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    Quote Originally Posted by ZornOfZorna  [View Original Post]
    I promise I'll write a report, if I have anything to put in it.
    Just to close the loop. I drew a complete blank. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere, and I was continually surrounded by work colleagues and had no opportunity to explore on my own.

    I didn't see that many attractive women, actually, for my tastes anyway. Malawians seem to tend towards thick bodies and small boobs.

    I ended up staying in the Miekles. From time to time there was a girl or two in the bar. One evening there were two together, one of whom was very attractive. Nice face, slim, big breasts. I bought them a drink and almost immediately she suggested a threesome, but I was only really interested in her, so we took off after a little more chat. I signed her in at the desk for a $20 double occupancy supplement. I was expecting it to be more.

    In the room she suggested a bath together. We sat facing, kissing, and she rubbed her pussy on my dick until she came. Then to bed, and sex, sleep, sex, sleep until morning, more sex and goodbye. I gave her $50, and would have given more if she had seemed disappointed. A good night.

    I don't have anything more in this line to report because I hooked up with an ex work colleague, with whom I had previously had a fling, and we used up all the rest of my libido at her flat. Very satisfying, but off topic here.


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    Anyone with recent information on Lilongwe?

    Quiet here, isn't it.

    I'll be in Lilongwe (first time) for work in a couple of weeks, staying at the Ufulu Gardens hotel in Area 43. I gather from reading through the old posts here that Malawi is generally easy, and I'm used to finding girls in other African countries, so I'm hopeful I'll do OK.

    I will be a bit constrained by work colleagues though, so I'd be interested if anyone here has more specific information about the hotel (am I likely to find girls in hotel bars, for instance) and nearby clubs or other locations that might be good to visit.

    Apart from that, any other tips or observations on the scene in Lilongwe at the moment?

    I promise I'll write a report, if I have anything to put in it.

    Many thanks,


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    This is one of the best written (and romantic) things I have read on ISG. How do I make it a report of distinction?

    Quote Originally Posted by SlowHand555  [View Original Post]
    On a trip through southern Africa me and some mates camped in Malawi for a few nights next to the Lake.

    The second day a local family of some means and mixed blood moved in right next to us. Although the campsite is quite large, African people do not share the same need for personal space, and basically camped on our doorstep! We grunted somewhat between ourselves, but we were not going to offend them by moving away. This strategy became evidently fortunate the next day when their niece joint them from Blantyre. A toffee skinned bottle blond package with an exquisite ass and full lips next to whom Angelina will look like a skull and bones!

    She was aptly named Precious and professed to be studying law! A comely young lass, with a magnificent ass! I could tell by the way she looked at me, that there was some quilt in her glance, a perfect reflection of a sensation I had lower down.

    Being South African, relations with black people is frowned upon, but I have never been able to convince my instincts of the impropriety of such attraction, as long as it is for a woman that is. We shared some great food and conversation with the family, mostly the father and mother, and the lass with her blond braids always sat on the fringes of the company, smiling and blushing at my glances. I thought everyone could see my oozing with lust.

    One night around two in the morning, I went out of the tent to take a leak, and there I saw the Bush babies around the camp fire, calling on me to join them. Without their parents around, they were quite a bit more forthcoming, and soon the lawyer suggested we go sit and stare at the moon on the water's edge.

    She basically made herself comfortable on my lap, claiming to be cold in December on the equator, but try as I should have, I could not think of a single reason to be offended! I'm more of a romantic than a "Monger" by heart, so I truly enjoyed every moment of this closeness and the idea that my mates are recycling their own breathing inside a stuffy tent while I am massaging the nubile breasts of a Bush baby scarcely 19 years old (she claimed) with dreamy eyes and uneven breathing, totally incapable of sitting still. I was getting a free lap dance while I started taking her clothes off.

    I sourced a condom and some dried towels off the clothes line and improvised a bed on the sandy beach of Lake Malawi, three O'clock in the morning while I took my time to caress every bulge, nook and cranny of this splendid specimen of African fantasy. Her improbable 19 years of age caused some reluctance on my part to plant my spear in foreign soil, but sensing my uncertainty, she took the initiative and mounted me with commendable enthusiasm!

    In days to come, she would signal her mating call by engaging me in casual conversation in the presence of everyone, sitting cross legged in a summer dresses and just occasionally flashing the clean shaven port where I dropped my anchor un-obscured by such inconveniences as panties or even her bikini.

    Our engagements remained secretive, as neither her parents nor my friends would have approved of such promiscuities. This tended to increase the sexual tension even more when we tasted the forbidden fruit.

    Sadly, a few days later we had to go back South, and although we kept in touch via texting her aspirations to come to South Africa dwindled over time and I never saw her again.

    SlowHand Out

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    Question regarding Viagra or Cialis

    Not sure if anyone is on the Malawi forum but could someone advice me if Cialis or Viagra, possibly under different trade names, are available in Malawi? I know they are in countries like Ghana.

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    Facebook strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWolverine  [View Original Post]
    Good report. How did you search facebook by city and a girl?
    Just look for any facebook page with Lilongwe in it and search the ladies that have liked that page I. E. Lilongwe? Sex life in Lilongwe, Lilongwe hook ups etc. Once you have selected those you like, send them a message that you will be in Lilongwe and you would like to meet them for a drink and get to know each other. I have learnt a trick, never send a generalized message. Be specific by mentioning the name of the girl you are writing to. And avoid sending the same type of message to many people at once. Facebook will block you.

