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    Will be in Cheltenham till the Nov 1, can anyone give information on Cheltenham.

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    Leamington Spa

    Adultwork, Leamington Spa, Barbie Elana, Romanian lady in 20's of age, 60, half hour paid for. A flat in a house East side of the Town.

    Not a good punt. I was in and out in 9 minutes, this included the clothes changing and everything. The website read so well. All I had was a rushed blow job covered. I did a quick pussy licking, but she was already covered in baby oil over her pussy not great. Then one position missionary just a few thrusts of my slong to spunk my heavy load off.

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    Try vivastreet dot ie for a search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunarLocus  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know if there are any escorts in Belfast, Northern Ireland? Either agencies or independents? I'm trying to look into them in case I end up there on a future trip but there doesn't seem to be anything or anyone offering. There aren't any catalogue sites that show off the different agencies. There isn't even a Belfast page on this site for either Ireland or UK. Any idea where I can start my search?
    If you go to Adultwork dot com, click on 'escorts' on the left of the purple colored line just below the header and do a search using the Belfast post code. BT1 and you will see what is available. The Usual rules apply I. E. Look for positive feedback and watch out for bait and switch etc.

    Also note that unlike all other parts of the UK, paying for sexual services is illegal in Northern Ireland. But It does not appear the police are very interested in pursuing this law unless they believe there is human trafficking going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunarLocus  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know if there are any escorts in Belfast, Northern Ireland? Either agencies or independents? I'm trying to look into them in case I end up there on a future trip but there doesn't seem to be anything or anyone offering. There aren't any catalogue sites that show off the different agencies. There isn't even a Belfast page on this site for either Ireland or UK. Any idea where I can start my search?

    I can't personally vouch for the accuracy of the ads on these websites but it's a place to start. Also, if you make contact with an escort or agency you can try asking them directly which advertising, discussion, and review sites are most popular in Northern Ireland.

    And there's also a hobby-related site that has the name punter in it (don't think the link is allowed here but it's in the domain of dot net) where you can do searches and ask questions. Someone on there should be able to steer you in the right direction. Good luck!

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    Does anyone know if there are any escorts in Belfast, Northern Ireland? Either agencies or independents? I'm trying to look into them in case I end up there on a future trip but there doesn't seem to be anything or anyone offering. There aren't any catalogue sites that show off the different agencies. There isn't even a Belfast page on this site for either Ireland or UK. Any idea where I can start my search?

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    CurvaceousSarah. Peterborough. Lacklustre service from a BBW in dingy premises

    TL: DR.

    Lacklustre service from a passive, almost disinterested BBW.

    Service Provider: or

    Comms and Timekeeping.

    Acceptable. Arranged an initial booking with Sarah, but she had to cancel "due to a migraine", she did so the night before, so there was plenty of notice. Arranged again later on during my tour. I arrived on time, and once I had parked up, she did not answer when I called, I was getting nervous as I had driven over an hour to get to her, however after 10 minutes she finally answered and I got the number of the house to go into.

    Incall Premises.

    Terraced house in a suburban area of Peterborough, plenty of parking, not very discreet going in, due to the layout of the neighborhood. Sarah has a lot of animals, she seems to take part in shows with them, as there were lots of certificates and rosettes, with pictures of various animals everywhere I turned. As with every house that has lot's of animals inside, there was a musty scent. The house had a dingy feel about it and the bathroom was reasonably clean. Bedroom was dark and poorly lit, there were large blown up pictures of Sarah, the same as her AW pics, as well as various animal themed knick-knacks and a tall tall fish tank. Just far too busy and cluttered for my liking.

    Price Paid:

    40 - 30 minutes.

    Services Expected.

    DFK, OWO, 69, Cowgirl.

    Services Delivered.

    LFK, OWO, HJ.

    Sarah: 129335.

    Her pictures are not at all reflective of how she looks, yes she is a BBW, but nowhere near as pretty as the pictures suggest. Sarah had not made any effort to appear sexy or glamourous. She was far too lackadaisical and seemed distracted. If I hadn't driven so far, I would've walked. Also it was only 40 so fuck it.

