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    Player 2,

    Don't worry, Stano just wanted to make you clear that Morocco is the kind of country where things don't happen how they have been planned before, which is part of the fun. It's not only because it is not a developped country, but it is a cultural aspect. Future belongs to god, planning future is like fooling with him, which can get him mad. If you can not deal with that cultural aspect, Morocco is not the kind of country for you. Go to Germany instead. They have there some excellent...sorry, wrong thread.

    Don't forget, the moroccan scene is not an organized scene with fixed prices, fixes locations for pick-up, fixed locations for the deed and so on. It's more like an amateur scene. Things keep on changing, so it is hard to give a reliable information about it. You have to discover it once you will be there. And for that, you need to have some time (three days is too short), speak French or Arabic and have a feeling for the cultural aspect.

    Here is all you need to know. It is forbidden by law for a moroccan girl to walk around by night with a man that is not a family member. It is also forbidden for a moroccan girl to take a hotel room with a man that is not her husband. As a tourist you will not fear very much from police, but the girl can get in serious trouble.

    The girls are to be found late at night in the main discos. In Casablanca for example, try those at the Corniche, the beachfront entertainment area. The more expensive ones are in the discos from the main 4 star hotels like Sheraton. Look at the unaccompanied girls and make eye contact. A regular moroccan girl would never come alone in a disco. Still, you need to approach her as if she is a regular girl. Prices are not fixed and can go from 200DH (20$) to 2000DH (200$) with an average of 1000DH (100$). This means usually all-nighter. You need to bring her back to your place either with two taxis or with one and some possible police bribing and hassle. Best is to rent an appartment (to find one just ask around once you will be there), but then also you need to have tipped previously the guard. If you are at the hotel, you need to pay for her own room (a second one). But then also, there may be some possible bribes for the guards.

    Once back, make a nice report on ISG, but keep in mind that moroccan authorities monitor our board since the Belguel scandal, so don't give any personal info about the girls.

    Be discrete, treat the girls well and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stano
    Why not? I don't understand. What is your problem?

    Do you want to plan everything before leaving? Ok, but than you will never leave.

    You want to go to Morocco, man, not to the USA. It's another world, you know.
    Give info dont attack. Yes I want to plan everything before leaving.

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    What an amazing city. I spent a week in marrakech for xmas and it was great. I went to the Daimant Noir (sorry if the spelling is off). it is a very well known discotech. It was even on the map in the Marrakech tourism book I read. There were lots of beautiful girls (i love morrocan girls!). I didn't really know how the scene worked at the time (i'm new to this site), and my french is limited, but I knew there was a "working" scene in the clubs. And then i saw my target. She was so hot. Light green eyes (i believe that is a bit rare for morrocans), dark curly hair, nice cleavage, and the tightest ass you could imagine. When she walked through the room, all the guys were falling in love.

    I just said "ca va?" to her and we started chatting. 5 minutes later we are making out in a corner. I am not a big player, so I figured if it were that easy, she must be working. I was right. She asked me how much would i pay to make love to her. I won't even mention how much we agreed upon. It was too much. As i mentioned already, i'm new to this site and i didn't know what the rates were (however the taxi driver told me the going rate is 1000dh which is like 100euro for the night). She also asked for taxi money, which i was hesitant to give, but finally gave in. She said we could not be seen leaving together, but she did follow behind us in her own taxi, just like she promised.

    We went to the riad where i was staying and i was fortunate that i had made friends with the guy who worked nights. He told me the girl must leave before the manager arrives the next morning, but he didn't charge me anything extra. As far as the sex goes, wasn't the best, but she was very sweet. She gave me her # and i called her to hook up one more time later that week. I liked the girl and it was easier than going back to the club (which charges 100dh/10 euro for the entry and 80dh/8 euro per drink, BTW).

    All in all, it is very exciting to pick up girls in the clubs. I'm not used to that method and it made it seem more like a real hunt. It's like at home you always wanted the hot girl in the club, and here you can get her. But you should definately rent an apt. or somewhere that you have privacy to bring girls back. You really need to understand the social rules if you want to play here. I got off very lucky. When you take a taxi, make sure they are using the meter. If you can speak arabic, you can have lots of fun very cheaply. if you don't speak any french or arabic, i think that you are going to have a difficult time here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Player2
    Now I have figured out that apartments are not going to work for me in Casablanaca
    Why not? I don't understand. What is your problem?

    Do you want to plan everything before leaving? Ok, but than you will never leave.

    You want to go to Morocco, man, not to the USA. It's another world, you know.

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    Just spent five days in Agadir
    Saw just 3 hookers on the street which kept a very low profile. Quality low.
    Police is present everywhere and that is just the once one sees in uniform.
    Discos where empty.
    Daytimes there are limited chances but very difficult and one needs to be totally discreet.

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    Now I have figured out that apartments are not going to work for me in Casablanaca and now I am willing to buy an addtional hotel room for the lady.I need to know which hotel is best close to action in US $ 50.00-75.00 range.
    I also like to know what is the best area to stay in Casablanca and of course close to action.??????

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    No GF hotels in Casablanca or Morocco for that matter.

    Fing an appartment: do a Goolge search or ask a 'grand taxi' driver.

