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    Dear Afro Traveller:

    Glad to read that L'Abreuvoir is still open after all these years! Last time I was there was in 1980, met a cute 20ish girl from Liberia who not only knew how to do BBBJ but even swallowed! (very rare in Africa, both back then and especially now).

    Of course, not long ago I was talking to an old Africa hand and mentioned that I had picked up a girl at a well-known bar ("Bar Ponty" or "Bar33") in Dakar, Senegal in 1976, and that it was amazing that the bar was still open today, some 27 years later. He replied that he had picked up a girl there and gotten laid back in 1962! There are also some bars in Accra, Ghana that have been hot places since the late 1950s/early 1960s.

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    Here a Lome honey that I managed to charm into my quarters.
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    Was in Togo end of October. Stayed at Sarakawa hotel. Very girls friendly. The downstairs disco has a large number of very beatiful girls after 11:30 or so. Very often, just go downstairs from your room at midnight or so, check out the lobby or walsk towards the pool and the all night bar. There are many eager girls waiting for you on the terrace behind the bar, along the pool area. Try to get a seaview room with terrace as it is great to enjoy company in the tepid tropical air.

    In downtown, there is also a favourite drinking spot called "L'Abreuvoir" ("Drinking Trough"). Lots of expats there having a drink, mirrors everywhere including on the ground and some of the most beatiful wild girls I know.

    Moving around Lome at night is quite safe, for the common police checks just keep an ID on you.

    Bonne chasse!

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    Dear Waywardson/Email:
    Enjoyed your Lome report as well as your Accra report. IMHO you did right to not participate in the bottom-end red-light district that you described. Many of those girls do sex without condoms, and the places are filthy, so even if you wore two condoms instead of one, you'd probably end up with crabs and a rash if not worse. Also the sex is quick and perfunctory and certainly not the fun session that you'd normally have with a young, healthy Togolese lass. It's just not worth it, especially when the better alternatives are still cheap.

    I used to live in Ouagadougou in the late 70s where there was a similar red-light district filled with the "stool sitters." I tried it out a couple of times (remember this was before AIDS) but found it very unsatisfying. Luckily this district was closed down in the mid-80s by Thomas Sankara's revolutionary government.

    There's just no need to waste your time with the under-$1 ladies, because Togo is a lot like Ghana for the casual sex scene, specifically the "Day One" shy girl who you described in your Ghana post. I've been in Lome at least a dozen times since 1976 and have always found it very easy to find girls for sex and companionship, such as in regular bars, waitresses at restaurants, through friends, etc. Togolese women have a particularly free and open attitude towards sex. And of course the beer is among the best in Africa.

    The only bar name I can remember is L'Abreuvoir, a fairly respectable disco. I've stayed at both the Hotel Le Benin and the cheaper Hotel de La Plage, a favorite among Peace Corps volunteers, and any PCV hangouts are good places to go to as they can point you to the good places to find girls. Happy hunting!

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    I arrived from Ghana on the 5th day of my trip and checked into the Hotel Le Benin in Lome. The hotel is approx 2 km from the Ghana border across the street from the beach. Beautiful location but slightly run down - I understand that it is being privatized and will be rehabed shortly. It should be a nice place then. Again I wasn't paying but I believe rooms were around 30,000 CFA ($50). I actually didn't get any during my time in Lome but I did some investigations into the local scene.

    First there are a few girls available in the hotel bar. I had a drink there with a Ghanian friend who came to visit me and there was one girl at the bar who seemed a bit aloof and didn't glance my way at all, there was another working girl sitting with 2 Asian men and another girl who kept coming in and out of the bar as if she was looking for someone. Sorry I don't have info about prices. From my previous visit and post concerning Lome (that is my post under "Email" I have paid 10,000 CFA ($15). These hotel girls tend to be more expensive as they frequent tourist and foreign businessmen who have no idea of local prices.

    My second night my friend wanted to show me Lome at night. The red light district in this African capital is a place called Deh-cohn (sp). This place is not for you or me it is strictly for the locals. I didn't know this before going but since I was with a friend who assured me I went. The place is not really a district but I believe a series of brothels and alleyways. We went to have a beer at this low rent bar called Havana City. This bar is unappealling as it sits next to some malfunctioning sewers but it is across the street from this Deh-cohn place. This is for you real bottom feeders out there. We had a beer and he took me to the first alleyway. The place is unlighted and looks like the Black Hole of Calcutta - Abandon all hope ye who are about to enter. I went about 20, 30 meters before chickening out. I felt like some 19th explorer - maybe I should have brought my pith helmet and elephant gun. There were girls lining the walls - it was dark but some of them looked good. They were shouting out prices "500" or "1,000 franc". 500 as in 500 CFA about $0.80. Yes, eighty cents guys. Hey I am a horny guy but there are limits. I felt kind of woozy and not at all turned on. I was the only pale face around and this was not a place for a visiting mid-Westerner to be at night. Poor African girls selling themselves for less than a buck. This is at the lowest end of the market and they probably take on several dicks a night so many are probably HIV positive.

