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    Privat, Royal Club and Celentano.

    Saturday night I met with Adriana (also known as Zuzka on this site I originally found her on Erika. Sk but her add is expired. I Googled the phone number and came up with Zuzka on safo. Sk.

    It was a privat near Jgho Alej. I was greeted at the door by an older (40 ish?) blonde. She was not the lady in the photos, surprise! There was an older brunette with her and the blonde asked if I was interested in a duo. I wasn't. I was considering leaving as I wasn't expecting an older blonde, even if she was a MILF type. I was expecting the hot blonde in the photos. Silly me. But I was there and she was hot, in a milfy sort of way. She is a Kim Basinger doppelganger. Seriously. Not the body, but face, and her body wasn't that bad. I decided what the hell, I am here, she is here, why not? Between her broken English and my broken German we were able to communicate fairly well. A quick shower and game on. I went for the half hour option, EUR 60. I little foreplay, some CBJ, some LFK / DFK, stroking and then the main event. Multiple positions, good verbal feedback and communication, good eye contact. Good, good, good. All was good. I left happy.

    Jgho Alej is not far from the Royal Club, also known as the Relax Center on Google Maps. I stopped by on the way back to my hotel to check it out. It is located at the end of the apartment building next to the street, across from the Central Shopping Mall. There isn't a big sign so it was easy for me to miss in the dark. I walked past it and had to walk up to the door to see the sign. I rang the door buzzer and the bouncer let me in. I followed the stairs down to the lower level to the bar with a big screen playing porn and a seating area with couches and tables. There were about five or six ladies at the bar. It was around midnight (A few customers sitting in the couch area with some ladies. I opted for the bar sitting next to a slender dark haired beauty and ordered a cold Budvar pivo (beer).

    I tall slender blonde approached me shortly after the bartender delivered my beer and explained to me how things worked and the rates. Half hour was EUR 90, I don't recall what an hour was, maybe EUR 120? I thanked her and let her know that I wanted to finish my beer first, before anything else. She left and I began to check out the slender, dark hair, dark eyed sex kitten sitting next to me. We made some small talk as I continued to scope out the other ladies. I decided that I was sitting next to the prettiest girl there. She spoke decent English. We chatted for a while, she never asked me to buy her a drink. I had a couple of beers. I was thinking I would come back the next night to see her (or someone hotter, but she was pretty hot) when I realized, what the hell, I am here, she is here, why not? I paid the 90 Euros to the bartender and we went upstairs. I was sure I had another round in me and if anyone was able to get me to unload, it was her. Slender, tight body, be cups, pretty face, long legs, tight ass.

    She grabbed two towels and a clean sheet from the linen shelf and into the love nest we went. Bed with a TV that we didn't turn on and a shower. After we both showered, we got on the bed and started with some LFK / DFK, stroking, CBJ, cowgirl, missionary, doggie, scissors, back to missionary, all with good verbal feedback and communication. Another successful encounter.

    Showered and I went down to the bar and had another Budvar while she cleaned up the room. Tipped the bartender and bouncer on my way out with a BIG smile on my face.

    The next night I stopped by Celentano (Full Moon Caf on Google Maps). I was the only customer. I sat at the bar and the bartender had the five or six ladies stand up for me. I let them know that I wanted first to have a beer. While drinking that beer, I realized that the pickings were slim. More heavy set, than slender, and no hotties to be found in the bunch. I finished my beer and went to Royal to see if the dark haired hottie was still there. She wasn't but another dark haired hottie, slightly shorter, but with an equally slender, tight body with be cups, and a sweet, tight ass was there. I sat at the bar and she and I chatted for a bit but I wasn't sensing the same chemistry with her as I had with the hottie from the night before. I was tempted but decided not to take her upstairs and called it an evening.

    Lessons learned don't trust the photos on line (but we all know that, don't we? Royal Club has talent. Celentano did not.


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    Timea Antala.

    I originally posted this in he Vienna forum, but it belongs equally here as imea is based in Bratislava. I have met Timea five times now I think, in various cities in central Europe. I found her first when I saw a couple of her movies, and then when I realised that she also met clients privately I had to meet her in the flesh.

    I really am beginning to find her a little addictive.

    She has a beautiful, bubbly and very feminine personality, a body built for sin, and a real appetite for nasty filthy sex the total package!

    Each time I meet her I bring some sexy outfits and toys bought in a sex shop. In fact that is part of the fun, imagining what she might look like in a particular outfit, or playing with a big toy, or with a gag ring etc. You get the picture!

    In person she is always affectionate, and willing to do whatever her client wants. She has a real submissive nature, which I love.