    Punt A-Z:

    This was more of a let's just get this over with punt, seemingly reciprocated. She took off her t-shirt and lay on the bed naked, there was some light French kissing, and I explored her body. Her tits are advertised as E cups but really didn't feel that way, they are not a rounded shape, very disappointing. She gave me some rather uninspired OWO, and I just wanted this to be over, so I asked her to whack her tits in my mouth, whilst I wanked myself off. I skipped 69 & Cowgirl as I just couldn't face it.

    Once I was done, I cleaned myself off, there wasn't really much post punt banter, and then I fucked off.

    In Summary: Complete waste of time. My only consolation was that it was 40 for HR, which is very reasonable. Given the build up to the punt it was a real let down. There's a reason they call this game punting.

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    Hi guys,

    I recently went on a short weekend trip to Bournemouth and for a small sea side town it has a lot of mongering options.

    Trying to get pussy on the ground in Bournemouth is relatively easy as there are quite a few girls advertised on adultwork and vivastreet. The first night I visited a brothel that was advertised on a card by the name of vixen escorts. Two girls were working out of three, all Romanians. The first girl, who I went with was a tall blond with a slim build. She provided satisfactory service but did not do blowjob in the time I went for. The second girl was a very small and petite brunette. Both girls were extremely attractive.

    The second night I went with a lovely dark haired Romanian with tattoos all over her body. She done the job and had raw sex appeal.

    Even the girls in the nightclub seemed game, but I wasn't so lucky. Next I am going to do Brighton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MumbaiFun1  [View Original Post]
    Attended a great 4 hour Private party with 4 hot looking girls.

    The background:You must join. Not for the fainthearted. ...

    It is invite only club with highly intelligent men with good professionals.
    No location, contact info, no prices, possibly impossible to get invited to.

    How does this help members of this site?

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    Private party fun- 4 Hot girls

    Attended a great 4 hour Private party with 4 hot looking girls.

    The background:You must join. Not for the fainthearted. I think this was an interview on the phone, and then a face to face meeting. Certainly eliminates time wasters and very discrete meet.

    The venue:The thread on best venues inspired this review. This is simply THE BEST. In door swimming pool, hot tub, living room, lounge and 5 bedrooms all with en-suite. In a private rural location. Screaming during orgasm is fine. Certainly more Eyes Wide Shut than Soho walk up.

    The girls: Very attractive, very good service. Most are EE and model in looks, really top class in looks and service and their age about 25-35. But you don't need to worry about poor service or ugly. Like many parties, there is a variety. Variety is one of the attractions.

    The coms: excellent. Booked 2 weeks in advance. Organiser sent a taxi to pick me up at the station.

    The event: OK true party goers might not like this since all the sex is 1-1 in the bedrooms. True nervous guys might not like it since you do spend time in the presence of all the men and women. And a guy who wants 4 hours of pumping might not like it since the total time alone having sex is "only" 2 hours. But if you embrace this as the 4 hour experience that it is, it is outstanding.

    This party was 4 guys 4 girls. 5 is normal, one time was 3. We started off in the lounge, having a drink and playing strip poker games to get the girls & mens to strip. It is very hot game and the girl you like will be stripped her clothes and get naked before all. The first time it is fun and eager to see the girls getting stripped. I was hard and waiting for the action to start. This time I enjoyed it as part of the experience and was kissing and touching up the girls. After about 30 min we split up and the hot looking girl, one took me to her room. She gave me a hot bath, dried me carefully, and then we fucked like rabbits for the next 45 minutes. No anal, but great DFK, OWO,face sitting, rimming, RO, fingering and hot sex in several positions. At one point she asked if I knew the party had much more to go. She didn't slow down when I reassured her I was fine.

    We then all 8 met up in the hot tub. The girl left me in the tub to join another guy, and a blonde babe joined me and started playing with me under the bubbles. We then had lunch. Blondie helped me select my food and we ate and chatted. Between hot tub and lunch we killed an hour but I enjoyed every moment. Then it was to the room of Blondie and 45 min of hot and rough sex. Same services. Better tits and more naughty.

