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    N'Djamena updates

    Looking to see what is going on in and'Djamena. What clubs are the ones to go to today. Seems like the hotels are over controlled.

    Thanks for any input from any one! At.

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    I will be spending quite a bit of time in N'Djamena throughout 2018. Might anyone have any recent experiences / updates to the mongering scene here? TIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance-a-Lot  [View Original Post]
    Nice to see more posts coming up for this country so neglected on the forum. Indeed, N'Djamena despite its other challenges, does have pretty decent mongering opportunities. The scene is fairly simple, and explained in detail in the few posts already penned here. One thing I have not sussed is the openness of hotels (Meridian, Novotel, etc.) to having girls over. My feeling is that it is likely acceptable, but if anyone has insights, let the readers know.

    Hooked up with several lovelies in the past week. One of whom I post a photo here. It is blurry, but that is to protect the guilty.


    I could never fuck a girl that out of focus.

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    Le Carnivore

    Le Carnivore is an expensive restaurant, popular with expats, located on Ave Charles de Gaulle (see Google maps). It's an open-air place, with big thatched roofs & plenty of twinkling lights. I arrived early & had dinner there my first evening in town (Monday). The food (steak haché géant) literally made me throw up!

    Le Carnivore features live music, starting with just keyboards before the rest of the band joins in. Then come the singers, and finally the ass-shaking dance troupe.

    Girls looking for company only trickled in late evening. They all sat down by the side of the stage, so I moved closer to the stage after dinner. The quality was nothing to write home about.

    Just before closing time, a hottie walked in, surveyed the scene, spotted the new guy in town, and plumped her sexy ass down on the chair right next to mine. Maria was simply adorable, and wasted little time before suggesting we leave together. As we walked in the direction of my hotel, I started discussing the fee for Maria's services. She wanted 50000 CFA for a ST! Maria eventually agreed to join me for a more reasonable, but still expensive 30000 CFA, but wouldn't agree to pictures (even fully dressed). As we stood outside the gate of my hotel, Maria had to choose between modeling and walking on. Maria chose to walk, which was a damn shame, as she had the prettiest face I saw in N'Djamena.

    On Friday night, I had dinner at Le Central before wandering over to Le Carnivore for drinks. Maria was back, having dinner with an expat. Once again, the talent arrived late, with a big influx of girls shortly before closing time. Both the quantity & quality were much better on the weekend, but I wanted to check out the disco!


    L'Olympia is a new, modern disco (opened 2014) and N'Djamena's most happening P4P spot these days. It's located on Rue Beassoum Samuel, the short street connecting Ave Charles de Gaulle to Rue du Havre, with supermarket Alimentation "La Tchadienne" (see Google maps) on the corner.

    Drinks are ridiculously expensive! Big bottles of local beer (at 4000 CFA) offer the best value. Don't order spirits unless you were born into the Rockefeller family!

    On Monday night, L'Olympia was virtually deserted. When a couple of unaccompanied girls showed up, a big wallet local was quick to offer them drinks. The girls left solo, though. So did I.

    On Friday & Saturday night, people were packed like sardines. The crowd was a mix of expats & big-spending locals. There's definitely a lot of money in this town! The girls come in all shapes & sizes. Whatever your preference is, you're likely to be spoilt for choice. In my experience, girls will ask for 50000 CFA, press hard for 40000 CFA, but will probably accept 30000 CFA (LT). Both girls I pulled were great fun, both in the disco & in bed.

    L'Olympia is closed on Sundays.

    Le Piccolo & Le VIP

    Le Piccolo is diagonally across the street from L'Olympia, hidden behind an unmarked white & blue wall and gate. The cover charge is 5000 CFA. When I wanted to check it out at 11.30 PM on a Sunday night, security informed me there was simply nobody inside. To be fair, there was a sandstorm that night!

    Le VIP is closed!


    Badoo is a dating site / app, popular in French-speaking countries. L'Amandine, a patisserie / ice cream parlor on Rue du Havre (across the street from where Google maps indicates it is) is the perfect place to meet Badoo girls.

