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    Vinnytsia / Винница

    Dear All,

    I'm looking for some hints about fun time in Vinnytsia / Винница.

    I was there a few years ago a nice thresome in a sauna.

    Is there any of you having recommendations about saunas, bi girls interested in couples?

    Or hints where to find those?



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    Sumy is not a place do have much fun.
    The place is prety backwatered in old soviet standards it small city (less than 300 000 population) and have only one cinema!
    For the fun in the night all is concentrated in the city center. Main street is called Harkovskaya and it has lots of bar and caffes. Just walk along it and you'll find something of interest. The names in this street are:
    - Liga Chempionov, has a nice summer garden
    - Limon, just next to upper one
    - Slavyanski, beer bar accros the upper one
    - Domino
    Then on Shevchenko prospekt three destinations:
    - club Martini
    - Prospekt
    - Flesh
    On Krasnaya Ploschad there's a some kind of shopping mall called "Teatralnaya" and there is bar "Kapriz" this is for non smokers only. At the same place there's also a cake shop/bar called "Spokusa". Plenty of childeren there but they are accompanied by their moms (usually single) and much older sisters making it good hunting ground if you into it.
    The only night club in Sumy is bar dicso "Grand" located in Frunze street no.1.
    Actually it's in hotel "Ukraina". It's opened from 8PM-3AM entry is 20 gr if I remeber well. Not a very great place but will do.
    As for p4p as everywhere in Ukraine it's available. But I discovered you'll need to venture on the city outskirts, on the road to Kiev. Local tochka is to be found there, low price but low quality also. I aksed my local friend there if they have prostitues and he told me yes they are all in Kiev he he.
    Don't know about your accomodation but Sumy has 5 hotels. Some are old soviet type some are more modern. The best should be "Shafran", check it at:
    Don't know about the local hotels since I always stayed with friends. So I can't comment on their quality, if they are girl firendly, etc.
    All in all Sumy is a place which can't offer much unless you fell like at home in the place like that: small, provincial, with not much to do.
    And also knowledge of russian language will be needed, without it you won't go far.
    I guess Summy can keep you occupied for 2-3 days and then head for Kiev of course.

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    Sumy ?

    Hey up,

    I'm heading off to Sumy in May and can't find any info on the net about clubs or bars, does someone have some inside on the nightlife?

    Not too concerned about p4p as have discovered the FKKs recently and they are by far the best value for money, at least for a guy who can't haggle well.

    More looking for any nightclubs or bars that have something to do in them, e. G. Big screen, music, fun people.


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    An anomalous question

    I try to wake up this site that is sleeping with an anomalous question. I have a question to the gurus of the Ukraine and Russia habitués (attendants) about the behavior of the woman in the last years. I have a little experience in this countries, about 12 one week trips in 10 years. Every time I had a wonderful time and I never was bored and my personal scoring has always satisfied my personal "needs". I know that the economical situation is changing very fast and that the increase of the welfare, tends to influence the behavior of the women, reducing their interest and passion to west men. Anyway, from my experience, if you are not a stupid man, also today you can have wonderful time there. But: coming back from my last Ukraine trip, I had a strange felling. It is about 2 years that all women that I met, never ask my about. The develop a new family, children, leave thier country and so on, while before, as soon as I had the first sex game, all started to ask. About their future. IT is very strange, I fell not too old (about 40 year old) and moreover I have the same successes there. Am I beginning to be too old to marry, or this is a sign of a new cultural revolution? At the gurus: do you have the same experience?


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    A little update about Donestk

    Hi friends, here you have my 2 cents about Donestk. IT is a very strange city, large (about 1 million inhabitants) and rich (many large and big new cars around, and many fashion shops in the centre). I stayed at Victoria hotel, nice 4 start, at about 120 dollars/day and if you booked directly by their internet site (www.Victoria. Ua/eng/), you take a 5 % of discount. The hotel is fine, about 2 km from the city centre, with a good swimming pool, fitness centre, night club and so on and I was here due these. BUT. Many wonderful women arrive here, but unfortunately ONLY for some personal training and as they have finish they fitness program, they had no time and desire to spend some time in the lobby bar to know some interesting men(. Also the night club is fine, little empty during the week but full of happy young people during week end. I also visited the 2 best night clubs located in the suburb: Chocolade and Fort Knox. Also in these places you can find very beautiful devuska BUT in this places you find only rich young people hence our work is a little hard even if not impossible because the woman-man ratio is generally 2:1. I didn't need River Place because I was with my girl friend but when I send her at home, during the night I had some hard work to find some other entertainment. About places like Chicago, Opera (night clubs in the centre) and some massage parlors, many other friends have already wrote here hence if you are desperate you can practice our sport there at price from 400 to 600 Grivnia.