    We then met in the living room, had a drink and shared war stories briefly, and after a bit two girls put on a lesbian pole dance sort of show. A bit of GFE, but still fun. One girl from the show ended up naked, grabbed my hand and led me away. Not sure what happened to the other 6 - one would guess similar. I was worried that I had overdone it with girl number 2, but I managed to have a great 45 min with number 3. She was well hot for it and I learned that she crushes your head when she orgasms.

    Time was up, but we all 8 met again for coffee and shared stories until my taxi arrived.

    It is invite only club with highly intelligent men with good professionals. I managed a full weekday off work on the party day and it is worth for my time and money. Well spent.

    The club is equipped to a high standard creating the right atmosphere for you to enjoy yourself. The girls are fabulous, great fun, and intent on making your time with them something to remember.

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    Leamington Spa

    Off adultwork, leamington spa, lovely-gina, Thai, half hour, 60. Found the nice flat just outside the centre, got there on time, easy enough to find. Greeted at the door with a lady nothing like the picture on adultwork, bait and switch. The one on aw was slim and pretty, the one I had was a bit overweight and average. Anyway, went along with it. Into a large bedroom, I took my own clothes off if you are really lucky they use this as a bit of foreplay and assist, none of that. Told to get all clothes off and lie on the bed. I did that and waited then she returned. I was already half disappointed with the whole thing. She took off her clothes and black panties and went on the bed with me and went to wipe down my fat cock. She quickly went to the condom on stage which I always know if they are quick on this it is a warning sign. Good ones take time before getting here. They provide foreplay first, this did not happen.

    She put the condom on and gave a reasonable blow job, then said I must go on top to come. She instructed me, another warning sign, apparently it was to be one position then I cum. No good. I like at least three positions and I decide. Anyway somehow I got her on top for a while, then I got myself close then used a second position me on top to finish with her reluctance. She did not willingly release me from under her and tried to make me cum before a second position arose, she was trapping me with her thighs and my ball sack and cock could not get out from the trapped prison of her swinging and hitting large buttocks on me. Anyway I managed to push for the second position and I came inside her me on top. She was moaning and saying she was sweaty and fuck her. Then she quickly cleaned up and was not doing anything else and sort of expected me to want to go. I paused and delayed, eventually she got the message and gave a quick back massage.

    The whole thing was rushed from the panties down to two positions of sex used to finish. I strung it all out but was well short of half hour. Not a good session this and she let down the Orientals that usually give a first class service. Shame, I will not be returning there. I walked away not with a spring in my step this time but a with shrivelled and disappointed little fellow in my pants, that was not given the treatment that chap deserved on a Saturday night. Oh well, it was off to find a lively pub with a pint of lager and hopefully some scantiliy clad mini skirt flaunting ladies to look at. Usually I sit with my pint feeling satisfied, probably not this time. A bit short changed. One to avoid. Not to return.

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    Leamington Spa

    Leamington Spa, Adultwork, ElenaGFE, I found her in a small flat just outside the centre on the main road, at first glance she was not the girl in the photo, bait and switch, she looked very much like the photo girl mind you, I wasn't at all disappointed, she was slim, pretty and 22, blonde, Italian, very appealing for me, but she said she was Italian, not Romanian like the details on the web, anyway, I handed over 60 for a half hour. We started to get down to the business. I stripped off and lay on the bed. She did the same and I asked her to keep her panties on as I like a little underwear panties tease at first, in fact it was a little G string which was threaded up through her arse cheeks like butt floss. I asked to remove the panties in front of me her delicious body had a lovely medium sized breasts and little pussy now staring at me.

    I lay on my back while she tended to the every growing member which cleaned it up and set to work with uncovered blow job with ball sack play also which was nice and little finger swipes over my arse hole. After this for quite some time I asked for her to smother my face in pussy her on top for 69 position, for ages my face was covered in her lovely quim, I licked out her pussy hole and thrust my delving tongue deeper up her wet hole. She wimpered occasionally and it was wet. This carried on for some time.

