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    So, just up to my usual antics.

    Spinner Waitress was just teasing again Sunday night. And probably for the best I didn't go there. She seems to have acquired a new Yank squeeze who is twice the man I am. Ended up on in a drinking session with a crazy German who asked to stay at my place rather than get a taxi at 4 am (his place is about 15 miles out of town and he was trying to keep up with a British sailor.) Not really my intended company for the night. Ended up taking Blondie Spinner home because she A: Pointed out she wasn't wearing panties. Be: Said unprompted, she loved getting fucked up the ass. There's something to be said for a pro when you're shitfaced. You just let them do the work. Ended up just laying there while she blew me and rode me. No lube unfortunately. Cashed her out and got rid of her, no pretence of it being anything other than financial.

    Monday, a write off. Staggered out for pizza about 7 pm, met Blondie Spinner who'd scored me some vape liquid, then went back and crashed (Now I just need one of these girls to find me some damn earplugs!

    Tuesday, LMP came over to, in her words, 'Steal my internet and food. ' Always nice to hang out with her and I got a blowjob for a plate of chicken and rice, 300 mb of used data and 100 dalasi for a taxi. She was on the tail end of her period, so no fucking.

    Wednesday, LMP again. Fed her, showered her (period was done and she was squeaky clean and fresh), fucked her then we went shopping. Back to my place and she revealed she'd brought her bathing suit with her. Took some convincing to get her in it. She's beautiful and has a literally flawless figure, but she's shy and self conscious about not having a rear end like a Holstein heifer. I'll see a girl on the street / in one of the Nigerian shows she likes to watch and think, "God, that lady is fat. " She'll misinterpret that as me being into it! Took threatening to throw her in the pool fully clothed before she'd change. And even then, she stuck past reception with a towel around her and still wearing her tshirt. She agreed to get in the pool for ten or fifteen minutes. We ended up spending an hour and a half in there, flirting, kissing and trying to teach her how to swim. (Hardly any Gambians can swim.) Fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

    Back up to the apartment and into the shower together. Washing eachother, she's rubbing her ass into me and I'm umming and ahhing about round two, tell her, "You're teasing me. " A little bit later, as I'm soaping up her boobs (God, they're perfect), my dick ends up between her legs rubbing against her pussy. She says to me, "Now you're teasing me. Put it in. ".

    Yes ma'am.

    End up screwing her hard and deep from behind, while she's bent over holding the edge of the tub. I know what gets her really going at this point. Just really, really grinding into her. As I'm doing that, I've got one hand on her hip, the other holding the shower head against her clit. She cums before I do, gets all wobbly-kneed and ends up down on her knees. Drop the shower head, turn her around and guide her to finish me with oral. Big cumshot (when I'm finished, she says 'Healthy! Into her mouth and over her face.

    Shower sex is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bool12  [View Original Post]
    At J Janni.

    Thanks for your excellent reports from Gambia.

    From earlier reports I understand that you were staying at Oasis apartments.

    When you're bringing a girl there do you have to pay a joiner fee?
    No joiner fee. She just has to show her ID at reception.

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    At J Janni.

    Thanks for your excellent reports from Gambia.

    From earlier reports I understand that you were staying at Oasis apartments.

    When you're bringing a girl there do you have to pay a joiner fee?

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    Spinner Waitress is back on the scene. Sat in her restaurant currently, she's messaging me she's just finished, not going home just yet.

    She knows I live around the corner.

    Angling for an invite. Brain says no due to the inevitable drama, dick says do it.

    I will let you know which one wins.

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    LMP again during the day.

    Hadn't started her period yet (messaged today to say she has. Phew!) I was trying not to see her (and explore pastures new), but she said 'I'm busy all next week, only free today. ' Turned out to be a 'prank' - ie, a lie. But fuck it. I was doing some work, so I gave her some cash and sent her pretty little ass off to the supermarket and market for me. She returned with an absolute bundle of food. Enough to keep me going for a week. After pranking me again with a message saying 'I lost it all'. Wise to her, I opened the door and she was stood outside with two huge bags.

