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    dude, I need no more convincing! Actually to be quite honest with you, the women would be the only reason why I would consider going to Africa at this time. I am probably gonna get me a Colombian wife by the end of next year, but before that time, I would like to "visit" with about 100 beautiful African women. J.G.

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    Mike and J.G. all I really know is Port Harcourt as I only spent 1 night in Lagos. I will say that if anybody thinks that there are pretty women in the Dominican Republic you haven't seen nothing. Go to Barracudas on any night and you will see some of the most beautiful dark skin women you have ever seen. If you took Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell and dressed them in the sexiest outfits you could find I promise you that there would be several women that were finer than either of them. I was very sceptical to go to Africa when I was 1st asked and after being there for 3 months I am soon going back for a year.

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    Great to hear from you again.
    I would like to visit Africa for the first time next year, but I really have no idea when my free time will be. I believe I will start with Ghana first though, which I understand may be a little safer than Lagos/Nigeria. However, if everything goes well, I definitely would like to visit Nigeria too at some point down the road.
    I look forward to your future reports. J.G.

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    Hello fella's
    Sorry for the silence, i have beed very busy away from nigeria. I reside in London[uk].
    sO Puald you thinkin of going to lagos in november and staying at sheraton. Thats very goo. As far as i can ascertain. Sheraton is a very high class hotel with alot of "fat-cats"[top businessmen and the likes]. How long are you staying in Lagos? The best advice i can give is to survey things first. I guess it would be possible to get a girl on the first night of arrival but i'm not to sure on sheratons policy on these issues, being that it is a five star hotel .
    Like one of the poster said[beavis]. He got a hotel worker to arrange a date for him. I been to sheraton myself but have not stayed there for a night or more.
    Your best bet would be to check walk arounf the hotel and see the atmosphere. There is some bars and resturants around the area. The area sheraton is located in is Ikeja. The popular spots in Ikeja is "allen avenue" akran avenue". What i could do for you is contact some frinds in the area for a round down on the
    "bubbling scene".
    There are some good websites where you can see pics and emails of Ladies in the univeristies and colleges in lagos. So that could help you. I shall get the info and there are aslo some contact sites like I think they charge token fee of $15 dollars for 3 months now to be a member.
    The timing for you going to lagos could not be more perfect as its freshers season at the univeristies and colleges, that is a.k.a 18+ of ladies who are new in university in abundance.
    check out this website, it should give you a flavour of the lagos social, business and entertainment scence.
    i shall stay up with the info fella's since i have plans to be in nigeria myself around the 1 week of december if all goes well
    cheers and enjoy ya self
    NOTE -Beavis i liked your notes on Port - Harcourt. I have a professor friend at the university of port-harcourt that is fun to be with when i was down there. The good thing about that university is that they have a diverse mixture of nigerian ladies there. I shall do some more research. It would be cool if we can get this messageboard to stream video clips so that those who read the post can get a better understanding of what goes on in nigeria. To the best of my knowledge Lagos and Port harcourt are the best cities for the ladies and aslo Abuja the capital. But abuja is in the central part of the country and thats the north which is very far. Stick to lagos and port harcour gents, you cant go wrong there.
    I shall drop more info as i get my intelligence in....J G whan are you going to take the trip? you better get yourself reafy. it is worth the while and is a an entirelly different world of black ladies!!!. Something you will really cherish.
    I aslo liked a point Beavis made which is very true: on more than one contact with a particular lady, the money you spend on her starts going down!!! If it goes up something is definitely wrong!!!
    unless the lovin is soo soo good!!!.
    later gents..more info on the weekend!!!

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    I assume you mean the Sheraton in Lagos. It isn't hard to find action in Nigeria. Any girl in a shop, restaurant, ect. can be had. Hire a cab driver and ask him to take you around and stay with you. It won't cost much at all and you will be amazed at the beauty of the Nigerian women.

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    I am visiting Nigeria on the First week of November 2002 and will be staying in the sheraton.... any tips would be gratefully received

    Good days to all

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    Noorseman most of my time is spent around the port which has nothing but the local girls but a lot of them come there for the offshore workers. There is a private club at one of the yards where they only allow the ex pats and the local girls to come in. I seldom leave here because it is such a pain to go to PH from here. If you know where the Presidential Hotel is from here it is very close to the Blues Cafe and Barracudas. I will be there in March so if I can get a break we can compare some notes. I have a pretty hot regular girl there that e mails me every day. She has plenty of friends too. If you want to e mail me I will tell you exactly where I am

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    hey beavis, loved the post on nigeria, where exactly in port harcourt are you talking about...need details and by the way lagos is probably more fun than port harcourt but a little expensive. Try the university of lagos at akoka. 90% percent of the women are available. A few years ago(96) the action use to be in moremi hall at akoka. the move was to prak in front of the hall and call any girl walking in or out and they where always up for any thing,I dont know what it is now I have not been there since then. I will going to nigeria in march 03 ...need more on th port harcourt action..