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    Hi All :

    I am still having trouble finding a GF hotel or apartment in Casablanca.
    Kindly help me out.


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    about marrocan woman


    I am planing to visit casa I spring do the woman like blowjobs and anal.

    I am also interessed in chuby woman, I remeber that (belguel) sayed that there was a plenty of nice chuby laydies

    Is that still correct, and it's still safe to do sex tourisme there?

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    Great report. Maybe you can shed some light, indirectly, of where to bring the girls, the cheap hotels. 180 dollars in room fees is steep. A question for the Marocco group, if the place is poor, plus plenty of hookers where do they take them? No Spaniard is going to pay 180 dollars for the room alone.

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    Love them and leave them. I guess you are a newbee to the site but I would be very surprised to have "Raoul" respond to your Question. Where he is at he may not be able to have the chance to get to a computer.

    No problem though I am sure some of the other pros on the morocco board can give you some guidance.



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    Questions for Raoul

    Hello, Raoul, I am Luvem and Leave em.

    I was in Tangiers in Maroc from Friday 6 Jan to Sunday 8 Jan. I enjoyed the town. Weather was pretty cold and the rain was very heavy. Tangiers is not mentioned much on this site as it is more difficult to get to. I was on vacation on the Costa Del Sol. That was very quiet.

    In the best discos on Tangiers are Oba Oba and 555. All the action is there.

    I can muster a few words of schoolboy french and spanish (no arabic). That was useful as few of the pros in the Discos spoke english. If they do. They are more expensive.

    I stayed at the Ramada. 750 DH. Per night single room. About 75 euros. 50. Or $90. . Same price for the second room when you bring back a girl.

    I can agree with Raoul (Belguel) about some aspects of the scene in Maroc. Boozing all night in the bars and clubs is exhausting. Did it the first night. Had 12 bottles of beer (heineken, a local tangiers beer, both 250 ml. And a stronger larger beer. 330ml called Casablanca. I was loaded. It helped in one way though as I could bee a bit blase with the ladies. They are REALLY PUSHY. AND I LIKE TO LOOK AROUND.

    There is a bar in the Medina called Aladdin. All the girls meet up there and have the first few beers. They all drink like troopers and smoke like chimneys. But there were some fantastic looking women there. At Oba Oba. Women out numbered men 3 to 1. I was the only Uk guy. In fact I saw only one other European guy. It is out of season and the place was mostly yuppy Moroccans who were making money and spending fast.

    At 3pm went for Hayat. 21, fabulous breasts. Belly danced for me. Bought her a red bull and cigs. Cost 120Dh. Later Smirnoff Ice. Cost 100DH.

    Then came up to my hotel. DM750 for extra Room. Gave here 800. She was very GFE. Kissing and BBBJ. But we agreed all night and after 30 mins. She got up to go. She spoke only arabic and Spanish (most of the punteres who go there fly down from Malaga or come on the ferry from Tarifa. About 95 per cent of the business comes from Spaniards. Hence no point in learning english.

    She wanted to go. Then she asked for 300 DH to pay off the doorman (bouncer) at Oba Oba. I gave it to here and she went.

    That night spent around DH 3500. (includes 50 DH for a cab to find an ATM as I ran out of cah).

    You can do it all cheaper.

    YOU can find a cheaper hotel. Continental is 300 per night and there is one in the Town centre for 200. But KEEP OUT OF THE CASBAH. It is really dirty there. You would not want to shag in a really dirty place.

    Plus you could just get the cellphones numbers of a few girls and invite them to the hotel in the day. And that would be DH500 each. Perhaps less after first time.

    I love the history of Tangiers. Paul Bowles wrote the Sheltering Sky there. But want to try Agadir next. So need to speak to Raoul.

    Is the Residence Igoudar or Intoutiste girl friendly. Will be there early March.

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    Do a google research to find renting apartment in casa.
    But in this case, you don't know if the owner will allow you to bring girls inside.

    if you don t want to go to an hotel first, so be adventurous. Once you get off the plane, take a taxi and ask him about renting apartments close to the action. Try to be clear with him (and the owner) that you like to bring guess in the house.

    Hope you " parler bien francais !!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Player2
    Hi Raja : (Kya hall hai)

    I really need to get a clue where to find an apartment in Casablanca before I leave.
    Go on google and type : " appartement casablanca " You will find all what you want.

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    Hi Raja : (Kya hall hai)

    My problem is that I am only going to be in Morrocco for 3-4 days and I want to get most of it.
    Since hotels are problem, I want to rent an apartment (close to action), so I can go straight to my apartment and mongering.
    I really need to get a clue where to find an apartment in Casablanca before I leave.

    Player2 (tony). I just changed my handle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maharadjah
    I prefer go to small cities than big ones. You can find cheap prices and better services (but it always have exeptions...).
    For me best cities are Marrakech , Agadir , Fes.
    When i come there, i always booked 1 or 2 days in a hotel. it give me time to look after an apartement.
    And during my research if i meet nices girls i ask them to come to my hotel to enjoy the swimming pool or a lunch. After i invite them to my room and there you are.
    I always do that in the day time and never have problems with security (i have never tried in the night). Be discrete that s all....

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