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Thread: Geneva

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    Cheaper options in Geneva


    Can I ask you what are cheaper sex options in Geneva (less than 100 CHF)?

    Are there African hookers and in case are they on the street?

    Are there African immigrants which want date local people for a stable relationship?


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    Seems there is a new presence in Geneva: Luxus Escort, anyone tried?

    Hi everyone,

    I was in Zurich before, but recently moved to Geneva a couple month ago. I read the multiple reports here before picking anything but there seems in Geneva not to be the same quality in terms of escort agencies as in Zurich. I only see cheap girls and I am looking for the upper class. I cam across this page after doing a long search: Luxus Escort Geneva apparently. I remember seeing some of those girls before in Zurich but there are new ones.

    I would rather not waste my time and wonder is anyone there has had any experience?

    It's so hard these days to find a reliable agency that doesn't send east European girls, I really don't like those and I am looking for the upper class, with West European Escort Girls, preferably with perfect English since my Romanian is not quite there yet.

    Did anyone even call them here or could possibly post a report on a previous experience?

    Would be grateful to have a nice "First" in Geneva without being disappointed.
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    Session with porn girl Christina Shine

    Hi guys,

    Had yesterday nigh a good 1 h session with Christina Shine at one of the Genea-Girls Clubs. Very nice Girl good talk awesome BBBJ (2 x) and two rounds of hot sex in different positions. She told she is setting up her own Pornostudio. Total damage CHF 300. But it was worth it. I can recommend.

    You can find lots of videos of her on the web.

    Have fun.

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    Miss P

    I've been meeting this lady a few times now. She sits in one of the doorways. She's the classic Latino MILF. Big bum, nice tits and attractive face. And naughty. Real Pornstar stuff. Deep throat, toy display (genuine) and anal in both reverse cowboy with use of toy and doggy. Great. She promises me she's also in to ladies so that's the next round.

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    Miss P

    I've been meeting this lady a few times now. She sits in one of the doorways. She's the classic Latino MILF. Big bum, nice tits and attractive face. And naughty. Real Pornstar stuff. Deep throat, toy display (genuine) and anal in both reverse cowboy with use of toy and doggy. Great.

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    Miss M

    Wow! A lady I've known for a while. Met her several times in the bar in the paquis I sometimes frequent. One of the other regulars had let slip to me that he had taken her for a spin and greatly enjoyed the experience. So I set up a rendezvous for this evening. Wow! High cheek-boned Latin MILF. I had not realised, but the most magnificent rack I think I've ever seen. Probably 36 see and still pointing upwards. After my tongue had administered to her needs she gave me one of the best bjs ever. Eye contact, sack licking slow lip descending. The whole bit. Then she put on the cover, me on my back she very slowly impaled herself. Heaven for me, and she seemed to enjoy judging by her eyes. 3 more positions, emptied myself into the cover, big hug, wash up and off into the evening sun with a big smile on my face. She really is gorgeous.

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    Geneva prostitution report

    Hi everybody,

    I've been living in Geneva for now more ha 30 years and I've been visiting regularly working girls in Geneva.

    Yes I must admit, Geneva isn't the best city for mongering and to look for escorts and its also rather expensive compared to other countries.

    But since the crisis years there has been quite a lot of movement here in Geneva with the arrival of Hungarian girls (mostly in the Geneva-Girls brothels) and now there are more and more Spanish girls coming to make her luck in Geneva. Since the new Prostitution law in France there are now also more french girls coming too. But it very difficult to find Swiss girls.

    So I will try to give you a short report of some places to visit in Geneva. (I can give you a Excel file with quite a lot of info.

    There are levers websites who are quite useful. (I am not sure if I can post these links but the moderator will sure tell me quite soon.

    - www.*****.ch -The oldest website I guess (it has also a discussion forum, but in french).

    - Genuine genuine photos (but they have a very good photographer).

    - - Also genuine photos and now more and mor girls withe selfies and even Videos.

    - - No always online lately.


    - small ads lokk under Eroticques / Escorts / Femmes.

    - mostly hungarian girls (BBBJ is standard service).

    - also small ads look under Erotique / escorts / Femmes.

    The prices in Geneva have gone down a little especially for 1 hour service, or at least you get now more fort he same money.

    Usually (Spanish and Hungarian girls ask:

    CHF 100-150 for 15 min.

    CHF 200 (30 min some with BBBJ included) or some ask CHF 50. On top for BBBJ.

    CHF 300 (60 minutes some with BBBJ included) or some ask CHF 50. On top for BBBJ).

    For outcalls now the average price is between CHF 400-500 the hour.

    You can get Anal mostly with a supplement of CHF 100.

    So guys I hope this info could be somehow helpful to you and if you have some hot info to share via MP be free to exchange with me.