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    J.G. I have also heard Ghana was a great place. I met an ex pat from Canada in Lagos. He lives in Ghana and told me it was great. When I go back in November I will be on until Fecreuary. In February I am spending one month traveling around various African countries. I hope the BS dies down in Cote d'Ivore because that is a great place also. If not there is always Douala and I might check out some of the other countries. I met 3 white girls from Morocco that were fine. Liek the old saying "So many women, so litttle time".

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    I was reading the lonelyplanet reports on the web last night. Got the impression that they felt Ghana to be the most modern and safe country in that part of the world.
    Just remember you owe us a detailed report on Ghana care. J.G.

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    Yea I was very sceptical to go to Africa after hearing all of the horror stories. I was supposed to be there for only 2 weeks and I volunterred to stay for 2 1/2 months. When I go back in November I am staying until January 2004. I have only scratched the surface of what I plan to. I am going to spend my vacation time next year travelling around Africa. If I stay out of the country I don't pay any taxes so basically its give my money to the IRS or the African *****s. Gee that sure is a hard decision to make.

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    What a world. Beavis you just gave me a good time reading your various exploits across this tangled web of message board. It's funny, normally I'm helping rep the East Chicago board outta Indiana but lately it's been more fun reading the various endevors of my fellow man from across the globe. There's a couple alright spots where you could pick up a lady, buy nothing you'd write home about. There's an excellent AMP in town and the girls range from beautiful to just kinda pretty, but a good time can run ya' as high as two bills.

    Yessir I can smell the pussy overthere. In Cameroon , it seems so much sweeter out there. Not just cheaper, but relatively safer too. I've been itching to get outta town and I've always wanted to see Africa, maybe sometime next year we could trade pussy stories over a cold beer.

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    JG Cameroon is a bi-lingual country even though French is more popular. I would have said Abidjan before the fighting started. Nigeria is O.K. but I only know Port Harcourt as my stay in Lagos was brief. Wherever you go in Africa is fun and there are plenty of hot women.

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    I really envy you man!
    I have been itching to go to Africa, you know, see it at least once in my life time, but it just hasn't happened yet.
    Seems like for a first trip, you favor Cameroon over Nigeria. The only reason I was thinking more about Nigeria was the fact that they speak English there. I felt like I'd be a little more in control of things in an English speaking country.
    Keep us updated! J.G.

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    I only spent 1 night there and it was near the airport. I didn't even know Lagos was on the ocean until I had left. There is an area called Victoria Island that has some good info so I can't really say. Another guy from my company went there and said he had a lot of fun. He went to a disco with a cab driver for an escort. Lagos might be fine I just don't know it. My time was spent in Port Harcourt. Unless you have been to a comparable place you will see things that make you realize how lucky we are. I will say that I have never been treated better anywhere in the world. I go to the local bars with my crew and will be the only white face usually with a very pretty black girl. Even then I am always treated fine (try this in New Orleans).

    Yes you need a visa. Mine was no problem because my company got it for me. Also you need a yellow fever shot. I would recommend to go to Douala, Cameroon as it is a much more modern city. I would have reccomended Abidjan before the violence but it will settle down soon.

    As for the Aids precautions, the only thing that is 100 % safe is don't pull down your zipper. There are rumors of high HIV infection rate but the CIA world factbook says only 5 %. Many people in Nigeria are born in the small villages with their people, they live off of the land and die in the same village that they are born. Some of these people never see a doctor in their entire life so how does some asshole in Washington know how many people have Aids here. My opinion is this is BS generated by the Americans and Europeans. There are plenty of deaths from yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, and several other diseases. I think every time someone dies here some asshole behind a desk puts another mark under the Aids file he has on his desk. I just spent 3 months here and I have not seen 1 person who appears to be dying of Aids. Not only that I have 15 Nigerians working on my ship and none of them are infected nor know anyone who is. All of the seamen are required to have HIV screening done. Life is short play safe and have some fun.

    As for Malaria there are 2 ways. You can take Malarone to help prevent it but they make you feel like shit and are said to have some side effects such as liver damage. I took them at 1st but not any more. Malaria is carried by 1 type of mosquito in West Africa and it only comes out at dusk. My suggestion is find a honey and bang her until it is good and dark. If you do catch malaria you will be fine if you are treated soon. With the Nigerian beers you wont need anything else to fuck with your liver. If I can help with anything else let me know. I plan to drag ******* there next year.

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