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    I started my second trip to Madrid with a blast at Whiskeria next to hotel Diana Plus. Exactly my type of place! Old western style with hookers hanging in in the bar. Also great price and no entrance fee. Reminds me of my visits in Tijuana, Mexico to bar Adelitas. But of course a lot more hygienic and safe. The only drawback is that there is no metro station nearby and buses take ages.

    Are there any other good similar clubs (whiskerias) better positioned for public transport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongerer88  [View Original Post]
    Further to the last post, it is worth noting also that the full service BDSM place that features submissives, switches and doms is also a seven me frustrating aspect of this place is that they don't seem to have whatsapp, e-mail, ty.
    How is called this BDSM place? I sometimes venture into the BDSM scene, although without being able to talk in English I guess would not be good experience.

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    Madrid Trip

    So I had my trip to Madrid.

    On the first night I went to Whiskeria Estark. TBH this was the best of the lot and on my next trip I will make this my Go To.

    There was a really cute Hungarian Shark who approached me at the start, but you know how you want to chill and are put off by the hard sell. Anyway, she was offering all in for 50 e, including FK A Levels and OWO. Interestingly all the girls start at 60 and quickly accept 50 as soon as you ask.

    In the end I went with a really hot 20 year old Romanian no A levels but everything else included.

    (I should say here that I think it was 60 reduced to 50 but could have been 50 to 40, anyway cheap, and I am sure a regular on here can correct my poor memory).

    Next day, try as I might got no answer from Amigasdelidia, don't know if it was my foreign number that put them off but no response to Whatsapp or calls.

    So next plan was to see an 19 yo Colombian Girl from Cartagena. Found her on Slumi:

    She was based right in the city centre but seems to have moved North to Tetuan. As soon as I Whatsapped her she sent me about 10 nude photos that were not already on her profile. Anyway hot girl, good FK, nice pussy but OWO was shallow and inexperienced and not to the end as advertised. Still a nice girl and decent if vanilla punt and a half way decent massage too. It was 110 e for the hour. Interestingly although her English was non existent and my Spanish poor, using Google Translate (excellent app) we worked out she worked as a Masseuse in Cartagena delivering happy endings but had never heard of LDV.

    After a short break I headed to see:

    20 years old Paraguayan up near the Parque Ventilla. She is pretty much as the photos in her profile suggest, though facially probably only a 6:

    She is small does french kissing, OWO I think to completion and offers Anal which she takes like a trooper even though she is quite tight. Damage I think was 80 for 30 minutes and finished with a decent facial with no dodging.

    My last punt of the trip was at Vive, I was disappointed that even though it was Friday it was pretty dead, though maybe as I was there around 11 it was too early. Quite a nice relaxed atmosphere. Ended up going with a Romanian called Lana or Lara, nice girl, ok body nice face offered french kissing, Anal in the quoted 1 hour rate of 120 e. But was a bit disappointed as was not as hot as the girls at Estark.

    Finished by chatting for about an hour with a really nice girl from Meddelin. Great English made things flow nicely, would have taken her but a bit larger than I like probably a size 12 or 14.

    Thanks Harry.

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    Magali at Palacio.

    Did a 30 minute appointment with Magali at Palacio Del Placer.

    I called in to book her an hour before, based on some positive reviews she had. The house manager was easy to speak with and friendly when I arrived after a 15 minute Uber ride from my airport area hotel.

    Magali is Lebanese and probably in her mid 30's, and does have distinguishing features photoshopped / hidden from her profile photos: tattoos and a couple moles on her face. Her body is in pretty good shape for her age. She was very friendly and easy to talk to and her service was great. Enjoyed her OWO so much that I decided just to spend the session via BBBJTC. Great prices at Palacio and the sister club: 50 euros for half hour with all my favorites included. Women might be slightly older here, but service and price is good. From what I hear, if you want younger girls, go to Amigasdelidia.

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    Elegance escorts.

    Anyone know if these ladies are still active? Can't find info on the net but splumi gave their ladies some nice end of the year awards.

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    I view Madrid as more of an escort city. There are lots of independent girls and I counted over 20 escort agencies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WannaJob  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Please can I ask for some advice. Have been a life time mongerer, 42 and well travelled. Where Spain is concerned I have had great times at the ladies clubs in Costa del Sol like Estarkk and Pink Lady.

    Also love the FKK clubs in Germany. I have scowered the web but can't find any of these venues in Madrid!

    Going there next weekend and know there must be some great places to go, was hoping you could give me some names. Tend to arrive about 11 pm get some drinks and peruse the options before getting a room and coming back to play.

    Generally I don't do street walkers.

    Any advice, any clubs slash brothels to recommend with a good vibe.

    Thanks in advance.
    FKK is a German term and German way of doing incall prostitution under German law. The FKKs exist in Germany and a couple of surrounding countries that have adopted German laws and customs.

    Spain, being its own country with its own laws and customs, did not adopt the FKK system.

    Madrid does have clubs or can view and interact with several ladies at one time, where incall is available onsite or nearby. The largest and most discussed club is Vive. If you will go to the Search button after logging in and going to the Madrid thread, and type Vive into the search bar, you will find a tremendous number of posts detailing experiences at Vive. I am not a club guy, personally preferring the many true brothels in Madrid where you can make an appointment with a lady after reading the reviews and the website details to know what services she offers. But it is my understanding from reading the posts of others, especially the ones by PayForIt, that Vive functions much like an FKK. There are a number of differences of course. The prices at Vive per transaction are likely a bit higher than at an FKK, the seating is less comfortable, and a slightly higher percentage of the ladies (in comparison to the total number of ladies working) at Vive are said to CBJ only, in comparison to the percentage of women at most FKKs (compared to the total working) willing to do BBBJ versus CBJ for an additional tip. That is not a knock on Spain versus Germany, since Madrid has a number of brothels where all the ladies do BBBJ as standard with no tip required. It is just something to consider in evaluating Vive, which of course has plenty of BBBJ ladies. But unlike seeing a reviewed lady, if BBBJ is critically important, you need to inquire at Vive if the provider you are interested in provides it.