    I will be working in West Africa during the next year so If anyone has some info about a Lome bar where girls lurk please let me know. Accra has plenty of places so no help needed there. I have visited Domino Bar and would like to find better. As mentioned in my previous post, there are some SW but hard to cruise for SW when you are in a taxi.

    My trip ended well in Cotonou, Benin. I'll do my final post on the Benin board.
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    i spent a few days in ghana and togo in january. while in ghana, i stayed with a ghanian friend so i wasn't able to check out the local talent but i did spend a week traveling around neighboring togo. first i should state that contrary to what i read in a ghana post, the ghana/togo border is not a red light district. although there are prostitutes around, the border is very seedy and not a place for non africans - you will be targeted by the large number of hustlers and delinquents that hang out there. the togo side of the border fronts the togolese capital city lome. a few meters from the ghana border in lome used to be the site of a famous bar /brothel called ricardos. that place is closed.

    in lome i stayed with a ghanian friend who does business in lome. i told him that i wanted to experience some local women during my trip and he offered to find me some company. he prefers what he calls solid (read fat) women so i don't trust his judgment. i politely told him that i rather go out to drink somewhere where i could pick someone out. the first night he took me to an ex pat hangout called dominoes near the main market. a clean, air conditioned bar catering to ex-pats and mostly anglophone hookers. there were a half dozen or so girls when we were there, most of them were skimpily dressed, lots of ***** makeup - nothing caught my fancy. happily my friend suggested that we do a tour downtown before heading home. there were several girls around the palm beach hotel block, one of them caught my eye - discreetly dressed, did not hiss at our car, nice figure. i called her over to the car and i told her i wanted her to spend the night w/ just me for 10,0! 00 fcfa (about $15). she readily agreed and did a good job, excellent covered bj and straight sex.

    the next night we were going to the bar at the benin hotel near the beach when i saw a women who looked like she may be a sw. my friend pulled over and talked to her in the local african language and she agreed to spend the night for 10,000 cfa, i told my friend to drop me off at home and he could go carousing alone.

    settling in bed, she immediately moved to give me a bbj. i told her whoa was it a good idea to do that unprotected. she said that it was ok as long as there was no "wound" in the mouth. she said she would take the goods in her mouth but not swallow. sounds like she has sat in on some hiv awareness seminars. i'm nervous about sticking my dick in any orifice of a potential hiv positive person. anyway in a decision i regret to this day i told her better not. i slipped on two rubbers, climbed on top of her and pumped until i delivered the goods. repeated this scenario a few hours later. she came at least once during round two. gave her 10,000 cfa in the morning and she left - no problems.

    to see the interior of the country i went up to a town called kpalime. i forget the name of the hotel. there was no action in the hotel lobby so that night i went across the street to have a beer in a small bar. the hotel receptionist was an older school headmaster looking african man so i was embarrassed to ask him "hey pops where's the action". i was thinking of who to ask, there are no few taxis in this town. there are plenty of moped taxis called "zimi jean". no way i was going to sleep unless i unloaded so i stopped a zimi and strangely, he spoke no french. he was a ghanaian and i explained that i was in the hotel across the street and wanted to find some company for the evening. he immediately understood and asked me to describe what i wanted - i told him a nice, clean slim girl/woman to spend the evening. i stressed that i did not want a brothel prostitute and i did not want an **** girl. he told me to wait in the hotel lobby and that he would be back in 30 min! utes he said that if i did not like his selection i could send her back and he would find another one. aside - africans, i have found, treat white foreigners well. he came back 30 minutes later with a mediocre selection but it was short notice and late at night so beggars can't be choosers. i gave him 2,000 fcfa and he looked like i had given him a winning loto ticket. a lousy $3 tip makes you a f'ing hero in these poor countries. anyway i took the girl to the room and made sure she understood the deal, spend the night for 5,000 cfa. hey prices are cheaper than in the capital. she seemed thrilled to spend the night with a foreigner and probably would have stayed for free. i told her that i wanted a bj to start things off and seeing that she seemed stoked to be there i told/asked her that i it would please me if she swallowed what i gave her. "sure" she said. i'm nervous about sticking my dick in a potential hiv carrier's mouth even though it is apparently rare to ! catch aids this way. anyway my balls were boiling over and i wasn't about to pass this opportunity up. i was seriously regretting passing up that bbj in lome. she went to work - not very talented but it didn't take much. she was sitting on the edge of the bed i was standing up and i told her that the goods were coming - she didn't hear me or thought that when i said cumming that the goods were rounding the corner and in the home stretch. wrong! the goods were already turning the door knob! the first spurt must have rung her tonsils because she bent over and gave the loudest retch and gagged. the load went all over the place, her upper body, bed, floor. i was so turned off and so disappointed that when she had recovered i told her she could go. she knew that she had dropped the ball (pardon the pun) so she didn't complain when i gave her less than the promised 5,000 cfa and sent her on her way.

    i am going to dakar and maybe guinea in a few weeks. i would appreciate some updates on the board. peace

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