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    Quote Originally Posted by WhizzKid  [View Original Post]
    Hi. Is the Sapphire reasonably girl friendly?
    Yes, they usually just need to register / leave ID at reception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WankingDead  [View Original Post]
    Yes Concorde is the same.
    Hi. Is the Sapphire reasonably girl friendly?

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    Addis recap.

    Checked out the area around Edna Mall first. Han? Massage right down past the hotel strip to the right. Picked the dolled up youngest one but she wanted 1000 for HJ. Very inexperienced and I kinda got frustrated, threw her 400 total and walked out.

    Mickey Leland area is much better IMO as good concentration of MPs and plenty of cheap working girls about the area as backup.

    Bouncing off previous posts I explored the area sharply diagonally Opposite YOLO Hotel towards the south (plus first to right down it) yielded a good concentration of MPs. Took a slightly plump gal called Tina at Blens who did a great massage and slightly withdrawn but friendly sex. I gave her 200+500 + an extra 100 for not even discussing money with me. Just getting straight to it after the (relatively) competent massage. She knelt on her knees and stuck her butt up in the air very invitingly.

    Second try here was not so good. Very poor massage and the girl was not feeling well or something. I said, stop stop. I'll go but she insisted she was fine. But I called it quits soon after.

    Important info There are short time rooms on the SE side of Mickey Leland St, just to the NE of the intersection with Namibia St.

    The entrance has up to a dozen cars parked, o if you don't want to sully your hotel bed you can have a quickly here.

    I picked an older more experienced Street walker (a grumpy 300 Bir) at the entrance who spoke half-decent English who showed me where the room was (that's how I discovered it). Rooms are 100? At least that's what she said and gave to door boy. Definitely a decent proportion of younger hotter, even "little spinners" round that intersection esp. To North and East. They are mostly shy or aloof but approachable enough. Never pushy. Talked to a bunch.

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    Hawassa Mongering Scene Update, II

    The parlors (there are plenty of street signs to guide you to these places from long distances, so you can't miss them):

    The street behind Central Hawassa has 4 parlors:

    Amazing; the cleanest and most classy-looking. Usually about 6 - 8 ladies, quality mostly sub par, but 1-2 hotties common. Never had to walk away due to lineup. Performance has been mostly average to disappointing, except one girl called Selam who was very good and I repeated with many times.

    Candle Night; almost opposite Amazing. Clean but low key vs Amazing, selection usually limited to 2-5 ladies. Quality can vary a lot, but the ladies go back to the 'inner sanctum' after intro, so easy to walk away if you don't like. I've had one bad experience here, the rest have been good to very good.

    Adse; Same street as the other two, just walk south. The best selection (quality and numbers) by far is found here. Lineup usually 6 - 10 ladies, mostly hot to very hot. Been here more times than any other place, and have had only one sharky lady (did not bite) and 2 sub par experiences. Most will deliver a solid performance. Rahel, Gnet, and Netsanet are some regulars I remember for their performance.

    Mommy; opposite Adse. Same quality of ladies as Adse (I've met some in both), but smaller lineup (4 - 5 normally). I have had no bad experience here, and the ladies are least greedy, will normally accept the 400 with no need for silly negotiation.

    Main street (bar scene) has 2 parlors:

    Royal; not far from Hawassa College of Ag roundabout. The street is busy, so hard to walk into this place without feeling like everyone is judging the shit out of you. Only went in once, but selection was poor, only 2 ladies. Got a very good, but short, massage. Full service was mediocre. No need to go back.

    White Bird; down the same road, just a much busier entrance. Never mustered courage to walk in.

    Between main street and Heron-Lake View hotel street:

    New Flower; near Lake View, walk towards Heron hotel. Lineup mostly average to mediocre with a hottie thrown in, 4 - 6 ladies. My best and most memorable experiences (near GFE-type, DFK and all) in Hawassa have been here. I attribute it to luck, 3 different ladies, 3 superior to out-of-this world experiences. My first MSOG in EMP was here.

    Classic; near New Flower. Went here once, didn't like selection.

    Kal; near classic. The most low key parlor in this territory. Lineup usually 2-4 ladies, quality varies, but at least 1 hottie. Been here twice, very poor experiences both times.

    Unique; near Kal. Has one of the larger lineups (6 - 10+ ladies), but poor quality in my books. First time I had to walk away, second time picked one with a perfect body, but not face. Excellent massage, but too greedy so I cut my losses and run.

