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Thread: Rwanda

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    Personally, I prefer this one.
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    Now, after some years, I am thinking about to go to Rwanda another time. I appreciated my stay not only because of the wonderfull nature . So, with a distinct gap, I want to show you the first picture I ever took from a nude african girl. Isn't that a nice ass?


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    Went to Kigali in 2003. I stayed in the Mille Collines. Every night hookers were at the poolside bar. They were friendly, but I was not inclined.

    One afternoon I noticed two young girls being photographed under the trees around the pool. They noticed me and smiled and waved. Around 10:00 that night I was about half asleep and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door partway and it was the two girls. I did not let them in because I was a little wary of having two in my room.

    Also, the nightclub scene in Kigali is very active. I am an old fart and when I went with my buddies I had them hanging all over me. I mean young, good-looking ones, too.

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    Arrived in Kigali.At first sight, this place looks a lot calmer than Kampala. Met a very nice girl on the bus, she wanted me to go with her to her hometown. Found out it is just a few miles from Bukavo in DR Congo, which was invaded by the rebels on Wednesday. DId not listen to my little head and will stay here. Am not even sure if i will go hunting, too tired from Kampala and it looks like less choice and more hard work here.

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    An other nice place is Planet Hollywood. Close to the Novotel. Watch out for the beer etc. prices. Maybe highest in East Africa!

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    Last Friday I stayed in the hotel Mille Collines at Kigali. Nice hotel, everything seems to be quiet in this city.

    In the afternoon I remarked four girls making fun in the pool. In the evening the same girls where in the bar drinking some beer. Every time I passed they said a more than friendly Hello. I asked if one of them wanted to come to my room to look some TV. A 19 y old girl came to my room and there was no doubt she knew what I meant to say.
    When I asked her if she had some condom with here she denied. She told me that I should call the room service for that. Since I'm a little bit shy for these things I sent her to the reception an indeed, she came back with a preservative.

    Sex was good. BBJ, tongue kissing, sucking and fucking with condom. She became very wet and seemed to enjoy it.

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    Nothing about Rwanda?

    I am just surprised to find no report about Rwanda. I think, everyone heard about that country and the genocide some years ago. A tragedy I always "felt" when I visited this nice country with the endless mountains covered with lush vegetation.

    The people I met were very friendly and - at least for an outstanding person - it seems to be a peaceful country by now. Because their's not so much tourism, don't expect luxury outside the capital.

    Arriving in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, in the morning, I first looked to get a good coffee. I found "La Sierra" just in the center to be a good place for that. It took me just two minutes, when I recognized some nice ladies chattering at another table and one more minute, I invited one of them to drink a soda together with me. We liked each other very soon, so we went on a long walk speaking about this and that. At the end, we found us in my hotel-room, f***ing like hell. She was very passionate and had her buttock made me really crazy. We continued like this for the rest of the week I stayed in Rwanda, she even met me in another town, after 1 day of working. For me it was a wonderful time. At the end she didn't ask for money. We even stayed in contact by email till today.

    So for everyone, just try it. Otherwise, there a some places to find ladys of the night like the "New Cadillac" - just ask a taxi driver to bring you there. Prices in Rwanda are reasonable, but I can't tell you new facts, because my trip to Rwanda was in 2001.

    Are there any other people to have newest information?

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