    Carried on with my work (basic admin stuff) while she cooked a late lunch / early dinner for us. She's a great cook. It really is the African dream, a pretty, giggly spinner you fuck and who shops, cooks and cleans for you.

    After, we watched a couple of movies while just messing around. Sometimes, she'll fend me off and act annoyed when I'm getting her boobs out, pulling her pants down. I was kinda' in the mindset of 'just flirt / grope / tease' all day, send her off, save it for a new girl. (I can manage multiple pops a day, but I lose the predatory 'hunger' to go out and hunt after a couple of good sessions.) At one point, she was doing the washing up and I pulled her pants (skintight skinny jeans) and thong down (sexy little black thing) to play with her ass and pussy. When she was finished with the washing up, I went to pull them up and she gives me the cutest look. "Did I say to put them back on?

    Well, ok sweetness. I absolutely adore making a girl cum. I sent her off to the shower to freshen up, stuck on some lesbian porn for her to watch (still working on my project of turning her bisexual) and went down on her. When she's worked up, she likes really firm pressure with my tongue on her clit. It's what tips her over the edge. Today, given I'm planning not to fuck her. I edged her. Took her to the brink a couple of times, then backed off. And told her exactly what I was doing. On the fourth attempt, she's trying to hold my head down there, grind into my face and actually begging to cum. Grant her wish and it's like she's having an epileptic fit, bucking all over the couch. After, she's pretty much passed out! Carried her through to the bed and tucked her in. About half an hour later, she comes back through and wants to fuck. Tell her no, I'm tired. Is there anything more adorable than a girl sulking because you won't fuck her?

    Still, I'm male. Watch some more porn and she notices me adjusting my very obvious erection. "You play with yourself. Show me how, so I can do to you. " Nope. I've asked her before if she masturbates and she says she doesn't. Wheedling, she even offers to masturbate with me. Well, that would be something new! Definitely worth exploring down the line. But I'm set in my conviction.

    By about 9:30, she's asleep with her head on my lap, waiting for her unreliable taxi driver. Off she goes. And I go shower, drink some coffee and head out.

    It's been raining earlier and Britannia is quiet early on, but gets busier as it becomes clear the rain isn't coming back. Downstairs is busy, VIP isn't. I'm getting better at avoiding the 'white guy tax' and say I won't bother when they try to charge me 200 dalasi to go up, so they just wave me up. Gambians are expert drink nursers (I've seen a girl take two hours to drink one coke). So why should I pay when I'm going to buy 5 times as many drinks?

    In the VIP, I spot Pro Girl and the tall (like, 6 foot) curvy, long legged beauty I tried to talk into a threesome with Blondie Spinner. Blondie Spinner is nowhere to be seen and Pro Girl is much more forward and has been trying to act as a pimp for me, so I figure it'll be easy to 'cut out' Miss Leggy. Pro Girl immediately knows the score and moves to let me sit next to Miss Leggy. Buy a shisha (as much to preserve my dwindling supplies of vape liquid as anything else) and share with Miss Leggy. She's very cute and shy, definitely not a pro. 24, Gambian, no kids. Over the course of a couple of hours, get her to loosen up, flirt and kiss. She's wearing a shimmery, tight dress and heels. About 3 am, while complimenting her on her long legs, I slid my hand up and discover no panties. And she's wet.

    Bill please!

    Again, cardinal error of not discussing prices.

    Taxi back to mine (she's adorably tottery on those heels.) Kiss on the sofa, then take showers. Her body is everything I expected. Big, perfectly formed breasts (I'm no great judge on size, but they're north of a the cup), a flat and toned stomach, tiny waist, wide hips, thick and toned thighs, a big and gorgeously round ass. She's like an amazon / instagram fitness queen!

    More fantastic kissing. Very deep, lots of tongue! She's Muslim, but I quickly discover she's not cut. For such a big girl, her pussy is absolutely tiny. Very pretty, freshly waxed I think (not a hint of stubble.) Oral on her (I skipped the blowjob for myself) and she almost breaks my neck with her thighs when she cums. On with the condom and I'm basically being thrown around (I'm 5'10 and 160 lbs). Drunk, I'm taking a while to cum. Stop for a breather, thinking I'm just going to finish myself on her belly, so I pull the condom off. She reaches down and re-inserts me, bareback.

