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    Quote Originally Posted by TunningRob  [View Original Post]
    I can see in the comments that Privee club is quite popular, just like Club Paradise in la Jonquera, I guess. However, I would like to know if you can recommend other clubs in the Reus / Salou / Tarragona area.
    I can think of several different options, (swinger clubs, sex shops with glory holes, striptease clubs with special services.), although this depends on the city you're looking in. If you're in Barcelona you could try the Sala Dreams. I know of it, but I don't have any recommendations, so don't expect anything too classy.

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    I had heard of the Privee club yet I have not been fortunate enough to visit it yet. It remains on my list of places to visit when I return to Catalua. If you find yourself between Tarragona and Salou, I would recommend chatelet Salou and Club Estel.

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    I can see in the comments that Privee club is quite popular, just like Club Paradise in la Jonquera, I guess. However, I would like to know if you can recommend other clubs in the Reus / Salou / Tarragona area.

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    Highway club report #2 - Mixed experience at Club Privee in Salou


    Club Privee is not at its best right now. I was a bit letdown by the selection of girls. Not bad, but it is not a top club. Also, they have closed down due to the season their biggest attraction IMHO (apart from girls), which is the outdoor area with the pool and jacuzzi. Club Privee works better in the summer months. Yes of course, you CAN have a good time at this club (a few nice girls; very little upselling for basic services like DFK / BBBJ), but as of now lacks the x-factor that can defend a rather long trip from Barcelona.

    Can I recommend to others?
    If you are in the area, of course you should pay a visit. If you are staying in Barcelona, then no, sorry, there are too many good alternatives in downtown.

    Will I return?
    I would love to return in summer when they reopen the pool area and the place come back to life. I love to unwind in the chill-out ambience of the smalltown that is Salou in warm summer months and mix it with some down and dirty escapades at Club Privee. I have too many fond memories of this place in the past. Club Privee is still the closest thing to a German FKK you can find in Spain as far as I have experienced (relaxed pool area, possibility to have a bite). But right now is not the season. Right now Club Privee is just another mediocre Spanish night club.

    The details:

    Address: Carretera C14, KM 3. 0, Autovia, Reus Salou, 43206 Reus (Tarragona) close to the coast south of Barcelona.
    Opening hours: From 5 pm till late at night (5 am?). This is primarily a bar / night club. I would not bother arriving prior to 8- 9 pm. 11 pm is probably when it starts get going.

    Directions (use Google Maps):

    - By car: 75 mnts from downtown Barcelona (60 mnts from Barcelona International Airport. Only 10 mnts drive from Salou). Free and easy parking on the backside of the club (just follow the signs). The neon signs are easily spotted from a distance if coming from Salou, but are somewhat hidden behind some trees when coming fom Reus (be aware). Also be aware you are not able to make a left turn when coming from Salou, so you need to drive another US mile in direction of Reus and make a 180 degrees turn at the next roundabout; then drive back the mile and turn right quickly (slow down on the highway).
    - Public transport: 1 h25 mnts by train from Barcelona Sants to Salou, and then 10 mnts by taxi (6 E + 10 E).

    Obviously spending the night in Salou is much more budgetfriendly and recommended (Club Privee IS a night club, and I doubt there is any late train from Salou to Barcelona).


    Session fee: 70E/30, 120E/60.
    Room fee: 10 E.
    Entrance fee: 15 E (gets you one "free" drink).


    Rumoured to have around 30 girls, and I find that believable. I think I counted between 10 and 25 girls anyone time in the bar while I was there (weekend), and there is always someone doing outcalls or being busy in a room or brushing up. Favourable F/M ratios most of the night. Mostly Romanians with a few claimed Bulgarians and Hungarians (probably all Romanians), and possibly a couple of latinas. No local girls as far as I could observe. Age: Between 20 and 40?

    Quality of line-up:

    Ok, but not very impressive. Slightly better than Calipso Club. 1- 2 highlights quickly taken away by regulars, but also another 5- 6 goodlooking girls. You can easily have a good time here with a little patience, but it is NOT a top club. A bit down from previous visits.


