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    All natural!

    When she shaves quickly because she has a date and knows that sooner or later, the panties will come down, legs will be opened up, and the pussy will be spread to make room for a strong little man.
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    Monrovia Date.

    She was my driver's niece, 25 yr old, with a lovely body. She just came over and said that her uncle said that you want to see me.

    I took her out for dinner and we had a fun night together. Very quiet and a little subdued but fun nevertheless.

    Lovely firm boobs and bottom and a warm muffin.

    Liberia is certainly amongst the easiest countries to get laid!

    At least 10+ women returned my smiles and small talk positively but I didn't have the time to follow up with them.
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    Tropicana Beach: Day 2.

    She came over mid-morning for another fun day at the beach.

    We started the day with breakfast on the beach and intensely sweaty three rounds of sex.

    There she is proudly showing how many times she gets fucked in each session. Popped the first one too fast standing up, the second one was a good long doggy fuck that left her panting, and the third round (after a cold water shower to cool down) was in missionary. Oh those perky boobs got sucked big time and she got quite a spanking too!

    She was actually sore afterwards and had a funny walk all through the day. My driver remarked on it and so did the young fellow at the beach bar as she was walking away towards the bathroom. I explained that she was OK, just got a little too much jigi jigi in the morning.

    When she came back, I asked her to show the sign of three to the driver and bartender. Which she did without realizing the context. The two guys laughed hysterically for the next few minutes while my darling blushed and buried her head in my chest. The news of my sore sweetheart spread quickly to the kitchen staff as well and the older lady cook laughed and cracked jokes at her expense for a while. As we were leaving, the old lady came out laughing with a small plastic bottle with a little oil in it and gave it to me while making crude signs with her hand and saying "use this oil if you put it in her buttocks."

    That was the grand finale and my girl literally ran out to the car. Such a crazy fun bunch of people!

    My girl was actually scared I was going to fuck her bottom that night. I treated her with a long lickjob until she orgasmed (her first oral climax)!

    Unfortunately, I took the night flight out to Brussels!

    What a fun bunch of people!
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    Tropicana Beach: Day 1.

    Found this 20-yr old gem at Tropicana Beach. She didn't get selected to work at the resort for the day but was perfectly happy to show me around.

    We spent the day together at Marshall Beach.

    Since I loved playing with her perky boobs, she took her bra off and gave me full access. She loved posing!

    Unfortunately, she had to go home to her grandma's place and could not stay the night with me. It was an awesome day all around!
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    Liberia, Monrovia.

    Some of the most accommodating, engaging women in the world were to be found here. Liberia was my 38th African country and while bodies of the 16 extant tribes (plus Libero-Americans and Congos) were not all petite, all the ones I experienced over six nights were under 48 kilos and they were firm, fit, and healthful (age range 19-25). Not a scammer in the bunch, although each date warned me that not all girls were like them and to watch out for the others. (got to scare off the competition).

    Arriving on a Wednesday evening and staying downtown, it was essential to get out on Wednesday as it's Ladies Night in Monrovia. Girls this night go out alone, and with girlfriends. It's their pickup night. Also, on other nights, it was said that some clubs in town will refuse entry to unescorted ladies. Red Lion on Wednesday karaoke featuring reggae mostly was thankfully free of NGO types who you might expect to turn up at a place like this (maybe they go there on weekends or the whoppimg $10 entry for two drinks scared them off) but was full of unescorted girls. They took turns dancing (grinding pelvis) until I collected their numbers, while leaving with one. Over the next several days and evenings, two others beat a path to my hotel room. I found another date at Miami Beach in the afternoon and would have loved to go back there at night but didn't get the chance, and she insisted (of course) it was way too dangerous. Another afternoon, walking down Ashmon St. , (in the direction of the RC Church and rectory) near the intersection of Newport there's a bar full of girls: Half-a-dozen were sitting in front to choose from, others calling out from the second floor terrace. While most of these seemed a bit professional, my selection impressed enough to do an encore the next afternoon. Using Badoo is inefficient or an outright waste of time although you get a ton of response, they seldom look as good in the flesh. Better to just do what you do at home: start talking to and hitting on anything that catches your eye. Liberian girls are some of the easiest in the world, and confident they don't know how to say no (or ask for money: I never gave more than $25 except once where it took an extra $5 taxi money to get rid of her friend).

