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    Well Andy and all others, Poltava does have some P4P at the truckstop outside town on the main road, otherwise nothing. Really nothing, no saunas, no streetaction and no apartments/clubs, believe me I tried hard but there was nothing. However, there are 3 great Discos in town, Robin Hood, Spider and on more I forgot the name. If You speak a litte Russian (I do) you will get laid, it is a very nice, small and provincial town, take care.

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    Info about POltova

    Ciao Was. 99, I was in Poltava 1 year ago. I was in Palazzo hotel for 3 night. Near the hotel, at about 150 meter on the right, there is anice dico-club (sorry I don't remeber the name but there is only one). Every night I was there but if you do not speak russian, uhmmmm it will be an hard work. Becasue inside many nice devuskas but not p4p. Anyway the city is safety, nice, very. Provincial. But I don't know anythings about sauna or s. W.

    I was there with a girlfriend and. It was fine. Let us know how did you feel there.


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    Going to Poltava on the 10 of October

    Hey fellow mongers,

    I will be in Poltava over the weekend (10-14 October) and I have really tried to look in this forum and on the internet for mongering-tips, however it seems like there is nothing written about this 250.000 inhab. town? Any tips would be most delightfully accepted.

    Saunas (Banja)?

    Please, or this weekend will suck.

    Regards, and many thanks in advance

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    Thanks lot ash1001 and qjump will take your advice and report you all the escorts if you try istanbul I had pleased to knowled you some best advices for hunting in istanbul. See you after Donetsk.

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    Fort Knox can get you a Virus and you may end up in Chicago

    As Ash has already told you its great for eye candy in fort knox, but no good for p4p.
    Where are you staying? all inportant factors.
    Escorts I have yet to find a real organised agency, its more hit and miss than say Kiev.
    A banya is a good plce to go, but with no russian and no local guide could also be difficult.
    Ash can confirm thsi all the strippers in Chicago do a quickie in private dances.
    Virus is a club full of young devs and studenkas
    The Uni's are all back and its full of great newbies.
    And Flirt is full of them!
    As at your hotel, all hotel lobbies have hookers in them, Atlas bar has a mix of freebies and P4P but its not so obvious as you would think, and its not cheap either.
    Come here and enjoy, look and relax, let it come to you no need to chase around like a mad man 10 days is plenty of time, and always tell them you are now comming here regularly not just here for the one time never to return!

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    Face time is important to break into any club clique. Is it worth it...dunno, depends on how much you enjoy it. During my miguided youth it was fun. Now it generally gives me a headache.

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    Fort Knox

    Dmert, Fort Knox is the main high-end nightclub in Donetsk. It's about a 15 minute taxi ride from the town centre (30-40 UAH).

    The eye candy is truly stunning BUT it's not an especially easy place to make approaches. The response can be quite cold a lot of the time. Either be very persistent or get a table on a regular basis and let your face become known.

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    Donetsk escort?

    Hi qjump

    I ought to travel to donetsk for 10 days for job. But know nothing about there and no Russian language! Only heard about fort-nox bar? Is it possible to find escort there? Will you please help me. Thanks for now on.

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    Just ask Svetlana.

    Quote Originally Posted by D Mert
    Can some one help me how to find escort in Donetsk?
    She's the bus driver with a face like an old boot, drives the night shift route from the Lenin Monument to the new vibrator factory by the sewage treatment plant. She has a stable of +180cm horse toothed women's national basketball practice team rejects that specialize in anal fisting parties for coal miner executive retirement ceremonies, which usually coincide with deep mine cave-in disaster empty casket funerals.

    Now where the hell else are ya gonna get hooked up like that??

    And mongers complain I never give out my sources!
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    Can some one help me how to find escort in Donetsk?

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know the night club Ford Nox in Donestk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toptraveler1
    Do you think that it is a bad choice or that Krim or another city can give me more opportuinity to find girls for free, I mean student?
    Today universities start again. So all students are back to the classes. I was in Evpatoria this weekend, not so busy any more. But in case you are looking for some serious relations, Evpatoria might now be a good choice. Single mothers with young child now take the opportunity of lower prices, sandy beach, shallow water over there.

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    Kramatorsk Grindhouse?

    Quote Originally Posted by jake993
    i know the worst city for mongering.
    ok, i'll finally reveal the secret sources of all my dyevochkas.

    its the virology institute for colon polyp typing studies and the cervical smegma scraping school inside the women's prison for the mentally insane.

    originally built as a secret military installation during the cold war in kryvy rih, gorbachev had it relocated to a bunker under the landfill in kramatorsk, so that yeltsin wouldn't get drunk and blab to putin where andropov's mother in law was being cloned from a donkey uterus.

    i was lucky to find a home and a career in their lab as a taste tester in the coagulated rectal discharge department, cleaning out bedpans and flicking boogers stuck on culture dishes. actually, i replaced vince as the janitor, when he got busted for stealing used tampons from the dumpster behind the lesbian club at the nursing home for retired nurses of the great patriotic afghanistan mechanized missile launcher brigade.
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    Thanks for your answer. I am going there to take russian course about 2 weeks! The city is not far from Kiev so I will be able to come to Kiev when I wish. Do you think that it is a bad choice or that Krim or another city can give me more opportuinity to find girls for free, I mean student?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bez Bezarra
    Pleasant enough for Ukraine, but with tractor and steamboat factories, tobacco plant and sugar refinery, and furniture companies.

    Fluent russian is required, as nobody speaks anything else. Some business visitors, very few tourists, apart from wealthy Kiev city elite cooling off on the dammed "lake" at their dachas.

    Or simple country living, growing watermelons in summertime. State universities, therefore pussy is there to be had, but some kind of local connections are gonna make it easier to hook up. You show up there from New York or London without an invite from somebody , and they will be friendly but also fairly suspicious of why and how you ended up in their town.

    Approximately one tenth as many inhabitants as Kyiv. Better mongering in Krim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolies
    What is the worst city in Ukraine for mongering?

    Can we share views?

    I have been there one day and it was a waste of time.

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