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    Visiting London Next week

    I love to try Phoenix club in London, read lots of reviews. Is it really safe? Any LE problems in London. I am bit nervous because never tried this kind of sex parties before. Need your kind advice friends.

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    More Info

    Quote Originally Posted by ChangPa007  [View Original Post]
    Visiting London for first time, please suggest area and hotel from where experiencing London is convenient.
    Completely depends on your budget and what you want to do. I like to stay in Bayswater because most Diva girls I like live there. And what I want to do is Diva girls. 😂.

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    Hotel suggestion and area

    Visiting London for first time, please suggest area and hotel from where experiencing London is convenient.

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    Week in London

    Last few times in London have used Diva and even with some of their stars have been underwhelmed. Even when booking and asking for two shots, PSE and or rimming have turned up and had reasonable GFE but not sure the instructions had been passed on. Exceptions to this have been Kendall (was GFE but that was was I asked for) and a fabulous duo with Melty and Panterra. All three away and anyway I have had better luck generally with Thais so stuck to them this trip.

    Charm with Olina: basement flat in Gloucester Road area. Very friendly and lived up to her name. Great shared bath. Even if it was a bit small. Decent OWO followed by sex and very easily into anal in doggy. Decent massage after. She has put on weight since her photos and for me was a bit too submissive and always asking me what I wanted. Somehow she was very very GFE but with Anal.

    Jennifer from Invasian (also on Olina) called off sick in the morning of my next adventure. Went for Jenny instead. Oxford street flat. She is older than some of the pictures but good body. Pretty quickly down to business. More FK than DFK which I prefer. OWO was good but not brilliant. Sex however was fantastic. Fucked like rabbits and knocked over everything on her bedside drawers. Massage followed by round 2 which was just as frantic as round one. Lots of moaning and groaning from her. Too much but still a good punt. She brought her fully clothed flat mate by to say Hello, just at the end and told me to book them both next time which I would strongly consider.

    Final punt was again with Olina- this time a duo with their new girls Vienna and Ivy. Gloucester road area again on Cromwell Road. One of those arrangements of phoning because the buzzer is broken (which I don't believe). Both were gorgeous in lingerie. Vienna very much took the lead which was a pity since I fancied Ivy more. Both super friendly and nice girls but didn't work for me as a duo. Would return for Ivy on her own. Those breasts and nipples need more attention.

    Sadly my week in London coincided with Anna from Olina being off. She's my best Asian punt in London recently.

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    Street WG

    Quote Originally Posted by MorandUK  [View Original Post]
    I was in Paddington today and I took the chance to check the street prostitutes that operate in Sussex Gardens. I tried to take pictures from them but it was quite difficult because I wanted not to be noticed. I have uploaded 4 pictures which are not great but are better than nothing.

    Girls: Out of 10 girls operating there at the time 3 were good looking. There were 2 British (I did not expect that) 1 Malaysian and 7 Romanians.

    Prices: The Romanians will charge 50 for a quicky in the entrance of a basement or 130 if you go to a hotel. The first British said that she charges 80 for a quicky and 300 for an hour at her place but she dropped her price to 60 and 150 respectively. The second British seemed to be a drug addict and she charged 30 for a quicky. The Malaysan charged 80 for 30 min massage and happy ending in a place nearby..
    Have been living in London for years and didn't know street prostitution existed. Will be reporting back soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain22  [View Original Post]
    Saw Fortune from Diva for a 90 minute couples date.

    + She is just as hot as advertised. At least an 8/9 by anyone's standards. Perfect boobs and ass. You can see the photos online, but just to add on. In person she looks like a Marisa Tomei.

    + She's got a great smile.

    + Booking process was totally seamless.

    - She's a little bit shy, but that's to be expected of a 20 year old.

    - She doesn't go down on women, which is a big negative if you want a couples date.

    - Kisses were all LFK for both of us.

    - She cut the session short by about 15 minutes. My wife had popped three times and I had gone twice, and the mood was getting somewhat awkward so it was fine, but still probably not the best practice.

    Overall, recommended for an optifuck but the service was way below Montreal standards.
    Thanks for sharing! Fortune was on my top 10 list to try before going to London. I will try her the next time I'm there! So little time!

