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    Champions League.

    I will be heading to Madrid for the final of the Champions League and the hotel prices has gone mad, a normal hotel room for 700-1000 and it's nothing I have in mind to pay. By chance I've seen the brothel amigas delidia advertised they have overnight specials for this date, so I sent them an e-mail requested the details. I did not expect it to be cheap but still wanted to know, their rates is normally 130 for one hour so expected their answer to be around 1000 because you normally have some kind of discount in longer sessions. It would have been to much for me anyway but when I got their answer I was almost shocked, they wanted 1900 for an overnight session starting at midnight!

    I will be staying in Malaga at the time so I will take the first train back on Sunday morning, I am convinced I can get a fair deal with one of the girls at Whiskeria Estark after Liverpool win the final!

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    Spanish Putas.

    Hi Chubzy M,

    On my travels I don't see many Spanish WGs. There are many EEs in particular Roms who can acquire good Spanish language skills quickly so pass themselves off as Spanish but I just don't come across that many. Have always found more in Barca than Madrid or other towns but as that is the main location for the Spanish Porn Industry that makes sense! Naturally the Latinas with visa issues call themselves Spanish too and they are difficult to spot the difference. Let us know where you find them. Agree that reviews of the WGs in Viva would be useful but that Club must have a super high Churn rate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepe1976X  [View Original Post]
    Hello Chubzy,

    Thanks for your slant on Viva in Madrid. Its been well reviewed here many times so punters should be fore warned of what to expect. Firm Q & As is the way to go. Don't accept a friendly smile on a pretty face with killer curves as a guarantee of anything. Think you have failed to realize there are not many Spanish WGs in Spain. Some street walkers perhaps and a few in apartments or top end agencies but not many. Its the EU here so EEs and Latinas with links to S. A so Brazilians and Colombians etc. Looking for an attractive Spanish SP is not impossible but they are in the vast minority of Putas here.
    Hey Pepe,

    Thanks for your input.

    I respectfully disagree with your statement that there are not many Spanish working girls. In BCN there are a ton, and reasonably priced. Mind you they are in apts like you said. In Madrid, yea amigas de Lidia and elegance were two reasonably priced ones I found. In them I've highlighted beautiful Spanish girls that I saw.

    Laura from elegance escorts.

    Valentina, and Lorena from amigas de Lidia were all very attractive (at least in my eyes) girls. Laura and Lorena gave stellar service.

    I found all three to be head turners that you would see walking around gran via on a sat night. I think there is a decent amount to be found in Madrid and BCN Pepe. I think what I thought was that the cream of the crop would be found in VIVE. The girl I chose Christina, like I said was prob one of the best escorts I've seen, but gave below average service. And she was Eastern European.

    Sometimes I wonder why blokes don't review the ladies they see at these clubs. If you look at the globe forum in Zurich or golden time in Vienna there will be a quick mention of a girl and service. I decided to do the same for Christina and VIVE.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Re: Few Genuine Spaniish Putas

    Hello Chubzy,

    Thanks for your slant on Viva in Madrid. Its been well reviewed here many times so punters should be fore warned of what to expect. Firm Q & As is the way to go. Don't accept a friendly smile on a pretty face with killer curves as a guarantee of anything. Think you have failed to realize there are not many Spanish WGs in Spain. Some street walkers perhaps and a few in apartments or top end agencies but not many. Its the EU here so EEs and Latinas with links to S. A so Brazilians and Colombians etc. Looking for an attractive Spanish SP is not impossible but they are in the vast minority of Putas here.