    Well, fuck. Maybe ten minutes later I cum inside her. (She got close I think towards the end, but I came before she finished.) After, we shower separately. Her first. I come back out to find her snuggled up in the bed, under the duvet. I've been running the air conditioning, so maybe she's cold. "Are you staying?" "You want me to go?" "No, you can stay. ".

    Snuggle up, fall asleep. I wake up before her and leave her in the bed while I go and get water, consider my options. Message on my phone from LMP that her period has started (she's hunting down some BBQ pork for me and coming over later). She can still come, hang out (I like spending time with her and she's basically my holiday girlfriend at this point), but I need to fuck today. Back to the bed, wake up Miss Leggy and she isn't shy about pushing me down to give her oral again. (I'm glad she's so sweet, because this girl could probably kick my arse.) After she cums, I lie down beside her and she climbs on me, cowgirl. Bareback, again. Almost break the bed she fucks me that hard, really grinding down on me. Cum inside her again.

    She doesn't rush off to the shower, we just lie together smooching and dozing for about an hour, but I want rid of her now. Suggest shower and breakfast. She doesn't dress, just flounces around my apartment in a towel. While I cook, she makes the bed and washes up plates and pots I didn't clean last night.

    While we eat, I quiz her on birth control. "Not take. " "Ok, you want to take emergency pill?" "What is?" She is completely clueless. Explain what it does. She agrees to take it, has no idea where to buy it. I'm not convinced she'll take it. Besides, she's showing no indication on leaving! She asks me about Blondie Spinner (she's that non-pro she doesn't realise my relationship with Blondie Spinner is entirely transactional.) I've noticed that the working girls are way more accepted here. They don't move in segregated packs. In a group, there might be one or two hardened pros, a couple of semi-pros and a gaggle of girls who won't go with you for money (in a straightforward way.) Lay down the law; "Me and Blondie Spinner are friends, you and I are good friends. I'm not looking to get married, or get a girlfriend. " She's quite downcast.

    I put 1500 dalasi in her purse so she 'can buy herself something nice' and she cheers up.

    Get her to dress ("I need to do some work and go out" escort her downstairs and jump in a taxi with her, sneaking past the taxi drivers that know me / know my regular girls too. She hides in the taxi while I go inside (apparently Blondie Spinner's sister works nearby), buy a plan be and a bottle of water. In the taxi, I discretely slip her the pill and watch her take it. Get the taxi back to mine, pay the driver to take her home.

    I think that may be the end of my BBFSCIP action, at least here. Aside from the obvious health risks (I'm taking PREP and doxy for malaria / STD prophylaxis), I'm not sure I can deal with the prospect of leaving behind children and ruined lives.

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    Another afternoon with LMP. She asked me for a significant loan over WhatsApp the day before, so I had her over to let her down gently. I actually believe her story, given the evidence / circumstances. But I won't get into it. And I think there's a good chance she'd pay me back. But, nope. I'll break every other mongering rule, but lending money I'd miss to a girl isn't going to happen.

    She backed off immediately when I explained I didn't have the money. Her financial problem / issue can cause her to be a little sad / down at times when she comes over, so she admitted she likes me distracting her and treating her nicely. It can normally take me a little while to get her from 'slightly moody' to 'giggly and fun. '.

    Today, she had a tummy ache. (It's close to her period. And the four Plan BS I've had her gobble this month can mess with your cycle. I really need to get her on proper birth control.) Probably shouldn't have fucked her (she wanted to just give me a blowjob.) But talked her into it with oral (at this point, I can play her like a fiddle) and promise of being gentle ("You, gentle?) She isn't quite a squirter, but she gets extremely, extremely wet when she cums. Not the best fuck, keeping to my promise with slow, gentle missionary. But they can't all be stellar.