    - You walk in the entrance and pay the entrance fee to the 2- 3 security guys. Then another long hallway to the first bar.
    - The first bar is a bit disappointing. Small, few girls, no barstools or places to relax. Be quick to find the entrance to the second bar.
    - The second bar has more girls, couches to relax, some table for snacks (must be ordered by the bar / there is no kitchen) and a stage for pole dances (which did not happen during my visit). Bartender very attentive and correct.
    - Overall impresson is that the club is starting to feel a bit worn out. I was severly missing the third bar, which is the pool area. It has now been closed down for winter. Also, I was missing some kind of pole dance or show to make the club come more alive.
    - As it was a weekend night most girls wore long evening dresses. A nice touch and a bit different than what I am used to.
    - The gents starting arriving just before midnight (as is the norm in Spanish culture). Basically locals. Very few tourists at this time of year.
    - The girls are generally nice. Very easy to get in contact with.
    - My main criticism is that the music is too loud. Nothing wrong with a party feel, but there is nowhere to escape the loud music. It makes it difficult to communicate with the girls enabling a clear understanding of what can be agreed on. But also, it takes the strength out of the girls who are supposed to work under such circumstances night after night. Many girls were too tired and stressed to make any impressions on the gents, and of course it also showed in the room.
    - I always seem to forget that this is primarily a bar that sells alcoholic beverages to both gents and girls. Oh, how I miss having a cup of tea with my FKK girls before doing the wild things! Haha! But drunk girls and loud music are not always the perfect match in a p4 p environment IMO, as it too often lead to stressed / uninspired sessions. Again, this club severly lacks a quiet areat where the girls and gents can regain their strengths.
    - Rooms upstairs. Quite ok, clean and functional (shower and a / c). But do not expect any luxury feel like at Top Damas/La Suite in Barcelona.
    - Payment is made in advance to the madam upstairs who provide clean sheets and towels.

    The story:

    Many times I have divided a week in Barcelona in two: One part in dowtown, and another on the highways in Catalonia. The reason is that the nightclubs outside central Barcelona have larger selection of girls, have less espensive session fees, and not at least much, much easier to get decent services without upsell (BBBJ / DFK / DATY). This is still true to a large extent IME (with a few exceptions). When going downtown Barcelona I find more value for money at the brothels than night clubs/bars. And, I am a club guy first and foremost, as I like to take my time scoping the talent IRL before I make my move.

    When heading out on the Spanish highways you will find more and bigger clubs around Girona and the French border, with Club Paradise in La Jonquera as arguably the biggest night club in Europe (150- 200 girls at peak hours). That's where you should go if you want large line-ups and plenty of choices.

    I skipped Girona this year as I wanted to explore Calipso Club just outside Barcelona (see my report http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...=1#post2102620), and also, I have very fond memories of Club Privee near Salou. It's not that big, but have had quality line-ups and great services standards in the past, with a very special ambience around the pool (somewhat FKK-like). You may also add that Salou is a very nice Spanish beach town with a great beach, boardwalk and restaurants. A good place to chill / unwind, and very different from the hectic pulse of Barcelona. I like the mix.

    But as described above this year the timing was not right (no pool area to chill) and the line-up not up standards in the past. Not bad; just not what I had hoped for.

    I had one encounter:

    Name: Becky.
    Nationality: Romania.
    Language: Good English and Spanish.
    Age: Late 20's.
    Height: Medium.
    Hair colour: Black.
    Face: A mix between Lucy Li and Catherine Zeta-Jones? Not in their league, but the resemblance is there. Quite pretty. Heavy makeup.
    Chest: B-cups all natural.
    Body: Slim with nice proportions. But not skinny at all.
    Personality: Fun girl. Entertaining. A bit insistant.
    Services: DFK / BBBJ / DATY / MPOS CFS. All services started decent with a genuine wish to please (but nothing spectacular), but she lacked stamina after a while. Somewhat drunk, which is not good for the sensuality I was searching for. The upsell for gin and tonic was annoying. BBBJ / DFK were delivered without any signs of upsell.
    Damage: 120 E for 60 mnts + Room fee 10 E + entrance 15 E. Total damage: 145 E.

    I would probably not repeat and would be looking for someone else next time unless I am in a "Becky mood". But the girl is not hopeless and can be decent for a guy looking for a simple short and wild session. Maybe that is you?

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    LE privee

    I had very good time with two girls, Vanessa and Roxi.

    Owo and DFK and very good DFK! (but ask before).

    Many others girls are very good Anas, Yasminne, ect.

    A good adress.

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    Privee Club

    Privee Club on the road known as (third letter of alphabet) -14, SSE of Reus, www. Privee. Es, GPS N41 0658.75 / E1 0728.13, is probably the best in the area and worth the one hour drive from Barcelona. (Note: This web site's automatic editing software changes the third letter of the alphabet into the word "see" and adds a space after periods, and capitalizes the first letter after the period, preventing correct presentation of the web site address.) 20 Euros to enter and 80 Euros for 30 minutes in a private room. Free parking.

