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    Yep, I guess not only is this off topic, but also in the wrong section (should be in DRC). I was there when Mobutu was still dictator, and at that time there were opportunities to purchase diamonds in Zaire for less than the going price outside the country. If you were going through the VIP lounge, meaning you didn't have to pass through immigration on the way out, your chances of getting caught were very low. This is not something I did, but I believe others in the group I was traveling with had done it. Still, I agree, the gold deal described below probably is a scam.

    Back on topic, poontang in Kinshasa was dirt cheap, like $15 for all night with a drop dead beautiful woman, pulled from a disco. And that was the price for foreigners -- I understand a native could have had the same for about $3.

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    Scamming the scammers

    Sorry to continue this off-topic conversation, but here is a very funny link to people who actually get the nigerian scam artists to send THEM money:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Uktraveler
    I didn't get any further into the post than this. Why people continue to get scammed by these buggers is beyond me. Of course, we have them here in the UK too, all looking to separate you from your wallet if YOU let them. Cheers sucker!
    Several years ago, while living and working in Accra, Ghana, one of the Nigerian scam artists had a protracted go at separating me from my wallet. If he's was at all representative of the other artistes being produced by that country I can well undertand the ease with which people get sucked in. This guy was so smooth, so utterly convincing and so plausible that, had I not had good friends who warned me exactly who and what he was, it could have ended badly for me. There must be a school in Nigeria that turns these guys out.


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    But i canīt speak french; so for me only Gambia in western Africa

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    Let's Get Back to Basics

    THe trade is everywhere in Kinshasa as well as every other major town. You do not have to look far or wide to have nice action everywhere.

    Let's get back to the raison d'etre de WSGforum.

    3615 off the BLVD. 30th of June, VIP, Mambo (Disco) and a few other places have it all. It is easy but you will have to work hard to get the prices where you want it. If you drive, all around those areas late in the evening you will have the workers on the streets who need $$$ and that is the $20 for head and whatever else you need.

    Kinshasa is a GOLD MINE (all puns intended given the recent posts on this forum).

    My question is, I have heard about Russian/Ukrainian/Eastern Europeans being here as well as the Chinese starting some places around here with lots of action. Fill me in if you have details.

    Dazed Diplomat

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    Was in Goma for a few days... Pro's can be had in restaurant-nightclubs like Chez Doga, Soleil and Coco Jambo.... Too hardcore for me personnaly.... Got a motor cycle taxi to deliver , according to him, a student to my hotel ... Very sweet girl , but Rwandese... according to me a lot nicer than the Congolese. Many of the Congolese pro's are from as far as Kinsangani.... Goma itself looks very peaceful for the moment...and the population is very nice and helpful....

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    One More in Congo B

    This is one of her friends, she was very nice as well.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0020.jpg‎   Bild 004.jpg‎  

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    Congo B

    One more pic from Congo B.

    This is a very nice girl and I miss her ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schuerzenjaeger

    Excellent report and pictures.

    That is what I call a proper party.

    Happens at my base too, sometimes, but taking pictures here is not that easy.

    Do you happen to have more of the girl on the right in picture 19?
    Sorry for the late response. I just got back from a 3 weeks vacation in Phuket Thailand.

    Sorry mate. I don't have more pics of her.


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    DRC Party


    Excellent report and pictures.

    That is what I call a proper party.

    Happens at my base too, sometimes, but taking pictures here is not that easy.

    Do you happen to have more of the girl on the right in picture 19?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazungu

    Nice report. Well done.
    Thanks, I will try to post some more reports from Kinshasa later when it has calm down in Kinshasa again :-)

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    Link Problem

    I think this is for the International sex guide support.

    There seems to be a problem with the links in this Forum page . If you click on Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville) then you end up in Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo Kinshasa) and if you click on Democratic Republic of Congo you end up in Republic of Congo. I think this is the problem and confusion with the report which is placed in the wrong Forum. Efremof is right in his report http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...8&postcount=12

    That it is a big different between the two Congo’s

    Pease don't take this wrongly as a correction from me , I like this site but I just would like to inform the support about this :-)

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    Link problem

    I think the links from the FORUM page are a bit wrong, then I click on the Democratic Republic of the Congo the page will then say Republic of Congo and then in the FORUM then I click on Republic of Congo i come to the forum of Democratic Republic of the Congo?

    Maybe they should fix that and then we can move the right report to the right place :-)

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    There is two Different Congo countries. With different political and war stabilities. Congo Brazzavile, until recently known as Congo, because the other Congo was called Zaire is in may ways a 2.0 version of Congo Kinshasa. More compact, easier to travel, less hassle and better beaches.

    Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), is The smaller, friendlier and marginally more peaceful of the Congos and very cheap destination too,

    Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), is very expensive by all means.

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    Shooting again

    I just got a call from my friends who are still in Kinshasa that they have started to shoot in Kinshasa again. I was hoping to travel to Kinshasa next week again but now i don't know.

    It seems like Bemba and Kabila can't get alone :-( so i think i will postpone my trip a couple of weeks.

    Please see the report from BBC news

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