    After a shower, a bacon sandwich and a nap, she's much more cheerful and feeling better. We spend a couple of hours messing about, me teaching her some exercises (she's drinking my protein shake and doing glute bridges on the floor, shirtless.) Somehow, that transitions into singing, dancing and basically giving me a lapdance. The most fun you can have with a gorgeous 20 year old that isn't fucking!

    I'll have to see how she is going forwards, given the loan refusal.

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    Missed a few days.

    After the Friday night washout, I went to Britannia again late on Saturday. Literally no point going before midnight. Few beers, fending off my Nigerian stalker (she's actually pretty cute and in another, less target rich environment, I'd take her in a second.) Took a lap of the VIP upstairs and it was just far too busy for my tastes. Finally spotted a Senegalese girl I've spoken to before downstairs. Just my type (or rather, one of my types.) Tall, willowy, extremely pretty, nose and lip piercing, straight lightly blue tinged hair. I like the punky chicks. When I've spoken to her before, it's been when I haven't wanted to take a girl. And she'd had her phone stolen. She's got a new one now, so I get the number. And drag her out of Britannia to Time next door, where it's quieter. Buy her a couple of drinks, chat. She's extremely sweet and that French / Senegalese accent is amazing.

    No discussion of money when we leave. And there's no doubt she's coming back to mine. I know that not discussing money beforehand is a cardinal sin, but. Fuck it, I've been treating her like a girl I've picked up at bar. Back at my place, after showers, it's pure GFE with an extremely wet and willing girl. Rolling between her legs, I get the feeling that bareback is an option. (If a condom hasn't been mentioned before, when you're between their legs is the last chance it's going to come up.) I'm being more selective these days, so I put one on. Sex was ok, but not fantastic. (I'm spoiled by Little Miss Perfect.) By the time I'm done, it's 5 am. We shower again, I give her 1500 'for taxi' which she's extremely happy with. Asks me to walk her down and put her in a taxi so she doesn't get her bag stolen again.

    Sunday, I just sleep all day and pray for death, exchanging a few messages with Blondie Spinner. She apparently isn't upset with me, sends me pictures of her friend who's willing to do a threesome. Pretty cute. I haven't chased up that avenue yet. It's almost certainly going to be a 'threesome lite' if it happens. Fuck one girl, when she's tired, fuck the other.

    Monday, it's Little Miss Perfect again. Usual story. Cooking, watching movies, making out like giddy teenagers, fucking like rabbits. She's extremely submissive when we're fucking, takes my lead. And my lead this time is bareback and cumming inside her. Which happens twice. Yet again, I'm in a taxi (fuck walking after two big sessions) to pick up a morning after pill. Thank god it's a different lady working the counter.

    Tuesday, I go on my river trip with LMP and her cousin, sister and best friend. Whole doubledecker tour boat to ourselves, good food cooked on board, some interesting sights (despite the couple of rain showers.) We were out for about 7 or 8 hours. Really fun just to chill with four beautiful girls, drink, laugh, take pictures. Nothing much happened with LMP other than some smoochin' and cuddles. (Her lying on top of me at one point and I have to tell her not to get up for a while, or her sister is going to see my erection.) Total cost of living like a yacht owning playboy for the day (with less sex) was about 120. She goes home afterwards, so I'm left pretty blueballed (these good girls can't stay out late). Head out to see if there's the remotest possibility of picking up a girl at 9/10 pm. And, nope. Literally not a single girl around. Too tired to hang out much longer, so I just leave empty handed.

    Wednesday, LMP again. Early. She's supposed to be helping me find a new apartment. Oasis is nice, but noisy. I don't actually mind the road noise so much, but the noise of the air-conditioning in the apartment above is a constant and oppressive drone. And the guy up there runs it all night long. We spend a little time looking at possibilities on the internet, but I'm too distracted by her. And she's horny, too. Too the bed! Get her to cum explosively with oral. Not quite a squirter, but she's extremely wet when she finishes. I absolutely love it. The sight of that lean, perfectly shaped body writhing around, grinding herself into my face. After, I really can't be bothered with getting another morning after pill (I've been trying to talk her into getting onto long term birth control, but she's hesitant, concerned it will make her fat... and it really isn't good to use the morning after pill as regular birth control) so condom time. I brought a box full of Skyns Extra Lube condoms with me. A thin non latex condom. They're really great, feel almost like bareback. Usual story of fucking LMP, grinding into her, throwing her around. It really is like fucking a pornstar, can't stress how good and how into it she is.