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    Neria, Kalia, Carlotta and Raphaela from Diva Review, tired all 4 in my short trip

    As the subject title says I tried 4 different girls while I was in London last month. It was my first time there and super excited because it's legal there! I only tried escorts in Toronto in the past and still on the fence on trying escorts in the US. But I'm on the USA forum too and trying to seek out reliable post on real girls. Here is the break down of my trip, and we all have different taste in women so I will try my best to describe them and their skills.

    1st visit. Raphaela was the first model I choose to see when I first got to London, I went to her place and we kinda lost at first because I'm not familiar with London's building numbers and there are no street signs. I got to her place at 12:30 AM but was supposed to be there at midnight, Diva texting service was awesome and was like taking your time we told the girl you are running late. Quick shout out to Diva for their easy texting and quick responses. When I finally found the apartment I rang the apartment number and heard a cute female voice and I said "Hi, I'm here? I really didn't know if there was some sort of code, but the door opened and I went in to look for her apartment number. I was greeted by a tall, slim, and pretty lady. Man oh man, I couldn't stop smiling (I had a bad experience with an incall in Toronto, I will put that in the Toronto section later). I requested work out cloth or bikini so she had on a CK sports bra and CK thong, I was blown away. She should me in the shower and I asked her if we can shower together, I know they shower before a customer comes and that save time for us but just wanted to touch her while in the tub together. She asked if she should keep on the outfit and I told her to take it off as I wanted to see her breast and kitty. Don't know about you guys but I am super picky with nipple size. She is a A cup and you can tell in her profile she doesn't show off her breast and displays her ass in most photos. I can't lie but I was a bit turned off when I saw her nipples cause they won't small to compare to her breast size. Just a thing I couldn't look, so we continued to shower and she soaped me up and rubbed me in the right ways. Rubbing body to body was nice, we stepped out and she dried me up and walked over to her room. Her roommate was home but didn't have a customer so it was nice. Got in her room, small but cozy. Light was on and had music on her phone. We talked for about 15 minutes and then I laid back on the bed and she went straight to business. Her OWO was amazing, I really thought I was going to blow my load. After about 5 minutes I pulled her up and she put the jacket on. We started off in cow girl and it was so tight, but I couldn't stop looking at her nipples cause it was bugging me so much. In my head I wanted to ask her to wear bac on the bra but didn't want to kill the mood and make her feel bad. So I endured it and kept looking at her pretty face. After about 5 minutes of riding, I sat upwards to her and scoped her into missionary for about 5 minutes. She was wet the entire time and no need to lub, I pulled out and asked her to lay on her stomach while I enjoy her perfect ass and fine back. I was squeezing her ass cheeks in and out while banging her harder and I pulled out and let out my load. We had spare time and I couldn't go a second round because of my long travel, was up for over 18 hours. I laid down with her as we used baby wipes to clean up, and she got me on my stomach and gave me a great relaxing massage, I was about to fall asleep. Score: Face 8/10 Body 7/10, only reason I gave her a 7 is before of the nipple size but nice slim body and perfect ass.

    2nd visit. The following day I did an incall with Carlotta for 2 hours around noon time, it was originally scheduled for 1 hour but after I saw her at the door I had to extend it. Carlotta has a nice tone body but the same time her skin is so soft. We spoke for a long time so I extended it so we can spend some adult time together. I still haven't recovered from the day before and jet lagged so I was only at 50% energy at this point. She started with OWO and she was going to town on me so much that I CIM and she was fine with it. I warned her and she mumbled as in to finish so I did. She suck me dry and at that point I felt all my energy leave my body. Since I extended it, I was hoping I can muster up a second run to see how it feels down there but I was hungry and exhausted from my travel so we chatted for the remain of the time we had. We actually met up later that even and walked around Paddington, she showed me some cool places LOL. Score Face 8/10 Body 8/10.

