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    Quote Originally Posted by Global John  [View Original Post]
    But it's not just a way for them to improve their financial situation, many of these really enjoyed to have sex with me.
    Interesting report. Can I ask you how old are you please?


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    Lot of options

    Was in Bissau recently and was staying in one hotel called Ancar which is in the centre of Bissau and is clean and neat and value for money. Ventured out in the night together with my local contact and had dinner in Lisboa restaurant and then proceeded to this discotheque called Plack around 1200 AM. Fortunately it was a ladies night on Thursday. Around 1. 00 am the place was swarmed over by ladies of all sizes and shapes. They were clearly some 9 and 8's. Chose one and took her to the hotel. No money was discussed. Had a good time with BBBJ and some massage and also doggy and finally finished in mish. Totally two shots. In the morning paid 30. 000CFA and she was happy and told that she will call me later. Tookj the digits for next time. Was travelling next day so did not have any more opportunity.

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    Plenty of available girls I Guinea-Bissau

    I spent a few weeks in Guinea-Bissau and it was very easy to find girls. The bar / restaurant at the port who Safariman mentioned is still a good place. The girls start to come already after sunset. You also find prostituits I the town centre. Praca de Cheguevara (at the French Cultural Centre) and Praca dos Herois Nacionais are good places. If you see a woman at night alone or with a female friend, mostly it's prostituits. If you are white it's also a fairly good chance that prostituits will aproach you offering her services.

    A few of this girls will speak some words of english, but the vast majority will not. If you don't speak portugues or crioulo (or get the help from a local) it can be difficult.

    If you are a foreigner the girls will maybe tell you they want 20. 000 or even 30. 000 CFA. But I could get it down to 10. 000 through just a little bit of bargaining. Once, after hard bargaining, I paid only 5. 000 CFA. (7. 5 € ). But my local friend never paid more than that. Sometimes he paid only 2. 500 CFA.

    Another good place to find girls is gooing to a discotec. In the whole country there is plenty of discotecs. Even this girls will require money from you.

    But if you don't like prostituits, it's not a big problem. It's very easy to score a woman in Guinea-Bissau (as in many other counrties in subsaharan Africa ). You can just approach somebody at the street. Maybe a lady at the market selling fruits. Or maybe you like a girl working at a café or restaurant you visit. Somebody working at your hotel.

    These girls will not tell you a price, but they hope to get something out of it at the end. Most of all they want marriage. But it's not just a way for them to improve their financial situation, many of these really enjoyed to have sex with me.

    I will submit a second report about Guinea-Bissau later.

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    Caracol hotel

    Somebody told me Caracol Hotel in Bissau have a disco with plenty of girls. I will visit it to see if the rumour is true. I will submit my report later.

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    No reports from Guinea-Bissau for more than 1˝ years. I'm going there soon, so if anyone have a fesh report I would be very happy. I would submit my own report when I'm coming back from Guinea-Bissau.

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    I`m with Freddy, it would have been very foolish to go there with the knowledge a coup was imminent.

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    Frederick Forsyth in wahala...

    Much African-travelled former BBC reporter and renown author Frederick Forsyth found himself in Guinea-Bissau at the wrong time recently.

    PMSFL that he makes a point of disassociating himself with the murders of the General and then the President. Despite the fact that he was implicated in an attempted coup d'etat in Equatorial Guinea in the early 70's. Make your own minds up LOL.

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    recent visit

    I was in Bissau in October. Unfortunately, I arrived on a Sunday and left on a thursday. All the proper clubs were closed. I met street talent and had a passable time, but nothing special. The traffic circle near the main downtown mercado is a hangout, as is the cafe off the circle. Hotels are relaxed. The Sheraton was completely quiet. It is undergoing a change in management. Given that the currency is the franc CFA, which has an unfavorable exchange rate to the dollar these days, prices were high by West Africa standards, but lower than Dakar. I understand that if I had only been there a weekend night I could have hooked up with a gorgeous semi-pro or outright amateur. The women of G-B are beautiful, just not those working the street during the work week.

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    African Queens

    This is what you can come across in Guinea Bissau!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 106-0620_IMG.jpg‎   IMG_2465.jpg‎   IMG_2438.jpg‎   IMG_1043.jpg‎   IMG_0981.jpg‎  

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    Hey Safariman, could you give me more information about the place?. I'm planning to go there next winter coming from senegal(i'm bored of Ghana and I want to change)) .Bissau, is a pleasant place to stay? What about beaches nearby the town?
    Could you suggest a hotel to stay and if it's worth to go in Bijagos.

    BTW I speak a good portuguese



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    No messages about Guinea Bissau, probably only on a Portuguese site? There is plenty action to be found in GB. Most girls walking on the streets in the dark you can approach. In the "boites" plenty meninas to be had. A nice quiet place is the restaurant under the trees near the entrance to the port jetty. Plenty of birds hanging around there. Although these are full professionals they try to please and take you to the side entrance of one of the former glory hotels, where they have their own private deals to get entrance.

    Good luck!

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