    As a cautionary note: there are quite a few ladies in Hawassa MPs who are getting greedy (more so than Addis), insisting on 1000+ tip for full service. It is better to decline and cut your losses, even if they decide to 'change their mind' at the last minute.

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    Hawassa Mongering Scene Update, I

    Hawassa may eventually displace Addis as the mongering capital of Ethiopia. On a per capita basis it is holding its own.

    The bar scene is a great way to pick up hot freelancers, including waitresses (much better quality than Addis). Best quality is found on a stretch both sides of the main road running parallel to the lake shore, southwards from the College of Agriculture roundabout to the sharp bend. More than 40 bars that get packed with hotties nightly from about 7 pm. The only catch is that you need some Amharic (or a wingman), otherwise it can be very challenging.

    Massage parlors remain my favorite due to my lack of Amharic and the anonymity they provide. Hawassa has a truckload of them. The streets within the small triangle covering Central Hawassa, Heron, and Lake View hotels have at least 10 massage parlors. I have visited most and will provide a summary of each in part II.

    General points:

    All of the parlors now allow you to choose a lady (an improvement from about a year ago), but you may need to ask at the reception as it is not automatic in every place (just say "choose girl".

    The house fee (220 everywhere) is paid separately from the tip, at checkout desk. What you negotiate with the lady is only her tip (typically 400, or 200 for HJ).

    The ladies usually don't sit at the reception like in Addis, they come from the inner sanctum to introduce themselves one by one, and stand there awkwardly in a lineup or go back. The former makes choosing easier, but can make things real awkward if the selection is sub par. How do you walk away? I prefer the latter, because it is easier to walk away if you don't like what you saw. But then you have to remember the name or sequence of the one you liked. One time I had to redo a lineup due to forgetting, understandably this was not appreciated much by the ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WankingDead  [View Original Post]
    took my balls in her mouth then continued the BJ deep throat and gagging few time, lots of saliva back on my shaft...
    You hit the jackpot my friend, that is an extremely rare treat in Ethiopia. Hopefully you got her contacts.

    By the way you vivid observations of Ethiopian scene give me a chuckle every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WankingDead  [View Original Post]
    her breasts and started sucking and gently biting them, my hands wondering down her back to her firm arse, my fingers gently moving h I asked her to stay with me for the remainder of the trip but she look after her ill mother or something.

    She stayed with me till midday and we have room service then she left.
    You forgot to mention the damage. For a Concorde girl of that class I assume 100 USDollars.

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    Restaurant recommends

    Great report Wanking.

    Sapphire great hotel, and two great restaurants on each road either side, turkish one and a high end italian one abucci.

    Avoid the pizza hut in edna mall, they've no idea how to cook a pizza.

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    Few days in Addis.

    Went to Concorde after midnight or is it 6 pm Ethio time? Too confusing this sustem. 100 birr to the friendly staff who by now knew me well, some Ethiopian tall lady singing Chinese songs to the 10 or so Chinese men and women few other punters, I immediately spotted a tall slim size8 beautiful girl wearing black jeans that showed her pretty long legs and a tight black top, long flowing hair that was dyed blonde once but has the original black colour at the top and blonde tips now, I moved for her before any other sucker and offered a drink which she accepted, we spend a couple more hours dancing and grinding before I offered her more drinks at my hotel, in the taxi we couldn't keep our selves from each other, she looked like a normal 21 yrs old girl with a beautiful face, nice smell light coloured and minty breath with good set of white teeth, about 5:8 on heels, we walked through security and they didn't rven ask her ID, into the room we immediately went for each other kissing DFK tongue to tonsils, while ripping off the cloths from each other, she was wearing an expensive one piece lingerie black in colour, no bra as her be / see cubs were holding their own, I was sitting on the sofa in my boxers marvelling at this statuesque beauty in front of me, she kneels and started to kiss me knees, lick my thighs and massage my already throbbing shaft through my boxers, then she pulled my member through the pants and seemed pleased with what she saw, now I hardly ever get a BJ from Ethiopian girls but not this one she licked my member to the top then back down to my perineum took my balls in her mouth then continued the BJ deep throat and gagging few time, lots of saliva back on my shaft, I pulled her towards me and released her breasts and started sucking and gently biting them, my hands wondering down her back to her firm arse, my fingers gently moving her pants to one side and fingering her wet moist and warm p, she straddled me and rubbed my member on her, moaning and moving sliding and grinding, thankfully I had a selection of condoms at the table, I went for the bare touch ripped one, condom in I proceeded to rub her with it slowly teasing her inserting only the tip from time to time, she went mad with excitement and started kissing me, nearly biting my lips off, we had sex in this position for ages, I was teetering on the edge most of the time but kept taking my mind to other places, a technique I found useful in delaying the inevitable. We went to RCG and now my hands can play with all of her exposed body, I went for the hand held vibrator which I left handy and started to work on her clit, starting with low vibs then building it up, she was spasming and could feel her vag muscles clamping on my shaft, she started talking in Amharic and moaning so loud I thought security will be knocking, soon I felt her warm fluids flooding, she was squirting all over the place. Wow, we collapsed on the king sized bed my heart fluttering sweat lashing, we carried on like this but with more control for the rest if the night, this girl is called Heaven and she is indeed heaven, well worth the whole trip, I asked her to stay with me for the remainder of the trip but she look after her ill mother or something.