    Next was the sex with her on top. Now I very rarely but this time I did went bareback. She accepted this as per her profile although she did ask for condom I said no she accepted. Another test coming up for me soon to dread. I hardly ever have bareback sex and break this rule but this was one rare occasion. She dabbed a little lube on my cock. It was lovely to feel her warm tight pussy on my cock as she thrust me from on top. Then it was sex behind with her lying on the bed on her front for a while. Then the third and final position was the sex me on top to finish she insisted no cum inside her pussy though that was the rule she wanted not to be broken. So I forced my cock in and out moaning with her till I reached the limit and pulled out my aching full hairy ball sack then wanking my cock over her stomach I spurted my creamy few days of load over her pretty stomach in several dumps of cum. Some of it stayed on her stomach some was dripping down the side of her slim body as she lay staring at me from below knowing she had satisfied me.

    It was a great session and enjoyed. It was just slightly rushed although not too bad at all and I would return. The profile says cum in any hole which is untrue, no cum inside is allowed she said. Also the profile kept talking about any hole, so I figured a bit of finger entrance to her arse hole may be appropriate but she did not want it, although I tried yet again to force it in once I had licked my finger and she stopped me like I was a bad boy.

    Anyway her lying down on top of me forced her pussy in my face and me licking her pussy out for absolutely ages was one of the best pussy licking sessions I have had, I will be thinking of that when at work and when driving down the motorway, it was wet and delicious and my tongue went deep.

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    Alina's Massage Chingford.

    I visited Alina's Massage based in Chingford.

    I've read many reviews about Alina's massages and the majority of them have all been positive. But I wanted to find out for myself whether the experience will be the same or if there is something different about her massages that has not been reviewed in detail. So let's begin the long detailed review.


    I booked an appointment via text message, two days in advanced, requesting for a 1 HR B2B massage. Within the text I confirmed that this would be my first time visiting her and wanted to know if touching her legs and bum will be ok during the massage. She replied back confirming this would be OK. On the actual day of the appointment I had arrived 15 minutes early and let her know by text message that I had arrived. Alina responded back quite quickly and confirmed to me that she will let me know when she will be ready for me to visit. I had to wait until the actual appointment time when Alina confirmed that I can now visit and texted me her door number. This may suggest that arriving early does not give you an earlier appointment but at least it does show that Alina keeps to the agreed appointment time.


    Now where Alina is located, Sewardstone Gardens. The road itself has one side with trees and the other a steep slope of grass which does have several concrete steps built into the grass slope for you to reach the property. As a note with parked cars on the road this will only allow one vehicle to drive in either direction as to give space to another vehicle will require you to drive on the side of the road which has the trees.

    If you are driving a vehicle you would have to be careful not to park on the driver's side of the vehicle facing the high slope of grass. Reason being is that your door will not fully open as it will hit the steep slope of grass. Sounds like common sense but mistakes can happen so be mindful of this. So make sure you park your vehicle close to the kerb on the passenger side which will allow you easy access out of your vehicle.

    Looks of Alina.

    As I arrived Alina opened the door and I walked into the main hall way. Alina was wearing black leggings and a tight blue T-Shirt showing the size of her breast which I must say looked large and perfectly shaped I. E firmly shaped breast. Her breast looked like they were 34 the in size and definitely not 36. Her body is quite curvy I. E. Slim arms, small waistline, voluptuous arse and her legs not chunky and definitely not fat but the right size for a curvy woman. Even though she greeted me with no shoes on Alina was close to being 5 Ft 9" as I'm 5 ft 10" and standing in front of her we were pretty much close to being the same height. So she is fairly tall for a woman.

    As mentioned previously Alina is a curvy woman and has a nice shaped bum showing through her leggings. Her bum reminds me of the pornstar Valerie Kay.

    And as a visual her legs appear similar as well. I do like women who are of this size so for me Alina ticks those boxes. With regards to her looks the photo on her website actually looks different because it is an older photograph. Up close and personal Alina does have a pretty face and has faint brown freckles which on her photograph does not show this clearly but it is the same person. When she smiled I could recognise that the resemblance of the photo was definitely the same.

