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    Had this sweet 19 year old thanks to one of the Madams I'm in contact with.

    BBBJ + CIM, 69, DFK, all positions. Can see she had an explosive orgasm while my finger was inserted in her ass during cowgirl.

    Total Damage: LE 2000.
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    Have anyone tried Reem slave girl


    Guys I really want know if any one tried the slave girl called Reem her number ends with 199.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CenTexCrash  [View Original Post]
    I messaged them on FB and they quoted me 3000 egp for massage with hand job (Ouch!

    That was the extent of the deliberating. Sorry, but I've been cultured by Mexico, Philippines, and Athens and that dollar amount for a massage is NOT happening.
    Thanks bro!

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    Watch out guys of this girl, she is on of.

    Sites, she lives in Magawish area and photos are so fake.

    She is an old MILFy with silicon lips and stretched out face skin.

    She asked me to drive to Magawish and call her.

    I called her when I arrived and had to wait her to pick me up to her place.

    After 15 min she showed up and I looked at her without sayin a word.

    And then I jumped in the car driving back home.

    She wanted 3000, I wouldn't even pay her 300.

    I have already better looking Egyptian girls in here for a lot much cheaper price.

    It was a bad experience.

    I wanted to leave a review on the site but she disabled reviews on her commercial.


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    Shiko Hurghada

    Shiko from Hurghada and a proper evaluation.

    She is from Alex but she lives in Hurghada.

    Body 7/10.

    Face and hygiene 8/10.

    Service 5/10.

    Damage 1000.
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    [Deleted by Admin]

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    New Experience. Sandy

    I would like to share my experience.

    Sandy is one of the models met her while shooting a new clip for a famous singer.

    She approached me to complaint against the casting office and I treated her very nicely and solved her issue with her manager.

    After finishing the day she asked if I can take her in my way to the nearest location to her home and I agreed.

    While we are in car and driving in late night and desert road she said that she want to do something but afraid that I will not agree and I told her ok go on I will not.

    She unzipped me and began sucking my cock hence I told her to stop and let's continue at my home.

    We went to my apartment some chatting and cooking and dinner. She went to the bathroom took a shower and went out wearing a robe only over her naked body.

    Grapped her to my bedroom began with BBBJ and DATY.

    I inserted my tool and after 15 minutes I did my first shot.

    She was very hyper in sex and unbelievable horny.

    Rested a little the I got the KY gel and we proceeded with second shot anal in doggy position then on her stomach then spooning till I exploded inside her ass.

    We slept and in the next morning she blew me until I CIM and she swallowed it.

    Have to say bye as I'm still shooting for full week.

    But a very nice experience and the girl was very hot.

    Only downside that her pussy is very wide and ass also.

    Of course no damage but I'm planning to bye her a small gift next time.
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    Egyptian scene

    In the last years the online ads are the most dominant.

    I kept following all escorts websites & craigslist post for updates.

    Most of time I got a reply.

    Many Egyptian & Arab girls located at madnity for incall service.

    Only one villa were caught by police forces at the end of 2019.

    Usually the rates are between 2500 & 3000 LE. Which consider over price in many times as the girl doesn't meet my expectations.

    I tried Russian escort one time which was stay at safier hotel dokki area & according to many ads I tried to connect there are girls in many hotels in dokki area, downtown & nasr city.

    For street walkers they were located in many areas such as Sheraton buildings & Elmarghany street in heliopolis, Gameet eldewal street & Shehab street in Mohadnseen area also in maadi but usual they are very low quality.

    Also you can find girls in night clubs but most of club apply the rule of couples entry to maintain Malrs to females ratio which is problem for single guys.

    Hope we can exchange more knowledge about how can get girls not just upload reports.

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    Online Scene

    Hello folks,

    Just a late report (2 months old).

    As we all know how the scene is not easy in Egypt, I was there for few weeks.

    I tried some picking locations for street walkers, but didn't got any.

    Or maybe I'm not used on how it goes, so it's a matter of lack of experience in Cairo scene.

    Had no options, but the online ads, and I found the below classification:

    - many numbers are not exit.

    - many numbers are not replying.

    - some number found out, it's a massage centre.

    - very few replied.

    The problem who replied, has no professionalism. No constant reply, no honesty.

    Many agreed about money and time. Then disappear.

    Another number agreed for every thing, and in the time of meeting, no show.

    Also I notice some of them offer 3 or 4 girls, and when you select one, they indicate she is not free, and try to force you to a certain girl (and of course I denied).

    Till have have no options, but the online ads.

    Will keep trying in next visit.

    Stay safe every one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CenTexCrash  [View Original Post]
    Last night, near store fronts in Garden City, saw alley with Club Princess, two dudes and a cute female greeter tried to lure me in saying "dance with girl 100 egp!" Thought about it, but had heavy backpack and wasn't 100% sure I was carrying enough egp at the time. Maybe I'll peek inside for real tonight?

    Does anything go on in these clubs like in Mexico or nah? The privados?

    Where else should my focus be?
    Made a mental note to check out this hidden Princess Club the next night, but I really wanted to eat first. Ate first, came back at 1 am but apparently every thing closes by 12 am or 1 am for quarantine and the Club was off and locked up for the night. Oops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoka87  [View Original Post]
    Did you or anyone here try this spa to tell us his opinion?
    I messaged them on FB and they quoted me 3000 egp for massage with hand job (Ouch!

    That was the extent of the deliberating. Sorry, but I've been cultured by Mexico, Philippines, and Athens and that dollar amount for a massage is NOT happening.

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    Julia in Hurghada

    I met that girl as a recommendation from a Russian friend, however her attitude.

    Was a bit arrogant, and her language is poor too so I will not go in details any further.

    Will not repeat for sure.

    Face 5/10.

    Body 7/10.

    Attitude 3/10.

    Damage 2000.
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    Massage parlor in Abbas el akkad

    Quote Originally Posted by EgyptianAlpha  [View Original Post]
    It's near Bazooka.
    Hi EgyptianAlpha,

    I couldn't find it, I went to Guzel spa which is the only one near Bazooka and they told me that they don't offer happy ending. Can you specify where.


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    Review needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Hameed88  [View Original Post]
    Did you or anyone here try this spa to tell us his opinion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eissa  [View Original Post]
    There are a lot of massage parlor in Abbas el akkad, is it near child park or what?
    It's near Bazooka.

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