decided to move inside Russia instead to orbitate around Moscow. I have chosen Krasnodar without having any clue about what will happen, south Moscow, 2 hours by flight and then you will find a really nice summer spot. Tried to contact some girls and it was hard to go through. It's the province of Russia, girls are more close and conservatism in all over the city.

    Luckily I found another method to get contact with girls, my Russian is not good yet but I'm able to understand and speak which somehow gave more benefits. So I found a girl and started talking with her while she was singing in a karaoke bar, I didn't play much with her because I was leaving to another city called Anapa the next day but I kept talking with her online. We decided to have a lunch after my weekend on the beach.

    I didn't pay much attention to the girl the night we met, I saw her and she was beautiful and that was enough for me. The day we met for having lunch, I got impress with the beauty of the girl, she was really a beauty, she was a model in her 16's which is normal to find many ex models in Russia. A stunning blondika worth an investment.

    We decided to be crazy and invited her to spend a weekend in Moscow, so she came to meet me. Took her to smoke in a nice place in Moscow city, where you could also find good talents. We sat down in the place and enjoy the moment and the view. Imagine a guy smoking shisha with a beautiful girl and ready to please you and she did. The weekend was a mix of sex and fun. I begun with good step my come back to the country where I like the most.

    Russia, I'm back.
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    How to find working girls online (Sochi)

    Hi gents,

    I will be soon off to Sochi, would really appreciate any advice about how to find girls online. Is this site trustworthy? Sexosochi. Mobi Has anyone tried it?


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