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    So I was in Seville a few days ago and wanted once again to have a taste of Spain's local talents. I also wanted to play it relatively safe, which means I didn't dive into Slumi but went for an agency that's been around for a decade and has usually good reviews on Spalumi, the massive Spanish punting forum. So I checked Amigas de Silvia. If it's like a few other agencies, I wouldn't be surprised if Silvia is a former escort who set up her own business, it's quite a good model since as an escort she would both know what customers want and like and what kind of issues and needs girls would face. I also had checked on Spalumi where their housings are located, and they were conveniently 10 min walk from my hotel. From our discussion I took that the girl also had done some outcalls there. Of course, prices are very high for Spanish standards, 190 for one hour so double of a basic punt, but they're still cheaper than what I'd pay in Paris or Geneva, and way way cheaper than the ludicrous London rates. The high price increases the odds of meeting a young lady who's not a factory worker stuck on a conveyor belt, but one who only has occasional meetings, possibly not even on a daily basis at times. I then picked a good-looking girl from the website, despite blurred faces all around, and one who's mentioned as fluent in English, since my Spanish is quite limited. So I picked young Alba:

    Good comms with the agency, all settled in the morning for a late afternoon meeting, exact address delivered. There I meet Alba. Really young-looking though not a genuine teen. Dark-haired. I'm surprised that most of her pics make her look brown-haired. With nearly black eyes, short, very fit and thin. The kind of girl who already is hitting the gym on a regular basis -, nice body, very cute face, delicious natural breasts. Several tattoos, all erased from the agency pics except a small one that you can only spot if you've seen her naked and know where to look under the lingerie. I thought she had a bit of a latina look, dark nipples and bits of facial features, and she's actually half-Spanish, half South-American. She speaks reasonably good English, though definitely not as fluent as a native speaker, but since she was far better at it than me at Spanish, it was satisfying for the meeting. She's very friendly, nice discussions with her, overall good social time. I was offered a drink on arrival, paper were exchanged, then we went into the room. Always a pleasure in Spain to have th girl offering shower together, even though in this case it means she undressed very fast. Actually she didn't offer, she went straight ahead for the shower and pulled me in despite the limited space, we showered and washed a bit each other, touched, rubbed and fondled each other more and more in more sensitive places. Always a pleasure to meet Spanish girls with standards in Spain, because they offer kisses, asking you hopefully about FK-DFK. There were indeed plenty of them. All in all, I have to say Alba is quite enthusiastic, willing and a bit horny as well, the good side of having a locally expensive girl who's not doing pump-and-dump all day. Really good OWO, stopped short of conclusion, then DATY that she enjoyed a lot. Her pleasure was growing and after a few minutes, coming very close, she took matters into her own fingers and finished her by herself and fully came in a few seconds. Then more OWO and finally rubber and several positions. She was very active, liked it, never overplayed it unlike what other girls do, and finally wanted to finish the round facing the big mirror on the wall, which was an exciting proposal. After that she was surprised and disappointed that I had trouble rising up in less than 5 minutes for 2nd round, so either she mostly goes out in civilian life and escorts with younger guys or she assumed I was way younger than I am. Considering how late in the meeting it was I knew odds of a 2nd round were dubious unless the meeting lasted 1 h15 or 1 h30. Didn't stop us from kissing, cuddling up, fondling and eventually going for a last shower together.

    This was a very pleasing experience, she's really nice, good-looking, likes sex and shows it a lot, and is good at it.

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    Seville Update

    So, an 'on the ground' update resulting from my weekend in Seville:

    I was unable to raise any response from my emails and calls to Couleurs and Zensual, suggesting that neither are yet reopened (The latter has a pop-up on its website saying that it should reopen on 15th September, but that doesn't seem to have happened).

    I made the mistake of leaving Kaizencenter until Sunday, but they very courteously emailed me back to explain that they didn't open on Sundays.

    It was a very pleasant surprise then to discover the Tantra Sevilla studio (, just off the Plaza de Cuda in Triana, where I spent a delightful hour being pampered by the beautiful, professional and very accommodating Eva. The facilities here are excellent and the service very slick (shared shower with your lady, a slow, oily body massage etc etc). Highly recommended, if not the cheapest!

    Regarding agencies, I found sufficient choice on Sevillacitas not to have a need for Slumi. Photos on the former seemed pretty reliable and representative (within reason!) and most of the girls were based in Nervion, an easy half hour stroll from the centre. My most outstanding find was a beautiful and very fit Colombian ('Laracroft' but she was on tour for the weekend from Barcelona so you're more likely to find her there now. Generally though my chosen girls were polite, keen and accommodating (albeit that most were South American, so that tends to go with the territory!

    Even between sessions, sitting outside streetside cafés in central Seville is a delight – I have really seen such beautifully presented tits and arse proudly parading itself anywhere else in the world!

    All in all, a terrific mongering weekend in a wonderful city.