    After a quick doze, showers, cook some food, then head out to look at apartments. A couple of similar quality to Oasis are stupidly expensive. Some others are very basic and dingy. Looks like I'm going to stay at Oasis. If I could find some earplugs anywhere in Gambia (I've hunted all over Serekunda), it would be perfect. Like an idiot, I ditched mine out of my bag with the usual travelling detritus before coming and forgot to put them back in.

    Back to my apartment after our unsuccessful hunt, more TV. She's really into the show I've got her watching, so she's lying with her head in my lap watching it. Inevitably, my dick ends up poking her in the cheek. Without even prompting (she's probably thinking I'm going to carry her through to the bedroom in a minute and she won't get to finish watching), she takes out my dick and starts sucking. Normally, I'm not really into blowjobs. They just seem like kind of a time sink to what I'm really interested in. Fucking! And I take ages to cum from them. But this is no short time, she's here for hours yet. I just lie back and let her go at it and it's great. Really deep, really wet. And her hand barely touches me. (We've all had blowjobs that are just basically handjobs while they kiss your bellend). Pausing between sucking, she's just licking at my dick like a lollypop. Maybe 40-50 minutes and she doesn't complain. When I cum, she just swallows, tucks me away. Goes back to watching TV.

    She says she's hungry again, so I order in some food. We eat too much. To an offhand comment, "Is your sister looking for a boyfriend? I know a guy who would like her. " (Her sister is very pretty, shorter and much, much curvier. An ISG poster I've met likes the big West African type), she says, "I'm looking for a boyfriend, nevermind my sister!" I've kind of been playing it cool with her, saying I don't know how long I'm staying, not looking for anything serious. She starts showing me some messages she's been getting from another white guy, apparently staying in the same apartment building as me. (If you're reading, stay away from my woman haha!) I'm not really rising to the bait, I'm telling her what to message him back. She gets in a little sulk with me, but I talk her out of it. Eventually, at her own volition, "I'm going to find a boyfriend! We're just Friends with Benefits. " Kinda' what I want really. I mean, if she can boyfriend / husband up some guy who can give her a better life. Good for her, I really like the girl. But I'm staying here another month or two. And have no intentions of returning, when South East Asia and South America opens up properly.

    After, we go for a nap and as she's lying there, snuggled up to me and looking adorable, I'm on the verge of telling her, "Be my girlfriend, at least while I'm here" etc etc. I have feelings for her and I'm pretty sure she has them for me. But nope, I remain 'strong. ' I'd only end up breaking her heart (or more cynically, shattering her illusions of being financially supported) in a month or two.

    Maybe she'll latch on to this other toubab and won't see me anymore. Probably the best ending for both parties.

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    Craving an update. Hopefully with more creampies!

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    Met Little Miss Perfect again today, came over and we went to meet the guide she's organised for our boat trip. After, she came back to mine and cooked lunch for me. But she was talking about 'going out to meet her friend for shopping, then coming back after' and I honestly didn't feel like it. It was nice to just hang out for a couple of hours. Gave her nothing (apart from paying the taxi to me, couple of hundred dalasi.).

    Cooked dinner myself to save some money, slept. Finally braved the rainstorm to head out about midnight. Britannia was very quiet (Gambians act like the wicked witch of the west when it comes to rain). Few girls around, including a Nigerian who attached herself to me for the second time. Hung around downstairs, then headed upstairs to the VIP about 2 am. Blondie Spinner from a week or two ago or so was there (the one who promised a threesome), sitting with her friend I'd clocked before. A tall, leggy Gambian. How to cut her out?

