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    I really envy you man!
    I have been itching to go to Africa, you know, see it at least once in my life time, but it just hasn't happened yet.
    Seems like for a first trip, you favor Cameroon over Nigeria. The only reason I was thinking more about Nigeria was the fact that they speak English there. I felt like I'd be a little more in control of things in an English speaking country.
    Keep us updated! J.G.

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    I only spent 1 night there and it was near the airport. I didn't even know Lagos was on the ocean until I had left. There is an area called Victoria Island that has some good info so I can't really say. Another guy from my company went there and said he had a lot of fun. He went to a disco with a cab driver for an escort. Lagos might be fine I just don't know it. My time was spent in Port Harcourt. Unless you have been to a comparable place you will see things that make you realize how lucky we are. I will say that I have never been treated better anywhere in the world. I go to the local bars with my crew and will be the only white face usually with a very pretty black girl. Even then I am always treated fine (try this in New Orleans).

    Yes you need a visa. Mine was no problem because my company got it for me. Also you need a yellow fever shot. I would recommend to go to Douala, Cameroon as it is a much more modern city. I would have reccomended Abidjan before the violence but it will settle down soon.

    As for the Aids precautions, the only thing that is 100 % safe is don't pull down your zipper. There are rumors of high HIV infection rate but the CIA world factbook says only 5 %. Many people in Nigeria are born in the small villages with their people, they live off of the land and die in the same village that they are born. Some of these people never see a doctor in their entire life so how does some asshole in Washington know how many people have Aids here. My opinion is this is BS generated by the Americans and Europeans. There are plenty of deaths from yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, and several other diseases. I think every time someone dies here some asshole behind a desk puts another mark under the Aids file he has on his desk. I just spent 3 months here and I have not seen 1 person who appears to be dying of Aids. Not only that I have 15 Nigerians working on my ship and none of them are infected nor know anyone who is. All of the seamen are required to have HIV screening done. Life is short play safe and have some fun.

    As for Malaria there are 2 ways. You can take Malarone to help prevent it but they make you feel like shit and are said to have some side effects such as liver damage. I took them at 1st but not any more. Malaria is carried by 1 type of mosquito in West Africa and it only comes out at dusk. My suggestion is find a honey and bang her until it is good and dark. If you do catch malaria you will be fine if you are treated soon. With the Nigerian beers you wont need anything else to fuck with your liver. If I can help with anything else let me know. I plan to drag ******* there next year.

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    You lucky bastard! Listen, obviously you have written a couple of really excellent reports. Thanks.
    I had a couple of quick questions, just some practical issues that maybe you could answer briefly.
    You said you wouldn't recommend travel to Lagos unless on business. Why? Is it because of the crime, poverty, or that there is not much else to do there, or all of the above?
    Did you need a visa to get into Nigeria? was it a lot of hassle to get it? How about malaria and other diseases(excluding HIV)? Did you have to take any precautions? I can find that info at different web sites, but it's just much easier to ask some one who has just been there. Thanks and safe trip back. J.G.

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    I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria in the afternoon around 4:30 PM. I had to bribe the immigration officer for entry into the country and was met by another agent and taken to a hotel. He took me to a small, gated hotel near the airport where I would be spending the night until the morning then I would be flying out from the domestic airport to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I checked into the hotel and went to my room. It wasn't the Hilton but would do. They speak English in Nigeria so at least I understood the TV. I took a shower and went to the bar. It was a small bar and there were about 4 people in there. I asked the bartender if any girls ever came to the hotel and he said by invitation only. I asked him if he could invite one and gave him 300 Naira (about 2.50 US). About an hour later he brought a 20 year old college girl named Priscilla. She was pretty and sweet but not used to foreigners. She spent the night with me all night for 2,000 Naira (16 USD) and I caught my flight out to Port Harcourt. Priscilla was ok at best but very clean and innocent. A normal girl trying to survive, in this poor country. There are some very pretty girls here in Nigeria but I would recommend avoiding Lagos unless you are traveling here for business. I board the ship and we go to sea.