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    Had to go see what the hype was about. Was too tired to go on wed and Thursday night. As stated this place doesn't get kicking till midnight and if you got shit to do like a fucking Job in Morning then getting back to your place at 3 am is not feasible on a Wednesday or Thursday night. I went on a Friday night at midnight, was maybe 50 girls in there. Mostly Latinas, and Eastern European looking. But to be honest I didn't talk to too many. Drinks are ridiculously expensive which I knew going in. Christina a smoking hot Romanian approached me. She was a head turner. Great bod, easily one of the best looking SP's I've ever seen and been with. I would say top 5%. She promised all the good stuff. Had an awesome personality and it was fun talking to her. Spoke great English. Totally not intrusive and respected personal space. I now was beginning to see the point of view where guys say how it's better to go to one of these bars or clubs and talk with the provider to see if there is chemistry rather than going to an incall or have a provider come see you in an outcall blindly. Well my answer to you all is bull fucking shit! Cause inside the room this chic was a trickster! Tried slipping on the rubber to give a CBJ on more than one occasion, tried to say time is short. Continually checking her watch, closed mouth pecks, this is all after shit was negotiated outside. Fortunately, I was still able to salvage something from the session. At the end she held out her hand asking for a tip and I slapped her 5. Yes I did.

    None the less, I could see myself going back to VIVE, but only under certain circumstances, such as needing late night, last minute option or if your going with the lads. I think my experience was provider and not establishment based. It is a pricey joint though. Honestly there are true Spanish beauties you can find elsewhere. To me with what is offered at VIVE (non Spanish girls) I think I can get that elsewhere. Also I didn't think it was that "happening" for a Friday night. You go out to the San Miguel Mercado on a Friday night and there are HOT Spanish women, didn't see anything like that in VIVE, maybe I went on a bad night?

    Am open to tips to improve the experience at next visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffRangers  [View Original Post]
    Going to be in Madrid in a couple of weeks, maybe earlier.

    Not sure if independent or agency is the way to go, but I want her to come to my hotel room.

    Any recommendations?
    Here are your best bets since Madrid is not as English friendly as Barcelona.

    This agency has a booker who communicates in perfect English using WhatsApp. Just send your WhatsApp message in English and they reply in English. Their ladies do outcall, with prices (excluding taxi) posted on the website. Several of the ladies speak English.

    They kind of fucked men over by not having anyone available the evening I wanted to use them, but if you will read a few posts back, you will find that Chubzy Maximus had two excellent experiences with them. He did incall instead of outcall, but as a I said, they do both. The night I wanted to use them was the evening before a holiday, so I am going to give them a pass for fucking me over, given Chubzy's good experience.

    This Russian group does outcall. They are a well-run organization and they will definitely have someone available. They don't do email or Whatsapp, to the best of my knowledge, but at least one of the two madams speaks English so you can call them beforehand and speak to them in English. Many of the ladies working for them speak English. Their rates (excluding taxi) for outcall are posted on the website. The lady hands you the taxi receipt upon arriving to show you are being appropriately charged. Expect the lady you speak with on the phone to be friendly but curt. They are Russians, they don't do a lot of small talk. Sabrina gets excellent reviews on the local review board.

    Finally, I reviewed this independent, Laura, several posts ago.

    She is beautiful, fantastic and speaks / writes completely fluent English. I have seen her outcall both times.

    She is more expensive than other options because she is a specialty provider. She loves anal sex and fetishes.

    She might not be your best choice if all you want is plain, vanilla sex. But if you want a walk on the wild side, she is a dream come true.

    Between those two groups and Laura, you should have no difficulty booking an outcall appointment in English.

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    Looking for a girl who takes calls.

    Going to be in Madrid in a couple of weeks, maybe earlier.

    Not sure if independent or agency is the way to go, but I want her to come to my hotel room.

    Any recommendations?

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    Massage with Happy ending wanted

    Hi everyone,

    In one month I am in Madrid and are looking for a nice massage (probably Thai) with a happy ending. I am not that into directly going to a tantra / erotic massage studio. I prefer going to a usual massage studio for 1 h massage and a nice happy ending in the end.

    Do you have any recommendations which massage studio offers "extra services".


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChubzyMaximus  [View Original Post]
    Please do give s trip report when you return.
    Will do. BTW, any recommendations for erotic massage parlors in Madrid?

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    Whiskeria Estark.