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    Salou: Club Privee / VIP: Day 1 of my hunt for Pussy Cat (alonia)

    Reports suggested that Club Privee between Salou and Reus most resembled the German saunaclub atmosphere I was used to, so I staked that out as my first mongering destination on this Spain trip. I was based in Tarragona, and had seen on maps that Vila-Seca was near the club so I took the train there in order to save a little time and taxi expense. This was completely unnecessary, since the cost and time involved via train and taxi worked out to be only slightly less than my taxi ride home (33 Euros, about 20 minutes).

    When I arrived the door guy asked for national I'd, so I was lucky to have a copy of my passport with me. I paid the entry fee of 20 Euros (one drink included), and made my entrance. I had reservations right away: it was 10 PM on a Saturday night and the bar room was sparse: maybe 8 men, and worse only four girls. Only later did I notice the outside area with the stage, where most of the visitors and girls were hanging out (it might have been a showtime when I arrived). Since I had gotten a late start I didn't waste any time moving onto some action. I had seen one lingerie-clad gazelle sitting alone on a bar stool along the wall and got her to come upstairs. I paid 70 at the counter for a half hour; other options were 110 Euros for 45 minutes and 140 Euros for an hour.

    The match was a good one; Floria was Romanian (like all the girls I went with that night at Privee), and she immediately returned my kiss with plenty of wet tongue of her own. We slowly stripped each other down, accompanied by sensual caresses. Floria inserted a pause in this action by leading me to the bathroom for my first experience of the pre-session cleaning ritual I would experience often on this trip: she had me straddle the bidet while she lathered my cock with soap and rinsed it off; she made the process very sensual (I helped by kissing her shoulder and fondling her breasts throughout), not clinical.

    Lights dimmed, music softened, we proceeded to the bed, where some excellent oral sex followed. Her pussy became soaked as I went down on her, and the chemistry was clear as our bodies intertwined. Her lithe frame was ideal for fucking in a variety of positions, especially with her on top in multiple poses, but she had a nice little booty that I also liked grabbing when I got her in doggy. A tender farewell embrace and kiss closed out our time together, a perfect start for this trip.

    On my return downstairs I discovered the existence of the rest of the club, and noticed a lot more traffic in the bar area. This gave me the opportunity build a mental list of the girls who interested me, and it was a pretty good number, with brunette Romanians populating most of the list. Some really were dressed sexy, but the one I finally approached had an interesting outfit on. Nelly wore a white bikini bottom (which I love), combined with a demure but tight floral top, a nice combination of naughty and nice. The fact that her ass was world class and her boobs pretty good too, and she had a sexy-cute face like Katy Perry didn't hurt either. I approached her at the bar and her saucy sense of humor shone through, as it did through the 45 minute session that followed (for my own part I kept kidding her by calling her Kelly) . Highlights included licking one of the pinkest and most delicate pussies I have every tasted, and her willingness to try plenty of positions. The only drawbacks were that she did not kiss, except for a couple of pecks on the lips, and that I didn't di her doggy style: the sight of her ass while leaning over at the bar, which I saw before our session and later in the evening with other clients, was to die for.

    Now that I knew about the outdoor sitting area (which is covered from the elements except for the small swimming pool), I headed out there to relax. Though it just has some tables with chairs and couches, nothing too cushy, it is good for a break since since the girls did not seem to be too aggressive if you were sitting alone. That said, one blonde who did not really attract me sat nearby at one point and started a conversation; I was polite but this probably gave her too much hope, and she finally asked about going to the room; when I said no she left but was nice about it.

    I headed back to the bar myself to scope out my options for one more session. I was approached by a tall Romanian brunette, one I had my eye on for her sexy white tunic that almost let her be-size tits pop out from the sides, and her winning smile. I had no reason to send Elisa away, and decided to go for a half hour with her. It was hard to fit everything into that time: the ritual cock wash, passionate kissing, an enthusiastic 69, and some energetic cowgirl and doggy. I should have opted for a longer session with her; to Elisa's credit she did not rush me at any significant point of the action, except at the end when she (smilingly) urged me to get a move on with my shower and getting dressed, since I think we did go over by almost 10 minutes from start to finish. So yet another session that has revived my enthusiasm for Romanian brunettes, who have not done a lot for me recently on the German FKK-saunaclub scene.