    3rd and 4th. Midnight I saw Neria, she is new on Diva but I found her on Abella and booked through Abella not knowing at the time she was on Diva now too (I think the agency all work together? Neria aka Clarrisa (Abella) was by far my best experience, so good we meet up 3 times, two incalls and one outcall back to my hotel before I left London. Best way to describe her is that she is down to earth and is a catwalk model. Her breast is the perfect size and sharp, tone body but not to much muscles, her ass is to die for and her face is gorgeous, better than the photos at Diva. I asked all the girls I visit to workout cloth or bikini so when I saw her at the door in the white top and pink booty shorts like the profile photo I was instantly hard. I showered cause I was sweating like a pig from trying to take the tube for the first time. I was late on the first visit which I felt so bad cause I had no cell reception underground and couldn't text Diva until I got out the subway station and on top of that I couldn't locate her apartment and had to text Diva for help. Anyways she was super friendly and like to giggle and I read in her previous reviews on Abella she giggles a lot. It was so cute and I just want to spend all the time in the world with her. We talked in the beginning and I told her about my two experiences I had so far in London and she was like "so how would you score me" and I told her 1 trillion /10 for everything and she giggles. I talked to her about my nipple fetish you can say and she couldn't stop laughing and at this point she is still wearing the white tank top and pink booty shorts as I have the towel wrapped below. Then I was like please tell me your nipple size is proportional to your breast and when she took off her top I was in heaven. I got so hard so quick and she knew it, she turned around wth her back towards me and bent over to take off her shorts. Man her ass was so perfect I wanted to eat off of it and just suck and squeeze it. I laid down on the bed as she crawls up onto me and kisses me gently and down towards my chest and you now where its going now. Her OWO was out of this world, and by this time already spending time we two women it was harder to get me to climax which was a good thing. I would hate to climax too soon, but I was thinking even if I did she would get me hard as a rock again easily. Her BBBJ was so good I didn't stop her for a while and then I pulled her hips to the side so I can squeeze that perfect ass while sucking. Man I really was in heaven, then she knew it was time and slipped on the jacket. I was still laying down on my back and she mounted me in cowgirl and it was so tight and wet already. I enjoyed her slow up and down movement and couldn't resist to just do it rough so I thrust my hips hard and fast and she moans, she moans I want to record it and hear it over and over. I sat up and sucked on her perfect nipples and breast for a while we slowing move our hips in sync, she was dripping wet at this point. I asked her to get into doggy and I went soft and slow then hard and deep for about 15 minutes, I was losing stream and she was like wow your special and I was like why. She said guys usually cum by now and I was like no I want to make love to you all night and then she was like oh shoot I didn't check the time. We only had 10 minutes left and I was on no can we extend it to 2 hours and she said ok. So I continued with her until I got her into every position and pulled out, my largest loud ever!! At this point we were both sweating and tired and she said I'm so lucky not all men are like you cause I won't be able to walk and work the next day LOL. I jumped in the shower and wanted round two but felt bad cause there was only 20 minutes left and for sure I won't be able to shoot a loud with so little time. I asked her about overnight and I think it was too out of the blue and she said she has to think about it. I told her I will pay her 1000 to stay at my hotel tonight and I think she already had a long day and was afraid I would break her if we did come over LOL. So she said to call her tomorrow and do another visit, she said I am trying to save you money LOL. So that what I did I got her for 4 hours the next evening before leaving London for work in a different part of UK. We talked for 2 hours about life and so on and 2 hours we were doing business, after we were done she was like I probably can't work today cause your drained me LOL. I left her happy but wanting me, I'm telling you guys she is so perfect you can't stop thinking about her. I left her place and did my work and when I returned to London I got her to agree to do an outcall over night. But before that I had to try one more girl that was on my list before going to London. Score Face 10/10 Body 10/10 (she is off the scale).

