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    Abidjan, Ivory Coast

    Some countries require a careful study before comitting in order to avoid disappointment, as this excellent and sobering report by XXL suggests.

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    Morroco in the eyes of Bond

    Absolutely nicely and beautifully written by Bond: All information about Casablanca and Marrakesh is very nicely and precisely mentioned.

    Just the information any newbie like us wants for first time travel.


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    Gambia report

    Brilliant report from Neddy.


    He also states that girls are girls gorgeous, he found general better attitude, loads of non-pros around.

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    Fronting up in africa

    Came across this dated post by Jim01, at times one has to be tough or get walked on by the pros. An honest, humorous account of Ghana trip; again Jim01 is worthy of ROD of which he has several to date:

    http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...693&viewfull=1 Scroll down as link does not function too accurately.

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    The Best Report in 2015 in Ghana Section

    I really envy you.

    I hope to be in Ghana again as soon as possible.


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    One of the best or maybe the best report from Ghana: thank you Boogyman1.

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    Scorcher. Scores and scorches some Moroccan trim

    Great report on how to do it in Mohammedia.


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    Morocco. Sammy Sosa 's report. Morocco Trip #1 Report

    Morocco Trip #1 Report.


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    Casablanca, Morrocco 6/2014

    Although, I frequent the Central and South American forums, I like to see what's happening in other parts of the world that are on my bucket list. Here is some useful info from Scorcher75 regarding Casablanca, Morrocco.

    (I'm not sure the directions given on posting in the ROD section is still correct, so I'm trying it one other way):

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    Chris P's Accra Experience


    Very good experience, useful to share!

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    Morocco. Latin goes to Marrakech and Essouria

    Great efforts by LATIN in Morocco. See his report here


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    Scot One8: One More Time You Are the Winner!

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    Scot One8: Congratulation!

    I think this is the best report of this first month of the year.

    We all wish her happy birthday with the hope to have similar adventures one of these days!


    Congratulation one again SO8 and congratulation to her too.

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