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    Kinshasa Jan 07

    kinshasa info.

    in kinshasa you will find that there are plenty of girls, both the working kind and others whom are just looking for a good time. of course there are all kinds, some very good looking and other not so good, but overall i would have to say that the standard is high.

    a typical night out would start with dinner at one of several restaurants like chez gaby, chateau margaux, chez nicola or o poeta where youll find good food but it will cost you , 40-50 usd on average for a meal and a couple of beers. however, if you go le terrace at 3615 it will be a little cheaper. this is also where a lot of the wgs will start their evening before hitting the nightclubs at around 10-11 pm, so it is possible that your search will end here.

    after dinner, le 36 (formerly 3615), mambo and standing is where most people end up. le 36 has recently reopened after several months of restoration and is just starting to pick up speed again. at these clubs the girls pretty laid back so you might have to make the first move. i would also suggest that if youre not a beer drinking man you order bottles of your preferred drink since it is much cheaper in the long run, specially if there are a few of you going out. and you will get coke and soda etc. for free, things like red bull you will have to pay for. a bottle of whiskey or vodka costs around 60-70 usd and you order by the glass it will set you back well over 100 usd.

    if youre lucky and have a guest house with a swimming pool you should get as many girls as possible and go home for an after hours pool party. this is never wrong and you can pick and choose as you want or just have all of them during the night. 

    on a side note there is also savannana. this place is the naughtiest. here youll find the wgs are a bit, lets say aggressive. they will pretty much attack you and on occasion wont necessarily want to wait until you get home to get some action. down stairs next to the toilets there is a room which you can borrow for a while.. need i say more?  never the less, you will probably not stay too long as it can be quite exhausting and irritating fending of all the wgs and you will probably not want to go home with any of them anyway.

    when it comes to prices expect to pay 20-50 usd at savannana for one night if you were to find someone. at the other clubs you will probably pay no less than 50 usd. in any case, you should agree on a price before taking a girl home or continuing else where. there are two major hotels, the grand hotel and the memling, and both are gf friendly given that your date leaves a copy of her id.

    i would like to say the same here as i did for pointe noire (cheers guys and i hope you will enjoy kinshasa as i did when i was there)

    editor's note: i certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spelman
    Hi Guys,

    This is a girl I meet in Kinshasa Nov 06:

    We had a very good time for 50USD one night.
    Hi Spelman!

    Please tell us more about Congo Kinshasa. I have been there a couple of times, but was not able to do any mongering due to the nature of the business I was there for. I did see a lot of good looking girls.

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    Congo Pointe Noire

    Some info from Pointe Noire.

    You have e few places in Pointe Noire there you can find girls and I must say most of the girls you find in Pointe Noire is really good looking. Just think that the French have been there for a long time and today you still have a lot of foreigners working in Pointe Noire in the oil business that means that there are a lot of mixed girls there.

    When I was there I was going out almost every weekend and I did have a very good time.

    This is how a normal night out looked like:

    Went out for dinner either to the Cohiba restaurant or to the Piano bar, (Cohiba have two small billiard tables and the food is very nice there, you can even get a Cohiba Cigars there. The Piano Bar is really nice place to start at nice food and after the food you move into the bar and listen to live music with a Gin Tonic in your hand. Some WG can sometimes be found here but mostly there is nice normal crowd here.

    Around 11Pm we moved to Jackadees opposite Pointe Noire Casino (in the Casino you can find girls the whole day if you dont want to wait until the evening) In Jackadee there is a lot of girl to see. When it comes to the price of the drinks I suggest you to buy a bottle of whiskey then you will have the Cokes, and soda etc for free and if you dont finish the bottle you just write your name on it and leave it behind the bar for the next day, that will save you a lot of money.

    The girls in Jackadee are really nice and most of them are very very friendly, you do have some bad asses who are smelling quite bad as well but most of the girls are quite nice and friendly.

    Before you take them home try to work out the price before leaving the place. Price range is very difficult to say because it depends a lot of who you are and who the girl is, but usual the price is in the range of 20000 CFA to 50000 CFA (40-100 USD)

    Around 2 AM we usaly moved on to MB if we did not find anything at Jackadees. In MB you can do the same thing as in Jackadee when it comes to the drinks.
    In MB you need to be a bit more smooth, here in MB you do actually have quite a few regular girls with there boyfriends around the corner. You dont need to be worried the girls will come up to you so you will know who is the WG and who is not, but you should also remember that some regular girls are also willing to have some fun sex with you and that could be both for what we call taxi money or no money at all just for fun. The price is about the same as in Jackadee .

    MB closes at 6am in the morning and if you have not hocked up with a girl before that then I think you will hard time to hook up with anyone.

    Hotels in Pointe Noire are GF friendly, there is no problem to bring them to the room as long as they give there IDs to the reception.

    To find a girl in Pointe Noire is very Easy, and as I wrote before most of them are quite good looking. I have a friend and he even picked up a girl during the day at Scoor the local supermarket, and another friend picket up a girl when he was at the local fish market to bay lobster.

    Cheers guys and I hope you will enjoy Pointe Noire as I did when I was there

    PS I think Jackadee have changed there name last year to Le Jack .ds
    The Girl in the picture from Le jack is my Ex girlfriend in :-)

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.
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    Just my type of girl

    Just give any information you have. Maybe its time aian to adventure a bit

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    I actually post this is the wrong Congo  this is Congo Brazzaville. Anyway I have spent almost 2 years in both Congo B and Congo Kinshasa (DRC), and what I can say is that I did have one h. of a good time 

    Please tell me which one you want to know about and I will post some info in the right the right Forum.
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    There is nothing going on this thread, would you be prepared to post us a more detailed report on your experience in Kinshasa? It would be greatly appreciated by all the Africa lovers amongst us. Your honey of the night was lovely, but 50USD seems very high.

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    Hi Guys,

    This is a girl I meet in Kinshasa Nov 06:

    We had a very good time for 50USD one night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxesHunter
    Please write a post!
    I think that people in this country -- very unfortunately -- have many other and more pressing problems right now.

    Hopefully it'll get a little better in case things calm down after the next elections...

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    Any post for this country?

    Please write a post!

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    Republic of the Congo

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