    Just to verify previous posts, yes there's music and action at Sajj House on Friday. Fuzzion was jammed on Saturday night and girls hanging around the parked cars. This was the one place where you could pick up an 18-20 year old. The top floor bar at Grand Royal had something available every night (except Monday, they're closed.) For weekend, it's ideal to stay in this part of Sinkor for the action. Royal Hotel (though not the greatest) was $90 in case Royal Grand is beyond your budget. Recommended by the girls was hotel named A'Laguna. Another week there and I' would have been out to the places by the airfield for sure. One thing though were these constant warnings about danger at night, backstreet boys, robberies, etc. That I never had satisfactorily verified.

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    If all you do is go to confirmed P4P venues and all you seek are confirmed hookers, well. You only get what you play for.

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    Maybe I should point out that I was in Monrovia May 2 - May 7 (not going out the 1st night). Thus, I arrived before any of Gbanaman's reports were published.

    I did read Jiggydus' reports, though. The Liberian girls' reluctance to allow pictures may only be worrisome to an amateur photographer like me. The scam artists should worry any white visitor. There may also be a link between the two. Scammers don't want any evidence in the form of pictures. Anyway, I can confirm both threats are real.

    I've visited 35 black African countries, and have never needed a local guide. For a white man in Africa, finding pussy is easy & scams are extremely rare. Except in Liberia.

    Tinder is absolutely free! No CC required. It's a great app for white men in Africa.

    Happier stories to follow on the Nigeria forum...


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    My thoughts about your Lib trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loso69  [View Original Post]
    As I went outside to meet my Tinder date Miss B, I couldn't find her. I was looking for a girl standing outside the hotel gate, when she was actually inside the gate waiting inside her car! No, it wasn't a taxi. It was her car, and she was driving!

    Our 1st stop was Ce La Vi, the newest incarnation of Dj Vu. The fact that there were only 3 cars in the parking lot was an indication the club was deserted, even after midnight on a Friday night. We decided against checking it out.

    Our next stop was Sajj House, a restaurant with a thatched roof that turns into a disco on Friday night (and ONLY on Friday night!) Here, it was as difficult to find a parking spot as it was to find 2 available chairs. With a mixed crowd consisting of locals, white expats & Arabs, Sajj was absolutely packed. Beers cost 3 USD + 10% tax..
    Am really sorry about your more negative than positive experiences in Liberia.

    But as a total stranger without to hang around with any good local or a bit experienced foreign friend its pretty complicated. I don't think it's only in Liberia but in whole Africa, it's they see you as a total stranger they will always put up the prices, even the huku joes (hookers) especially the ones you pick up from more fancy places.

    By the way am impressed how good Tinder worked out for you and get directly a jue (woman) who comes to your feet with her own card. Yes some of the women around middle class have cars most likely from their boyfriends from overseas or ex boyfriends etc.

    I don't know how some of you guys find Tinder as a top fishing spot, I mean to open there a profile and message around you to pay first with credit card. How about the women there? They need to pay for messaging around too?

    I tried it out a few times years ago but to me it looks like a scam site especially after seen it's a site with payment.

    Facebook is far far far the best spot to make quick contacts for right away meetings and that's all for free. The selection of girls is on FB as well very very wide.

    I was the past Saturday night out too in town to watch the UEFA Champions League Final, after I went to Red Lion as well still 22:00, I saw there a few whites don't know if you were there in the same time as well.

    I don't really highly recommend for people to hook with the slay queens around fancy places, they will try their best to get as much as they can from you. Especially they see you are a newcomer and staying in a hotel. Some guys that have money don't really hesitate to pay a girl 100+ $. Some of the new coming business men or Lebanese with plenty money can really spoil those young slay queens.

    You are most likely to have protected sex anyway so it's much cheaper to find a local hooker from a local bar.

    Sex is ridiculously cheap in the country if you are a true hunter, there are lots of younger girls that are willing to do action for even 5 $.

    Oh by the way I agree even the average hotel that is around 2 to 3 stars hotel standards are around 80-100 $ range, maybe in many other countries the price would be only 20 or 30 $, as I remember the hotels around Kilimanjaro / Tanzania was around that range.

    But again as a total stranger and short visitor there is nothing to do but stay & pay on those hotels. I prefer a guest house more than a hotel though, almost the same room and around the half of the price (guest houses around Sinkor is 35 to 50 $) they are inside a fence so the security is likely the same too.