    Bye bye


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bez Bezarra
    Got this for some other large cities in Ukraine and Russia (not Moskva, St. Pitr, or Kyyiv)
    Try this thread for Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities in Ukraine. And this for big cities in Russia. Pretty good if you mastered russian/ukrainian enough to get through this slang, but google translate is still helpful.

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    I have a really pretty girl 18. Seems like she has perfect breasts and looking good. When I saw her on pictures at least.

    But she talks too too much about marriage

    And I am scared she won't do any sex before marriage

    And in that case, not for me!

    I am dealing with about 10 gf.

    I don't know how will I play with them.

    And if I tell them to go to my hotel. I'm scared they come back and find me with another girl. Then you know the story

    I only have been laying p4p girls(never in Ukraine). First time freebie.

    Of course I had my gf before and she was giving me the best sex ever even if she was virgin!)


    What I love. Is doing anal to a girl most definitly.

    But I wonder how to ask a freebie haha

    And of course a romantic girls. Well thats what I think at least. Will not do anal the first time we meet

    Also, I am telling those students I have some work to do in ukraine, but I don't give them any details. (a lie of course).

    Will it affect their trust on me? What should I tell them?

    Thank you,


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    Even though I notice the link is more useful if posed by Exdon than by me, it's a nice thought of BEZ to find out about other cities. And yes, there is Kiev-x. Com, odessa-x.comand so on,. Just give it a try (or ignore my suggestions again)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exdon

    If you're looking for some reports from Donetsk check out this.

    Hope you find it useful.


    Please don't consider this as spam.
    Got this for some other large cities in Ukraine and Russia (not Moskva, St. Pitr, or Kyyiv)

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    Also you can call [Telephone Number deleted by Admin] for poceluj Geishi.

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    If you're looking for some reports from Donetsk check out this.

    Hope you find it useful.


    Please don't consider this as spam.

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    Well, taking too many vitamins will distract anyone.

    Party on, Garth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiner Otto
    YES ! I was there 2008 for the closing only, so I had to go for the opening 2009, and then stayed even 2 more weeks.
    I was there for the opening of 2009 also. I will never forget Paul Van Dyke on the stage and the fireworks exploding seemingly inches from my head. I suppose all the party sweets added to the ambience.

    There were not alot of "foreigners" there. As Reiner mentioned it's not an easy place to get to. It requires alot of determination and commitment, so I am sure that detters alot of people. However let me tell you, it's well worth the trip. Most of the Westerners I met were from France and Germany.

    Apologies for the lack of pictures Bez. However the state of mind I was in due to all the vitamins that were ingested made pulling out my camera and snapping pictures the last thing on my mind. However, next year I will do a better job of documenting all the "Hottnes" that was around me.

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    A girl who will have 18 in 2-3 month.

    Do you think it is bad, and I can get arrested?

    I had many times the situation when she is young, and I leave them!

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    So, as written before, I arrived in Donetsk this Saturday. I went to check out a massage place called Geisha (have lost the details since I picked up a newspaper at Airport but threw it out): it was a horrible experience from a cute (supercute) young 19 year old girl who appearantly has a twin sister working in the same place (20 min outside Donetsk). Sex is available there - declined and got a 600 grns basic massage - i said horrible (and dirty), and it was.

    Probably more luck if you take the twins and go for the full (fuck) package and give them more $$$! But the place is dirtly lick my ass!

    Yesterday had a LONG sleep-in and then went to Cassandra which was a BLAST. I NEVER had such a good erotic massage and took two turns, both times with the two available, 6/10 girls. They did an amazing job nibbling at my most intimate parts and I swear, it feels like blowjobs although I know it is not. +38 066 592-23-30.

    The place is downtown, OK inside, total crap outside, 5 min walk from Lenin Square - they hardly know english - but they know how to use their bodies and tongues....

    I will go back there today.

    Also got in touch with some girl I met in Atlas - but she wanted to push me in spending a lot of money on expensive dinner and drinks so I knew where the story would have ended and declined!

    I also found this:

    It has many reports and can be translated by using babelfish or such.

    I will stay in Donetsk for two weeks, PM me for beers!

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