    After about a week in the Ocean we arrive in Port Harcourt and the Chief Mate and I go into the village for a beer. We go to a small outside bar and a pretty local girl joins us at our table. From here we leave for another bar, which has several ladies of the evening waiting for customers. The Nigerian women are stunningly beautiful imagine the DR with 10 times the women and 3% of the guys. All of the lesser quality girls do not come into the bars it seems that only the very pretty ones come in. There were a couple of Tyra Banks look-alikes and a few more that were equal or better. I finally settle with a pretty girl named Sonia. 1,750 Naira, for the entire evening (about 14 USD). She turns out to be O.K. but for $14 you can’t miss. The Nigerian girls are very clean. She showered before and after and cleaned me up after we were done. I met another girl in the bathroom (bathrooms are his/hers in Nigeria) and have a plan to meet with her the next time we are in port. I probably should have taken her first but so many women, so little time. They sell a condom here named “Black Panther” which is an industrial strength sort of like the “Galactic Prophylactic” from Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live which, with all of the horror stories of Africa I highly recommend using. Unfortunately I did not have my digital camera with me so I have nothing but the stories to share but I will come here again if I am ever asked. The average price here for the girls is 2,000 Naira (16 USD) for the evening. They are very aggressive so if you don’t like her, don’t even look her way because she will come sit with you. ******* trust me we have to come here together some day. You would be like a starving Japanese sailor in a Sushi Bar. The DR isn’t even close to what they have here. When (not if, but when) I return I will bring a digital camera and show you. Imagine this, you walk into a disco, there are 11 guys and 150 beautiful girls who are ready to fight each other over who can fuck you the most for $15 a night.

    Most of the girls are either girls that work regular jobs and moonlight to supplement their income or they are college girls who are trying to survive. Port Harcourt has 2 large universities. There are very few pro’s. Nigeria is a poor country so anything to them helps. A Heineken cost 100 Naira, about 75 cents in a nice bar. There are girls everywhere who are willing to provide extra services to you for a small fee. If you like the waitress or the girl in the shop just ask her what time does she get off and she will be ready to go with you. I had a secretary from the shore base come to the ship on her lunch hour at my request. An hour with her for $10 USD then she went back to work. She was very pretty and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

    The Girl From The His/Hers Bathroom

    The next time we came into port I had asked a fellow shipmate to go and look for the girl I mentioned that I met in the bathroom. I finally gave up but after about 2 hours he returned and with my girl.

    She welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek and a small hug. We went to my cabin and I felt like I was riding a rocket ship. This was the best discovery of my trip. In the morning after 5 times all involving BBBJ’s I said goodbye to this incredible lady. She treated me like a king and I gave her 2,000 Naira in the morning (16 USD) plus 500 more (4 USD) for cab fare home and promised I would find her the next time we were in port. I will indeed find this girl she made this journey to Africa worth the trip. She is 27 years old, no kids, lives in a small apartment alone and just ended a 5 year relationship with another ship captain. A very pretty lady, with an almost perfect body, not to mention a health card. This is not a monger destination as it is a very remote location but, if you like the girls in the DR you haven’t seen anything. I will never again have any objections to returning to this part of the world. Bring plenty of rubbers and spend a week in heaven.

    This report I am writing in segments, as I don’t want to forget anything. By now I have just spent 4 nights with this pretty lady and I seem to be enjoying her company more each time I see her. I will be visiting her again. I am not sure when or where but I will return to some part of Africa to visit her again.

    Next trip in, 4 nights also with my same sweet girl. It is getting to the point where I only give her cab fare back and forth from home and feed her. That time of the month came so all activities were suspended but she still continues to give me a great BBBJ in the morning. We were out on my last night in port and she told me that I should find a girl for the evening because she could not make love to me that night. I replied that I was fine to just be with her and I did not want another girl. That was not like Beavis but I enjoy being with this girl. I won’t be coming to Nigeria to visit her but if I come back for work I have her and if not I will visit her in another location.