    Alina introduced herself to me with a hand shake and I did the same. She has an accent but speaks good enough English for you to understand. Alina asked me to take off my shoes and place them on the shoe rack which is actually a nicely made bench with a rail underneath to place your shoes. I noticed that there was no other shoes placed on the rail to which I assumed we were alone.

    Massage service.

    I was led into a room which was nice and warm. The room was fairly large in size and had a two seater sofa, massage table and one large window. Alina walked over to the window and closed the curtains slightly. Alina confirmed to me what the massage will be, I. E. 1 HR B2B, and asked if I can pay her first before we started. For 1 HR B2B costs 100. I handed over the money and she mentioned to me to get undressed and lay face down on the table. She asked me to place all clothes on the sofa and that she will leave me to get undressed and will be back in a few minutes. Alina is pretty regimented in how she speaks to you as part of her service. I have no issues with that. So I got undressed and I laid on the massage table. The massage table had a white sheet cover on it and music was played in the background using her smartphone, docking station with a couple of speakers. Alina walked into the room naked and closed the curtains fully. She started stroking my legs and asked if I have any known problems with my body that she needs to be aware of to which I confirmed there was none. Whilst stroking my legs she mentioned how smooth they were.

    Just for your information I had both of my legs waxed 2 weeks ago and this was a first time experience and does make a difference when getting a B2B as your skin will be more sensitive. Have to visit her again soon. Anyway. Let's continue. Alina mentioned in my ear if I wanted a prostate massage. I said OK and she replied "Do I know what it is?" and I said "Yes" to which she replied "It is free with the massage and you do not have to pay extra for it". OK. Go for it!

    Now this is my first time doing a prostate massage and maybe I should have mentioned this to Alina. However, I already confirmed that I'm happy for her to stick her finger in my arse so this may suggest that I've experienced a prostate massage before which is not the case. So the oil starts pouring onto my skin whilst she rubs her finger on my arsehole. She decided to put on a rubber glove. Alina mentioned to me "When I give you the prostate massage if you feel uncomfortable tell me to stop. " What would of been useful is for Alina to explain why any discomfort might occur from her finger. Or to ask me if this was my first time. Anyway she starts to insert a finger in my arse but Alina has firm hands and her insertion did not try to ease her finger into my arse slowly or gently nor was her approach to giving me a prostate massage considered if her method was the right one to use such as use a warm up method first before you go diving into a sensitive arse. As soon as she got one finger nail into my arse she pushed fairly hard and my reaction to her gave her the sign that it was no longer an enjoyable moment for the both of the us. I did not tell her to stop but made a groan from my mouth of pain rather than pleasure. Rather than Alina change her technique she decided to stop and took off the glove. So for my first time this was not a great experience of prostate massage but if Alina is experienced in performing this I cannot understand why without talking to me her decision was made to stop rather than try to make the experience more enjoyable. Could be many reasons why she decided to stop but clearly no communication came from her considering that she is performing the massage.

    Maybe it would of been better if Alina had inserted her finger in gently and more slowly so that my arse can adjust to this new feeling. My arse is a muscle at the end of the day but more importantly I did not communicate to Alina that this was my first experience. This could have helped the situation as she was not aware. Can't fault her for trying as she is aware of the feeling prostate massage can provide and was willing to offer this at no extra cost. Based on my negative reaction to the prostate massage Alina continued massaging me as normal. No questions asked. Legs and arms were massaged but my back got plenty more attention. During her massage she was constantly providing credit card swipes which were nice but just a little too firm for my liking. Alina used her bum a lot to massage my back which felt fantastic. Her nicely shaped breast is actually fake as you feel the firmness of the breast when they rub against your body. Now I know why they are perfectly shaped. She asked me to turn over and she started working on my chest and legs. I got plenty of attention with her rubbing my cock but again her grip was too hard for me.