    To end the evening I took in the song and strip show outside The very sexy blonde singer had a powerful voice and was charismatic, though the electronic / techno edge to the music was not exactly my taste. The two blonde strippers were quite good, and I think that they were club girls available to go to the room. By the time I saw the strippers I was finished for the night, but otherwise I would have pursued it since I love fucking strippers, both the concept and the energy they can bring to the bedroom, especially when filled with adrenaline right after a performance. I was so beat that I wasn't even eager for them to include me in the mini-lap dance they included in their routines for spectators sitting near the stage. But it was a satisfied exhaustion; on future trips this will definitely be a place where I'll return.

    Next Report on La Jonquera Forum.

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    I forgot that there was a Tarragona thread, so herewith a copy of a report I posted in the Barcelona one:

    I was in Barcelona for a few days, including the weekend, and fortunate enough to have to drive (for other reasons) to both Tarragona and Figueres, so visited both Privee in Reus and the fleshpots of La Jonquera (see report in the Costa Brava section).

    Privee was well worth the drive to Reus, although the club was quite difficult to find. Good quality and quantity of girls, but very few punters on a Friday night and I was quite surprised. They also had a good singer and some strippers, who were also working as h*kers, so it was a very pleasant experience. €10ish for vodka and orange, €70 for half an hour, ALL Romanians but nevertheless had a good time with a really sexy / dirty looker who had a great body, but was carefully and cautiously selected over 2 drinks and many offers.

    On the way to Tarragona (about 17 miles out) I passed Hotel Hawaii and could tell immediately what sort of hotel it was, but, OMG, I fled in panic at the onslaught of large and grotesque creatures that attacked me as soon as I walked in! They were truly horrible and I can never understand who would pay money to be brutalised by them?

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    Club Privée

    I stayed in Salou for 2 nights last week during my vacation in Spain and visited this club twice.

    1. Tuesday 24. 7. I took a taxi from Salou to the club. 19 €, entered around 20. 00. Stepped into the door and greeted the doorman in spanish. I asked how much is the entrance fee and they told me that just get in. I went directly to the outside area since the music was really loud in the bar and most of the girls ware also outside. The club was quiet, only a few customers and only maybe 15 girls. But the quality of the girls was pretty good and after zipped my first beer I saw a sex bomb, blonde Romanian girl named Kitty. Curly blond hair, nice smile, good sense of humour. Plus of course great body with perfectly shaped natural B cups. We went for a 30 min session and it was really a solid one. After the sex I cooled down in the terrace area and spoke to a pretty brunette Romanian, Aida, a girl with nice dress apparently hiding big breasts. A breast lover as I am I had to ask her if they were natural. She immediately said that yes and pulled the top a bit out so I could see them, she had no bra. Oh my god, my eyes dropped as her breasts were absolutely great. I asked if she was in the club also tomorrow and she told me yes. As I was a bit tired from the heat and the session with Kitty I left the club happy and knowing exactly what to do the next day.

    2. Wednesday 25. 7. I drove to Privée with my rental car around 19. 00. Again no entrance fee, muchas gracias, and went to the terrace to have a beer. The club was much more vivid that the day before and with somewhat more girls. I looked around but did not see the busty Romanian brunette Aida. Kitty told me that she is in the house and after a while Aida walked into the terrace. I invited her to the table for a while, drank my beer and then we took the stairway (to heaven) to the rooms upstairs. It was the same room that I had sex the day before with Kitty, LOL. Aida undressed and revealed absolutely nice natural D cups. Soft but yet not too saggy, nicely shaped. It was my pleasure to caress her breasts and we had nice 30 min session of sex with multiple positions. After the sex I cooled down again in the terrace and watched the girls.

    The line-up was pretty good with good number-to-quality ration. There was a Romanian brunette Emma with an ass carved by the gods and pretty B cups. I was tempted but satisfied for my evening so I left left the club with a smile on my face.

    Maybe the best club I have visited in Spain so far with a great outdoor terrace area unlike many other clubs. Not too busy with tons of customers but yet a good line up. Must return some day soon!


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    Anyone knows a club with a lot of Chinese or asian girls near Tarragona? I'm looking for a club, not for a house.

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    Privee Club

    Attached is a photograph of Privee Club south of Reus. It's on C-14 one mile south of N-420.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Privee Club South of Reus Espana.jpg‎  

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    Privee Cover charge

    Quote Originally Posted by Shark16  [View Original Post]
    Your observations about cover charge (for the first entry, and then given the "royal VIP treatment" from second night on) pretty much concurs with my own experience with the Spanish bar scene. I wonder if this is the Spanish way of doing things? At least this is my experience with Riviera, New Aribau and Pub 240 in BCN. No need to play stinky though; just smile and do some small talk with security and you are fine from second night on in most cases.

