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    Some more pics

    She gives a good BJ and is ready to fuck in all positions.
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    Missing pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Nongpagba  [View Original Post]
    Two girls during a 2 night visit. The first somewhat not active enough in fucking, but she reacts when licking her pussy. The second performs well, but she takes some time to come herself.
    I hope, the pics will upload now.
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    Moroccan girls

    2-3 months back all the Moroccan girls working in Ameena and Bomaco suddenly left Togo what is the current situation? Anybody have any updates?

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    Kara again

    Two girls during a 2 night visit. The first somewhat not active enough in fucking, but she reacts when licking her pussy. The second performs well, but she takes some time to come herself.

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    OK been lurking enough, so to contribute a bit.

    Was in Lome for a few days with the ship I work on. Sunday night we went out around 10 pm and went to Domino, which was empty expect for 2 girls, one was slim and tall, pretty face, the other had a great ass. Anyway 4 of us are there so we start to have some fun and by midnight the place was packed with girls and a few other guys. For my taste I could say they ranged from 5-7, not bad, but in Africa the best girls I seen in Durban (I'm a little biased there, but that's another story). I pulled a girl from Abidjan, 28 years. Damage was 25.000 for her and another 10.000 for a ST hotel. She was good, we had chemistry, BBBJ, fucking in various positions and finish with a CIM. To give her props I'm rather hard to please, she is one of the few that managed to make me cum with a blowjob.

    Some of the other guys went to some other bars amd during the day, from Sunday till Tuesday, I don't have the details but it seems you can find girls everywhere in Lome, any time of the day.

    My next stop is Durban, I have still not decided if I'll go for a night out or for a relaxing day with a long time friend (and some more).

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    Went twice to Domino at about 10 pm. The place was almost empty. Met two ladies at the toilet who proposes a BJ at the spot. Made an appointment with a lady I had met at the bar: Anita. Was my first bad experience in years. CBJ, uninterested fucking. Afterwards discussion on money. I gave her generously 20.000 and added after her complaining 5. 000. She kept pursuing me reclaiming more money. She only gave up after a long walk to the Boulevard.

    I stayed at Aurore Hotel, near the former de la Paix. Good price relation.

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    Lomé and Kara

    Nice to hear that LE Privilège reopened. I'm a regular at LE Domino and had much fun with this Guinéan lady. In December I spent a couple of days with the lady with the big boobs I met through a dating site. An exception, between the majority of scammers, tagged and afrointroductions are the most notorious.

    In Kara I recommend LE Tour, near Hotel Kara, for (semi-) professionals. The third lady was a recommendation of such a one when she herself was not available.
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    Located right next to my hotel (Résidence Hôtelière Océane), l'Abreuvoir was the 1st venue I visited in Lomé. Girls were shaking their butts on the dance floor with a central go-go pole, fronted by a mirror. To my surprise, the girls (4 Ivorian & 2 Togolese) were hostesses employed by the bar!

    The Swiss owner, who speaks English & French, explained the system. The girls make commission on drinks, either a glass of champagne for 5000 CFA, a small bottle for 15000 CFA, or a large bottle for 45000 CFA. The Ivorian girl who hit on me didn't ask me for a drink, though. She was quick to suggest we go "behind the curtain" for a quickie fuck!

    In short, l'Abreuvoir is a ST place, though it may be possible to arrange a rendezvous at your hotel outside business hours. They open at 6 PM, and stay open until the last customer leaves. My beers (Flag) cost 2000 CFA. Since on-the-premises STs are not my thing, my 1st visit was also my last.

    Le Domino / La Villa

    Conveniently located right across the street from my hotel, Le Domino was the epicenter of my P4P activities in Lomé. At first view, it's similar to l'Abreuvoir: dance floor fronted by a mirror, minus the go-go pole. The big difference is that the girls are freelancers, not hostesses!

    Le Domino is an expat bar, run by a Frenchman, with a big selection of Belgian beers. The male clientele is predominantly white. Girls are on offer from 10-11 PM onwards, any day of the week! After 1-2 AM, the girls start heading for the clubs. Drinks are reasonably priced (Flag: 1300 CFA).

    Another such late evening meeting place in Lomé is the more upscale La Villa.

    Le Privilège

    On the weekend, I wanted to check out Le Privilège, the biggest disco in West Africa. Even over the weekend, it looked empty & lacked ambience. The club is simply too damn big for Lomé! I expected to meet plenty of weekend-only semi-pros, but was bitterly disappointed. The selection of girls was basically the same as in Le Domino earlier that night!

    On Friday, the cover charge was 1500 CFA. On Saturday, it was 3000 CFA. Both days, the cover charge entitles you to 1 free drink. Since a drink costs 1500 CFA, entrance is basically free on Fridays, but not on Saturdays.

    The main disco is dominated by a huge dance floor. The adjacent Fashion Club has plush seating and a central stage with girls dancing in sexy attire. As it gets late, the crowd moves on to the smaller VIP Club. I never made it to the VIP, but heard drinks were twice as expensive.


    I suggest you go to Le Domino / La Villa after 10-11 PM. If you hook up with a girl you like, you can either take her for a ST or keep her for the night. Keep in mind that most girls will want to leave early morning! If you're still flying solo, just follow the girls' trail as they start leaving. They'll know which club is happening that night. On a Wednesday night (after a ST), I ended up at Duplex, a smaller club with a mixed crowd, plenty of hoes & ultra-expensive drinks (Flag: 3500 CFA!)


    Those who claim Lomé is a weekend town, couldn't be more wrong. There's plenty of action in Lomé, any day of the week!


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    Pictures now

    I have reduced the format and hope they will upload now.
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    Picture for the previous report

    I hope they will upload now!

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    One week in Lomé

    Sorry Bogarde, I did not read your message in time. Had a quite busy week. First, I think the Domino is still a good address. Took the girl in the first picture from there. She's Guinean and I had her to my hotel about 5 times. The night of my arrival I went to Domino with an old friend and she choose a lady with XXXL boobs for a threesome. Did not slleep much this nicht. Before this, we went to PV a Gogo, a sort of Gogo-Bar at the Privilège Complex. The Girls dancing did not turn me on very much. Mostly Slim, no ass, not really what I'm looking for in Afirca. Went to Panini twice, but only in the early evening, later it is too crowded, too many drunks and thieves. At the Pajar Bar near the market I met a beautiful lady who cliamed to be a Business woman importing from China. We went out to lunch, but it did not come to a closer Encounter, although, this is programmed. I stayed atr Aurore Hotel which is associated to Napoléon, Althoug they saw 4 or 5 different ladies coming and going, this was no issue. The other ladies were older friends from last year and before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nongpagba  [View Original Post]
    Will be in Lom next week. Anybody interested in a sortie together?
    Currently, I'm in Lomé. I'm ready to spend some time with you.

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    Tour the'horizon of Lomé nightlife?

    Will be in Lomé next week. Anybody interested in a sortie together?

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    Hotel Aurore

    I've booked this time Hotel Aurore, near the former Hotel de la Paix. Anybody has been there? I'm also playing with the idea to stay a couple of days with one or other Girl friend at Coco Beach Hotel, has someone been there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrenchieSeb  [View Original Post]
    Ok I see, thanks. But where are the best places in town to meet these young thin girls?
    Anywhere in the city, just stop the one you like, tell her you are lost or whatever and then suggest a drink.

    But you will have more chance after 6 PM as Togolese people are quite shy.

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