    Next time we are in port my regular girl is gone as she is working in a town two hours away and only comes home on weekends. The first night I take a fine looking black girl named Janet. She is good but after a few Nigerian beers and very little sleep in the past 2 days it is a short session. The next night I am well rested and find another good discovery. She is named Jasmine, 23 years old, no kids a tight body and she has very long braided hair. A light skinned black girl. I keep her all night and bang her 4 times. I give her 2,500 Naira ($ 20 USD). This girl was incredible I thought she would wake everyone on the ship. Eventually I dump Ebi for Jasmine and then dump Jasmine for a girl named Mimi. At this point in the Beavis adventures I am hooked up with Mimi. She is also a very pretty black girl. There are so many of them all ready to go. I plan to keep Mimi around for a while but who knows what will happen. I am only a few days from returning to the U.S. as I am writing this so we will see. Stay tuned for more.

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    to mike_q and other fellows:
    you guys have been awfully quiet. any recent updates on Nigeria? I certainly will not have the opportunity to visit Nigeria in the near future(e.g. next 6 months), but I do enjoy reading your posts, and who knows if the stars align right, maybe I'll get a chance to see it for myself one day.
    Thanks. J.G.

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    Thanks mike_q,

    I understand. I hope I have a reason...I am planning a trip to Africa to see the countries...not quite the hard-core *scorer* some of the chaps here are. But, I do like to be informed. I do treat the girls with respect. I am actually looking for something longer term than most of the guys.

    That said; what kind of work do you do? I'm here in NYC and the job market is dismal and I am open to all sorts of work and I think elsewhere would be great. I am in finance/economics with a recent graduate degree. Is your company hiring?

    thanks again, and I'll keep you posted.

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    The thing is weasel is that Lagos is 100% good when you have a
    Genuine reason for being there!. Kinda sour to go when all you are looking for is to *score*. It really is not the caribbean where you can go for a *wham bam thank you maam* holiday.
    The truth is that if you are on a business trip or an expate, the incumbent businessmen and expats would kinda show you the ropes.
    Then it would be like a walk through a sexy beach and you can have any girl you desire as long as you know how to be *polite'n'firm*.
    There is no limit to the women you can enjoy here.
    On the point of safety, the local in Nigeria do not really bother foriegners at all.
    The real deal is that in Lagos the fine ladies hunt out the spots where expats hang out and make themself available. The hard task is trying to keep them off you.

    Even the nigerian businessmen etc get hounded (in a sexy way), by these ladies in the *hot spots*.

    To cut straight to the point - IF YOU ARE FOUND IN A *HOT SPOT* on a thursday/friday/weekend, having a drink by your self or with friends be you BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW WHATVER!!!, these ladies will not leave you be!!!. In there case "ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOLLAR/POUND/NAIRA!!! in return 4 some good sex!!! (and the token amount they desire from you is not all that significant)

    If you have it to spend and you treat them right, they will love you into the next millennium!!!.

    Corruption exist but its safe if you respect yourself and be a good foreigner. I conduct my business and enjoy myself with my *legitimate* nigerian and other european and asian friends!.
    I understood the game and therefore no the ground rules.
    The number one rule in nigeria as a foriegner is - "When in doubt contact your nearest North American or EU consulate or embassy!!!
    well if you need any info just say so. always verify with your consulate in nigeria, its just that simple, people who get ripped of just do not seek consulate advise!.
    later Gents!

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    I take it from your posts that Lagos is the place to go?

    I have some quit nasty things about Nigeria. For a first timer is it safe to walk

    I was thinking of giving Senegal a shot or Ghana, but you have peaked my interest in Nigeria. I know my African friends here in the States have an awefully low opinion of Nigerians. They tell me they are the most corrupt, and criminal in all of Africa.

    Safety for a white guy?

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    Hey Mike_q
    Good reports. Thanks for the info.
    I wish Bank of America had a few "relationship officers", then I'd be set! Thanks again. J.G.

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    hello J G,
    Sorry, i left out the language. Yes english is the main language
    in nigeria so there no problem on the communication front.
    here's the article......