    About the money order yes we use USD especially when we trading or buying bigger things but the part you said LD (Liberian Dollar) is only for change isn't true, local transportation (car pay), when you go to the market to buy food and or other stuff, up to the local entertainment centers and bars the prices of the drinks and food is always by LD.

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    Liberian Visa

    According to the website of the Liberian embassy in Brussels, Liberia requires an invitation letter. To me, this impossible condition simply means tourists aren't welcome. When I called the embassy, however, it turned out an invitation letter wasn't required for a tourist visa. A hotel reservation was sufficient. It took a week, but getting a Liberian visa was basically straightforward.


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    The Red Lion

    On Thursday night, I headed to The Red Lion. My 1st priority was having dinner. The menu was limited, and the service was extremely slow, but the boneless chicken turned out to be excellent. As I walked in, a few guys were watching Europa League football on the plethora of TV screens. Apart from my fat waitress, there wasn't a single female. I got a little excited when a cute girl walked in the door. She turned out to be an extra waitress, and wasn't nearly as cute from up close as from afar. Later at night, quite a few local couples showed up. No unaccompanied girls whatsoever! Wasted night.

    Miss B super-liked me on Tinder. Yet, she wasn't responding when I was looking for a date on a Thursday night. We started chatting after I returned to my lonely hotel room. She wasn't exactly surprised I couldn't find a date in The Red Lion, as it mainly caters to couples. She promised to meet me tomorrow evening, though.


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    Sajj House

    As I went outside to meet my Tinder date Miss B, I couldn't find her. I was looking for a girl standing outside the hotel gate, when she was actually inside the gate… waiting inside her car! No, it wasn't a taxi. It was her car, and she was driving!

    Our 1st stop was Ce La Vi, the newest incarnation of Déjà Vu. The fact that there were only 3 cars in the parking lot was an indication the club was deserted, even after midnight on a Friday night. We decided against checking it out.

    Our next stop was Sajj House, a restaurant with a thatched roof that turns into a disco on Friday night (and ONLY on Friday night!) Here, it was as difficult to find a parking spot as it was to find 2 available chairs. With a mixed crowd consisting of locals, white expats & Arabs, Sajj was absolutely packed. Beers cost 3 USD + 10% tax.

    There were lotsa sweaty bodies on the dance floor. While you can't assume every girl is a hooker, some were definitely available. Of course, I already had a date. After shaking our bon-bon on the dance floor, Miss B drove back to my hotel, and joined me in my room.

    Even though she was tired & sweaty, I managed to snap a few pictures of Miss B's pretty face. My shower cubicle wasn't designed for 2 people, but we somehow managed to make it work. Her hard body with upwardly mobile tits was fun to play with. After licking her pussy got Miss B horny, she rode my dick like a tigress in heat.

    As we woke up early afternoon, I was still unsure what Miss B's deal was. Since she had a car, she definitely wasn't a poor girl. I was actually relieved when Miss B asked for money. Giving her 50 USD earned me the freedom to try & improve on my Liberian tally.

    Liberia added. Country #92.


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    Fuzion Restaurant

    Going out solo on Saturday night, my 1st stop was the nearby Red Lion. The doorman informed me they had live music on Saturday nights, and wanted to sell me 2 tickets for 10 USD. The regular price for a beer is only 2 USD, and I had no intention of forking out the extra cash. Since I was early, and only came to have dinner, I got in without paying the cover charge.

    People started trickling in as the live band was setting up. The 4 man band with a male singer started performing around 10.30 PM. They mostly played love songs. While the guy had a great voice, it was weird to hear a man sing Whitney & Adele classics. By the time I left, the only unaccompanied females I'd spotted were a table with 3 fat girls, and an older chick that was after me. I escaped her claws!

    At Ce La Vi (aka Déjà Vu aka Gossip), there was only 1 parked car on a Saturday night. Once again, I didn't set foot inside. Arrived at Sajj House, I was informed the kitchen was already closed. As previously mentioned, every night but Friday, Sajj is just a boring old restaurant. The staff told me the action was at Fuzion Restaurant on Saturday night.

    Fuzion turned out to be a horrible place. They pack the tables as closely as possible to attain maximum capacity. There was no space for a dance floor. The live music was simply awful. Nevertheless, there wasn't a free seat in the house.