    After 40 minutes or so into the massage I was not even erected so she could see that any previous touches of my cock did not make me aroused. I noticed that Alina does not encourage you to touch her even though she confirmed before the appointment that touching her legs and her bum is allowed. I started to touch her bum and her legs as she started to give me a hand job. I started rubbing my hand on her nicely shaped arse. Alina smiled at me to acknowledge she was ok with me touching her. I decided to take the rubbing to the next level by placing my hand close to her vagina by brushing the back of hand against it whilst rubbing the inside of her leg. She did not say anything and did not make any sudden movements to indicate that she is not comfortable with this. So I continued rubbing her legs and then touched her vagina directly with my hands. I had no intention of inserting any fingers as I just wanted to play with the lips of her vagina to get turned on. By me touching her vagina she changed her feet position to extend her arse out which meant my hand had difficulty reaching her vagina. This was a sign that Alina, although not telling me she does not want to be touched there, indirectly showed me that she is not comfortable with me touching her vagina.

    She continued rubbing my cock fairly hard but I was not aroused by any of her hand techniques. I believe her intention was for me to orgasm but with those firm strokes. Not possible. Unfortunately, she only had 'Plan A' to work with I. E. Rub your cock like she is shaking dice in her hand. Rather than change her hand technique to find those arousal spots on my cock or better still to question how I would like my cock to be rubbed so that I get erected she had no other technique to use. She decided to take my hands and rub it on her breast hoping that this might change anything. But this did not do anything further to excite me. In the end I did not cum, no thundering orgasm which was disappointing.

    Alina asked me if I was ok and if I have any problems down there and I told her no. So the real question is. Is there anything wrong with Alina's hand techniques? Probably, as I did not get excited from her and although she made the effort it was probably the lack of communication between both of us by her not knowing how I like my cock to be rubbed and by me not telling her. That I believe was the main problem. Alina tried taking my own hands to play with my cock to which was a pointless exercise as I left my home hoping for her to do this for 100. Rubbing my own cock is FREE. That being her last option decided to confirm that I may have something wrong with me as my body felt a bit stiff during the massage according to her. So she offered me a shower and that was the end of the massage.


    So has this experience met all expectations. Unfortunately no. The verdict is a neutral because there were some positives that I did like and also some negatives. The neutral verdict for me is that I needed to communicate more and I did not. Read the rest of the review to find out more.

    Positives: The massage itself was ok and Alina used her beautiful body quite well during the massage. Plenty of credit card swipes during the massage. Her breast was also used to massage my cock and my bum. In addition, the use of her bum sliding up and down my back was quite pleasing. What was a bonus during the massage was that she allowed me to touch her vagina, bum and breast but she indirectly does not want her vagina touched continuously or to lead this onto anything else. This may only apply to me so do not take this as a general behaviour Alina has.

    Negatives: In my opinion the body massage compared to others I've had did not feel relaxing and enjoyable. The techniques used on some parts of my body was rushed such as on my hamstring area. Alina concentrated a lot on just performing the massage and did not realise that her hand strokes on either side of the body was not always identical. Also there was no interaction with you by questioning if any movements she is performing feels good to you. The massage is not tailored to you so the percentage of time spent on parts of your body that you may prefer is left to Alina to make the judgement. For example, leaving only 10 minutes of the massage to your cock to get excited and hopefully orgasm may not apply to all men especially me. Who agreed that the massaging of the cock should only be 10 minutes?

    Accountability: Most of the massage time was spent on my back considering that I confirmed to Alina that I did not have any pain in my body. So why spend more time on my back instead of spreading the time equally amongst the rest of my body parts? I know this was not discussed when I booked the appointment so I'm partly to blame for not receiving adequate time on all body parts. This could suggest a communication breakdown between Alina and myself and we both have expectations of what we want. Had my expectations been discussed in more detail then I would know clearly how satisfied I will be.

    Alina is not a mind reader so if my cock is not getting hard by your hands then she is not fully aware of what hand techniques will cause my cock to be aroused. This links to the communication breakdown again mentioned earlier. Hand jobs are not specifically advertised by Alina on her website but she does perform this on you without any questions as though it is expected from her regardless of the massage service she offers.

    Would I go Back: If Alina is experienced in giving prostate massage to her clients then I'm surprised why she did not make the experience more better for me. Although it is a service she is wiling to offer I feel that in my interest she should have tried to make the experience feel better at a price of 100. Would I go back to see Alina? Yes I would because if the communication can be improved then maybe the experience can be also.