    After chatting over ice cream & cake, my 1st Badoo girl was excited to visit my room. Once we were in private, she couldn't wait to get my pants off & suck my dick. It turned out she had her period! We tried fucking anyway, but it was a bloody affair. After washing up, she rubbed my dick between her great tits, then sucked me off until she had a mouth full of cum. On our 2nd date, she was a very energetic fuck. She never even asked for taxi money, but was grateful for my gift. She still lived with her parents, and wasn't allowed to stay the night.

    When my flight home was postponed because of a sandstorm, it gave me the opportunity to meet another Badoo girl. My 18 yo cutie showed up in Muslim attire. She was happy to visit my room. She was happy to pose for pictures. But she claimed to be a virgin. Game over!


    On weekdays, go to Le Carnivore around 10 PM and occupy a seat by the side of the stage. Better yet, order a drink at the bar behind the stage, and wander around to check out the talent.

    On weekends, make sure to visit L'Olympia, a veritable flesh market!

    Don't forget to create a profile on Badoo!

    If pictures are important to you, make sure to ask in advance. Chad is a Muslim country, where the girls dress very conservatively. The girls dress sexily for the disco (though nothing special compared to more liberal countries) & don't seem to want any evidence of that!

    BTW, Chad is the 60th country I've mongered in. With just 8 posts on ISG, it's also the most obscure.


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    Anything new in and'djamena?

    Hello all! I am to visit and'djamena in a little while. I am looking to meet girls, and, although I know it is a long shot, I would be most interested in very naughty gals, leather and high boots once in the bedroom, and possibly even better: Toys (yes, I know. But I am still asking.) Thanks, and nice day!

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    What's new in N'Djamena in April 2013

    Dear all.

    I'm going to spend a week in N'Djamena very soon.

    I just wanted to be aware about any best places.

    Carnivore as usual, but what else please?

    Thanks all.

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    Glad for Chad

    Nice to see more posts coming up for this country so neglected on the forum. Indeed, N'Djamena despite its other challenges, does have pretty decent mongering opportunities. The scene is fairly simple, and explained in detail in the few posts already penned here. One thing I have not sussed is the openness of hotels (Meridian, Novotel, etc.) to having girls over. My feeling is that it is likely acceptable, but if anyone has insights, let the readers know.

    Hooked up with several lovelies in the past week. One of whom I post a photo here. It is blurry, but that is to protect the guilty.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1249.jpg‎  

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    Ndjamena by night

    Ndjamena is not so bad related to sex activities. Many club and places where to hang out and meet some girls. Prostitutes are mostly Cameroonian, but now Chadian girls are in the business, too.

    Here is a program to follow :

    8:00 pm. Carnivore restaurant (open place with live band and dance show) starting point for many semi-pro.

    11:00 pm. Picolo, night club.

    If you haven't met a girl by then, continue to VIP till dawn.

    A good place (restaurant / bar) is also Orange Metallic, next to the Rond-Point de l'Indépendance,

    Another alternative is Rex night club, but more for couples.

    Another good place is at Rond-Point Bokassa : many local bars with plenty of girls all around.

    But be careful! Chadian have knives. Don't argue with them and keep a low profile if you're in an risky situation!

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    Tchad and beyond

    The below posts pretty much capture the situation in Tchad. The capital, N'Djamena has several night spots, including the Carnivore, Picalo, VIP and others, where lots of foreigners go. There are other local spots, but unless you are Tchadian, or have local friends, best to avoid them. I went to one with some locals, the girls were OK, but choice was limited so did not indulge.

    In the clubs, you can get a girl (usually Cameroonian or from CAR as mentioned) for about 10, 000 to 15, 000 Franks ($20 to $30). She will usually want more if you are white, and if you don't speak French you might have trouble communicating. But stick to your guns and she will likely come down in price. Not sure I agree with sex on premises, but I am not saying you cannot either-just not been an obvious option for me.

    Most of the girls work day jobs, and often if you see a cute girl in a restaurant you can ask for her number. If she agrees, you can negotiate just as if you were talking in one of the clubs. Be sure to be explicit on what you want and price to avoid confusion and conflict.