    Hmm. Said Hello, but moved away. Messaged Blondie spinner, "You look nice and so does your friend. " Talk to a few girls, but none interest me. Shoo away Nigerian girl for the third time, message Blondie Spinner, "Threesome?" Get a positive, but non-committal answer. Move to talk to her and her friend, her friend is shy but loosens up the more I talk to her.

    While I'm talking to her, I'm messaging Blondie Spinner on the other side of her about a threesome. She's game. But her friend (I go to the toilet to give them privacy to discuss it, isn't). Blondie Spinner says there's another girl who's up for it, goes to ring her. No response. FUCK!

    While she's away, I'm trying to cut out her friend. Tall, leggy Gambian girl. She says Blondie Spinner is her friend, she doesn't want to upset her yadayada. Well, FUCK! Just fucking give your friend a finder's fee or something. I'm not taking Blondie Spinner by herself (she was ok, but I need a threesome or a new girl at this point). Leggy Girl goes to the toilet, so I sweet talk Blondie, "I really want to try a threesome, I really like you, but I like your friend too. Message me with her number, I'm too drunk tonight blah-blah. " She's pretty. Pissed off at me! Haha.

    Head downstairs thinking there might be a last chance saloon. Dead. Road outside (usually there's girls hanging around, not wanting to buy drinks inside), dead. Time Inn and everywhere is closed. Make it back to my place at about 4:30 am, alone.

    So, new Gambia intel. Just don't fucking bother if it has been raining from about 10/11 pm (even if it stops.).

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    Little Miss Perfect just left again.

    Came over about lunchtime, after stopping at the supermarket for supplies for me. I made absolutely zero pretence of helping her to cook and just fell asleep on the couch while she did her thing, cleaning up after herself as she went. Some more excellent fried marinated chicken, with potato and egg salad, sweetcorn, some pickled relish type thing. Delicious.

    While digesting, we watched a few episodes of a comedy I've got her interested in (I need a break from rom coms), then when I felt recovered enough. Porn. Flicking through some stuff. Creampie, ebony, anal. Get her worked up, then it's to the bed for round one after a quick shower. Rimmed her again (took longer before she got giggly), got her off with oral, fucked in a variety of positions (with condom), finally settling on what really seems to work for her (and me) - legs up by her ears missionary, really grinding in to her. As I've said before, she's either the best actor in the world, I'm a stud or we just work together, because she came at least three times.

    After, another quick shower, dress, doze and mess around on the couch while watching more episodes of the comedy (The Good Place). After maybe two or three episodes (which I'm barely awake for), I decide round two is in order shortly, so sneak off to dose up on kamagra (with all the fucking I've been doing, the little sleep. It's needed.) Switch back to the porn while teasing her and working her up. She's definitely interested in the lesbian stuff I downloaded. Result!

    Get her kit off on the couch, go down on her while she's watching the porn and make her cum. Pavlovian conditioning (or is it operant?) - get her to associate orgasm with girls! Then on with another condom and fuck her all over the couch. In doggy little brain over-rides big brain and I tell her I'm taking the condom off. Kamagra and tiredness isn't the best recipe for athletic fucking (long time to cum), so drag her through to the bed and have her ride me for a while. During all this, she's cum at least once or twice more. Spin her into the favoured position and shoot inside her.

    Another shower and I leave her in the apartment watching The Good Place while I jump in a taxi (risky move, but I've spent like 40 hours with her total at this point and she's invested in future stuff, so I risk it) to go get another Plan be.

    Total investment is about 1600 dalasi for the day - 1000 to her (bearing in mind she bought about 500 dalasis worth of food for me), 500 for the Plan be, 100 for the taxi there and back. 23 to spend all day (about 8 hours) fucking around with and being pampered a gorgeous 20 year old spinner who fucks like a pornstar? I can afford to pay that every single day I'm here.

    Meeting up with her again at 11 tomorrow, to go and meet the guide she's organised for our little boat trip. I'm going to do my best not to fuck her. I need some recovery time!

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    At J Janni, I really enjoy reading your reports from Gambia, and also the ones from your previous trip to Thailand. Can't wait for the next episode.

