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Thread: Burundi

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    Tall Rwandese Tutsi girl from Bukavu (no nude unfortunately…)

    Tall Rwandese Tutsi girl from Bukavu (no nude unfortunately…)

    I rummaged around in my old photo box. Martine she was a star.
    Came to know her in Bujumbura, must have been around 1987? My God what a good time we had at that time with “les filles”…
    She lived with her sister Francine in Bukavu (Ex-Zaire, called Costermansville up to 1966,). She was a queen of a Rwandese Tutsi woman living in exile of Ruanda, tall and slim. They moved all around in the triangle Bujumbura-Bukavu-Kigali. She was good in bed, she turned her eyes in wild direction when making love. Once I stayed overnight in the best Hotel of Bukavu at that time, just in the center of the main road (forgot name). She unexpectedly knocked at my Hotel room. Another time I visited her at home, I remember the poor and starving condition which she lived together with her sister.
    No idea what happened to her…..

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    Currently in bujumbura and glad to report that things are very safe now... People are very nice, but this is not Kigali, so take care at night because there are youth gangs roaming the streets... Just take a taxi and you will be fine. Vistited Havana... This is a very touristy place with a mixed crowd of Chinese, UN and NGo people and locals....As mentioned before girls hang out outside too.... As myself i am more into semi pro's now, arranged a date with hotel staff lady , changed hotel and spent the night with her....Went to church today as well, but was not lucky because i am on a tight time schedule... As usual, this is Africa, so getting ladies is easy, getting rid of them another thing... The climate here is tropical , which makes a changes from Kigali.... Places like Saga beach are nearly deserted during the week and a little bit busier on weekends.

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    Good places in Buja

    Hi all,

    A bunch of good places to hang in Buja:

    - Novotel: fr/en speaking girls in the bar, often starting early (8pm)

    - Havana and Archipel: two night clubs in town, easy pick for 50+ USD

    - street between havana and novotel: girls outside late at night only, 20+ USD

    - beach: Saga Plage, or Petit Bassam are good during the day if you can chat well


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    Be aware of this girls

    I was last robbed by a girl in ARCHIPEL in Bujumbura. We know each other already 4 years and each time I came to Bujumbura we had a contact. Last time she proposed me to make a reservation for a house and car with driver. I aggreed and send the money on her banc account. Was a stupid idiot I was. She went with the money to Rwanda.

    She is a pro and she is singing in the Archipel.

    Her name is Laetitia.

    So be aware of this girl.

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    Just wondering if anyone is in bujumbura rightnow.

    Have been to havana and afripchel and while good hunting grounds, would like to explore other options. Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by speed13
    can someone give us an update on the security situation in burundi?
    the route to bujumbura is quite safe, no recent ambushes reported, i actually planned to go there with a girl and her sister i met in planet, kigali, but then decided to skip it and return to the fun places in kampala earlier, was a good choice i guess.

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    Update on Burundi?

    On checking the British Foreign office web site, they advise strongly against travel to this country. Now i know they can be somewhat hysterical on their site, but can someone give us an update on the security situation in Burundi?

    I was planning to travel by road from Nairobi, Kenya through to Kampala, Uganda then on to Kigali, Rwanda. It would be wonderful to throw Burundi in the mix, visit the two major towns for a couple of days later in the year, hopefully the situation would have cooled down by then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Auro

    Well Burundi next (to Kenya) was my big chasing area, all that fun is more than 15 years ago. I was living there. before the war. Great place SWITZERLAND OF AFRICA it was called. And these girls were so easy to get. And at night we went to BLACK& WHITE a legendary DISCO

    Unfortunately the capital was still small, and after some time it was difficult to get a "serious" girls- as rumours spread that I was a womanizer.

    This is a series of 9 pics. She always came in the afternoon, on a Friday, every week, accompanied by a guy called M. who had fun bringing great chics to me.

    #1 undressing for the action

    John Auro
    Found your picture on this site. Do you know about this?

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    The better places to find ladies (pros or not) are, as in many african countries, discos.
    In bujumbura, I would recommend :

    Archipel (especially Friday)
    Havana (saturday and Sunday)

    These places might still be ok at the end of the week.

    Mondays and Tuesdays are dead.

    I would also recommend going to the beach especially Saga beach on the week end.

    Having a nice attitude, being friendly and not shy is the best way to meet girls, and you might find all categories : the girl who just wants to have fun tonight and expects just someone to pay the beers, the girl who's looking for a foreign boyfriend and the pro.


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    Burundi these days

    I was told the following by a friend who just returned:
    Street girls are wiped off from the road by police.
    No yelling girls any more when you pass NOVOTEL around the corner towards the Mango Trees on L’Avenue l’Uprona and Burundi Palace.
    Streets are dark, as the Government has no money left to spend for electricity. But security is more or less ok (!?)
    Nightlife is moving from place to place every day:
    Tuesday: "L'ODEON", opposite Novotel
    Wednesday: ?
    Thursday: a place up l’avenue L’Uprona, opposite le Bar « Le Petit Brussels »,
    Friday: ARCHiPEL,
    Saturday: ARCHIPEL
    Sunday: ?

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    Burundi updates ??

    Does anyone have any updates on Burundi ?

    I might have a trip soon to Bujumbura and would welcome any info!

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    Great photos. You get around! Keep the pics cumming!

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    That's my experience, too. African girls (and man) like to laugh and especially they like every joke - more than any person in Europe. But there are also austere persons - but much less than here.

    On the other side, many people have problems with camera. Only children are open for photos, but adults are generally shy. Most ladies reject photos when naked, you need to have a longer relation to get good pics.

    So thanks for the pics, I really like them !

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    To Robert Lee.

    African women smile often when dressed, undress quickly (I mean not reluctantly like many European girls), but, yes, tend not to smile when undressed. Maybe we could call it "concentration" ?

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    Geez, She sure doesn't look all that happy to be there. But who cares. Great pics and a lovely girl. Next time you see her, tell her to smile for the camera.

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