    5th visit. I had to try Kalia, her selfie photo reminds me of a person I know and I couldn't miss this chance. So when I got back into London I booked her for 1 hour at 4 PM, got lost finding the apartment, but that isn't anything new. She is on the 5th floor, as I walked up I saw her standing at the door, man at this point I was torn because Neria was so perfect and Kalia was in the same league. Her photos doesn't justify how damn hot she is, she is petite not tall lie Neria, Carlotta or Rapheal. She is the perfect size for who she is, her face is like a supermodel, nice tone body, enhanced breast and tight ass. She is the type of girl you see and dream about talking to and hope you can get lucky. She was super nice and eager to please, I showered and got in her room. She took off her bra and sexy underwear so I removed my towel. I laid down and she got close to me and her body was so warm and soft. We started to kiss my neck and make her way down as she was kissing my body she was rubbing her tits on me and drove me nuts. In my head I was like should I be doing this since I am so hooked on Neria and I thought I might not be back here again so I have to try as much different girls as I could. She didn't do OWO, she slipped the jacket on and it still felt so damn good. I instantly got so hard and she was like "oh look someone is awake now" with a sexy smile on her pretty face. She sucked harder to make me groan and moan a bit and smiles when she sits up. She was like fuck me in scissor and I was like scissor? Sorry guys I'm not a expert in positions LOL. She laid down and showed me and I was like damn, she was like "you can see my face, my breast, and my ass this way". I was so excited, she was so tight down there and I was touching her all over as I was banging her. I was rough with her as it seem she likes it that was and she was moaning and biting her lips. I changed her in different positions from scissor and keep going and she said "your such a beast and smiles and says in a good way, I love it" I kept going and she said how you want to finish and I said in doggy, man the way she arch her back and her ass at me I just wanted to fuck her evern longer. She glanced at her phone and was like oh shit we have 5 minutes left and I asked her can we do 2 hours. She said she can't cause she already has another appointment, so she was like can you try to finish. I said I will do my best, and she aims her ass at me and said fuck me. I went crazy and did stop my momentum for a while and I said I'm going to cum and she said OK do it! I pulled out and she jerks it even more as I blow my load. She was smiling and was happy she pleased me. I quickly got dressed and told her I probably won't be able to see you again cause I booked someone for tonight and she said if the other girl cancels on you, I can do a over night with you for 1200. I said OK and left her please satisfied and damn tired. Score Face 10/10 Body 10/10.

    6th visit. Neria came over my hotel around midnight and we spent some time to chat about out days since I was away for a couple of days since we last saw each other. We both got naked and rolled around the bed before getting busy. Her body is so soft and warm I wanted to hold her all night close to my body. She saw something in my face expression and was like tell me what is on your mind, and she was right. I felt bad cause I tried Kalia that afternoon. SO I told her and she acted all surprised and said "you said I am your "IT" girl and you went to do another escort. We both laughed and she said I don't care who you fuck its your time and money and good for her to earn some money. I just felt like I needed to tell her and after that I said I will make it up tonight. She giggles and said you want to break me? And I said yes I want you to remember me for a long time hahaha. Best night of my life, we had long passionate sex for hours and I felt like this was what I wanted. It was soft and slow at moments and hard and rough in some moments. I felt like the neighboring rooms heard us cause the head board was banging against the wall from 5 am to 7 am LOL. I finished while inside her and the condom was full, and she came a couple times before I finished. It was wet, warm and tight the entire time and we kissed almost every few minutes. Best GFE experience, hand down. Kalia was amazing but I had to make a choice between the two.

    Over all the entire trip I spend close to 3 k including tip for each visit. I don't know if you guys tip but I gave 40 to 100 pounds each time depending on how it went. I hope to visit London again and use Diva again for some more girls I wanted to try but didn't have the time. Spending all that time with Neria was so worth it but the dog in me wanted to taste and feel other gorgeous women on the Diva site. Miracle was on my top list and I cancelled her for the 4 hours incall with Neria, so I felt bad. So when I am back there Miracle will be my first vist, Kalia will be a 2 or 3 hour incall at least, Neria will overnight outcall again and try Arlyne, Medea, Paloma, Frutti, Loly and Rosalyn.

    If you guys had the girls I want to try the next time I'm there let me know if you had a good time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimse  [View Original Post]
    Kindly submit new review as it seems that your original review has been rejected.

    Thank you!
    Have to repost again, I put in their direct links and I think that is against the rules for posting. Sorry new to the forum for posting but been reading threads for places I travel to for tips.

    Submitted repost waiting for admin to approve it! Keep posted, Neria is amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECity045  [View Original Post]
    I took one for the team this week and called Violet from Platinum Agency.

    I am a sucker for petite women and I thought even if the face pic is not accurate the size would be representative. Of course not, these cheap agencies use fake pictures and tell all sorts of lies.