    She stayed with me till midday and we have room service then she left.

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    Few days in Ethiopia.

    Day 3:

    Started my day with a buffet breakfast, I think the hotel does the best breakfast in Bole, right across the busy road is another MP I think it is called take, nothing good there, so walked to the red terror museum, google said it is about 35 minutes walk which is about right, walked past few small shops with decent girls inside but did not stop, museum is tiny done it in 5 minutes, then walked back, straight to Grace MP as I remembered seeming a hot girl there, good looking girls wearing white uniforms, choose Minas who had a lovely smile, enjoyed myself so much till the massage ended, she did not offer extras and just said massage finish so handed the 250 birrs and left on good terms, went out at night every man tell me they work at the hotel and they want to take me to see beautiful girls dancing and every little boy / girl are very hungry and want 5 birrs, went to a couple of bars close by the MK place and another smaller one. After few bees it sounded like a good idea to go to Ethio massage which I did, choose a very pretty girl name sounded like Tigist had a wonderful Moroccan massage then agreed sex with for 800 birrs all in, she bent over the Moroccan massage wet table and I fid the dirty, although she was very pretty, she obviously had kids with all that brings, condom on I lost my way in her cavernous vag, cut my loses and left. On the back tried to locate flirt lounge near Harmony hotel? But could not. On the way back a drunk beggar tried to mug me and stuck hand in my pocked but a punch and few shouts made him run away. Took a taxi and drive up and down Bole street about 25 hookers but none memorable, ended up choosing a decent girl only because she had ID on her back to my room condom on (a must) few hours for 1000 birrs.

    Day 4:

    Nothing much, took a blue taxi to the Ethiopian natural museum again lots of school children and the guy at the church never stopped shouting in the loud speakers. Only two floors as power cut. Any way I ended up at Lucy's cafe for a drink went back to grace massage and choose same girl from before decent massage she gave a decent GFE and allowed kissing, no sex this time but a nice experience. Damage 500 birrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kib123  [View Original Post]
    WD, Nice report! We happen to have the same taste in hotels; staying at Sapphire at the moment.

    Where's this Concord? Is it the same as Concorde hotel off A1.
    Yes Concorde is the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WankingDead  [View Original Post]
    Recently I spent few days in AA, stayed first at Capital hotel new Mickey leyland then moved to Sapphire Addis in the Bole area.

    Evening went back to Concord after visiting few disappointing clubs in the Bole area, again same experience ended up with Hana very curvy and bubbly character $100 for the night which was gvfm considering the shenanigans that went on.
    WD, Nice report! We happen to have the same taste in hotels; staying at Sapphire at the moment.

    Where's this Concord? Is it the same as Concorde hotel off A1.

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    Few days in Addis.

    Recently I spent few days in AA, stayed first at Capital hotel new Mickey leyland then moved to Sapphire Addis in the Bole area.

    Day 1:

    Made contact with a girl I met on my last visit, Heaven is 20 yrs old and invited her to my hotel. Had few hours before she turned up so went for a professional massage at the hotel spa, damage 500 birrs about 14 for an hour deep tissue excellent service, walked the short distance to Christine massage on ML street, 4 girls took one who was young and thin, forgot her name, she took of her top without questioning and gave a mediocre massage as expected, sex with a condom for 700 birrs all in, no BJ and not exactly a GF experience, back to hotel were my girl arrived and spent about 2 hours with me sex in different positions gave her 300 birrs taxi money, evening time took a cab to Concord the place was heaving about 30 hookers some really pretty waiting for us suckers to walk into the trap. Drinks about 60 birrs for domestic beer and 100 birrs admission, choose a curvy good looking hooker and agreed $100 for long stay, back at my hotel and spent the next 3 hours in sex heaven we tried all sorts of positions GFE sucking licking fingering her name was like Balli Bidon or similar, after she left I collapsed into the be.