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    Ladies Night was a washout, literally. Ended up trapped in a restaurant on Senegambia with a six inch deep river flowing down the middle of the street. Tried to wait it out but it showed no signs of stopping. Miss Pro Girl who I see everywhere was there (but luckily, Spinner Waitress wasn't). Sat talking to Miss Pro Girl, the chances of getting a different girl are low. Miss Pro Girl says something like, "I won't be able to get home in this weather!" Mr Gallant that I am, "Well, I live only around the corner, you can stay over. " "Ok, but just to sleep. " Paid my bill, paid hers and flagged down a taxi to the door of the restaurant. It's only about a 300 m walk, but I don't fancy falling into a flooded over ditch.

    Back to my place, a little TV, then to bed. I'm actually trying my hardest to stick to the just sleep thing (also curious to see if she makes the first move.) Eventually she does and we're rolling around, snoggin'. She tries to mount me bareback (but sense prevails / I am sober) and stop her, put on a condom. I'm using Skyns with Extra Lube (they're a thin non latex condom) and they're very good, almost like bareback. She rides me cowgirl. She's very wet. Then I flip her into legs up missionary and go to work, grinding deep into her. I'm very close to cumming when she starts twitching like an epileptic and locks me into place "I cum, I cum, sensitive. " I give her five minutes and try again and it's still a no-go. Well, fuck it. I'm going to try out this 'no cumming' thing some of you guys go on about. Roll over, clean up. And try to sleep. I've developed fucking insomnia or something, so I leave her on the bed and go and watch some TV, read. Maybe crawl back into the bed at 5:30 am.

    Wake her up about 9:30 am, feed her some toast and scrambled eggs and get rid of her with the intention of going back to sleep for a few hours. Total cost was about 400 dalasi for her food at the restaurant, a couple of eggs and toast and I force her to take 300 for taxi. Feel a little stingy. But well, she just came over to sleep, right? And didn't attempt to finish me off after she came.

    Intentions to sleep are immediately ruined by a message from Little Miss Perfect ('I want to come over. ') Rush around the apartment, hiding evidence. And now I'm sat, waiting for her. And downloading a shedload of lesbian porn! Haha.

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    I forgot to mention, Little Miss Perfect.

    Last time she was here, she revealed a new side to herself. First time I dragged her through to the bedroom (already naked by that point), I'd forgotten to close the blinds. The windows are one-way and once I'd assured her of that, she was totally up for fucking up against them.

    When I moved her to the bed, I got her to taste her own grool from my fingers (she's been totally fine with snogging my face off after I've been down on her) and I rimmed her pretty little asshole. Though she got all giggly and squirmy and pushed me away before long. After, she tried to rim me (I stopped her. It really isn't my thing.) She asked me about if I'd ever tried 'sex in the ass' and I said yes. And that some girls really, really enjoy it. She thought about it for a long while.

    Later, watching a movie with a character who she asked me if 'he was a gay' (yes), she asked if I'd ever been with a man. Ermm, nope. Have you been with a girl? No! But I think you would like to? To which she giggled, but offered no outright denial.

    When the movie was finished, I pulled up Pornhub to test the waters and she was into it, revealing that at her all girl's school they used to watch it at lunchtime on their phones (oh yes.) Annoyingly, my internet connection isn't fast enough for streaming without it buffering all the time. And I'd cum three times by that point, so my sexual interest was low. I don't have any Porn on my hard-drive. I gave up watching it (solo) a couple of years ago. But she made me promise to download some for next time she comes over. Welp, that'll be all anal and lesbian porn sweetness! Haha.

    One must have something to keep them occupied. It isn't like you have to work for the pussy here, so my plan is to turn my sweet Little Miss Perfect into a bisexual exhibitionist three hole ****.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mombie75  [View Original Post]
    I am seriously thinking about Gambia with Kenya out of bounds currently. I am 2 minds to wait until Nov for the charter flights to start or bite the bullet and use scheduled but it is a pain from where I am in UK. However, I am a 2 am max man when I go out and indeed the last few years in Kenya it has been midnight, I am more of a daytime finder or use apps of various sites. Seems my MO will have to change if I hit the west coast. How are the Nigerian women there J?
    I flew Gatwick to Casablanca to Banjul. I believe you can fly direct to Banjul from Brussels too.

