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Thread: Istanbul

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    Massage parlor Prenses

    Just visited Prenses as another appointment did not work out. Centrally loacated, easy to reach near Taksim and major hotels. Ok if you want a quick & dirty place for handjob and blowjob, total damage approx TRL 1000. Almost no choice of girls, and not the best looking though friendly. Communication difficult as no foreign language spoken. Would I return. Probably not unless real „emergency".

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    Will be in Istanbul for a work related trip towards the end of April. Probably only for 3-4 days so I won't have a lot of time to experiment or trial / error.

    If there are any massage parlors that offer full service or any brothels please let me know and I will be happy to report my findings (I know alot of freelancer work is done via twitter /X.com but I might not have time to siff through 50 profiles to find one that is actually legit).

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    Serenity wellness spa

    Made it there today, 45 min massage, 800 lira. All services were offered, (US dollar) $25 HJ, $50 BJ, and $100 full service. I went with nine HJ for 1,000 lira. There is NO sign out front, 2nd door to left from edge of building. Both girls were Thai.

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    Serenity spa

    Did anyone try it recently? Wondering if they offer FS and which are the good girls to try for my upcoming trip to Istanbul.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ehdee  [View Original Post]
    Decided to try Adi myself. 4 hand massage with Honey and Becky.

    Honey didn't waste any time letting me know what was going on. Leg massage straight up to the business areas and asking if I wanted extras. I did say ahead of time a friend had recommended the place, so I guess there was no need to beat around the Bush!

    As SeattlePrometh said, Becky has the looks over Honey but Honey was VERY enthusiastic as seemed to actively be into doing her thing while Becky seemed a competent but reluctant assistant.

    As for the name. It's listed as Adi but I walked into the massage room. And there was a Serenity Spa towel on the bench! So it seems there has been a name change at some point.

    The service was great and Honey is clearly a talented legit massage therapist on top of being good at her extras which makes the prices seem pretty good. I have paid more for worse massages from legit massage therapists!

    There's apparently a new girl there now who looks Ok. I know this as Sarah (the one running the place) has contacted me a few times since to try and get me back (take note if you need to be discreet. She is not afraid to try and drum up more business by sending you Whatsapp messages!

    As for full service. Apparently available; I asked Sarah. No idea on prices or anything, but I may well be going again tomorrow, so I can give a follow up. All in all, definitely worth a visit if you like the massage sex kinda thing.

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    Does anyone have a updated list of hotels that allow escorts (without a extra fee if possible)?

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    Are there hotels / bars in Istanbul where there are quality working girls?

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    Fun in Taksim

    So I finally made it into Istanbul for a few days and managed to book a nice girl to spend time with. I did contact lots of independents and agencies. And other suggestions / comments from users around this were spot on. It feels like a lot of be&s. There were quite a few indies that I asked for recent pics and got a totally different girl that maybe only matched hair color LOL. The Agencies were a bit more up-front: message them on the day of booking, and they'll tell you who they have available. I finally ended up booking this girl (https://www.tr-kizlar.fun/en/escort/Anna-770962.html) as an indie, based on the reviews on her profile. She was only in Istanbul for a little while longer, not sure where she is off to next, but totally legit. Pictures didn't do her justice which was a wonderful surprise. She was hosting at the Green Park Hotel taksim, paid 500 tl with passport registration at front desk. Don't worry they do not care or seem to judge LOL. All in all I felt it was way more anxiety of getting ripped of or disappointed than it turned out to be. I had a wonderful time and would not hesitate to try my luck in Istanbul again. If I could have stayed longer I would have loved to meet some other girls now that I know how easy it was.

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    What are Ela's girls rates now?

    Was about 3500 for 2 hours a year ago went I visited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeFab456  [View Original Post]

    As soon as you are in whatsapp touch with operators things can get really interesting.
    Thanks for the Intel I really appreciate it. Can you elaborate on what to expect with the operators?

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    In Istanbui actually from my experience the big international escort sites work well.


    For example.

    I usually ask for a confirmation picture in whatsapp before booking an outcall and was mostly satisfied.

    Often when you ask for a girl from the website they will tell she is not here at the moment or whatever and then offer pictures of other girls.

    As soon as you are in whatsapp touch with operators things can get really interesting.

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    My plan while in Istanbul

    I will be in Istanbul in January for a few days and based on at wandertheworld post number 2850466 I plan to take a risk on black angel escort service. I'm hoping they will do outcall to my hotel, and my hotel allows temp guests to my room for a small fee. I've tried emailing the hotel what their policy is around this but still no reply to my email after several days. If when I check-in it sounds like they won't allow it, then I will see if an incall with them is possible.

    It seems like from reading various reviews most actual agency rosters are quite a bit smaller than it appears, and I am to expect a last minute "oh no your selected girl can't make it due to family emergency but we'll send another girl" this is not a reflection on black angel specifically, just what seems to be a common occurrence with these services in turkey. I am not terribly fussy about ethnicity, but I definitely want a 20-30 yr old, pretty girl that is slim / petite and I'm willing to take a blind date if she is too LOL. I am from the west coast of Canada, and here the incall agencies are legal, and there is rarely any be&S other than slight age exaggeration, an older photo or a few extra pounds. This wildcard method is oddly exciting but hopefully not a waste of time. If the girl is not true, I will send them away with cab fare no problem. Wish me luck! I will report back on my adventure when back home.

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    B&S counter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leonardos1  [View Original Post]
    Can someone else write down the agencies where the probability is high that the women are the same as the ones in the pictures. I have the feeling that if I let them into my room, I will see it too late and then be forced to book these women. The alternative would be incall, but there is less choice of women.
    I'm looking for the same advice, as I will be in Istanbul soon.

    Concerning the b&S, here is what I do now, after having fallen victim to b&S in the past. Give them the room number close to yours. WHile you wait, have a drink, let the edible kick in. When you estimate that she should be arriving, go to the lobby, or hang around your elevator area (really depends on the hotel / apt) and check her out before she gets to you. If they sent a fat short girl when you are expecting to receive a tall blond, cancel. I've cancelled about 4 appt like this over the last 2 years. I have also received the incorrect girl that was to my liking, so I accepted. Checking her out before making contact keeps us with the upper hand.


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    Can someone else write down the agencies where the probability is high that the women are the same as the ones in the pictures. I have the feeling that if I let them into my room, I will see it too late and then be forced to book these women. The alternative would be incall, but there is less choice of women.

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    I'm in instabul right now. Plenty of agencies / WGs on the typical escort websites but all the pictures look fake. And managers start to get rude if you don’t pick a girl in 5 minutes from their 300 listed fake pictures of IG models. Will probably not engage in any mongering on this trip. Places like Germany, Dubai, Bahrain, etc. have spoiled me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gilliat  [View Original Post]
    I have been living in Istanbul more than 15 years.

    I advice: use tinder. There are russian and ukranian and iranian girls, who will reply your match. They do not ask so much, just ask what's the plan?

    In conclusion: Istanbul is not a good destination for mongering. The prices are almost the same with athens. There is no red light district.
    Tinder has fake profiles as well. And many just lead back to agency numbers.

    I agree with your conclusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonardos1  [View Original Post]
    Some ask for the room number. How does it work? Do they come directly to the room or is it better to collect them from reception?
    They go to reception, reception scans their ID, reception calls you to confirm you have a visitor, reception guides WG to elevator and uses their key to activate it.

    WG shows up to your room ready to go.

    I hate collecting a WG at reception due to the judgmental looks. But sometimes I have to do it if I picked them up directly from a club.

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