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    Rare find

    It is still possible to find some WGs on the streets of Nottingham although most are druggies. This one seemed to be an exception. She claimed to be 19 and was waiting at the corner of Waverley Street and Arboretum Street. Wanted 80 for FS and an extra 10 for OWO and had a nearby bedsit. She said her name was 'Jane' a keen performer and swallowed the lot! She didn't want to give me a number but said that there were a few WGs on the streets in the area and remarked that the police were far less obvious than they had been in the past.
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    How are the 80 pound escorts in vivastreet.

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    [3rd Party Escort Ad deleted by Admin]

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    Blidsworth bimbo

    Free nympho at Blidsworth woods. I found her and was glad I did. I tried to pay her but she wouldn't let me. Today was my lucky day. She is still there if anyone is interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CleanShave  [View Original Post]
    If you are looking for just hand relief, but with an attractive girl, then Bubbles in Nottingham and Derby is worth trying. Their website has all the details as well as pictures of the girls.
    You can always try Hush Massage in Sherwood -

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    Any update guys?

    I will be in Nottingham for a couple of days later this week, and was hoping to meet some ladies in my hotel. Recommendations are really welcome.

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    Nottingham area dead reports

    This ares appears to be dead. Any one got any recent info about Asian escorts operating in this area.

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    Hush Parties. 25th October. Nottingham

    I see some new parties will be taken place next month in Nottingham, 100 for 90mins. 4 girls with a strict 2. 1 ratio. Parties are needed out of London. The info page is on that blue directory. Hush Parties may book a place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurryMonster  [View Original Post]
    I was there midweek in April and didn't see any trace. But more likely to be things happening Friday and Saturday nights, I'd bet. Let us know.
    Will do, if I go. I stay in Leicester when I'm there, and Leicester is a sure thing. So I'm not sure I'll make the half hour drive (on the wrong side of the rode LOL) up for a dead town or not. If I do, I'll let you know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Greek  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    How about an update? Has it been dead here?

    I'm heading over from the states last week of this month.

    I was there midweek in April and didn't see any trace. But more likely to be things happening Friday and Saturday nights, I'd bet. Let us know.

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    Nottingham Street Action

    Hey guys,

    How about an update? Has it been dead here?

    I'm heading over from the states last week of this month.


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    21st Oct 10pm til now

    Plenty out. Spotted about 8 along Forest Road (both sides). Chatted to a couple and took Nicky. Pretty girl (as they go), pleasant, nice person. Was only a quicky and 20.

    Would see her again.

    Gave me her number and gave me permission to post. [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

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    Thin pickings

    I drove up and back Forest Road West, Forest Road East and Mapperley Road at 11pm last Wednesday night. Only saw 3 girls: one black SW on Forest Road West, and two white SW on Mapperley. Numbers appear down. Is this the general experience?

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    Guess it is possible to get into trouble in Nottingham, if you're really doing the wrong things.

    When it says "the Mapperly area" I'd presume it probably means Mapperly Road? Nothing much out as far as Mapperly, is there?

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    SW report

    Having already had 2 BJ from decent enough girls along forset rd it was after 2am and neither had satisfied me totally, so I was still prowling and came accross a nice black SW named samantha on mapperely rd, lovely cocholate skin and nice smile was enough, she was a gem talented and worked hard with no rush to make me very pleased indeed.

    I did get talked to by police earlier as I was chatting to another SW, she walked off and the police asked me what I was doing, I said simply I need my dik suked, that shocked him a bit but I'm never going to lie about what is supposed to be a crime yet there is never any victim, he let me go and I continued. I work hard for my money and I'll spend it where I please and its form of philanthropy, these girls are not bad, just desperate, if they don't get my cash they will be forced to steal and then someone will be a victim, but law makers have thier heads right up thier asses on this score.

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