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    Capt. Fire,

    Tic Toc pretty much sums up Luanda. I was there for 9 months last year and had some good times. I like Coyotes and Palos, Coyotes is always loaded with ladies after 11pm, most of them are for the taken, some of them will ask for money and some will not. But I always gave them some cash. Luanda is a tough place. Always get their phone #, so you can arrange to meet them elsewhere as Coyotes can get expensive when buying drinks, just dance and buy the girls some drinks and you will make alot of friends, you will have 4-5 girls ready to go with you. Palos is a cool place also, not quite the meat market Coyotes is, but there is some upper class locals that go there. I prefered to carry a date to Palos and dance the night away. Sundays is a good day for the beach, Miami Beach and Coconuts is a great place to just hang on the beach, ladies can also be scored there. Lots of Bikinis. Anyway, I could go on more but I think if you hit these places and hook up with some good girls they will show you the rest.

    Have A Good Time,


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    Action in Luanda

    Any sugesstions to pick some action in Luanda. Staying in Tropico, looking for some better class P4P. How much for all niter? Appreciate a mail back on this or a post

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    Royal Pub is on a small street off the Rainha Ginga that runs besides a church towards Palo's. Actual address is Rua Mercadores (next to where the Restuarante Espanhol was). There is a pool table downstairs and a nicely refurbished bar up with a number of girls after 11PM.


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    About Copacabana. I have been there some time ago, and I am not very found of it.

    Also there is always Police outside and you end up spending a lot of time and money to get rid of them.

    You have to pay around 1000 Kwanzas and there is several stupid rules (once they wanted to charge me on the exit because I did not offer drinks!!!).

    When I was there the girls weren't that good. Better to go on Tuesdays and thursdays to Animatografo.

    Where is Royal Pub?


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    Out and About in Luanda

    For the scene in Luanda:

    I have been here now for 5 weeks, with 3 years to go. So I quickly hit the streets to find the action here. Follows is a quick overview.

    Coyotes - A "disco" that around 2300 - midnight fills up with girls that P4P. Many from Congo but a few Angolanas mixed in especially on the week nights (Tuesday, Wednesday). The usual mix of the ugly to reasonable with the occasional beauty mixed in. All ask for 100US at first but can be easily talked down to the 30 to 50 range for night. Also have been told that there are two more "discoteques" like it in the city (one called Copocabano).

    Royal Pub - Used to be a spot but now very empty. Maybe with time the girls will come back. That would be nice as it is only 1 block from my apartment.

    Amatigraficos - This one I like. Very much a "discotequa" with plenty of girls (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and the associated harddicks chasing them. Here the scene is to make some eye contact (easy enough for a gringo) then ask her to dance. Drink prices are reasonable. These are more the semi pros, almost all angolanas and will probably not quote a "price" but will expect a "ayuda" (help) for her time (50US is a good round number).

    Other "Discos" and bars - Places like Palos, Zanzibar, Don Quixote all sceen at the door and the working girls have almost no chance to enter unescorted. There may be a few, but don't expect a crowd.

    On the streets - in front of the Trivoli Hotel, the start of the Ihla, along the Rainha Ginga you will see, from 2100 onward, a few chicas looking for action. I don't do the SW scene so no idea of price. Also in front of Coyotes, Amatigrafico, and most of the other "discos" are the ones that can't get in the actual club and are looking for the quick pickup from those guys arriving on on the way out the door.

    General - keep your eyes open as you move around town, in the supermarket, on the beach and in restuarants, as you will get plenty of interested looks. If you "Fala portuguese" you will do very well to strike up a conversation and make friends who happen to understand that evenings will end up in the sack.

    In short, plenty, plenty nice looking girls here looking for the right gringo (or the next gringo).

    TicToc (who very much misses Santa Cruz, BA and Rio)

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    I have looked around some new spot in Luanda.

    Downtown, near Serpa Pinto square.

    Well, it is not that new. The place has been there for quite a while. Its called Coyote Bar and outside you can find several girls. I believe most will be from RDCongo. Very bad portuguese and some would even greet you in French.

    Anyway, if you stop the car nearby they will run to you, and try to force inside. I tried one, she was tall but not goodlooking. For 2000 Kwanzas (20) she would do everything.

    Took her home, she did a nice blowjob, then doggystille and then came in her ass! I was quite horny so it was quick. In the end I gave her plus 300 Kwanzas tip.

    When I took her back several other girls where there. More good looking but still from Congo.

    Also looked around Tropico. Several girls, same price and same quality.



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    Better Luanda or Maputo?

    Hello, I'd like to know if it is better reach Luanda or Maputo to pick up girls?
    Another question, please.
    The AIDS risk is high here?


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    Better Luanda or Maputo?

    Hello, I'd like to know if it is better reach Luanda or Maputo to pick up girls?

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    I know that some or many members of this board is interesting in some info about Luanda and Angola. Well, here are some experience from april this year. I am working in some oil related business and I regularly visit Luanda. There are a lot of girls to find outside of the city, on the peninsula 5 minutes from the center. Clubs, bars and semilar are often crowded with girls of that particularly kind who we like to meet! Remember it looks like they are not coming much earlier than 10 to 11 p.m. The demand is 40 to 100 USD. They are very beaty for the most, with of course some dogs. Prices overall in the area is very expensive by Angola level, but compared to the SW downtown they are also looking to be of legal age, and cleaner. You need some place to live, because as far as I know they don't have any themself. To be in Africa I belive it's comparatively safe so far if you act with a kind of normal attention. Use your head on the top of your body and protect your in the middle, I'm sure you will find some fun.

    Good luck!

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    I recommend Animatografo on week days.

    Nice chiks to dance a sensual Kizomba.

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    Any news in Angola?

    Where can we find nice ladies for a one night stand?

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    Angola is cheap. When you stay in Luanda, girls will even stop you in the street. They are so dirt-poor. 5 Euro per night is the going rate. I usually prefer the smaller hotels at Luanda beach. - Approx. 20 - 30 Euros. They usually do not mind that you take a girl with you. Now it is quite safe (what is safe in Africa?) There is no real scene or "girly-clubs" but a lot of discos to pick girls up. The bar of the Sheraton hotel is full of girls. The Sheraton is not girl-friendly - you have to go somewhere else.

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    Angola seems to be getting some good press. As anyone have anything to add about the "hobby" there?


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