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    I think you are referring to BMS Spa, that is not so difficult to find. For the short time hotels I am not so sure about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Sandman
    Jack Lite, many thanks for the info. I could not find any details on google for the BMA Spa. Can you give some guidance on where to look?

    Are you or any other monger aware of any short time hotels with girls, or girls that do afternoon incall service at their own place? It is not always convenient to go out in the evening and bring a girl home. Prefer the VI, Ikoyi, Lekki area.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Zamziv

    I will visit lagos on Sep 20-22.

    Will appreciate any connections.

    Please PM me.
    Let me know where you are going in Lagos.

    I got some numbers of some girls that will keep you warm 4 many nites!

    Here one here. Topsy by name Ogun State University is her School.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Lite
    Here is info on Massage Parlors in Lagos, mainly Ikoyi and VI if you r looking for some fun.]
    Jack Lite, many thanks for the info. I could not find any details on google for the BMA Spa. Can you give some guidance on where to look?

    Are you or any other monger aware of any short time hotels with girls, or girls that do afternoon incall service at their own place? It is not always convenient to go out in the evening and bring a girl home. Prefer the VI, Ikoyi, Lekki area.



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    Any support will be appriciate


    I will visit lagos on Sep 20-22.

    Will appreciate any connections.

    Please PM me.

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    Female Bankers Turned Prositutes In Nigeria!!!

    Hi Guys, funny how time goes by!

    I guess you west african watchers have been hearing about what is happening in the banking industry in Nigeria ie all the sacking of CEO etc.

    But also there is the "Fund Mobilising Officers" ak. A "Corporate Prostitute" saga thats happening in the New Generation Banks (Banks formed due to consolidation in 2005) in Nigeria. These females are imployed to source for funds from Private & Public Businesses and in the desperation to meet there targets they are also having sex with potential depositors to get that Deposit account open.

    There is now a website where these Nigerian Guys are posting videos of them having sex with these girls!

    A friend sent me a 8 minute video clip of him meeting this female banker and then having se with her in a hotel room filming it on camcorder!

    Dear oh Dear!

    Reality forum posting just got more interesting!

    I shall post a article and also get the video uploaded

    Stay tuned folks as the real fun is about to begin

    "Da Stallion"

    Corporate Prostitution—Akunna Ejim
    April 13, 2009 13:54

    You see them everywhere: shuttling about in branded vehicles, in an office near you, haunting the halls of the National Assembly Complex, government offices, conglomerates, telecommunication offices, oil companies, private firms, pure water companies, one-man enterprises. Even traders are not left out of this crazy hustle by harried female bankers with THE TARGET on their minds.

    Yes, women now have more career opportunities, thanks to the openings created by the New Generation banks, telecommunication companies and all their auxiliary outlets. The IT industry too is really booming. Ten years ago, even seven years ago, some of these markets didn’t even exist in any meaningful way, much less have any impact on the career-minded woman. All that has changed now. Women can actually make a career for themselves in any of these fields. This has also brought with it some very unwelcome trends. Most banks will tell you that they are equal opportunity employers of labour, yet the females get a very raw deal. Sure the banks hire workers, male and female alike and place them in various departments, but the females mostly, predominantly, end up in marketing.

    Most companies have adopted this method of hiring women, especially, young, attractive women, irrespective of their qualifications, solely on the basis of their looks. These women are then shunted to the marketing department, from where they are unleashed on the populace, especially, the men. The reasoning is simple; quite correctly, the people with the most funds are men. They are the ones who control the different tiers of government, with a few token women. They own and control a vast number of choice businesses; women control only a paltry number of substantial companies and are vastly outnumbered by the menfolk. All this money has to go somewhere, so banks jostle to get depositors and they don’t take no for an answer. If you already have several bank accounts, you are asked to withdraw your money and deposit in theirs!