    There's some lookers amongst the Nigerians, if you like 'big' women. Big asses, big boobs. Typical of my contrary style, I go to Thailand and hunt girls with big asses and boobs, go to West Africa and hunt spinners.

    The night scene is a curious one. The harder core (and less attractive) pros will go with you the second they walk in the bar. The semi-pro girls are out for a night out. If you're going with them, you're going to end up buying them lots of drinks and hanging out to 2/3 am at the earliest. When I hit Britannia, I'm out to drink and socialise rather than get a girl, so I just treat it as a number harvesting exercise.

    Of the Apps, AfroIntroductions has been the only one worth while to me, the others are dead. Don't discount the profiles with few / bad pictures. Little Miss Perfect had one picture on her profile, didn't look that great. Only messaged her because her stats (Christian, spinner BMI) interested me, got more pics and videochatted easily. Same with a few other girls. Profile pics lacking or bad, in person or on videochat, much better. The card I'm playing is 'I'm in Gambia for a few months, just looking to meet cool people and hang out. ' My 'MO' with these girls has mostly been. Get them to my apartment mid to late afternoon to watch a movie (definitely bring a laptop, a movie is a great excuse to get a girl in your apartment), cook for them / take them out for dinner after we've fucked a couple of times.

    I haven't tried the direct '1500 dalasi, come over and fuck' route with any of the Afrogirls. I get the feeling they don't want to see themselves as WG, they think I'm going to fall in love with them and stay here long time / take them back to the UK. They're much better value for money than the pros. Little Miss Perfect, when she comes over now, stays 7-8 hours, buys food on the way, cooks for me (she's actually a great cook), cleans up, fucks my brains out as many times as I can manage and I put between 1000-1500 dalasi in her purse 'for taxi and the food. ' 14-21.

    Other hunting. Well, pretty much every single girl is available as far as I can tell. Just walk around. Even the pros in Britannia can be a little shy, so it tends to be on you to approach. But I haven't failed to get a number yet from any girl I've talked to.

    Little Miss Perfect came over again today. Usual MO. Movies, fucking, cooking for me, cuddling on the couch and making out. There's a boat trip I've wanted to do, upriver from Banjul. I'd mentioned it to her before and she didn't seem interested, but she brought it up again. One thing lead to another and before I know it, I've got a date next week to take the boat trip with her, her sister, her best friend and her cousin. I'm paying, of course. But with her having made the arrangements, I'm getting to spend the day chilling out on the river with a gaggle of pretty early-20 somethings, for the same white guy money I've been quoted taking the trip solo. Can't be bad!

    Starting to lose steam, so I'll probably just hit the gym and do touristy stuff the next couple of days. I may end up staying here in to November, so I need to pace myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJanni  [View Original Post]
    Come to Gambia, become nocturnal and an alcoholic.

    I headed out about 9 pm to play some pool. Dead, everywhere. As I got drunker and subsequently worse at pool, girls appeared. Nigerians, everywhere. By the time they'd collared me, I was already a good few beers deep and not interested. (I don't like to fuck when I've been drinking, unless it's been a while.).

    By the time I leave, Britannia and Time are pretty busy. Lots of girls. A few pairs I like (threesome time!) but I'm too drunk to bother.

    If you're like me and unable to be in a bar without getting drunk, get your head down and set alarm for like 2 am, then head out. Even on weekdays.
    I am seriously thinking about Gambia with Kenya out of bounds currently. I am 2 minds to wait until Nov for the charter flights to start or bite the bullet and use scheduled but it is a pain from where I am in UK. However, I am a 2 am max man when I go out and indeed the last few years in Kenya it has been midnight, I am more of a daytime finder or use apps of various sites. Seems my MO will have to change if I hit the west coast. How are the Nigerian women there J?

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