    I did enjoy her company as she is quite friendly and no where near rude. She even offered me a sweet at the end of the session and remained naked until I left her premises. What this has taught me is that so long as she is willing to try certain techniques on me e. G. Prostate, then we should both improve our communication to confirm how we both enjoy the massage as well. And who knows the next review with Alina may be better.

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    InnocentDoll V off adultwork, my satnav got me there. I chose a 60 service for a half hour, it turned out to be 15 minutes including the changing of clothing and she was rushing me out of the door saying the next client is on the way for her female friend, who was hiding in the ensuite toilet while I was in the room fucking, not sure if she was looking through the key hole, mind you that would be a bit of a turn on for me anyway if I knew, they rushed me and told me to hurry up after I came. And get out, not a good service at all. I walked out and just said it was not at all good and too short on time. I had booked it well in advance she knew I was coming. So look out my friends. Heed my words.

    I started lying down with her on the bed for a while, I gave thirty seconds of oral on her then she told me to stop. I was soon put on a condom, she gave a frantic wank to me and no blow job, I started with missionary and I figured I would finish from behind if she was going to be like this, I rammed her head into the pillow and looked at her ass while I rammed from behind in doggy to finish. Potentially one of the worst servicing's I have had.

    The profile is nothing like the girl presented to me in the room, she was Spanish and in her early twenties. A shame this session was not good. I left feeling short changed, one to avoid I think. She had no good feedback, I usually only go for adultwork feedback. Or an exception is oriental with no feedback. I will switch back to oriental next time again I never usually get a bad service from them. . I love the orientals.

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    Went to Banbury, Oxfordshire, Banbury. The town is easy to get to from the m40 also, she was from adultwork, xasian dollx, in a flat, very nice inside, anyway 60 for half an hour, she was apparently size 8 and Malaysian, but turned out to be Japanese and larger than size 8, good old bait and switch at work, but the one provided was not bad at all, quite young and sexy of figure, she tenderly undressed me and used that all as a teasing foreplay, once I was down to my underpants she suddenly shoved me hard and I fell back onto the bed, I see she is a bit dominant and aggressive, ok will play along with this see how I like it, just laid back and waited, she quickly took off her shirt, bra and panties, I don't like it when they all do that I like a little underwear on show at first and peeled off slowly in front of me, a tease in her panties in front if me first would have been nice, sometimes I tell them to leave the underwear on a while for my pleasure, anyway too late with this one it was all ripped off too quickly.

    There was then loads of light finger caress around my thighs ball sack and cock, fingers gliding went on for ages like this, such a tease, I did like that, then she bagged the rubber on my cock, she gave a long blow job and ball sack play, she wanted to go straight into sex, but I slowed it down and got her to kneel over my face with her partly shaven quim shoved close to my face while I licked her out and tongue fucked her for five minutes, her pussy flaps hanging over my nose while I gave myself a little break for a few seconds then reached back inside again for more tough work, then she would lower it down occasionally so it was literally smothering my face and a bit overwhelming in pussy, then she would raise it again slightly, her pussy now very wet and dribbling, she lay down on her back and I just did one missionary position as we had played around for quite some time, a long a slow deep and unrushed fuck in one position. Eventually blew the load off. I gave a few deep guttural moans while she did a little yelp at the same time. She did not suddenly push me away as some do but gave me the pleasure of lying over and on her for a few minutes after climax.

    It all finished with a five minute massage as I lay on my back, she was facing me most of the time, but also working my thighs and legs with her ass cheeks and crack close towards my face as I watched it attentively and with the occasional pussy flash (as she stretched upon her reaching to my feet) of her pussy rear view, a view I will not forget through the working week ahead. With her tight little ass cheeks.

    Maybe 25 minutes all in upon arrival and departure, quite reasonable all in and enjoyable. I got the feeling it was occasionally rushed at times but I slowed it down and it was a good session. She seemed to insist on being the dominant one rather than each having ideas and I let her lead the way mostly to an enjoyable time.

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