    A simple study will show you that a man is many times more likely to loosen his purse strings when approached by a pretty female than a fellow man. In fact, the chances of a female getting through to a particular male customer are more than marginally higher than her male counterpart–for the most part. So much so that there is even a term for it. In the local parlance, it is referred to as ‘Bottom Power’. It is this key factor that banks have honed in on to woo some otherwise recalcitrant customers.

    While this strategy is certainly true of most companies, the banks are by far the worst culprits as they have taken it to a really baffling, and downright alarming, proportion. Not only do they send these women out into the cold and murky world of business with a questionable mandate, they also give them ridiculous targets on which their very jobs depend thus, making them really vulnerable to the opportunists out there waiting to abuse them. In fact, trust Nigerians, they have already come up with a term for these women-‘Deposit Mobilisation Officers’.

    I have a relative–though I’m ashamed to admit it–who bragged to me about how he bedded a certain young woman who worked in a new generation bank, all because she wanted to ‘land’ his account. According to him, after she had been on his case for a while, he asked her to meet him in a certain hotel so they could finalise the ‘transaction’.

    And afterwards, did he open the account with her? Of course not! As far as he was concerned, it was one of the perks of being wealthy. Besides, there were more where she came from. As if on cue, his phone rang and from the conversation–not to mention the smug look on his face–it was another lady trying to get him to open an account with her bank! This is really Corporate Prostitution with the bank management as the Pimps and the women as the–for want of a more euphemistic term–mules. Even Senator David Mark had some very choice words about this practice. All these despite the consolidation in the banking sector meant to make them stronger and more efficient.

    There are women in managerial and other key positions within the banking sector, but the real core, decision-making positions are still saturated by men. Take a roll call of the entire bank CEOs in Nigeria, how many of them are women? Only Mrs. Cecilia Ibru of Oceanic Bank. Despite all these difficulties, the deplorable economy and the mouth-watering perks offered by these banks have ensured that the said women go the extra mile to try and secure jobs in these places. Maybe, just maybe, if there is more feminine representation at the top echelons of the banking sector, then we will see a reversal in this undignifying and unwholesome practice.

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    Massage in Lagos

    Here is info on Massage Parlors in Lagos, mainly Ikoyi and VI if you r looking for some fun.

    I dont really look for sex or BJ or HJ when i go for massages, have not asked for any anywhere. But i m just giving you information

    Google the name of these places, you ll find them easily.

    Tiannah's Place - When you enter the place, you ll be in the main hall where ppl r doing haircut and other stuff. You have to pass through them to go for the massage. Eveyone is gonna look at you until you enter the massage area door. Moment you enter the massage area, you ll know everything for yourself. The table is big. There are nude men and women posters in some places, dim light and music. I didnt expect this. The lady was not looking soo good, she was ok .. 4/10. But she mentioned there are 3 other ladies for massage. You are not even wrapped in a towel, you ll be lying down nude and she ll start the massage. You can ask her whatever you wish for that time. I didnt ask for anything even though she asked me whether i want any extras. Massage N5000. Other stuff, negotiate. Enjoy

    Venivici Spa - Website looks like a high level spa.The place is ok .. worn down a little, but not bad. The girls are like 1 or 2 /10, not sure if there is any good ones in there.. They massage you in sensual way touching your private areas sometimes and your nipples, to get you in the mood and then you negotiate. Massage : N6000. Negotiate for other things and find out. But i can guarantee you that, you wont be thrown out or will be rejected by them if you ask for extras there.

    BMA spa - you ll find only girls from Indonesia, Thailand and India there. Even though i had only a normal massage there as they got to know i was there for the 1st time. I heard from one of my colleague during a party that they ll do everything whatever you ask for .. and he has experienced that in that place. Massage : N8000. Dunno about the extras, but sure its gonna be expensive.

    Montaigne Place,Priscilla's Day Spa - Dont think they offer anything in these places. Got to know from friends who had been there.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Nigerians come to Singapore fuck all the ugly looking Chinese woman and than ask them to carry drugs you believe that singaporean from a 1st world country got con by a Nigerians from a 3th world I can only conclude that must have a very big dick.

