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    I just posted a photo in Burkina Faso board, but I would like you to change the attached pics (mini-rama-002.jpg) with this one. Sorry for the trouble, but I would prefer not to post pics with her face since I do not have official authorization from her.

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    Now I will talk about Rama, the Burkinabe girl that I met during my trip to Ouagadougou.

    She sure was a good f**k.

    And a damn good BBBJ she gave me.

    But first take a look at her.
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    Hi everyone,

    Well, as announced before, I have been to Ouagadougou from 4 August to 8.

    I stayed in Hotel Independence. It was CFA50,000 per night for a room with bath. Although it is 40 years old now, it is still OK. I heard that the hotel is going to be run by a company from Mali in the near future.

    In this I have attached a picture of the room I stayed in so that you can all judge for yourself.

    Starting from my next post in this board, I will talk about the girl I had.
    I'll be right back.
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    Hello all,

    I just found out about this site and wanted to add my experience:

    I was in Ouagadougou in Dec '03 after touring Mali for a week. I spent the last night at the Hotel Pavillon Vert, and just asked a local African guy at the hotel bar "Tell me, where do all the pretty women hang out at night?" (in French of course - hardly anyone speaks English there.) He figured it out right away by saying "So, you want a girl tonight?" We went to one of the clubs within walking distance of the hotel (I can't remember the name of the place.) I bought him a drink and then told him the hostess looked good to me (go figure, of course the hostess looks the best! LOL) So he called her over, and I bought her a beer (these drinks were only $1 or $2 - also no cover charge at this place.) Then, in their own langauge, he brokered the deal right in front of me. She got up from the table since she still had to work. He turns to me and says "She wants 10,000 CFA (less than $20), and she'll be with you from 2AM when the club closes until noon the next day." Since this was my first time doing this I couldn't believe how cheap! I mean the girl was gorgeous - tall and slender which it seems a lot of the women in the Burkina and Mali area tend to be like. So we went back to my hotel and let me just say that having sex with a beautiful black girl in French has got to be the hottest thing there is! It's just too bad that I was only with her for an hour since I had a flight to catch at 6AM. But I plan to head back to Ouaga for the FESPACO film festival in Feb '05. I'm assuming there's a lot of action then ;-)

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    Was just a week in Ouaga. Stay at the Splendid or Palm Beach Hotel. Both of them are opposite an outdoors contact bar called "Show Biz" and "johnys" the night club with the best looking girls from Ouaga.... traffic goes up to 3 am or so, take your pick, its real easy and choice is huge!

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    Wow, feast or famine, 8 reports within a week after years of nothing!

    I lived in Ouagadougou for almost two years some time back, and have also visited a couple of times since then. Finding girls is very easy, certainly bars and night clubs and hotel lobbies and even the cinema lobby (especially on weekends), but also even in restaurants, in the market or on the streets. And no need to overpay - the 40 Euro that Afro Traveller paid is about the maximum that you'd need to spend, in fact many girls would gladly spend the night with you for less. Remember, Burkina has a per capita annual income of under $300, so even $20 for the night is a lot to these girls.

    But I'm not saying that you overpaid, Afro Traveller, so don't be upset. From the looks of that photo, "Halima" is young and fresh and probably well worth the 40 Euros.

    Around 20 years ago Ouagadougou was famous for its "stool sitters" - ladies who sat on stools in front of a mud hut on a dark street in a couple of the poorer sections of towns. Dirt cheap (the equivalent of $4 or less) for very quick, cold, impersonal missionary sex. Invariably the girls spoke no French at all and were totally uneducated, were not interested in any chit-chat, just in your getting your rocks off as quickly as possible. I tried this scene a couple of times but found the scene depressing and a little disgusting, plus the threat of catching various diseases scared me. The stoolsitter streets got bulldozed in the mid-80s by the Sankara regime, and hopefully are gone for good.


    A little bizarre humor from the American expats who suffered through life in Ouagadougou (all of the negatives of a big city, with none of the charm of a smaller town). Our sarcastic conclusion was that the famous musical "Oklahoma" was originally supposed to be about Ouaga, but that they changed the name when they realized that no one on Broadway had ever heard of Ouaga. After drinking a few beers (Sobubra or Braburkina are the local brands), try singing the title song to Oklahoma but replacing "Oklahoma" with "Ouagadougou" and you'll understand this last paragraph.

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    Hi Afro Traveler,

    thanks for your help. I am sorry, but I am very bad in remembering names. I saw many places with good music + fine girls. For the moment - if you are heading for Bamako - just ask a taxi driver to bring you to a good music spot, and you should find a girl quite easy.

    Or just wait. I will go back to Mali in April '04, this time coming back to help you guys with a good report!

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    In Ouagadougou, check out the disco "Jimmy" where they do "Beach" evenings where girls show up in swimming suits and bikinis. Another good place for a night out is "Cotton Club".

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    I forgot to mention, on the main road to Koulikoro, past the market and the restaurant Djené (very nice by the way but no alcohol), there is the bar/restaurant Rendez Vous or similar, go and check it out! After 8pm, there is a lot of nice activity.

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    Anyhow this acronym reminds me of the beatiful beach in Sierra Leone!! Give us some news on Mali. There is a dearth of it here.

    I have not been there for over 2 years. The bar at Hotel Independence used to be the place to go for music and A LOT MORE and the Grand Hotel had sweet dreams on each floor when getting back to the rooms but today, I don't know.

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    Hi Afro Traveller !

    Same question from my part. I am coming to Mali in April 2004 and I am planing to head for Burkina Faso from there. The girl you show on the pic is very cute - just my taste )

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    To spend a long wild night with a beatiful eager girl, I spent 40 Euro.

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    Afro Traveler,

    Thanks for the pic - very hot girl. But I have a question. What are prices like there? How much did she cost? That's always important.

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    Was in Ouagadougou in August and stayed at "Hotel de l'Independence" a bit run down but very central with plenty of night life in the adjoining disco. Also stayed at Hotel Relax, good and cheaper for rooms but with little animation apart from the passing street where you can try to chat up a girl (or at the swimming pool during the day)... but obviously French is required. I had a great time with Alima, a very hot girl indeed.
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    Burkina Faso

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