    Was in Madrid last week so I popped my head in at whiskeria Estark to see what was available. Not great. At 11 ish when I left ID seen maybe 30 35 WGs make an appearance, none swayed me enough but there were doable options. Age range seemed to be mid 20's to a lot lot more, but golly some of those faces had seen a few miles. A couple of older ones that would have been quite something years ago, but relegated to 2nd tier now. I chatted briefly with a dark skinned 26 yo petite Hungarian lass, 29 yo blond Romanian and a 36 yo Cuban who was in rather good shape. None wasted any time inviting me upstairs. There were a good number of customers too, maybe 20 locals, many seemed to be regulars. Price wise I was offered a fun time for 50, which I took to mean 20 minutes or so, and 120 / hour. A beer was 9 euro.

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    Elegance Escorts

    They don't do out call. Prices are extremely reasonable and they have won tons of awards on the spalumi end of year. This place is kinda similar to Teensbcn from BCN in terms of setup. You call, make an appointment, they give you address. You get there, they buzz you in and you are off to the races! No web page, there is only a blog on the forum with the listing of the girls. The flat was clean with clean bathroom facilities. It's on a main road and easy to find. They are responsive to whatssapp. Need to use google translate though.

    Saw Alice and Laura. Told you about Laura already. Alice is a GND Colombian who spoke pretty good English. Not the head turner Laura is but gave solid service with a great BBBJ. I didn't partake in any extras but I think the upcharges are reasonable. Nice girl and aimed to please. Enthusiastic during full service. Overall, I think Elegance is a great reasonable option if you can do incall. Highly recommend them. I'the also take a look at yasmine, Elena won provider of year on Spalumi.

    If you are going to Madrid and use them, please do report back as there is no info of them on ISG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaltiX  [View Original Post]
    I mentioned before that escorts don't seem to be that popular in this subforum. There is lot of escorts and escort agencies in Madrid, but no recent reviews and it's difficult to find info. BTW, I'm going to Madrid before the month is over.
    Please do give s trip report when you return.

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    Amigas de Lidia.

    They do outcall and incall. All the info is on the website. The apt is near Bernabeau. The flat is down a side street, that I would be a little cautious of walking down at night. Might get dodgy. During the day it seemed fine. The flat was clean with a clean bathroom. I was given a cold bottle of water. They do a "presentation / show" if you request.

    I had reservations about seeing providers at this place. I bit the bullet and am glad I did as I had 2 amazing experiences. There are some girls who are not on website but on daily rosters. Valentina, Carla and Katia are providers whom speak great English. Do not confuse Carla from Carol.

    Miriam and Lorena were both superstars! Miriam gave a "forgot it was a service" bordering on "once in a lifetime" performance. Only handful of times I can say I've been with a provider where it felt similar to GF, this was one of them. Lorena was a spectacular GFE as well. Both above average in looks, both pretty. Miriam an exotic mix, Lorena a true Spanish girl. Both speak minimal English. Miriam is more fluent. Lorena's photos are not hers on the website but I didn't care cause she was still cute and I had a blast.

    Valentina's a hottie with a sexy accent. Speaks great English. She's feisty! Very strong willed and opinionated. Had a lot to say, and wondering if this contributes with her variable reviews as mentioned in prior posts. Has only one review on Spalumi, not flattering. Also, post #3386 seems fishy. Her and Carla are friends. I found her to be a nice girl. She initiated the service and kissed with tongue. Full service was no where near as enthusiastic as Lorena and Miriam. Something fizzled out. None the less I had a "hot time" with her. Would suggest seeing her incall and seeing if you click and let it play out. I'the prob want to see some other girls from agency before her again but wouldn't rule out repeating.

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    Eden de Anita

    This was my only disappointment in Madrid.

    Granted, it wasn't a well-planned excursion.

    I kept waiting for another group, amigasdelidia, to get back to me as to whether either of the two ladies I wanted to see would be available. It turned out that no one from amigasdelidia was available that evening, apparently.

    So I went to Eden de Anita and got a line-up.