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    E Bar

    I called into the E Bar on Saturday night. First time there for several months. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few WGs in the bar. Only a handful of them and low key in marketing their services, but still available to punters. I ended up taking a petite (well small by Nigerian standards) WG for the night. Seems that the bar restricts the number allowed inside so as not to overwhelm the place. Makes an alternative location if you do not want the drive into town and the full on antics of Tarzans.
    Anybody know if the girls are in there during the week or only at weekends?


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    Dogdays: Wsup? You are right and I Agree 100% but some people still come her to tell us 95% of African girls are HIV positive. Which is utter rubbish.


    Some people should think about who they are Fucking, I have read so many reports by Guys in different forums who said girls claiming to be University students, etc would give up the Pussy to them in minutes, all night long for 2 weeks straight, BBBJ, C. I. M., C. I. A. RÍMMING, 3 somes blah blah blah etc and. Never asking for a penny afterwards. THOSE ARE THE ONES WE SHOULD ALL BE WEARY ABOUT and there is a very good reson they don't ask you for money and partake in any kind of risky sex, it is PAYBACK and they want to take as many Fools with them as possible. So yes their are HIV positive girls in every country who will do anything, what have the got to loose? But nobody writes a death wish.

    No girl fucks complete strangers for 2 weeks just because he is white or a forigner, gone are the days you met a "bush girl" and she wanted to fuck a White man because she though he was a King or GOD or she felt it would improve her future, if she fucks like that ask your self how many other guys she has done that with and the real picture emerges

    If they are on the game it is for money trust me, they can get a local 12" Mandigo to hammer them 24 hours a day any time they get horny, not to mention the local Rich sugar Daddies who throw silly money at them for a 19 year old piece of Ass. So please don't think they all sit around waitng for a Muzungo

    So my friends anybody who wants irresponsible High Risk & Freaky Sex with an African Tyra Banks look alike free of charge and thinks because you are a forigner you can just fuck every African girl you like and they are all stupid? . Go ahead 8 she probably fucks the entire local taxi driver rank and conductors / shoe shine boys as well LOL (no disrespect to them). You'll get your post dated bill in a few months.

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    Every pussy loving monger knows what he is up against if he is fucking Hoes around the World.HIV is all over the damn World.You don,t have to go to Africa to get that .You can get it here in the States regardless of which state you live in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azeb 411
    Please. If y'all want to go to Africa to Fuck Black Girls FINE just please stop spreading the BS stereotype that "Every African Country" has the Highest HIV rates inthe world.
    He probably can't even find Nigeria on a globe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubique

    So be careful who you choose. Use your safe, use a condom or just don’t have intercourse as the HIV infection rate is one of the highest in the world. Be nice and be polite.
    Please. If y'all want to go to Africa to Fuck Black Girls FINE just please stop spreading the BS stereotype that "Every African Country" has the Highest HIV rates inthe world.

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    Port Harcourt

    Where in Port Harcourt, Calabar, or Festac?

    In Lagos will I be able to find WG and for what prices?

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    Lagos Question

    I will be staying at the Protea on June 9, arriving early afternoon.

    I am not a paid member of this site, and would like to arrange for a massage at my hotel from a pretty lady, like Esther in the next post.

    I cannot email Black&White to get info on Esther.


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    Friend in Lagos

    Here's some pics of a friend of mine who stays in Lagos. Sorry, don't have any nudies of her.

    She's 25 yrs, quite petite (size 8, small titties), but very pretty and loves fucking white guys. She gives an amazing HJ and BJ and very skilled at massage. She needs someone to scratch her pussy while I'm out of the country.

    She's not a WG but as with most of the girls, is appreciative of some spending money. She's a bright, intelligent girl and makes very good company, not just between the sheets.

    Please PM me with a few details of yourself and I'll put you in contact if she's interested.
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