    If, between bouts of debauchery, you want to take her for a meal you will find that she is a super companion who speaks perfect English.

    For an evening of memorable fun I highly recommend!

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    First weekend of August.

    Hi guys.

    I am in Bratislava first weekend of August, and I have made an arrangement with a submissive 3 holer for the entire time.

    Looking for an extra guy to join to play with her.

    You must speak well English and have a very dirty mind.

    I will take care of all costs.

    Send me DM if you are in town and interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PepeNder  [View Original Post]
    I paid 90 euros for half an hour with the added extras.
    I don't suppose you are able to share her contact details or might see from your friend if she is available on the 31st.

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    Just confirming what was written below. Local Slovak forum reports on XXL have turned very negative. One guy was charged 160 euros for "a couple" of drinks. Another says a girl tried to get him to go upstairs but not making clear she would only strip in the room not do sex. Avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneminuteboy  [View Original Post]
    Sounds like a girl more ISG brothers need to try out. What's the damage?
    I paid 90 euros for half an hour with the added extras.

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    Sounds like a girl more ISG brothers need to try out. What's the damage?

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    My local friend introduced me to this girl named Lora on my last visit to Bratislava. Apparently, she doesn't advertise online, she just goes for clients she knows and people recommended by her regular clients. Short girl, long brown hair, pretty face and a very sexy body. Her breasts are not as large as I would have liked, but she made up for what she lacks in the chest area with a great service. Lora did everything I asked; 69, deep throat, various position changing and she even swallowed in the end. She's the type of kinky girl who goes for anything and even enjoys it.

    I really don't know where my friend found Lora, but I'm glad he did. I would leave a link to her profile, but according to my knowledge, she doesn't have an online presence whatsoever.

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    Dirty Diana.

    Does anybody have seen this girl?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBravo83  [View Original Post]
    I will be spending one afternoon and night in Bratislava at the end of July. Would those that are familiar with Bratislava recommend booking an escort for that one night or visiting either Royal Club or Club XXL and rolling the dice for marking off Slovakia on my list for mongering.

    I have been looking at amaterky. Sk and Diamond Kitten, as well as reading reviews here.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated and I will add a review after my trip.

    If you're looking at the clubs, I'd say you should go to Royal or Celentano (read my reviews below to se what type of venue would suit you). You could try Messalina as well, but stay out of XXL.

    There are some real good ones on amaterky, but chances are that you'll have to wade through a bunch of not-so-goods before you find one.

    My recommendation, as you only have one night, is to go to one of the clubs, preferably Celentano or Royal.

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    I will be spending one afternoon and night in Bratislava at the end of July. Would those that are familiar with Bratislava recommend booking an escort for that one night or visiting either Royal Club or Club XXL and rolling the dice for marking off Slovakia on my list for mongering.

    I have been looking at amaterky. Sk and Diamond Kitten, as well as reading reviews here.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated and I will add a review after my trip.


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    In July, I am going to Bratislava with a couple of friends. For relaxing or having some fun at night, we are looking for some tips regarding girls who can perform a lesbian show before us and then interact with us. Do you guys have any special recommendation regarding girls or brothels?

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    Second half of my Bratislava visit.

    So, in my previous thread I told you about my visit to Club Royal and my encounter with the slender "Linda"

    Here follows the rest of my Bratislava visit:

    My Wednesday evening was spent eating great local food, drinking great local beer and hiding from the absolute deluge that hit Bratislava that night. To summarize, on some streets the water levels were as high as 30-40 cm and many venues had to close due to them being flooded.

    So, after dinner I thought "what adult venue is situated on a hill-like structure and generally on a higher level of ground than the rest of Bratislava? The answer is; Celentano.

    So, due to the complete lack of available taxis, I took a stroll from my hotel to Club Celentano. I was deterred when then door was locked, but soon after I had touched the handle a somewhat large man opened it and invited me in.

    I sat down at the bar and asked for a beer. The same guy that opened the door told me about the entry fee of 5 euro and said it would be added to the price of the beer. I was totally ok with that and payed the fee.

    Then came the first very significant difference to my experience at Royal. Instead of being approached by one of the, fully clothed, girls, all the currently available girls got up and paraded on a line in front of me. Wearing only lingerie and high-heels. While that was definitely a surprise, it was a pleasant one.

    I told them that I wanted to finish my beer while I thought about whom to choose, so they all sat down again.