    "Violet" was anything but petite. She was more like 5'8" but the body was ok. She had a few missing front teeth and was not very cooperative. I specifically asked if "Violet" was a smoker and I was told no she wasn't. She comes in and stank the whole place up with the cigarette smoke smell that emanated from her mouth. I did get a nut off, but, that wasn't easy with all the restrictions. Buyer beware.
    I am so sorry for your bad experience. But it made me laugh! It sounded so much like a place run by the Romanian Mafia (if there is such a thing). If you read the stuff at the bottom of "Violet's" page, the whole thing is hilarious! Here's a part of it. Tell me this is not funny!!

    "Violet Cheap Eastern European Girls.

    Platinum X Escort agency is specializing in escort ladies coming from Eastern European regions. We have escort girls from various countries in Eastern European region including: Russian girls, Bulgarian girls, Romanian girls, Polish girls, Estonian girls, Ukrainian girls and more. We can admit and confirm that these girls are the most demanded by our customers and they do also receive very positive feedback. They are all well behaved, beautiful and very passionate. They like their work and they put a lot of effort to make sure the clients are satisfied with them as well. Cheap Eastern European Girl is provided only by Platinum X Escort agency. We have long term connections abroad and that's how we can secure the finest escort girls from Eastern Europe region. ".

    For full pleasure, go to the page and read it for yourself!

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    Spot on Fortune

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain22  [View Original Post]
    Saw Fortune from Diva for a 90 minute couples date.

    + She is just as hot as advertised. At least an 8/9 by anyone's standards. Perfect boobs and ass. You can see the photos online, but just to add on. In person she looks like a Marisa Tomei.

    + She's got a great smile.

    + Booking process was totally seamless.

    - She's a little bit shy, but that's to be expected of a 20 year old.

    - She doesn't go down on women, which is a big negative if you want a couples date.

    - Kisses were all LFK for both of us.

    - She cut the session short by about 15 minutes. My wife had popped three times and I had gone twice, and the mood was getting somewhat awkward so it was fine, but still probably not the best practice.

    Overall, recommended for an optifuck but the service was way below Montreal standards.
    This is spot on IMO. I could only illicit LFK also but went back a second time for the optifuck. She's close to a ten in my book perfect tits and literally the best ass I've ever seen by a mile.

    And spot on about Marisa Tomei. In fact if U want to see exactly what Fortune looks like then google Marisa Tomei's yearbook photo. OMG she is the spitting image of Fortune.

    BTW if you are still in London try Rivetta. Much better service and she is truly Bi.

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    Belinda (Aurora Escorts) Amazing Boobs

    My first choice was not available so went to see Belinda and had fantastic time. First of all she lives 3 minutes away from Sloane Square station which is one of the poshest areas of London (wish I lived there). The girl is same as the pictures but probably little older than 28 (30? 31?) very sweet and welcoming. Offered me a shower and stripped naked. I must say she has one of the most gorgeous pair of breasts which I could not stop playing with. We started kissing and she seemed to be really in to that and fingers went into her dripping pussy. I Condom went on and the fucking started. Fucked her in multiple positions and came twice (rarely can finish twice in an hour). It seems there was a click between us and she even let me stay for 15 minutes more (or maybe she didn't release the time has passed). Left very happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickyChak  [View Original Post]
    Although I'm not an expert on Indian girls I think you will have problem finding one. I made a search on adultwork and were only 9 Indian girls active.
    There's plenty of Indian birds in the hounslow brothels. And they're hot. Just get the local paper and ring round and ask if they have Anglo Indians. Look for massage ads in the local rag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey1  [View Original Post]
    Hi. Try London Escort Guide, 1st class Indian escorts, Viva Street or Adultwork. Last 2 a bit more hit or miss.
    Thank you so much Dopey1. Let me try my luck.

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    Indian Girl

    Quote Originally Posted by Blrguy529  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    How are you all. Can any kind soul in this forum can help me with contacts of Indian girls. My PM is active & I promise to revert back with my FR.
    Although I'm not an expert on Indian girls I think you will have problem finding one. I made a search on adultwork and were only 9 Indian girls active.

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    Help required in Swansea

    Anyone has any contact in Swansea? Budget options for longer duration (3 hours, 3 fucks).

    Thanks in advance.

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