    Prostitution in the banking hall

    LAGOS. NIGERIA. Tuesday, July 09 2002

    SIR: It is saddening and definitely uncalled for when I begin to recall my few months' experience in the banking and financial sector. What I have learnt however is invaluable and enormous. Banks in Nigeria are becoming institutes or academies of prostitution, which I fear is increasing day after day except there is a resolve to stop it. The banks, out of what they call marketing and the implementation of an aggressive strategy in raising funds, turn our young and so much cherished ladies into "fine prostitutes." Fine prostitutes in the sense that they do not need to stand by the road or in hotels but what they do is definitely more than that. Some married women surprisingly are involved in such marketing strategies in order for them to maintain their various job positions. What am I saying? Banks management recruit fresh university graduates, ladies especially, giving age limit by which they must be employed, usually below 26 years. These people work for few months and then turn out to become so-called "Relationship Officers."

    What do they do? These relationship officers go to establishments, ministries, corporate bodies and even homes to seek or mobilise for funds needed for banking transactions and operations. In the course of such duties and loyalty to their employers, they encounter the so-called businessmen, irresponsible as they are. They resolve only to go to bed with them if their money is to go into the bank. The relationship officers then yield to the temptation in order to meet the deadline and the set target by the employer. This act until lately has been common in the so-called new generation banks but I was surprised however to see our older banks involved in such nefarious and devilish act in order to stay afloat and buoyant. Mentioning the names of such banks will only amount to a waste of valuable space.

    there you have it..just giving a flavour of the corporate enviroment where sex and sex and more sex is an ever increasing barter in the arena of business.

    cheers gents for now!

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    In reply J.G,

    Going to the university is no problem at all. Just that you have to have a reason for being there, like going with a friend who has business there or going to do some research or to use the library.

    Your best bet would be to visit places like Victoria Island and visit places like Thistle Bar, Tribes and Green Lion,Outside Inn, Captain Jacks in NAPEX [napex is like a plaza}. Most of the undergraduates that are into the life and scene of party and pleasure will frequent these *hot spots*. Even though nigerian girls are very horny, they dont tend to show it overtly in the open and you have to preceed with care and tact when approching them. If you do go to the universities with some one who does go there for a reason other than *game-hunting*, you have to carry yourself with the up-most professional manner as african girls in general disdain slackness and impolite manners in any form. The best approach scenario i always use is -

    1- maybe driving through V.I OR IKOYI and spoting a *undergraduate kind of girl*, i may slow down, get her attention and ask "sorry to bother you, do you know the way to so and so place [mention a respectable location, be it a government building, private corporation building or something to do with buiness and government, NEVER LESUIRE!!!. Dont go to fast to the lesuire part!!!. Get her to give you directions and if she is going that way, which she may or maybe going, she can direct you. You may find out that she is interested in you and strike up a conversation that way. Its all about approach and tact-fulness, notice i said a "undergraduate type of lady"

    2- concerning approach a good question to ask her would be what high-school she attended. If she responds with anyone of these type of schools ie -
    a- Federal/unity government college
    b- any cadet secondary school be it army, navy, airforce,
    just know that this is a middle class girl who has alot of common sense so she is going to be very knowledgeable about alot of issues pertaining to nigeria and the worl.
    If she does not fall into this two type of schools and she mentions
    anothe high-school, enquire whether it was a private school. If its is also be aware that she is middle-to upper class because private schools in nigeria ARE NOT CHEAP BELIEVE YOU ME!!!.
    The most note-able ones in lagos are -
    But it is really trial and error. What i am describing is when you want to pick up females outside clubbing/party/lesuire hours.

    3- Another scoring point and look out is females with mobile phones!!!. Since this is only a recent development in nigeria [the first operators started august 2001, they are Econet & MTN], this is also a tell tell sign of ladies that are good to chat and score with!.
    Since i have been in nigeria before the mobile phone craze i was smart enough to know alot of young ladies would desire to have a hand set and get connected, so when i spoted a lady i liked at the affluent/commercial area's of Lagos such as V.I, IKOYI, IKEJA[especially the allen avenue/okran avenue/sheraton hotel area of Ikeja, you have to learm the hot-spots gents!!!],
    it was just a matter of slowing down or literally stopping by the side of where they are standing or walking and asking for information in a polite manner with my mobile in my hand as if i'm on a call and need further directions from somebody.

