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Thread: Equatorial Guinea

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    Many of the regular ex-pat works are not shy to give recommendations. So ask around!

    I would recommend Hoya. She can be found most nights at Fang Fangs. Not the best looking in Malabo but she is very willing and eager to please. No moaning if you keep her busy all night! She doesn't normally shallow though but gives great BBBJ or BJ.

    I haven't been back to Malabo since early 2007 but I reckon Fang Fangs (near Total garage and supermarket) and China Sisters will still be the main hang-outs although girls can usually be found in most of the bars and restaurants used by ex-pats.

    I miss the place because on my latest African trips I have not been able to have some fun with the locals because of security issues.

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    Hi Hotrod,

    I have not been down to malabo for a while.

    Due down in next couple weeks.

    Can you recommend any good cum swallowers.

    Found it a bit hit and miss.



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    I have been working in Malabo for the last 6 months. In general there is no problem for Americans and Europeans working here.

    It is so easy to pick up girls. The bars and restaurants are full of them. There is a mix of local girls and girls from Cameroon.

    The going rate is 10,000 CFA (10 or $20) so it is very cheap. It doesn't matter if it is a quickie or the whole night. There is plenty of choice so finding a good looker isn't a problem.


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    Do not under any circumstances visit in immediate future. All foreigners (forget it being white), are subject to current coup de tah crack down to arrest insurgent guerilla force attempting overthrow. Note (not without some reason i believe). Please stay clear for a time. THIS IS A SHARK SIREN. haha.


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    Do not go to this country now. There was just an attempted coup of the government and some Americans and British were involved. If you go down there and are white there is a good chance you might get arrested and put in jail. I was going to go down there until I found out about the coup.

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    Take care, This country is not a country to go for tourism!

    There is no crime, but the authorities just can't understand a foreigner would come and visit their country apart from professional reasons. If you visit this country without professional reasons, you may get in serious troubles, as they may see you as a spy. This warning is to be taken very seriously.

    Anyway, I believe that if you go to Malabo, it's most probably to work for the oil industry. Malabo is changing very quickly as their are more and more foreigners and more and more money.

    You can meet the American expats in a restaurant called "Pizza Place" where you can eat junk food and listen to american musik.

    For the action, you have to head for the few disco's where the semi-pros (most are from Cameroon) are trying to catch the expats. I do'nt remember the names of the disco's, just ask at Pizza Place.

    On the contrary, there is nearly no night life in the capital Bata, as the oil industry is in Malabo.

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    There's probably some action in Malavo

    I wasn't there personaly, but I once talked with a girl from that country. She told me there was some action in the capital. There aren't many tourists, foreigners are chiefly people working in the offshore oil industry.

    I also understood the country is rather safe, in contrast to many African countries. It is a very small country with few inhabitants. Should you get stuck there and find the action disappointing, what you could do is to take a flight - or board a ship - to neighboring Douala, where the action is guaranteed. You would need a visa though but maybe you could get one quickly in Malavo.


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    Can anyone tell me about this country. Are women easy to pick up. What places to you go to get them? I might be going there. Also what are Americans thought about here and is it safe?

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    Equatorial Guinea

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