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Thread: Burkina Faso

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    French only?

    Schmitty, stupid question.

    Is it pretty much French only, or do the girls usually speak some English? Sounds like a fun place for this bored Western Canadian, who lives in absolute chica hell.

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    No problem

    There are lots of semi-pros here, it seems to me. I had a couple of girls over the last 10 days, each time just met them by accident in a shop or market, invited them for a drink or food, and arranged to meet them later. After a couple of drinks you can turn the conversation more personal, tell them how pretty they are, and just ask them if they want to come back to your room. If they don't want to, they just say no. Not like feminist crazys in Europe who would be offended that you dared to think of them as a sexual object and not for their personallity.

    In the morning you can offer them 'travel money' or 'I give you some money to recharge your phone so you can call me in a couple of days'. Pros ask for CFA 40-50,000 and settle for half that, so if you give a semi-pro CFA 100.00 or 150.000 she will be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CS
    From my last stay this month...
    Just a detail but the right spelling for the best place in Ouagadougou is MAJESTIC. Me and my dick spent a very good time after picking here and it is better to precise this spelling. Stay warm. CS

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    Hey? This thread is sleeping: five days without reply or comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba Lulu
    Bobo-D USD$30.00

    Very sweet young thing from an open air dance bar, semi-pro.

    This is the general atmosphere in Burkina,

    girls: nice, beautiful and cheap,

    what else to ask to life???

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    Some infos

    From my last stay this month,

    the price for a pro or semi-pro is very low 20000 XOF max something like 30€ but if you let 10000 XOF it is usually okay and welcomed.

    The places: /// all taxis know

    In Ouagadougou:


    is a nightclub owned by a former French casino manager,

    the club has good music, a nice designed restaurant with a selection of french wine and good food, and.... a small casino.

    A lot of girls here, mainly semi-pro.

    Le Calypso:

    same population as Le Majectic.

    Le Privé:

    no bitches.

    Kwame N'Krumah avenue:

    The night club where you can get is the Byblos.

    One point to know: the night chase starts at 1.30am.

    My advise, take a chair outside at show bizz the socalled American bar outside and take a first impression.

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    Hotel Independence is full of talent

    I just came back from the FESPACO film festival, so I do not know, if the hotel will be more quiet outside this time. But there are at least two-three up to 20 working girls. Sitting inside around the pool. You can easily spot them when they follow you with their eyes or even ask you on their table.

    I personally have tried two which did not appear as the really hardcore ones that I did not like. They will ask for CFA 50000 which is about $120 or €90,.- but it is easy to talk them down to have the price for a long time, like 4-5 hours and they may even stay over night. One really nice one I got for CFA 15000 and she would have agreed on CFA 10000 I am sure. It looks like quite a few of them are circumsized. This means a lot of work if you want to satisfy them.

    The experience with both was fine, while the first one, I think was moaning because she thought I like it. The other one was among the best I had in bed for a long time. Very beautiful, face breast, ass, . Good blowjob uncovered, multiple positions, could not get enough, but also caring with nice massage, good laughs and definetely not pretending to having fun. The whole body was reacting, inside and outside. That is why I had her several times in 3 days. Fotos will follow a bit later.

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    Thanks to Bubba Lulu

    Hey Bubba Lulu,

    thanks for the fast answer. Where did you stay? Hotel? Which? Some experiences with L´independance or Palm Beach?

    Best regards,


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    Visa from Ghana

    I have a Ghana Visa and plan to go there in April. Is it possible to get a visa for BK from Burkanabe embassy in Accra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Member #1955
    Hey .... It is possible, that you write something about the clubs and discos in Ougadougou?

    What services the girls offer?
    I had early morning plans the whole time I was in Ouaga, so didn't really go to any of the clubs and discos because I didn't want to be out that late. It was easy enough to pull girls out of the sidewalk bars along the main drag there. I didn't get pictures of the prettiest girl I met there. There are lots of hardened pros, so you have to look a bit to find the fresher girls.

    With the first girl, I didn't clarify that I wanted BBBJ w/CIM prior, so that wasn't on offer. Lesson learned. I negotiated that up front with the rest, and it was no problem. They were all generally quite friendly and accommodating in bed.

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    Girl friend hotel?

    Anyone experiences with the hotel "L´independance" or "Palm Beach" concerning girl friendly behaviour?

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    Great Pics - Bubba Lulu

    Hey Bubba Lulu,

    Congratulation to you Bubba Lulu. You made great pics. It is possible, that you write something about the clubs and discos in Ougadougou?

    What services the girls offer?

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    What happened with the $30 chick's eyebrows?

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    Bobo-D USD$30.00

    Very sweet young thing from an open air dance bar, semi-pro.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_4971-4-web.jpg‎   IMG_4972-4-web.jpg‎  

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    Definite full-on pro, but good fun. Grabbed her out of one of those sidewalk bars on the main drag for 25 USD.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_4958-4-web.jpg‎   IMG_4957-4-web.jpg‎   IMG_4956-4-web.jpg‎  

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