    Nornally if the female is SUPER-FINE!. I get down as a mark of respect and courtesy and ask them for directions. In this instance its rude to ask here for directions from inside the car, because this give the impression of her being a *cheap lady* trying to hop a ride or looking for some favours from a expatriate !. Gents the watch word is always professionalism and politeness with a touch of firmness always making her feel at ease with you!!!. This is they key. Its always good to hear them talk for 3 minutes to get an idea of the kind of person you are dealing with. NOT ALL WOULD LOVE TO JUMP INTO BED WITH YOU AT FIRST SIGHT, BUT MOST CAN BE PERSUADED WITH THE IDEA TO BE WITH YOU AND JUMP INTO BED A LITTLE LATER!!!.

    I have given many 2nd hand handsets to lady friends and even given them part of the money for connection [i said part, they have their pride, dont go all out to assist, they love sunstantial help and shall always repay favourably!!!] and they have been wonderful in the bed room and have always been willing to service me when i'm ready!!![cus they are only a phone call away now, thanks to good ol technolgy!!!].

    A 2nd hand GSM handset as a gift and some money to help for connection works wonders with these ladies in the bedroom!!!. Aslo little gifts here and there also helps. To get a good idea of what the *upward mobile nigerian female likes* just check them out at the shopping plaza's and hot spots. It shall be apparent want motivates them!.

    well i shall throw in the towel here. As one poster in the archive section said *if you treat them right, they will show you the time of your life* also a note of warning never give them foreign exchange if its not necessary!!!. Me myself i never do!!!
    Always settle thewm in naira and try and keep up on the local Lagos slang and terminologies [more of this in a later post]
    I shall post the newspaper post a next.......
    happy and successful hunting gents...and remember always leave a welcome behind you in all your dealings with nigerian never know she may just tell a friend how good you are and your bedroom points may increase astronomically!!!

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    got a question for you. can a white guy just go to the university by himself during the day time and strike a conversation with some of the girls, or should he always be accompanied by a local? In other words, how safe is it for a white guy to walk the streets there during the day and approach the girls?
    one more thing, most people there speak English, right?
    thanks for the info. J.G.

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    Hello Gents,

    Lets get this new message-board up and running concerning nigeria or Naija as most of the urban dwellers in lagos call it !!!.
    I am a businessman who often visits and stays i the commercial capital lagos. I hav elived in lagos for a couple of year and the post spots are as the previous poster said are V.I and Ikoyi. Although i would like to pont out that new hunters should try and learn how to distinguish between a Pro (full time ashawo[hooker in the native yuroba language]) and an amatuer.

    A pro is mainly a lady who has been brought from a village or small town to work as a "service girl" in the evenings and nightes by madams olr land-ladies. They are not so refined in manner and can be very crude. They may try and pass of as a college or university student or an aspiring actor or beautician (DONT BELIVE THE HYPE!!!). The way to detect the faboo (a word for fakeness in lagos) is that they can not give you the facualty and department of the top of their head that they belong to in any college or uni[university]. They are the type that would settle for 500 naira or less even for a nite. If they press for a bit more like 800 naira then settle the fee.

    The amatuer on the other hand is your ambitions Gold-Digger. She is either a Jambite [recent school leaver who has taken the extrance exam to obtain a spot in a higher institution] or your University/Poly-technic undergraduate who is looking to make money to supplement her "up-keep money" received from her parents or sponsers or is in a mood just to leave the fast life and enjoy what life has to offer in lagos.
    Most of these amatuers are desporados and would do any-thing to obtain the creature-comforts that are marketed on your modern music video's ie "hip-hop, r'n'b, soul etc.
    They are a dyme a dozen and even when finishing university still cany not leave the fast life and indulge in it the more when they are now working in public or private firms in lagos [I shall post an article in the future to show you want i mean]. Most of these girls come from three main institutions in lagos.