    Yours sincerely,


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    Overnight with Kristina

    I recently met Kristina in Geneva where I invited her to spend an overnight meeting with me. For those of you who don't know her she is well known in the Bratislava forum where she usually meets clients and has also several posts in Prague and Budapest. She also offers her services for anyone who invite her and buy the plane tickets. She has a website where you can get more information on her services, rates and some photos. I would also recommend checking her profile in escort4 travel.

    We were suppose to meet once in Bratislava but unfortunately she had to cancel it due to some problem. Since then I kept my plans to meet her someday and I am happy that we accomplished that recently.

    Kristina is well communicative both remotely and in person. Her English is fluent and she responded promptly to my emails and requests. Her cooperative communication with me were one of her great advantages and acted as a great build-up toward our meeting. In person, our discussions helped me to be more relaxed so at the meeting time I felt more comfortable with her which was the main reason for the good time I had with her.

    Kristina is beautiful. Age and look are always a matter of taste so I hate to argue about these kind of things. She was for my taste and I liked her body, personality and overall look and also enjoyed my time with her. She indeed has a body that is fun to play with in bed. She is also very open to ideas and will surely help you to fulfill your fantasies. As of any escort, you should respect her and play according to the rules. Don't hesitate to spoil her with good white wine or tasty food to share your social time together. It really helped us to build some chemistry in the meeting and helped me a lot to experience her better than what I though I could do.

    Regarding sex and services, she delivered what she promised and I wanted to do. I must say that she is good at what she is doing. I managed to try several of the things I had in mind and documented some of the scenes. Of course I had more ideas to try but I was a bit tired and exhausted from our sex sessions and hard work recently. There should always something to be kept for next time and it seems that it will not be boring with her in the future. For our first meeting and my first overnight long-meeting experience with an escort it was what I expected and more.

    I will probably meet her in the future if she will continue in her excellent work. She is addictive, I must say.

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    1 night in Geneva

    After reading this thread I went to Geneva and decided to try the brothels (Geneva girls).

    One of the places had the wrong address and tel no so skipped that.

    Another was within walking range so I went to that. (#4 is open).

    Inside was quite sleazy looking but hey, such is the industry.

    Picked up a girl from Hungary, had an hour with her.

    She was good but the room and the shower were a freaking mess.

    The bed had old condom wrappers and there were plenty of tissues with used condoms within them around the room.

    I ended up showering at the hotel. It was just that dirty.

    Damage was 300 chf, which I thought was expensive but knew the price going in. (paid first, before entering the room).

    I would not repeat again due to the facilities.

    Again, the girl was fine.

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    Briefly on a Geneva girl

    Loulou on Bemy. Anyone has any experience of her? Beautiful girl according to the photos, but such a poor attitude that I finally decided against meeting her.

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    Hey folks,

    I've read the Geneva forum (was short) and it seems like the opportunities for mongering is rather limited here.

    There's the red light district, the SW, and distinct houses.

    I assume there is no FKK like setup in Geneva and these seem to be the only options.

    I also assume 4 and 5 star hotels would be red to temporary visitors.

    While all these options seem OK (yet overpriced for their status), are there more "upper class" or "isolated" (a la FKK) options that are to be recommended?

    Because so far only the two websites mentioned seem to be feasible without the imminent chance to get robbed.

    Thanks in advance for any possible feedback.

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    Some Geneva exploring

    Well, not much has been written about Geneva in a while, and party I can understand why. The legal status seems to make it very "what you expect is what you'll get. ".

    Background: I usually don't do this, like ever. So I can not report this from that perspective. I fell for the temptation simply because it is so easy here - "l'occasione fa il ladro".

    I won't be posting names. If you want names, please PM me and I'll try to get back to you. No point in PM: me after a couple of weeks from when this was posted.

    Found all three girls beforehand on a decent site. Still of course I had no idea what to really expect.

    First girl: Hungarian, blonde, very cute. Tall, very slender. Some tattoos. Christina piercing. Upon arriving and checking in at my hotel, I pretty much went and visited this girl right away. It seemed easy. She texted her address pretty much right away and it was close by. Small apartment, other girls there too. Quite a bit of a smell of smoke, and she lit one up right after we were done. Still, the girl was very cute and had one of the cutest pussies I've seen, cute small breasts. Good BJ (would do BBBJ for 50 extra, but I'm a condom kind of guy with these girls), sex was nice because she was tight and sweet, but she offered no performance. Afterwards, I asked to be introduced to the other girls in the flat. Always nice to have cute girls in all states of undress showing off. Cute girls. If it wasn't for the smell of smoke, I'd return for a quickly with one of them.

    Second girl (later same day): Half Indian, half French. Very cute, very petite. Was in a rather large flat with some other girls. A huge step up from the Hungarian in service and manner. Nice rooms, very sweet and friendly. Kind of an intimate experience even. Not as good BJ as the hungarian, but much better sex overall.