    Chipotle Restaurant customers made a cute T-shirt saying "Yes, I know guacamole is extra" that some customers wear when eating at Chipotle. I guess the humor would not translate properly if guys wore "BBBJ Only" shirts at Vive to only be approached by the girls that interest them. And clothing is worn at Vive by all parties prior to going to a room. The no clothing rule at the FKKs eliminates a shirt saying, "Yes, I know BBBJ is 50 euros extra."

    You may also which to enter Factory Air and Estark into the search box to read about two other Madrid clubs that are farther away from the city center than Vive, have lower prices, but may not have quite the same quality. Most customers of Vive, even the FKK regulars, are complimentary of the quality and nationality variety at Vive.

    Another upscale meeting place in Madrid is Pigmalion, which you can search for and read about. You meet a lady and take her back to your hotel room. It is said to have beautiful women but is very expensive.

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    Please can you help ASAP advice on Madrid required.

    Hi all,

    Please can I ask for some advice. Have been a life time mongerer, 42 and well travelled. Where Spain is concerned I have had great times at the ladies clubs in Costa del Sol like Estarkk and Pink Lady.

    Also love the FKK clubs in Germany. I have scowered the web but can't find any of these venues in Madrid!

    Going there next weekend and know there must be some great places to go, was hoping you could give me some names. Tend to arrive about 11 pm get some drinks and peruse the options before getting a room and coming back to play.

    Generally I don't do street walkers.

    Any advice, any clubs slash brothels to recommend with a good vibe.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First trip to Spain.

    First timer to Spain, I'm pretty excited. I've already been in contact with a few ladies to schedule sessions. That being said, I want to use cash for these meetings, I prefer cash to cards. Does anyone know the best place to exchange dollars? Thanks, much appreciated, and I'll be filing a report about a first timers trip soon.

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    Poker in Madrid.

    I know this is a long shot and off topic, but does anyone frequent the casinos in Madrid? Or better yet, play poker at them? It has been tough to find info, even on poker forums. Basically, I'm curious which games run on a regular basis.

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    Has anybody ever used Universitarias Madrileñas agency? Escort agencies don't seem to be popular in this subforum.

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    Amigas de Lidia was a strike.

    Patricia left the agency and Katye wasn't working the days I was in town.

    I asked the mama who else she might recommend, she said I don't know read the website LOL.

    So I took a punt and went over to Placer Madrid. In the yellow house.

    Was budget friendly and I took one woman for an hour, they let me sleep in the room for an hour LOL and then I had another one.

    I think because it was quite early in the day and I told them I would go again after I had a nap.

    It was a classic mix, and old MILF who wasn't to busted up yet who had a great attitude and took it in all holes like a champ.

    Then a cute young girl who was good but not great attitude wise.

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    Sarita. Independent

    Just writing to thank the contributors to the Madrid thread particularly Mongerer 88 for his substantial contributions.

    The info provided is all any lurker should need to find what you're looking for here. When I arrived in Madrid I logged onto this thread and read 4 or 5 pages and that was all you need, it probably took half an hour.

    I followed the advice given to check out the local forum and then use Google Translator to read the posts. Everything you need is there.

    After considering escorts, brothels etc I settled on an independent, Sarita, that was walking distance from my place. Sarita is Spanish, 30 yo and how and great shape. I won't go into to much detail because I'm going to provide you with dozens of field reports that will explain things better than me.

    Of course you want to know what she looks like so I will provide you with her blog which has dozens of photos.

    Sarita's rates are €50/100 for 30/60 minutes. Her apartment is a few minutes walk from Manuel Beccera metro station. The place is spotless and her hygiene exceptional. In addition she is super friendly and speaks a tiny bit of English, enough to get by. That said, if you contact her it would be respectful to open the conversation in Spanish. She's a wonderful girl. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBudgie  [View Original Post]

    In a couple weeks I'll let you know I'm going to visit this little casa LOL.
    Worth noting that based on the Spalumi reviews, Patricia (who also goes by Patri) and Miriam also receive favorable recent reviews. This is in addition to Katia's favorable review. Miriam is described as talkative in the reviews, but her profile does not list English as a spoken language. Miriam is the only one on the roster who appears to only do BBBJ, not BBBJTC. Valentina has mixed reviews on Spalumi, and in fact has somewhat mixed reviews even on amigasdelidia's internal website feedback section. Some good, some not so good. But one of those internal feedback reviews says that Valentina speaks good English. Katia's profile also lists her as an English speaker. This group seems to be trying really hard to please and to communicate well with English-speaking tourists via WhatsApp.

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    I knew I had seen some reviews of somostusvecinitas, and they were in fact reviews on the international section of the local Portuguese review board

    An experienced reviewer saw Lidia and raved about her. Absolutely beautiful like the pictures, great body, great performance with BBBJ. He seems to have paid 120 euros for 45 minutes, with her requesting 20 euros if he wanted CIM and 50 euros for anal. But something can get lost in translation when going from Spanish to Portuguese to English in translating that. He definitely recommended Lidia, though, and gave her a 9 out of 10.

    The same reviewer went to see Annie a few days later and gave Annie a 6 out of 10 Due to a cold attitude on her part, even though she did BBBJ. He paid the same 120 euros for 45 minutes.

    So a lot depends on why lady you see, and how the chemistry is between the two parties.

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