    1- University of Lagos (at akoka, yaba area of Lagos)

    2- Yaba polytechnic (aslo around the same vacinity as Unilag [short name for university of Lagos].

    3- Lagos state university [at badagry area of lagos].

    There is also a fourth called - Lagos State Polytechnic.

    These girls are very randy and willing and would do anything to sleep with a man that is coming from anywhere outside of nigeria, so long as he has pounds and dollars to spend. Now this is not the rule. If you have money it is easy to woo any of these girls as the almighty naira in the range of 500-1500 naira is o.k to them. They range from every shape and form from lite to dark skin and short to tall. The best girls are the ones from the south.
    Here is a break down of the ladies:

    1>Far south East: akwa Ibom ladies, Port harcourt ladies, Rivers ladoes - these are the horniest of the lot. They just love attention and good love-making with a well mannered foriegner.

    2>Mid south-east: Anambra, imo, Enugu,Abia ladies - these ladies from these states are ibo ladies. They are very sexy and good looking with very nice features similar to african-american women.
    They are known for there expensiveness due to the fact that there men are into business and literally control the commercial businessess in the south of nigera ie...electronics,car and car parts,hold hold items etc.

    3>MiD south-west: These are the Edo, Delta ladies. Thses two states make up the isoko's,irobos and ishekeri ladies of Delta state and the Beni,ishan of Edo states. They are very beautiful too and aslo are very willing in bed. They are very well endowed in the bust and bum area and are known to do what-ever tickles you fantasy.

    4>South-West: These are the states of lagos, osun, ondo,ogun ladies and are predominatly yuroba. They are aslo good, but can be very conservative and shy. You have to talk real smooth to them as they have a repertation of being very knowledgable and aware of things...

    Well all these ladies i mentioned attend these three higher institutions in lagos. On the average it is not to difficult to pull a amatuer that has the body of a beauty queen with all the right curves in the hot sports in Victoria Island and Ikoyi allthough in my humble opinion the best girls have to be the first three catergories.

    It would be a good and enjoyable experience to go on a "academic tour" of the university of lagos, just to see the kind of females that are there. The school has a population of 21000 pupils doing all type of courses. It is a site to behold, expecially as these ladies dress so provocative at times it hard to imagine how men cannot be distracted from there objective of being in school. Some of the male lecturers have been known to obtain sex from female students and in return make sure they dont fail the courses the lecturer has them for!!!. These is just how it goes down in Lagos. It operates by the Golden rule. He that has the Gold MAKES THE RULES!!!.

    Well thats that in a nutshell. I be glad if anyone can add any experience he has had as the amatuers are reall good in Lagos!!!

    cheers for now gents and good hunting!!!

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    I live in Nigeria for more than 20 years and I have a good experience of the Prostitutes in Lagos.

    First of all you can find Prostitutes on Victoria Island and Ikoyi. The ones of Victoria Isl. are prettier and more expensive than the ones on Ikoyi.

    Price are between N300 (US$1 = N135) to N1500.

    From N300 to N500 it is called Short time

    From N800 to N1500 it is for the night.

    The girls will do anything you want as long as you want. Some pretty girls are working during the day and want to do extra pocket money. Those girls are working in Banks, department stores.

    The Best time to pick up those girls are (if you are not in an hurry) around 3am, because they have had either few customers before or none, therefore you can bargain the price. And other time when the price is coming down is when it is raining. No one wants to pick them up, and you might be able to have Excellent deal.

    Now where to find those girls.

    Victoria Island : Sanusi Fafuwa St, In front of the Ynot club, Atlantic Club, Eko Hotel.

    Ikoyi : On Kingsway Road, in front of the Ikoyi Hotel, Glover Rd.

    If you are nice with the girls they will be ok, but you have some of them that are nasty and want more money. Better give them otherwise you will end up to the police station or you will not be able to get rid of them from your car. Never park somewhere you have always a patrol car from the police turning around even on small streets.

    If you need any further info, please send me an email to

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