    The Chinese massage parlours are proliferating, and the rates are as described in previous posts.

    There are street walkers, but the cops are coming down on them, so they are few. A local friend who is a cop called a woman who brought around a couple of very pretty girls from the CAR. 10, 000 Franks and 5000 for the taxi. Then they went to the Carnivore afterwards. They will usually stay the night, but I was finished, so gave her spank on the rear and my blessing. About a 7, very active in the sack, and fun.

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    Club Thé, Bier, Massage 168

    a new twist on the n'djamena themes nicely reported below. i had a flying trip to ndj with business colleagues. we wound uo for dinner at the favorite ex-pat resto in the city, coté jardin. it is not far from the main business drag and any cab driver will know it. highly recommended by the way.

    anyway, as we were entering, i noticed across the street a banner hung over the gate "club thé, bier, massage 168", with a pinkish background that screamed "mongers, come on down". i was with associates and was stuck, but checked with the resto gate guard and he confirmed that it was a chinese massage parlor.

    i broke away next day and checked it out. opens noonish; converted residential "villa", livingroom has a sad bar at one end; drinks are reasonable for this city. a 40-ish mms greated me, attractive. four girls on duty, all chinese, 25-30, rated at 6-8 looks. natch, i drew the gal who was a 6.

    if you speak cantonese or mandarin, you are fine. their french is terrible, english no better. but the tariffs are draped, legit massage 50 minutes francs cfa 15,000; massage plus he is cfa 30, 000; fs is 50,000 [just over $100 at the current exchange rate of cfa 490 = us$ 1.00].

    massage was decent, a 6. fs was enthusiastic and the gal dedicated to her work. i was most pleased. rooms were what you'd expect. a shower was available after and i availed myself. it is africa and don't expect hot water but it did get the scented oil off.

    would return on my next visit. these folks should be encouraged!

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    I lived one year in NDJ and in can confirm that the only good place for place for girls is Le Carnivore (restaurant and bar)

    Mots of them are Cameroonese not Chadians.

    You can actually fuch them on the spot or have a blowjob under the restaurant tables while you are eating.

    You can also fuck one in your car opposite the bar if you like.

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    Hot and Sweaty in N'Djamena

    I had not ever planned on going to Chad but then I found myself on short notice planning a trip to the capital N'Djamena, I thought that it would be a fascinating place to go. One of the first thing I did was to check the boards to assess the after work fun and low and behold there were no postings. Not that suprising as it is a hard place to get to but with the refugees in the East and the Oil in the South, I thought that there might be some good posts.

    Chad is a fascinating place with over 200 different ethnic groups, several internal rebellions, cross border troubles with Sudan and a mixed Christian (35%) and Muslim (65%) population. It is a conservative society but in the capital alcohol is widely available and there is a small but active nightlife that caters to the 2000 or so French soldiers and the increasingly larger expatriate community. French is the predominant language with Arabic and to a lesser extent English also spoken.

    If you find yourself going to Chad or N'Djamena and are looking for some fun, there is plenty around. Most of the girls come from Cameroon and are less conservative than their Chadian neighbors. Although I was unable to partake in the action, I was able to observe. There are a few high end hotels in the city - the Meridien and the Novotel are two of the best and you can find a few quite beautiful laides in the hotel bars in the evening. They are very easy to approach and do speak English and French. Although I did not inquire, I am assuming that they are high end and the prices are expensive as everything is expensive in N'Djamena.

    I did not visit the nightclubs and think that there are only a few in all likelihood. If you are visiting for a short time, your first evening stop should be the Carnivore. It is an eclectic place with a mix half disco, singing and dancing and the other half more sedate with white table cloths and dinner. It is where these two meet in the middle that is interesting and you can quickly find an attractive lady to talk with. It is not over the top or in your face like it is in Nairobi. It is quite subtle but by 11pm most everyone who wants to be paired up is paired up for the night.

    All in all it was an interesting place to visit and perhaps next time I will be able to indulge a little.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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