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    OK guys,

    This is my second report. Probably I should say that it is more from history of when I was in Conakry.

    Being Guinea a muslim contry, it gives its particular flavor to our favorite sport. It makes it difficult to obtain a photo of the ladies, since even while they are not performing, they don't like to much to be taken photos by "Fotes" (White man/woman in local language: Sousou).

    Bars/ Discos:

    As I said in my previous message, Timmis is by far the best place to go. But this is not all there is available. There are some other places like Moulin Rouge that is somewhat popular as well.

    Another good place is Atlantis. This is the best place in town. This is a US/Europe kind of place (very clean). The variety is good, better dressed and about the same price. The backdraw is that this is mainly the place for ex-pats, then it may be possible to find people from your same company on a friday or saturday. Entrance is 15,000 GNF and beer is 10,000 GNF depending on brand. You can even pay with Credit cards, although I would not recomend since the charge is made in Euros converted to less than 2,000 gnf/euro while the regular exchange is around 2,700; then your bill will come like 30% higer than what you would expect.


    Nov*****, Mari**** and Camaye*** are girl friendly. Although at Camay**** they recomend (not realy request) that the girls are registered at the front desk because of security reasons.

    At Nov*** and Camaye*** you can find some girls both at the lobby or at the bars. From there it is just to move to your own room. Carefull about the Camay*** on fridays. They have happy hour from 5 to 7 pm and is always packed with ex-pats (men and women). A lot from the US, for which I suspect they are from the Embassy, but not really sure.

    I will be glad to give my 2 cents if somebody needs more info.


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    Hello all,

    After being in Conakry for a good while, I believe I can provide with some valuable informaion, or at least provide my advise to certain situations that you could be faced with in this country.

    1. My first advise is never pay $50 for service. You should not pay more than 20 to 25 depending on how you negotiate in French. Yes, Guinea is a french spoken country. You will get FS including BBBJ. Most of the times the girl will not leave until morning, but it depends on you.

    2. The best place to go for searching is Timmis. Over the weekend you can find up to 20 girls after 11:00 PM. Cover is $10,000 gnf (about $5 usd), but if you go quite often it may happen that you may not pay for it.

    3. Taxis from the three major hotels to Timmis should not pay more than $2,000 from Novo***, $5000 from Camay*** and 8K from Maria***.


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    Thanks Aravin fotr your information. This helps me, even if I don't reach Conakry. The price (50 USD for a girl) is for the whole night I guess?

    I will give you more information, when I will come back in May.

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    I visited guniea , the city Conackry. having five star hotels, girls are generally coming to Bars in the evening time, but the discos in Conackry is goods , I visited 4 differant discos with one of my friend , (He is a the Bar Manager of the Hotel (i stayed Hotel Hof (Fiver star Please check this name clearely).

    Very good experiance, no need to fear, for going discos there.

    We take 2 Girls L/T , GOOD BBJ, and all position they are ok. Young girls at 20, paid US$100 (Each USD50).Moroccan girls also available in this discos.This hotel is guest friendly .

    Have a nice trip.

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    Any information?

    I am planing to travel to Guinea this year. Since it is hard to find any specified information I hope, that one of you guys can tell me more about some good places. O.K., generally, every place in Africa is a good place to find nice girls - they are very charming and if you are the same type, there should not be any problem.

    But, has anyone some more information about Guinea (than the lonely planet) ??

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