    The all-seat restaurant setup wasn't exactly conducive to meeting new people. After ordering a beer at the bar (3 USD + tax), the older chick from The Red Lion was after me again. I still wasn't interested. Eventually, I spotted a skinny cutie with blue dreadlocks by the bar. Rita's face looked rather stern, but she was doable. After I bought Rita a drink, she was French kissing me & rubbing her sexy body against me. I figured I might have a winner.

    As Fuzion started emptying, Rita wanted to leave with me. She asked for 50 USD. After she agreed to pictures (fully dressed; with face), I took her home. Back in my room, I wasted little time before getting my camera out. Rita suddenly wouldn't allow any pictures, and kept repeating: "Why do you want to take pictures?" I couldn't even be bothered to reply, except to say that she'd explicitly agreed to pictures. When Rita started saying that 50 USD only entitled me to a massage, not sex, it became abundantly clear that this witch was nothing but a scam artist.

    I was totally pissed off by now. I called Rita a liar, and told her that I hated fucking liars. I calmly told her I didn't even wanna fuck her anymore, then yelled at her to get the fuck out of my room. I threw generous taxi fare onto the hallway floor, then slammed the door behind her. Good riddance!


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    My final night in Monrovia was a slow Sunday night. After last night's debacle, I wasn't motivated to go out. I had no idea where to go anyway. I was counting the hours until I could get out of this hellhole, until I received a message from Miss B. She didn't want to go out. She just wanted to come to my room. She was welcome to! Miss B brought make-up & outfits for the photo shoot she wanted. She was still truly passionate in bed.

    Despite the happy ending, I have a very low opinion of Liberia as a P4P country. The nightlife is limited. Liberian girls are scam artists. After my short visit, I can only confirm Jiggydus' conclusion: Liberia gets an avoid rating!


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    Accommodation in Monrovia is ridiculously overpriced. I stayed at the no frills City Hotel (90 USD) in the heart of the city. The hotel is perfectly girl-friendly. No ID required.

    The currency is basically the USD. Local currency LRD is only used as change.

    Smoking in public places is forbidden in Liberia, which I perfectly understand. However, in Liberia, public places include the streets, which is utterly ridiculous. All the while, plenty of people were smoking in true public places, such as The Red Lion, Sajj House & Fuzion Restaurant. Liberian politicians must be total flaming lunatics!


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    Accommodation & Areas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neddy69  [View Original Post]
    Thanks gbana man. You are a real trailblazer. Finally hard facts on Liberia. As I said. I had some smoking hot liberian broads in Gambia. Thumbs up. Maybe you write about areas where to live preferrably. Airfield sounds good. I am a cash and carry type of guy. Like to have all facilities in walking distance. Pussy booze food and accommodation. BTW. Where are good beaches for a weekend outing?


    Still in Disneyland (Europe) until End September.
    Airfield is not bad but lots of growna (street) men & women there so especially in the night its very high risk to be a victim of a hit & runner. They will look to snatch your wallet or phone away. So I don't highly recommend Airfield, it's also a bit inside from the main road.

    I would highly recommended those areas to stay:

    Sinkor (it has streets from 1 to 24) Sinkor has it growna areas too but it's alright compared to many other places. I lived in 21. Street for a while and it's cool. I used to come home in late hours. It's generally safe. I think the best part of Sinkor on the land side is anywhere from 15 to 22. Those streets are walking distance to Sajj House, Fusion, Royal Hotel, Boulevard Palace etc. I was walking to Airfield when I used to go Old Folks from 21. Street it's around a 10 minutes walk but not recommended to walk in late hours. All around Sinkor are bike boys that can carry you anywhere for small money, in the nights the bikers can double or triple the price though.

    Mamba Point, never lived there but hang out a lot. It appears to me like the most decent part of Monrovia. They got even apartments there in Europeanstandards but like I said in the previous posts in very absurd prices. But with a proper search and luck you can still find middle class places anything around 150-300 $.

    The good thing about Mamba Point it's right around town so you can reach to all clubs there by walking or transportation less than a dollar or 2.

    Capitol Room is also right in Mamba Point, 1 of the elite clubs in town.

    Congo Town (next after Sinkor).

    It's also a alright area but unlike Sinkor not so good for walking around but near to places such Chinese Club, Mu Spot or Palm Spring etc.

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