    I ended up being approached by one of the girls that were not on my bucket list and she offered to bring me another girl. My choice fell on a tall, slender beauty wearing revealing but innocently looking lingerie and moderately high-heels. She told me her name was "Alexandra" and we shortly decided to go to one of the rooms. I paid the 80 euro fee for half an hour and we went up the stairs.

    In the room, we both had showers (a downside from Royal was the small shower-booth that made it impossible to shower together) and then went off to bed.

    Again, sadly, no extra services.

    The sex was uneventful and it was apparent that she was not into the whole thing. I got to do most of the work while she lay and received. Sure, she changed positions as I asked her to, but there was absolutely no trace of the spirit that Dominica from Royal had shown.

    Due to that, if I was to return to Celentano, Alexandra would most definitely not get a revisit.

    All in all an ok-ish experience. Especially due to the weather situation, with Royal being one of the flooded venues.

    Thursday afternoon / early evening was spent having a some beers with colleagues who subsequently returned to their homes, leaving me to "go back to my hotel". I decided to hafnve a go at my friend "Linda" again. Unfortunately she was busy the whole night (I guess I contacted her to late) so I started calling / SMSing all the girls in Stare Mesto that seemed accommodating to my tastes. About half of them did not speak English and the ones that did, did not have time.

    Dumbfounded and not knowing what to do, I went out to get some fresh air and clear my mind. My stroll brought me close to the infamous Club XXL and I though "what the hell?

    I went in and down the stairs and was immediately greeted by a nervous-looking man. He told me the girls were still getting ready (again, their first customer for the night) and that I could sit down and wait if I wanted to. I had a beer and sat down.

    After about five minutes two girls joined me at the table. Not nearly as beautiful as the ones at Celentano or Royal, but still looking and very eager to please. Being a bit drunk I was not inclined to get up and leave so I bought them both drinks to give myself time to decide. Do not make that mistake. I ended up paying almost nothing (2 euro) for my beer and 68 euro for the drinks.

    After a while I decided to go with the taller of the girls (did I mention I like tall girls?) and I paid the 100 euro for one hour (cheapest club rate so far, probably for a reason).

    The showers were not as fancy as at Royal, but big, so I got to shower with the girl, which was a big plus.

    She ended up being the most down-to-earth sex I had during my trip and offered kisses if I was so inclined and then uncovered BJ for free. I guess she probably liked me.

    Just like Dominica at Royal she was incredible at pleasing a man and managed to make me cum three times as well. A very fulfilling visit, especially for the price.

    Alltoghether my trip to Bratislava was very fulfilling and given the opportunity (which I will probably have) I would not hesitate to go again.

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    Some great experiences in BA.

    I'm in Bratislava right now and have had two great experiences so far. Before I went, I naturally carefully read forum posts and sifted through all the websites listing erotic clubs and the like.

    First: On Monday, I went as per Saeta's recommendation earlier in the thread, to Royal.

    The environment was all right and the staff was friendly. When I got in the door I was the only guest present, so the girls were all sitting and talking in a friendly manner at one of the tables. The entrance fee of 5 was advertised to me when I ordered a beer and I would have been able to decline and leave if I so would have wanted.

    I was quickly approached by one of the two real 10-pointers I had spotted as my prime targets when I walked in the door and was able to drink my beer and chat with her in English without being "forced" to buy the 30 little glass of champagne. She told med that her name was Dominica and that she was 25 years old.

    I decided I wanted to go to a room with her so I paid the 120 for a full hour.

    Once in the room we showered together and she had the most amazing petite little body I have ever seen.

    She was fantastic at pleasing a man and managed to make me cum thrice in just one hour. The only downside was that she offered no extra services beyond covered BJ and sex.

    Second: Today, Tuesday, I thought "what the hell" and decided to call one of the privat-girls from amaterky. Sk I had staked out back at home. "Linda", an 18-year old tall, slim girl in Stare Mesto who advertised that she does both anal and BBBJ+swallow.

    After a few signals she hung up and messaged me "sms please". So we set up a meeting via SMS about half an hour later at her apartment on Palarikova.

    She was beautiful and resourceful as advertised. Her voice was a bit weird and she did not speak a lot of English, but she was nice and eager so we easily got it to work anyway. I paid the 40+30 for BBBJ and swallow. She gave me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had and carefully made sure not to spill anything I gave her. I will probably see her again on Thursday and sincerely recommend her services to anyone who likes tall and slender young girls who know their stuff:

    I'll get back and write more later. Perhaps I'll go back to Royal, or try out Celentano tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterTsen  [View Original Post]

    Website looks scamy.
    The website is now peakescort. Eu. They are again asking for 50% upfront payment. I hope no falls for that.

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