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Thread: Mallorca / Majorca

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    Visiting palma

    Hi all,

    I'm in Palma next week for a couple of days. I'm looking for some recommendations for Asian escorts / massages or any other recommendations for some sensual entertainment.



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    Chinese massage parlors Palma.

    I want to know a bit about the Chinese massage parlors you see around Marques de la Senia in Palma. Namely this one:, but others are fine.

    I've always wanted to try it out with an Asian, and this one seems to have a lot of pretty girls.

    How does it work in comparison to places like Delfos and Venus? I assume you actually buy a massage, and then in the middle of it they ask you if you want extras, like the Thai massage ladies do over here in Sweden. But are you only allowed to finish once, or do you pay the girl for X time and you can take your time and have as many go's as you like?

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    To be honest, it's quite complicated to find a brothel in Menorca. At least I don't know any despite having been there for 3 summers. There are a lot of independent sex workers whom you can find on those usual contact pages. Or you can go over to Mallorca. You'll find a lot of brothels there.

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    Experience with Russian Kristina.

    Mallorca is a city I visit whenever I can. I normally go there for a few days in summer and make the most of them by dedicating an entire evening to personal pleasure. I was there a few days ago and I can recommend to you the services of Kristina, an amazing busty blonde (https://www.elitepalma-mallorcaescor...odel/kristina/). She is a sexy and very indulgent Russian girl with jaw-dropping measures. She says that she is 26, though she looks a bit older than that. She is especially skillful with the BBBJ, and even the deep throat. She is very energetic and has a naturalness about her that made me feel quite comfortable. I enjoyed savoring her tits a lot and she also provided me with a stunning boob job.

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    Palma: so-so

    Lap dance / drink: 30 euro entry included 3 drinks: nice place, a proper stripclub with maybe 10 girls the weekday I visited. Quality of girls actually good: 7-9 on my scale: some Romanians, some Latin. Downside is that everything is focused on selling champagne bottles: I got the feeling that even at a 500 euro bottle you perhaps would be disapointed. I had a very good time even though I did not spend any money on champagne.

    Cocktail bar 20 euro entry included a drink. Only 3 girls quality 4-6 not much happening, boring, I got a feeling that for 200 euro you got full sex in room. Left after 10 minutes.

    Cocktail bar: Banjar Girls Club. Did not find this club.

    Cocktail bar: Almost no girls so I left.

    Brothel (24 hours) Did not visit.

    Club Rojo: 20 euro entry included one drink. 7 girls with rather low quality: 3-6 like a cheaper Star Girls. Same set up with champagne bottle prices similar as Star Girls.

    Verdict: Star Girls is a fun strip bar for drinking / flirting: some good looking girls: the other places I visited are not worth going.

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    The Palma Plan

    I am spending a couple of days in Palma next week. I like to drink / party while flirting, getting lapdances, spending money on ladies-drinks and perhaps some mongering.

    I can not find too much good / updated info, plan is as follows:

    Lap dance / drink:

    Cocktail bar

    Cocktail bar: Banjar Girls Club.

    Cocktail bar:

    Brothel (24 hours)

    If anyone has any additions for fun / adult pleasures please let me know.

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    My query is about Menorca, not Mallorca. However, I am unable to find any specific thread. I am looking for a relaxing trip and Menorca is the perfect island for that. The coves and beaches are impressive. You can go travel from one end of the island to another in just one hour. But it's fairly quiet as well, isn't it? I mean, Ibiza has always been the island of parties and Menorca of family leisure. Is it possible to find a adult club? I understand that it holds no tourist value, but I am sure the locals will also be interested and have a go-to place of their own, won't they?

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    New address in Palma!

    Hi folks! It's been a long time since my last review; recently I went for a brief holiday in Mallorca and after a very bad vision of huge oversize ladies drinking any kind of alcohol including gasolina, in Magalluf, I decided that I had to get laid somewhere; so I came across to this link:

    So I went up there walking from Plaça Espana's intermodal station and it's been a 20 minutes walk at 11.30; I arrived at the address, I went straight on 3rd floor, the magic door is the one on your right, and voilà. A nice Maitresse received me, telling me that at that hour there were very few chicas. I saw the only one available, Luna, but she seemed to be very sleepy to have a session, so I decided to take on the Maitresse, a very good looking lady in her 30's from Colombia, with breasts remodeled and a cute face. The deal was struck for 150 eur for 1 hour (while it should be 120. But hey I was having a session with the commander in chief); after a brief refreshing we were together on the bed, snogging kissing each other and performing a hot 69 (CBJ) for half hour. That lady really needed it because I felt like she had couple of orgasms, then I starred pumping her missionary, doggy and cowgirl, licking her boobs and with a frenzy DFK. At the very end of the hour I blew my milk onto the condom. And I was sweat and tired like performing a marathon; it's a pity that the maitresse isn't shown on the casita's menu. She's very passionate and a good sex performer. So I hope that other punters might take advantage of this casita and reviewing their performances with those ladies;.

    Hasta luego and have fun.

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    Hi Johnny,

    Now is difficult find ladies in the street, maybe you can find someone but is stranger.

    I think the worts in Mallorca is an agency, because try to lie or are so expensive.

    So I recommend you take a look in the places like.

    And when you have some girls let me know and I help you for know is the perfil is true. Because how do you know many girls are fake.

    Man I hope I can help you.

    My best! Have fun in Mallorca and enjoy!

    (I hope you can understand my English).

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWishBone  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    Well I am visiting Palma next week and I am wondering where I can find ladies of the night where I can visit or they can come visit me. By the looks of it, they're not easy to find. Decent strip clubs also works as well.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Mallorca talent?

    Hello all,

    Well I am visiting Palma next week and I am wondering where I can find ladies of the night where I can visit or they can come visit me. By the looks of it, they're not easy to find. Decent strip clubs also works as well.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digez  [View Original Post]
    Any information on INCA?

    and anyone knows if a brasilian girl 'Veronica' is still working in the isle.


    I think you are talking about she

    Unfortunately, she doesn't work anymore.

    Sorry man!

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    I have a friend who is going to Mallorca in a few days and he doesn't know if he will find any open brothels during the Christmas festivities. He will be there from December 23 to 26, but he would like to drop by at more than one *****house. He has seen that there are no issues in Ibiza, but he would like to find bordellos in Mallorca. Do you guys have any tips for him? Thanks.

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    [Email address deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reigman  [View Original Post]
    E seen announced to this chinita is called Juli 656 XXXX94 has several ads I will go to Mallorca and before visiting it to know if there are experiences with her a greeting know prices and services and if it is good etc, thank you in advance.
    This girl is no longer in Mallorca has moved to work in Madrid at least that change in their ads.

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    I think this girl works in the center Chinese leisure massage that is in marques de la senia 30.

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