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    In passing

    I Spent 3 nights in Sevilla. I should admit Slumi helped a lot. I met a Venezuelan, Mexicana and a Sevilla and even an attempt to scam from a Mexican cartel.

    I did 't find any specific club. The women I visited were alone.

    Good services, nice talks.

    The choices are not large, the city is still convenient for a some discoveries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qazwsx5  [View Original Post]
    These are going back to normal pretty quickly. Most of the clubs are open. Not sure about colores. But prive, maxims, posada, cosmos and the rest are open.
    But any opinions on the best club currently in Seville please?

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    Sevilla update please

    I've been a regular visitor of the site over the years for my international mongering trips, and the info is always invaluable.

    I'm heading to Seville very soon but there's not much up to date info on the site post-lockdown. Could anyone summarize the top spots that are know to be open and that I shouldn't miss please (erotic massages, clubs / line-ups etc. I'm not so much into individual escort visits as I prefer to select on site)? Many thanks, Silver.

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    Seville is a great place to enjoy many of its clubs. Every time I go to Andalusia I have to go through Seville.

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    I'll be in the city soon. I've read the previous posts, wiki sex guide, slumi and other well known Spanish websites.

    It seems hard to find a good club (espacially one with - 50% of Romanian). The prices seem high.

    I 'll try for sure to find some good ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TShelby  [View Original Post]
    Thanks a lot friend!

    For you. Who is the best option for one nigth? Quality-price?
    At the moment I don't know really, If I were you I would head to costa del sol (Malaga), much more options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qazwsx5  [View Original Post]
    These are going back to normal pretty quickly. Most of the clubs are open. Not sure about colores. But prive, maxims, posada, cosmos and the rest are open.
    Thanks a lot friend!

    For you. Who is the best option for one nigth? Quality-price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TShelby  [View Original Post]
    How are things now in Seville post-covid?

    What is the best club in Seville now? Colours? Prive?

    Thanks to all of you!
    These are going back to normal pretty quickly. Most of the clubs are open. Not sure about colores. But prive, maxims, posada, cosmos and the rest are open.

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    How are things now in Seville post-covid?

    What is the best club in Seville now? Colours? Prive?

    Thanks to all of you!

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    Massages and agencies in Seville

    I have very limited experience in this, but thought it's useful to see from that perspective too. Prefer to use agencies as that gives me a bit more confidence for the moment.

    Visited Seville last month for a few days. First thing was that I found communication was very difficult, couldn't arrange completely without calling and most didn't respond to emails. Seemed strange as you would think they'd be keen for any business at the moment.

    Elite masajes. When I called a guy answered and said it was an old number.

    Provocación Relax. Note I believe this is run by the same people as Agencia Sonia Vega, with some of same girls but the latter had higher prices.

    Arranged an appointment with a specific girl, when I arrived they said she wasn't free. Bit of a red flag and I considered leaving. 2 girls available, 1 who is on the website (Alba) went with another for reduced time who was tall, large natural breasts. Honestly I wasn't really into it, feeling of being tricked a bit and speed of things made it feel a bit mechanical. Even with less time I think you can build up, rather than start a HJ after 30 seconds.

    60 euros for 30 mind or 100 for 1 h. Maybe one for more experienced and especially if you're prepared to walk away.

    Zensual masajes. Bit weird finding the address, they give you a house number but it's actually across the street you need to ring.

    You can't see much online, but the quality of girls is good. 5 available and you can also make an appointment.

    Chose Alma a Moroccan with a pretty face and natural, curvy body. Had a good time, suited to me in starting with erotic massage and then different terminations offered. They take money at the end, which seems to work as you get heated and then get offered an upsell! Some rooms have a jacuzzi for 20 euros extra, my room was quite standard would have appreciated another mirror.

    80 euro for massage and manual, 120 Frances and 160 sex. A bit expensive maybe, but in spite of that I'd return here before the others.

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    Elite Masajes

    I was in Seville for couple of days and Elite was close to where I was staying. I walked in without appointment and they had few girls free. Got to meet them one after another and its always difficult to make a choice like that. Anyways chose Aroa and had a good time. The massage was not very great but she was very friendly. She had enhanced ones and that was disappointing. But still her friendliness made it up. She helped me with a shower towards the end. It cost 80 euros for one hour.

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    Agencia Sonia Vega. Seville.

    Was in Seville for a few days and thought I'd try out the scene here. Found a few sites online, rolled the dice with Agencia Sonia Vega. Nice pics, all Spanish girls, looks good. Unfortunately, what I found on arrival is that pics are fake and girls are from pretty much anywhere but Spain. I still ended up having a good time, and the house is decent, but in the end I should have just gone to a bar and tried my luck. Or just go to a bar and eat more tapas. Seville is fantastic.

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    Just wondering if you guys know of any good brothels / agencies in Seville.

    I'm only there for a few nights and I know ladies in the south of Spain are beautiful.

    I was more inclined to go visit a place since my apt is crowded with the people I am with.

    Thanks in advance.

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