    BTW, thanks for a great report!
    Hey Shark,

    The thing about the cover in Spanish clubs is this: I expect there to be a "minimum consumption fee" at every club. It's usually between 8 and 12 Euros depending on the club. Girls won't talk to you until you buy your first drink. Now and then one has to pay for that minimum at the door, but I went to 10 different clubs (in Madrid, Tarragona, and Valencia) a few weeks ago, and had to pay a door cover at only two. At the new Valencia club (Show Girls Paris: So so line-up, very nice facilities) we even got a free drink.

    At VIPS, I've never had to pay an 20 Euro cover. I usually enter, go straight to the bar, buy a Coke or Red Bull for 8 Euros and I'm wearing a babe jacket for the rest of the evening. I certainly buy 3 to 4 drink in the course of an evening, eat a meal, do two to three rooms (each coating 10 EURO) and generally do my part for the economic upswing of VIPS. Rarely would I buy a drink than costs more than 10 Euro. The 20 EUR cover (stiff in comparison to others) translates to about 10 to 12 Euro for me just to walk into the place.

    I still like the place but I'm guessing that at the moment only tourists are paying that cover. Can't say that I blame them, but it's annoying considering that I would consider myself, Henio, FKK Lover and others who I hit VIPS with to be pretty good business for the place. Most of the girls would / do agree. They complain constantly about "regulars" who come in, buy one drink and just look around and waste their time.

    Annoying, but as the Germans say,"es ist nur so der Lauf der Welt."



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dedalus  [View Original Post]
    The first night was the only night that Henio and I had to pay a cover. We actually made a slight stink about it the first night, more so that the security would remember us for our future visits. Second night we were waved through without a problem. Third night one of the guys was about to charge us when the guard from night one remembered us and waved us through.


    Your observations about cover charge (for the first entry, and then given the "royal VIP treatment" from second night on) pretty much concurs with my own experience with the Spanish bar scene. I wonder if this is the Spanish way of doing things? At least this is my experience with Riviera, New Aribau and Pub 240 in BCN. No need to play stinky though; just smile and do some small talk with security and you are fine from second night on in most cases.

    BTW, thanks for a great report!

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    Privée / VIPS Late July 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Matteo 77  [View Original Post]
    I managed to visit Privee yesterday arrived from Tarragona with a taxi (15 min ride around 25€) , Entrance is 20€ with a drink.
    True enough. Surprised the dickens out of me since I have walked through those doors a number of times in the past 3 years and never paid a dime. Normally just got a nod from security.

    According to some of the girls I spoke with, there is new security at the club and during my three visits to VIPS / Privée a few weeks ago, I saw quite a few guys walk in with the 20 EUR drink voucher / cover charge ticket. Seems they are cashing in of the summer tourists.

    The first night was the only night that Henio and I had to pay a cover. We actually made a slight stink about it the first night, more so that the security would remember us for our future visits. Second night we were waved through without a problem. Third night one of the guys was about to charge us when the guard from night one remembered us and waved us through.

    If anyone does have to pay the cover, then the obvious way to make it worthwhile is to chose an expensive drink for your first libation. Save the cokes and Red Bulls for later.

    Despite this sticker-shock the line-ups were quite solid all three nights (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). Cute and copious amounts of ladies. Quite a number of heavy-hitting home-wreckers just waiting to play havoc with my hard earned Euros.

    Food is still delicious, varied and pretty reasonably priced. The evening entertainment (apart from the ladies charming company) is the standard Spanish chanteuse (kitsch but not terrible) , a quite sexy pole dancer with All-Pro legs, and a live sex-show featuring Klaus and Patrizia, a married Romanian couple. I found Patrizia kinda hot actually.

    First night, first session was a doggone sexy spinner named Natalie who claimed to be Hungarian. Really cute! In the room she was quite skilled in the BBBJ department but tried to use the entire 30 minutes for such goings on in an effort to extend the time. Bad move. She gave me the "we are out of time" Spiel but I told her that they will call when we have no more time and was able to complete the session on my terms.

    Cute girl but not a great room find. Also a bit of BV down there.

    1st night. 2nd session was a hammer-bodied blond gal named Vanessa. Bit too much make-up but she was fun and has a hinder fine enough to make a grown man loose his senses, so I took her upstairs. Turned out to be a great find and some outstanding sex. Henio ran off with her the next night when she told him private things about our session which apparently had Henio laughing out loud. Fun gal. Very worthy of a return match.