    The place was easy to find. That is the only good thing I have to say.

    The line-up was mediocre and the ladies looked nothing like the pictures. They must have a good cook, who prepares high-calorie dishes.

    Very little, if any, English, and a disinterested attitude from everyone.

    The lady I picked did BBBJ, but other than that was the opposite of GFE. Very bitchy.

    Insisted on using her own condoms and I couldn't feel a damn thing.

    It didn't help that the shower was ice cold, making it take forever for me to even get hard.

    I actually did finally cum, but I almost wish I hadn't, since I could have gone somewhere else later and made better use of the load.

    I will certainly never go back, or ever put them on a recommended list that I prepare.

    I put them on recommended lists previously because other reviewers have had a good time there. I am glad they did, but I most definitely did not.

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    Laura independent escort on girlsmadrid.

    I got a little behind on reviews and I have been meaning to do this important one.

    I recently saw Laura who advertises now on girlsmadrid, and she is probably my favorite escort now in all of Europe.

    I had reviewed her once before when she was advertising on a lower-end advertising site as a submissive escort. I liked her when I saw her as that identity, but this time I absolutely loved her.

    She is a lot better looking now. Her hair is more stylish and she takes more time with make-up, and she has blossomed from an older teen then to a beautiful lady in her early to mid 20's. She has a slim, youthful body without an ounce of fat, and A to be cup breasts. The poster DayTony liked her when he did a review, and particularly liked the anal sex she performed, but he didn't like the marks from the removal of some genital piercings she once had. Those marks have now healed, and her vagina and bottom are clear and smooth now. Her prices have gone up since back then, however.

    Anyway, on to the session.

    She greeted me with some kissing and wanted me to take the lead. There is an important point to be made. She doesn't advertise purely as a submissive like she used to, but she still is one. The customer needs to take the lead. She was ready for action from the very beginning of the session, and the entire session was action-packed and nonstop, but the customer has to let her know what he wants to do throughout. She has gotten some mediocre Spalumi reviews from guys who clearly don't understand submissive. The right one can be like a race horse. Laura is like the famous horse Secretariat to me. The horse can take you for a fast, exciting ride, but you have to let any racehorse know what you want it to do. She speaks (and writes) fluently in English, so communication is easy. She is very responsive to WhatsApp messages.

    A large part of the session involved spanking. She didn't bring any implements, but she was fine with what I brought. She reacts quite well, and seemed fine with a medium-heavy session. She likes to be vocal during the action, but she has an excellent sense of when to be quiet, also. She also switches and can be a Dom if the customer wants that.

    Her favorite activity seems to be getting tied up and masturbated to orgasm (s). She did bring a vibrator, but we used the one I had. She was better at using it on herself than I was. She has a delightful little pussy, so playing with her is fun. She was of course fine with DATY and vaginal digits.

    As previous reviews have indicated, anal sex is something of her specialty. She was okay with me lubing her up. Last time, I had trouble getting in her, but this time, I figured out that the best angle for me was her in anal doggie style position at the edge of the bed, and me with my feet on the floor. Once I was in, it was easy to get a good rhythm and the first cum was mind blowingly good.

    She is plenty tight vaginally, also, and that was how I finished for the second cum. I had slipped an anal plug in her prior to trying to enter her vaginally, and actually found that made her too tight for me to enter her, so I took the plug out. It is rare to find a lady who is that vaginally tight. But putting the anal plug in her, and out of her, was still fun.

    She was fine with me using my own condoms for both anal and vaginal sex.

    As can be seen from her ad, she offers a tremendous number of services. So this was just how I wanted my session to go. I think she could do most any type of session that the customer wants.

    The oral sex is BBBJ, and it was valuable to get me erect. But her technique was either too rough for me, or she had some type of tongue stud in, because after I would get hard from her oral, it wasn't something that felt good enough to me for me to want to want her to continue with it. I didn't ask her to go more gently, though, since I wanted to move on to penetration.

    Obviously, I highly recommend Laura, and hope to see her again.

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