    Day 2:

    Moved to the pole hotel Sapphire Addis, very central and nice, took a walk in the afternoon to the Beer garden hotel for a few pints then walked to the nearby Hani massage 250 birrs for a massage in an upgraded room with shower massage delivered by a young 19 year old pretty girl I totally forgot her name another mediocre service agreed sex at 500 birrs, condom in and a very average experience followed, she was very distant which I understand but is off putting never the less. On my way back to the hotel checked Hana, Grace, Ethio massages, each had between 3 and five girls but didn't see anything I liked so just walked off, back at the hotel went to the spa and had a deep tissue expert massage for 450 birrs. Evening went back to Concord after visiting few disappointing clubs in the Bole area, again same experience ended up with Hana very curvy and bubbly character $100 for the night which was gvfm considering the shenanigans that went on.

    Will continue the rest of trip later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrenGap  [View Original Post]
    Yes I know the one you mean. Excellent service with massive jugs.
    And for that you need to quote the hwole posting. ?

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    Mack massage

    Quote Originally Posted by Kib123  [View Original Post]
    Been on an AMP binge tour the past couple of days or so, relatively cool (cloudy) so walking is not too stressful. But definitely still need a shower after the deeds.

    Day 1:

    Hani massage (the one between Friendship hotel and Istanbul restaurant, not the one near Pink massage); Decent selection in the day but my choice was mediocre, both massage and the deeds. Name was 'Lio' or something. Pricing 200 + 500 (quoted 2000, and claimed men 'regularly' pay her 3000). Friendly personality though. Not recommended. Will probably be back to choose another.

    Take Massage (behind Aclana lodge); only 2 ladies, both not my taste. Moved on to Mack massage down the street.

    Mack Massage; Incredible selection but a lady I know jumped me, so couldn't choose another. Average massage, very good performance thereafter. Among the most intense in the game, really enjoys herself. Name is Tigist, works day shift and been there a while. Worth a try.

    Grace massage (near Sabon hotel) to close the day; decent selection, chose a skinny, tallish one called Marta. Best massage technique I've had in a long time. Methodical and no rush. Snug coochie and participatory. Very friendly, insisted on feeding me (literally, putting food in my mouth) after the deeds, banana, french fries, and then buna. Highly recommended. Total damage 800.

    Day 2:

    Was in Gurd Shola area and went to a parlor right behind Top 10 hotel, Bale or something. Average place, average performance, nothing worth going all the way for.

    Was then visited by a regular at my place so no reason to venture out.

    Day 3:

    Hana massage: near the Edna Mall round about, in the side street to the left on the way to Atlas. Place is shitty as hell, almost walked away without even seeing the selection. Mamasan was pushy so I caved. Three ladies, all acceptable face (one real hot). The one who approached me had a distracting gut, so I opted for the real hot one. Was not expecting much based on the shabbiness of the place, but this turned out to be a pretty damn good experience. Decent massage and good performance. No rush at all, took almost the whole hour. Name was Blen. Recommended. Mamasan blocked my way on leaving and insisted I stay for buna. Very chatty and overall happy experience, but they (including the lady I just shagged) were chewing khat constantly, just FYI. Will probably be back. Damage was 200 + 500.

    Ethio massage: just around the corner from Hana, proceed down the side street and take the first right. Selection was poor so I moved on.

    Pink massage; place is famous and regularly mentioned here so decided to check it out. Was surprised there's at least 4-5 other parlors in the vicinity. Only 2 ladies present, both over the hill so moved to Merci on the next street.

    Merci massage: Selection rather poor, but with one standout. Very pretty and shapely but a bit on the juicy side. A few more French fries and she'll be unacceptable. Mediocre massage, but good service. Would repeat in a pinch. Name was Lili. Damage 200 + 500.

    Mack massage: went back in the night, still very good selection, at least 6 ladies. Chose a sexy one with humongous tits. Turned out to be one of the best performances I've had in Ethiopia. As close to GFE as you are likely to get in this country. Good long-lasting massage, followed by kissing, and the rest is history. Finished with her sucking on my lips like a hungry baby. Name is Gnet, highly recommended. Damage 800 (no negotiation took place, just gave her that afterwards, and she seemed very appreciative). Note: this was the first time I spent more than 1 h in an Ethiopian MP (1 h, 23 min).

    Note that there's another huge titted one who usually works day shift at Mack, her name is Selam and she speaks perfect English, a bit chubby but also highly recommended.

    Happy mongering my friends!
    Yes I know the one you mean. Excellent service with massive jugs.

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