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    I thought S-L was French speaking? If so, I assumed French speaking counties have more open attitudes about sex. Can we get by without speaking French?

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    Did those SL women have clits?

    With 99% of the women in SL having a cliterectomy, what was your experience like? Was she 'intact'? I lived there for 2 years and only scored 1 woman who was intact.

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    Wow, I am happy to hear that things are getting back to normal in Ftown. I spent many moons there in the early 90's and enjoyed the ladies. There was a nice beach bar scene then and Mammy Yoko was the deluxe hotel but there were other options that had a lot more appeal.

    Anyway, this is just to say please keep an open mind about going to Sierra Leone. It will grow on you if you give it a chance. The people are what makes it great, and the availability of lovely young pussy doesn't hurt any either! Also happy to know that there hasn't been much price inflation either.

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    Been in SL for some time now,and I have to say it's like most of the countrys in Africa,wherever there is an foriger there is girls...

    I hav't had time to go around to much to the Nightspots in Freetown due to work,but I was at Paddys noe night and to was jam packed with peoples,mostly locals.
    The girls are not so pushy like they are in other countrys in West Africa,well there are always one or two of them tho.

    Anyway back to Paddys,got there around 10:30 and it was already a lot of peoples there,had to pay LE5000 for the entrabce (US1=LE2800).

    Was standing in the bar and sipping on a beer,when my eyes got caught on a gorgeous girl,guess she was about 20-23.

    After about 5 minutes she caught my eyes,and I got a nice big smile back from here,I tought time for some action...,waved here over to me,and she was quick in here responce.

    As she came over to me I noticed that she was a stunner,we talked for a while and then she said she was bored and asked if we could go somewhere else,sure but where?

    She replyed why not to your hotel.

    Bingo!! I did not say a word about the hotel,and now she'a asking me.
    I quickly asked how much??,she replyed it's up to you...,eeehh what do you say on that....,I must have loked dumb,because she smiled and said what do you think I'm worth??,I quiqly said LE50.000?? OK she said and smiled,for a second I tought shit it's too much with that reaction,but calmed down when I did the math..,it was about US18 so it was the bargin of the day!

    Took here quickly out to the car,and after a short trip to the hotel we where there,we got to the room and she said she was hungry,well we can call for some food I replyed stupidly..she started to laugh,not for that kind of food stupid she replyed..
    With a smile on here face she started to undress,I wanna shower you like to join me she asked,sure I do!!!

    When she took of the bra I got amazed..,the breast didn't move a bit,just pointed straight out at me...oohh my god...,then she smiled and turned around,walking into the shower.

    I quickly undressed and followed here into the shower,I guess I was already half arose when I got there,she smiled and said don't start without me.then she started to play with my dick.

    Got a BBBJ in the shower(it was a good one,normaly African women sucks on BBBJ,at least the ones I got),and after some time we moved to the bed,she have one of these nice black firm bound butts,thet only black girls can have.

    After some time of BBBJ and fingering and eating here out,she asked me to put on a condom(smart girl,to much AIDS in Africa),I got a comdom and started to pound here,she was moaning and groaning telling me harder harder,I was pounding as hard as I could,guess the bed would break soon,soon I had to rest and she said I'll be on top now.

    She was riding me for about 15 minutes without stopping onec,talking about strong legs,I told here to slow down or I will come,she smiles and continue..I came BIG time!

    After about 15-20 minutes she asks me one more time.

    Well we continued for aanother hour or sooo..

    In the morning I had to go to work,but she gave me a BBBJ before she left,I gave here the LE50.000 that I promised,and he looked like a kid on Christmas day..

    No need to say she came over a few times more,before I had to leave Freetown, didn't have to pay some times,she was just hungry and came to eat she said,what a lovely girl,forgot to say she was 20,just wish I was 25 so I could screw here all night long.

    I didn't have my camera with me (stupid!!),but I will take it with me next time I go to Freetown (within 1 months time),then I can post some pictures for you guys,
    I will also try to find out about other nightspots then.

    Well that's it for this time,I'll post something next time I'm around

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    Well I don't think I'm cluttering up this thread by posting a very old experience . . . I suppose nowadays Freetown is a very diferent place. So I'll add a report anyway, out of date though it is.

    I was there about 9 years ago, travelling for work. The city itself was typically West African - utter chaos, but quite charming if you are prepared to accept you're not in London or Paris.

    I was staying at a Hotel called the Mammy Yoko. It was about the only choice for foreigners, even so it still lost power most nights.

    There were several girls on permanent duty in the bar, who would approach you and just chat, offer their services but not hassle you if you weren't interested.

    So, one night I decided to partake of the offer, and if memory serves me, went with a girl called Joyce. She was maried, had a child, told me all this up front. It cost $50, there wasn't any time limit discussed.

    How can I describe her? Pretty - petite, very dark. Imagine the kind of girl you see running the 100 metres in an athletics competition. Nice.

    In my room, she took a shower, and while I did the same, she put her clothes back on. Strange, I thought, has she changed her mind? Nope. She did it so I could take them off for her. Good girl!

    Everything was on the menu, and once we got going she was pretty wild, and really into it. Having done the cursory checks for obvious 'problems', there was plenty of oral.

    I had her sitting on the edge of the bed, with me kneeling on the floor. Good position, I like the view. She worked hard to keep me on the boil, but made sure I didn't go off too quickly, as she wanted to cum herself, which she did.

    Good experience. I tipped her an extra %5. The next night she was there again, and wanted to repeat, but actually I'm not a fan of having the same girl more than once - I like variey, and if I had been in the mood, I would have taken one of the others anyway. I wasn't and that was the only experience I had on that trip.

    It was a good one though.

    I rather fear Sierra Leone is destoyed now though. It would take a lot to persuade me to go there now, bu if I did, I'd hope to have some action like the first time.

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    Can anyone tell me whats going on in Freetown these days? Seems its been too quiet, whats the situation at Paddys et al.?

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    Sierra Leone

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