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    I arrived in Malawi on the 15th january 03 from UK and went straight up country to Kasungu which I know quite well its about 120k from the airport going Morth. It is the wet season and a bridge was washed out meaning a big detour, never mind I got to my hotel at 9pm. A quick shower and I was ready for action. Went into the bar and was disappointed with the selection, all seemed to be tired and quiet I had a meal and went to catch up on some sleep, alone.

    Next morning I did some business then headed up town for lunch and sure enough a nice waitress came over and we chatted. She got off at 2pm and climbed into my car, back to the hotel for some good sex, simple and quicker than I take to write this. She was say 7/10 18yrs and keen to make an impression and she did, no money mentioned and none given except use of my room and bath, after shave, and good food. She left at 9-30pm before I would of had to pay extra 2$, 10pm deadline!!!!!!.

    Next day did more business then went into a shop and chatted another decent looking prospect and followed the same pattern when she finished at 5pm. She was really up for it and went from the word go only stopping to eat steak and chips. Outside of town, say 6 k they are eating leaves and forest fruits to stay alive, but food is readily available if you have cash but most do not and struggle to eat until the maize is ready in a few weeks.

    I went to Mzimba which is another 120km north and before we checked into the rest house (small hotel) the African I was with was approached and offered for my enjoyment a nice one of 18 yrs. Her father took the money, about $4.50 and she went like a maniac for a couple of hours. I gave her the same ammount for herself and she seemed shocked as in fact I was paying twice. She was just an unemployed girl whose family were looking for money to eat with. I fed her and away she went all smiles and I warned her against letting her father know as her share would be also seized!!!.

    This sort of thing is as easy as picking berries walking along a country path. A bit boring after a while really as its a no contest as regards the finding of girls, its harder to choose which one actually bearing in mind you cannot service all??? In my opinion Africa in general is getting poorer every year and am afraid many of the girls on offer were way below age, and to get a school girl for sex is as simple as any other age group and only my own scruples stop me but it is plain to see lots of males seem to go for these small ones around the 12-13-14 mark. Whenever we left a bar or restaurant many what I would call kids were hanging around for pick-ups, but poverty is the driving force, however thats Africa from one end to the other. Makes me sad if i think too much, more exploits later.

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    Here in my office we have a visitor from Malawi, a government official who is visiting the U.S., who left Malawi Sunday evening and arrived here in the the US on Monday evening. Since it's now Wednesday morning, this is about as recent info as you can get.

    So, in answer to the questions by xxl:

    - there is NO food shortage in restaurants and tourist places. The famine is a problem only for people in the remote rural areas and the poorest people living in the cities. But if you're planning on going into the countryside for a day trip or for the weekend, you may want to bring some food with you just in case.

    - if you have U.S. dollars, British pounds, South African Rand or another well-known foreign currency and you want to change into the local Malawian currency, you should never have a problem - all of the foreign exchange bureaus will be happy to do business with you. The only problem might be if you have changed too many dollars, say, into the local currency, and then at the end of your stay you want to convert the local curency back into dollars, that you might occasionally experience a problem in getting enough foreign currency. So the solution here is to change smaller amounts of foreign currency regularly into Malawian currency (say $50 at a time), that way you won't be stuck with a lot of local currency at the end of your stay.

    Have a good trip, and be sure to post a report here on WSG when you return!

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    Hello "e-mail" !

    I'm an Africa fan myself and your report is intriguing.

    I have two questions which only someone who was there recently can answer:

    Is there a food shortage in restaurants and tourist places, or is the famine only a question of the poor people not being able to afford the prices?

    What about the logistics of money? Is changing money a problem or a hassle?

    Thanks in advance


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    i was in malawi from 16th june till 30th june 02. i went to kasungu about 100km north of the airport on the main road to tanzania. i know the country well having lived here for 15 years on and off.

    sex is as easy as falling off a log because you are a tourist and a walking bank. every girl you meet wants to marry you, stay with you, be with you, be seen with you. it is the pinnacle of their dreams to be seen out or with a european or better still an american. just choosing a sex partner is hard as so many abound. free sex is the norm for the likes of us visitors. i dont mean pros either i mean the maids, super-market check-out girls, shop girls, nurses, you name it they are yours . i was like a kid in a sweet shop and my supply of viagra was greatly diminished.

    at the kasungu inn a tourist hotel there was the usual 20-30 pros on parade not so good ones as the free ones. all seem to have had kids. the going rate is about 500 kwatcha which is 3 -70p or $5-80c. the hotel is girl friendly between breakfast and 10pm after which a fee is charged, they assume she will be there all night and charge for her breakfast. room service is 0.40p or us 58 cents extra (breakfast in bed full english one too) per night its 12 or under 18 dollars us.

    100 metres from the hotel is a hospital with over 90 nurses some good ones too, all available for the price of a meal of good food . at present there is a food shortage and the priority for all the girls is food!!. in the city its the same but the number of pros are beyond counting and are a nuisance and statistics show all are hiv positive. they never give up and its a constant change of girls in the vacant seat next to you. just shake the head and they go but its easy to end like a noddy dog with shaking it for hours during a few beers or a meal.

    the english spoken is of a high standard. aid organisations say a proper famine is coming to malawi so i cannot see the situation getting any better.

    by lake malawi where most tourists go the girls rush to get you when the car is still in motion!! many are well **** hardly having any tits but if anything it is possible to have too many women fighting for you fuck. it is getting bad now as all towns are just like this at the moment, i.e. girls giving themselves for food . its putting the pros out of business big time . remember, i did not create the system, but yes i use it and enjoy while it lasts.

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