    2nd night. 1st (and only session, due to and earlier jaunt to Estel) was with a blond Romy named Andrea who I had been flirting with on the first night. She came up behind me during the wrestling match between Klaus and Patricia, and started to get all flirty. I mentioned to her that I had the impression that Patrizia was getting tired of the same-ole' same-ole' from Klaus. One could see it in her eye. Plus, Klaus needs a bit of a diet and a gym membership. She laughed and agreed. Especially with the part about the diet.

    Before Klaus and Patti could finish their routine, I took Andrea upstairs where she uncovered neath her skimpy outfit a rather surprisingly smoking body. Skimpy though her outfit was, it kept hidden a delightful set of knockers that were most fun to play around with for the next 30 minutes.

    She says she is 24 but might actually be pushing 30. Sexy gal in any case. Also a worthy repeater.

    Before we left that night I cornered a mischievous looking, tall blond who looked like she would be up for almost anything in the room apart from wholesale mayhem, named Denise. Asked her if she would be working on Friday and if so would she be willing to offer me some spiritual counseling.

    3rd night. 1st session was Monika. After Henio and I walked in (after visiting a few other clubs in the Valencia area) I ran smack into and dark haired gal with a bikini top busting with some dandy tits. She gave me a hug, kiss, said "Hello," and flashed me an awesomely big-eyed smile. When I asked her name, those big eyes rolled to the heavens and she said,"Monika." Tits should have given it away, but the new hair color threw me for a big loop. She is the same stunner that Henio and I passed back and forth last summer. I called over Henio who was about as surprised as I was. He was also I think a bit disappointed that his timing was off and that she locked onto me first. I should mention that Henio was still unpopped for the day, whereas I score probably the only worthwhile session at the previous two clubs. Usually it is the other way around.

    I told him that I was off to get reacquainted with Monika and was instructed / ordered to return her to him afterwards. Monika's body is still breathtaking and she is still a fun-loving gal with tons o' energy in the room. She swore that she stood right in front of me two evenings before, and I am hoping that she is mistaken and that I am not so blind and daft as to have missed that. This gals has some of the best natural sweater hogens that I have come across in the past few years (Simona at FKK World comes close) and knows exactly what to do with them. She also has some great legs to go along with the rest of the package. Such a good session that she has me temped to return before the summer is out. First rate Top Act!

    All of this meant that I had to rest up a bit before Miss Denise found me, which she did sooner than planned. All the girls know who is who and who goes with who, so she knew that I was out of commission for a little while. Still she hung out with me at the bar while I downed a sandwich and watched swimming on the TV. We waited till the end of the men's 400 meter relay before heading upstairs for my final session of the trip.

    Denise is blond, about 1. 78 M in heels, ca. 23, has a thin athletes body and a fun sense of humor. Speaks a bit of German so we went back and forth 'tween the that and English, neither of which she has great comand of. Still, we communicated pretty well. Henio also found her rather charming. In the room she hit all the sweet spots and I was more than prepared to spend an entire hour with her, but she did her gig expertly enough to have me finished within the 30 minute mark. Also a Top-Act that has me considering a return visit before the summer is out.

    I'm not sure that Privée is quite at the standard that it was last summer, but it's pretty close. Girls are still complaining that the crisis has put a major hurt on their business and they get rather frosted at guys who come in the club, drink, and paw at them for hours without going to a room. This seems to be a frequent occurrence. There are certainly a number of hit and run girls there who attack a dude and try to hit him up for "two euro, baby" when you send them away, but all in all it is still one of the more comfy and classy places that I have been to in Spain. Only other line-up I saw that came close was Estark in Madrid.

    I keep forgetting that Spain is different from Germany and that a guy has to get a gal to agree to and uncovered BJ BEFORE going to a room. This is not always the case (no need for girls like Monika, Vanessa or Denise) and most girls will certainly do the BBBJ, but many will use it as a price extra if given the chance. Got hit with this in a few other Spanish clubs on this trip. Didn't happen at Privée, though.

    Classy joint! A return visit is eminent!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Matteo 77  [View Original Post]
    I managed to visit Privee yesterday arrived from Tarragona with a taxi (15 min ride around 25€) , Entrance is 20€ with a drink
    Apologies, Matteo. I was there last night and they apparently have new security that is starting to insist on the 20 euro cover more often. Stinks! Line up was not too bad.

    More later,


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