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    Rates for ST and LT

    Quote Originally Posted by Terry09  [View Original Post]
    Thats a good report Hunter. Malawi bieng what it is does that make it a cheap mongering destination. What are the rates for ST / LT?
    On average, I paid between 8000 to 15000 MWK for a full night. I did not do any ST. AS for the student, it was just drinks, nice dinner or even just a pizza and it was all done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterBakwipi  [View Original Post]
    I also used the facebook strategy of contacting some beautiful girls
    Good report. How did you search facebook by city and a girl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterBakwipi  [View Original Post]
    Overall, my trip to Malawi was full of action. Though it cannot be compared to other countries.
    Thats a good report Hunter. Malawi bieng what it is does that make it a cheap mongering destination. What are the rates for ST / LT?

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    Let me give a brief report of my visit to Lilongwe. I stayed at Cross-Roads Hotel which happened to be girl friendly. The bar is very small and inactive mainly because the owner is a muslim, so I was told. However, in my one week stay, I had good girls with nice action from Diplomat Bar and Chez Ntemba. Plenty of girls in these two places. I also used the facebook strategy of contacting some beautiful girls prior to my arrival. And I had some success of meeting a young polytechnic student who spent 2 nights at my room with mind blowing, tsunami causing action.

    Overall, my trip to Malawi was full of action. Though it cannot be compared to other countries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otari  [View Original Post]
    It sounds not reassuring. What about other parts of the country?
    Oh, and as to other parts of the country;

    Not much.


    I suppose if you go on a Friday night to some areas you might meet some chicks. There are plenty who hang out in bars but most are not high quality and the pros will rip you to pieces.

    In Blantyre I had awesome times with Wild Horses or whatever that place was named. (some western vybe).

    People in Cape Maclear said Friday night would be wild but I didn't see.

    I suppose on the whole, Lilongwe would be boring to the visiting monger, but then again, having not been to Kenya I'm only basing my guess on places like Tijuana, Angeles City, etc.

    Still, I'm far happier here with the opportunities then I've ever been, I'll be explroing more of Africa in the next few years (Lusaka, Zambia, is coming up!)

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    You are very safe in Malawi but only compared to other countries in Africa.

    Basically, you can walk down the street with your wallet and not have to worry about being mugged. Except at night. It's not as though people here have guns. They're too poor to have guns! The people you're more worried about are the people at night who live outside of poor towns and wait for walkers or bikers to mug them.

    I don't think this is something you'd have to worry about. As long as you have transportation to / from the club you're fine. Keep in mind that a taxi ride is like $7. Probably more than the cost of the BJ!

    Some things about the girls here;

    I've met some other travelers here, and one, while in Blantyre, was thoroughly disappointed. However, he was overall a cheapass SOB. The kinda person we all are at some point; always wanting to get a freebie, really not caring too much about the looks and more about the free ness of it.

    I've had a few pickups at bars but generally I've found a few really satisfying girls.

    One is my nurse. She's sweet. She gives a great massage. She knows how to please me. She doesn't have the most smoking bod. But it is definitely reassuring to go back to her.

    One is a pickup I have from the club from time to time. I have her phone number and could give it to you. The first time I was drunk as a skunk and thought of her as a goddess. The next time, noticeably sober, I realized that she wasn't exactly a beauty queen. She was extremely tall (taller than me) , had nonexistent boobs though (meh!) , but incredibly, she was probably the best kisser I've ever gone out with! I enjoy kissing (and the nurse doesn't) , so for me this is a totally different kind of pleasure, and totally worth it.

    There are two other girls but both didn't amount to much. I'm more working on my long term game since I live here and well, I'm not really even horny on a night to night basis.

    As the monger I meant said, girls here aren't stacked like in Kenya, they aren't really afro-queens. They're usually a bit thinner, and have very small boobs (.). I have to agree with him.

    Before I go the distance I usually stop at a clinic and get an HIV test just to feel a bit more cautious.

    It's really just too easy to go to the bar and pick up a girl.

    Or to meet a girl, offer to take her to your house, give her a few beers, then strip her and have fun (happened twice to me, though one turned out to be a starfish!).

    Anyways, give me a PM. If you ever come down here I'll buy you a beer or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ickywicky  [View Original Post]
    In general, it's pretty safe. Though never walk out at night. Taxis are around, but they're pretty expensive
    It sounds not reassuring. What about other parts of the country?

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    Can you share (PM?) some of your contacts?

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    Hi guys,

    I am going to be there by nov 10th. Waiting to land there. Am eagerly looking forward to my mongering after going through the forum.

    Bye for now.

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    Here are some pics of what girls look like here.

    Girls here are very friendly, but poor. They generally speak okay English. A very laughing, loving, happy attitude among many people here; a lot better than most of the countries I've been to (about comparable with the Philippines on that end).

    Bwandiro is probably the best area to pick up girls if you need a short game pick up. That's about Chez Ntamba, a bit north of old town.

    Good luck to all.
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