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    Recent trip

    Spent a week just now. First up, I was struggling to find anyone out. Wound up trying someone. Shannon - off adultwork, who said Sheffield but was really more like Barnsley. She did a passable job but wasn't great, OWO was OK but she wouldn't give me a backdoor pass. Bit picked up and not any better than the SWs.

    Next night I basically struck out again and went to bed early. Got up early and went for a look around 5:30 am, found Natalie on Hicks St. She was really good, did everything and definitely got me there with a big load up her arse after some ATM.

    After the weekend I found Jo, who I'd picked up some years before. Definitely the best looking body of them, not picked up and her enhanced assets look fairly good. BJ only since she wouldn't give up her back door.

    Later I found Liza, after I'd had a few beers, and she said she'd do me for a tenner to get done for the night. I figured we could work with that and gave her thirty to get in the ring. Sadly too many beers really, so a bit anaesthetised and didn't get there. I'd try again, great little spinner body.

    Next day, since I had Natalie's number and whatsapped her, came over to hers and had my way with her pretty thoroughly, gaped her a bit, ATM finish after some good rimming. And then she told me what a lucky lady my wife was. I went back the next night too, although I'd left her a bit sore apparently.

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    Any recent reviews from White Lily Massage.


    I'm wondering if there's anyone has recently been to white Lily massage and how was your experience I'm interested in visiting in the next few weeks and what the avg price for it?

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    Girls on the beat.

    Two beats close to each other in the City, Allen st area and other side of the river, quality is OK to very bad, I was quoted 10 quid by a few girls for BJ. Best girls are around all times but evening till about 1 am is best.

    Jemma skinny girl Allen st and the other side sometimes, does a fair job tries for 20. Simona Allen st blonde and sexi with a great chassis, BJ average. But doggy up against a wall was great with her lovely ass, then her mate Emma, 20 for a great BJ, she really has skills and is quite sexi as well. All in all OK, also worth a drive up to Leeds, tolerance zone has many girls, look for Claire, red head with nice body, petite. Good girl and nice attitude.


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    Finished work about 4 ish and drove down Allen St area to find nothing in evidence, although a couple of the usual locations there are evidently still being used. Across the river was no better, Burton St, Hicks St empty too. Cut my losses and had a pint around there, and as I left I came across Emma standing by the railway bridge on Woodside Lane. After initial introduction I assumed she was the Emma I saw a couple years back, tattoos and pink hair, but probably not as this Emma wasn't as keen to do what I wanted to please. Not after I'd given her cash anyway. 25 half and half, gave her five more to lick my balls to get me there. We got interrupted at the end by some workers at a business fairly near where we'd parked, mostly telling us to take our rubbish with us. I took a bagful away to show them we aren't all that callous. Anyway, she's quite nice in a skinny junkie kind of way, got a number for her but anyone's guess how long it'll last. Claims she'll get a flat soon.

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    Layla GFE.

    GFE seems to still be the premier option in Sheffield, Bluebelles advertises a lot but has no address or phone number to call, everything is on AW and cloak and dagger.

    Layla is attractive Lady with a great body but I found her a little mechanical in everything she did. Maybe a bad day. It was one of those sessions that there was no reason to want to come back for more. Having said YMMV and happy hunting.

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    I got to Sheffield a few weeks ago and after work took a walk down Allen St. Found Sarah plying her trade there (well Shepherd St, actually), decent looking 20-something yo. "Everything for 25" she said. Found somewhere adequately concealed and had my way with her to a reasonable level of satisfaction. "Everything" from her perspective is half and half. I got a pic of her walking away, but I've misplaced it.

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    Paradise and options

    Upcoming business trip to Sheffield. Read a few pages of this forum and looks like there are SO many options! I see a girl in Manchester who did work at Paradise. She gave it great reviews and said Friday / Saturday is like 20 girls working. Is this right?

    Is Paradise the best selection / option. I don't do SWs. Would appreciate help from regular Sheffield punters. Thanks.

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    Charlotte from GFE.

    Mid afternoon on a rainy day and Charlotte was the defact choice. And actually not a bad one. 20 to house and escorted to top floor suite with shower and decent room, Charlotte joined and wasted no time in making this a fun half hour. She got wet and came hard. Always a nice touch before providing a very very enjoyable OWO display eliciting a large mouthful of first place cream. Which she tacitly disposed of in a towel.

    Charlotte is an attractive well proportioned large boobed well Inked lady who would be fun to spend an afternoon with (talk to Charlotte) damage to her was 45 gave a little extra. So a very very and well worth repeating exercise. Recommended absolutely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurryMonster  [View Original Post]
    Met skinny, tattooed Emma (said 34, believable) with pink hair on Hicks st, and took her to a good place. She took it up the wrong 'un for the reasonable price of 40, although I took a good while. Sure they put some delay substances on condoms to let teenage boys last more than 10 secs. But I def don't need that. Anyway, very accommodating and patient, would repeat.