    Third girl (next day): Oh la effing la! Not as sweet as the previous but the body and face. Brazilian. Slender, fit, tall, truly beautiful. Big fake boobs and slightly visible abs, a firm hard ass. A real fitness girl. You would turn around if she walked by on the street. Quite a bit of a PSE. Mirrow on the wall, positioned herself to show off. With a body like that she probably liked looking at herself. Finished with anal. She had quite a bit clit. Not huge but bigger than you would get without "help. " I loved it. Not the sort of thing that you experience without doing the naughties in Geneva (or Brazil I assume). She cost like the previous two together. Would totally prioritize to visit her if in Geneva again.

    None of the girls made trouble about money. Texting and asking about rates gave straight answers. Photos on site was accurate. Some birthmarks edited out though I believe. All in all a good adventure with some PSE silicon boobs, anavar clit anal that I'd do again before leaving if it wasn't so expensive.

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    Grazia for the report Dopey1.

    The dimension of sexual activity here us amazing. So cool the dog licked your hairy balls for gratis. It must be a wonderful feeling when done well.

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    Well, that was an unusual experience. I just met Miss P, a tall black, buxom lady who lives in Zurich and cummutes on a weekly basis to Geneva. I met her in a doorway on the Rue du Monthoux where many ladies are spotted displaying their wares. Frankly most are 4's and 5's, but Miss P stood out as a 7/8. We had the usual brief discussion, and settled on 350 for an hour with A-levels included.

    We went up to her apartment. Small but neat and tidy. Settled the finances and started to get undressed. Before we did so, she introduced me to her new puppy which she had to bring with her from Zurich.

    We started with her giving me a massage which was reasonably professional and got to the point where she was teasing then gently caressing the sensitive bits. At this point I asked if we could swap and whether I could give her a massage. The offer was gratefully received. My caressing also eventually got her sensitive bits and she started to moan gently. Then I flipped her over and started to pay attention to her neck, then lcked and sucked her fine breasts and nipples. After a while I recommenced my descent of her body. On reaching the promised land I stood up and repositioned her on the edge of the bed so I could kneel on the floor my head between her legs. A position I find gives best access. After some teasing of her lips I got to work on the target. She started to breathe increasingly heavily, urging me on in a mixture of French, German and English. Suddenly I was aware of a warm damp feeling on my onion bag. I looked up and both her hands were playing with her tits. WTF! The penny dropped. Fido had better be female! Now she was reaching the point of no return so I didn't want to stop, and actually. No I can't say it. She came in a shuddering screaming groan, and the canine scampered off.

    Once she'd had a chance to recover I explained what had happened and with a completely straight face, she tried to charge me 100 francs extra! I must have registered a look of shock and she collapsed into hysteria.

    It took a moment for us both to recover but when we did she gave me a sloppy pornstar like blow, I fucked her a bit in mish, then turned her over, applied the lube, pushed her face in the pillow to present her nice round bum and with a gentle push, a slight 'plop' and a gentle moan from her I entered heaven. Didn't take long for me to cum. Had a shower, changed and left thinking I have to share this story with someone. But who. ?

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    A few reports

    I've met with a few ladies during the past few months. Here are some thoughts:

    Jasmin (from Geneva-Girls): Great GFE experience. Not a time watcher and genuinely seemed to enjoy spending time together. Thin, with small, perky breasts, a tight, fit body, and a more generous ass than the photos would suggest. She kept me right on the edge with a length BBBJ and when she finally rode me to completion, I was tingly. Would strongly recommend.

    Katherine (from Les Anges): Also a strong recommendation. Very cute, with a playfulness about her. Although she's out of town now, she comes back every so often. Don't miss that chance.

    Camille (from Girls2 See): Another GFE. She seemed to understand exactly what I wanted, teasing-wise, and did it very well. Also seemed to be having fun with it. She looks younger and better in person that she does in her photos. Although I didn't partake, I think that Greek is also on the menu. In either case, would recommend.

    Vita (from Salon-Extasis): A little businesslike, and not as in-shape or young as her photos would suggest. Nice breasts, but it seemed as though she was trying to hide them. Although she performed things well, from a mechanical point of view, she seemed uninterested and just wanted to get things done. Wouldn't repeat.

    Giselle (from Riviera-Girls): Photo is either fake or deceptive and out of date. Although her face is cute, she's got a belly (post-childbirth?) and droopy breasts. Not that engaging, either. Should've just left, but you know.

    Vanda (from Geneva-Girls): Wide chest with fake breasts. Not my cup of tea, but I was drunk and she gave a decent BBBJ. I wouldn't repeat, but mostly because she's not my type.

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