    Good choice man, I really dig tattooed girls, it's a fetish I have since I was young. Those girls tend to be full on and that really turns me on.

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    I noted there's a definite decrease in numbers on Allen St / Scotland St area of late with all the new development there, and much more reliable is across the river, Hicks St, Burton Road area instead. Girls think Sheffield is likely to move to a managed zone approach like in Holbeck for there, guess time will tell. I picked up another skinny dark haired Yorkshire lady of 38 years around the latter area and had her orally please me adequately. Next morning I decided to hit up a quick sure thing before leaving town, and so went over for some GILF action at City Sauna. Picked Lauren, whose long years of experience have left her well able to perform well. Looks pretty good too, for her years. Other options that day were Stephanie and Sasha. Bit irritating was the weird pricing structure where around 11:30 they insist on a 10 quid door fee that they waive for a 15 min quickie, or waive altogether from noon to 2 pm.

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    Met skinny, tattooed Emma (said 34, believable) with pink hair on Hicks st, and took her to a good place. She took it up the wrong 'un for the reasonable price of 40, although I took a good while. Sure they put some delay substances on condoms to let teenage boys last more than 10 secs. But I def don't need that. Anyway, very accommodating and patient, would repeat.

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    Street girls

    Had some time spare in Steel City last week, and a hotel room. Scooped up tall, stacked blonde Jo, claimed 37, from Rotherham on Burton Road. We stopped en route as she wanted a quick drink, and we were passing a good pub I wanted to go into anyway. Got back to the room and she was a very good performer, DT, BLS, and wanted to get fucked good. Feel like I got there before I experienced all I planned and a bit quickly. Still, good fun, she delivered what she promised to. Bit loud and talks a lot, mind.

    Unwound with some dinner and then went out for another look. This time I scooped much younger Amy on Allen / Shepherd st who was really dressed the part. Said she'd do anything and everything I wanted, so took her back and had her up the wrong'un very satisfyingly. Would absolutely go there again, mousy hair, tiny spinner with good skin and glasses. She frantically called her dealer on the way back and wanted dropping in Broomhall. I should have grabbed her number.

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    Directors Lodge Disapointment

    Sheffield has enough choices to give this place a miss, in fact within 100 yds there are 3 other options probably the highest density of rub and tugs in the modern world!

    Went Thursday about 1 pm. Six girls available looked a decent line up, picked a slim outwardly bubbly blonde. Paolina (from Poland). Absolute stunner. But once the door was closed she new 3 phrases "No" "extra" "no cum in mouth" as a provider she was below average. She did try within her almost no touch mantra but it was a struggle. 55 quid damages.

    Saturday was in same area and remembering there was a real good selection. Yep made the same mistake twice. Passed over Polina much to her shock and chose a raven haired Roxanna. If Polina was poor Roxana was desperate. Actually she was gorgeous but it ended there, she honestly had no idea and that on top of her " book of No " made it probably the worst experience I can ever remember. These 2 girls would drive any sane punter to Chastity.

    Save your money. Back to GFE.

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    Good Sheffield out calls?


    I'm new in Sheffield. Anyone know a good out call who works the street I can give a ring? Not looking for too special, but clean and open minded.

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    White Lily Massage

    This is a recently opened Thai establishment just outside the city centre. Easy and cheap meter parking outside.

    They've clearly spent some money on the place. Three rooms downstairs, two with big jacuzzi baths. Their website is pretty good, and specifically mentions topless, b2 b, and nuru massages so I was fairly sure some fun "extras" would be on offer.

    Phoned them up, made an appointment for a one hour massage. On arrival, we asked for 100. Paid and was hoping that a) extras were included in that price and b) no upselling!

    Was taken downstairs by Lily, she's late 30's chatty and quite naughtily flirty. She got the jacuzzi filling (it's slow). I stripped and she commented on my semi. The bath still wasn't full, so she sat me on the edge of the bed and did a striptease / lap dance which ended with her grinding her naked arse into my crotch.

    Jacuzzi full, she led me by my cock to the tub. We both got it, masses of foam and bubbles then a wet slippery soapy b2b. She put her hands under my bum and pulled me up so my cock came up out of the water whereupon a superb BBBJ followed. She sure knows how to suck!

    Out of the tub, dried off, then she dropped to her knees for some more oral action.

    Finally to the bed, on with a condom then she straddles me and rode me cowgirl, while I had a good play with her (enhanced, but feel natural) tits.

    All in all, a great time with a fun, experienced horny lady.

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