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    Quote Originally Posted by BKKoneluv
    I am a Korean American living in Seoul, Korea. About a year ago, it came to my attention that there was money to be made in Africa. After some time, I was introduced to a businesswoman in DPRC from a Nigerian friend I have befriended when was studying in Chicago. I sent her about $20, 000 in total to establish her company so that she can legally export gold from DPRC to my company in Korea. Now, it has been 10 months. Obviously, it didn't turn out as what I have expected.

    I knew that this was a risky venture so I ended up not giving her any money to purchase our first shipment of our gold. With the export license and the contract between my company and her company, we were able to get a loan from Raw Bank and Eco Bank to buy 1 kilogram of gold. However, the loan turned out to be just enough to buy 650 grams. This whole process took 10 months. I don't think I am getting scammed because she is a good friend of my good friend. Also, I have all of her personal information including our export license, her passport copy, her business registration papers, her Visa to Korea documents, etc.

    I have couple of questions for the pros. Do you think that I am getting scammed? She told me that the gold price in Goma for 1 kilogram is around $25, 000. Is this really the price or is too damn low? My life is on the line. It would be great if someone could share his or her insight of the gold prices in Kinshasa and Goma. Do you guys think that I am chasing after something that is not real? Or, do you guys think that it is possible to make a fortune by buying gold at a cheap price and selling it back in Dubai or Korea at an international gold rate?

    After some thoughts, I have decided to visit Kinshasa early November. I have told my partner that I will go to Kinshasa and get the 650 grams from her and purchase 350 grams to make our first kilogram. If this process goes well, I am going to invest more money so that we can move more weight in the future. Bono once said that "idealism detached from action is just a dream. " To me, the meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. I hope that the upcoming trip doesn't end up being the opposite of what I have hoped to achieve.
    Why r u posting this one here? Did you not already post it elsewhere and people basically think you are nuts? If you go over there, you can be killed if they think you have money on you or can git it. Stay home.

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    Update on Kinshasa

    Let me make a little update on kinshasa where I just come back.

    I stayed in the memling hotel, which is not the more easy one to pick up a girl, because you need a special key to go upstairs with the elevator.

    Also, they will charge you about 40 USD more for the girl (but after, when you know the good girl, she will be able to come directly to your room with no extra charge). In this hotel there is a bar and after 22h00. 23-h00 some stuning girls are comming in (not a lot, but some beautiful ones).

    I find a congolese one, very beatiful slim and tall with a beautifu body. She comes for the night for about 60 USD, it's a little bit expensive, but every things are expensive in this country. We had a great night (Very good massages, CBJ and every things many times) and she came again the day after, I would reccomend her (name was "mathilde" if I remember).

    The grand hotel seems to be better because there is a night club inside and a casino, but they will also charge you for the girl (about 30usd)

    But a friend of mine tell me to take care if a take a girl in another place except these 2 hotels, because sometimes the girls try to get you into trouble making a scene saying you fuck her and never paid, so, be carefull outside of these hotels and good luck

    Another point: you will need to speak french in Kinshasa, just few girls are speaking english.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Hi spelman,

    I have posted my question on the wrong forum, I post it again here: do you have updated info on kinshasa, I will go there on end of January

    Quote Originally Posted by Spelman
    Is there any mongers still in Kinshasa
    I will be arriving in Kinshasa next week again and are looking for some fun mongers friends to hang out with

    Cheers Spelman

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    Any girl in Goma DRC? Wild, not the boring lot, fetichist, leather, boots, fun, wild, toys, etc? yes I know, must be hard to find but visiting in a while, so why not ask? Wild Girl in Goma?

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    I'm in Goma for some days. Then back to Kinshasa! Any advices where to go? Any girls contact?

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    Is there any mongers still in Kinshasa
    I will be arriving in Kinshasa next week again and are looking for some fun mongers friends to hang out with

    Cheers Spelman

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    Stayed the other night in the Hotel Cosmopolite in Lubumbashi in the Katanga Province (south) of the DRC. The hotel was expensive (US$ 150 / night single) but everything is expensive here. A steak and chips at a restaurant was $32, coke for $2. Pick up a girl from the street for $40 for a short time and the service was not great but I was horny as hell. A problem is the language ( mostly French) for a foreigner. No probem from the hotel to bring the girl in for a short time.

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    I tried to have a hot nite at "Chez Nono" or any other club in Goma but the money I planned to dedicate to a congolese beautie now is in the pockets of those legendary "monkeys in uniform" (50 Euro) in order to let me go out of this damned country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowalk
    does anyone know why these two countries are so expensve? Its still Africa.
    Since they're too busy fighting each other to build an infrastructure, and, thus, an economy, everything consumable is imported.

    It's equally ridiculous considering the fact that so many natural resources are exported while benefitting the locals little, if any.

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    Why So Expensive?

    The part that caught my attention was "I can shop in the USA alot cheaper than here in Brazzaville. I dn't know how the people make it here." It seems that this is also said about Kinasha time and time again. What part of either Congo is so expensive and does anyone know why these two countries are so expensve? Its still Africa.

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    Brazzaville, Congo

    Roman Guy, you appear to be correct on the Congo score, not too serious though, postings are a scarcity nowadays on the African threads.

    Garf888, appreciations for the effort, and of course we want to read your adventures in this very much, unknown, part of Africa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garf888
    Hello All,

    This is my first report from the Congo. .... I will say Brazzavilee is not a cheap place.
    You have mistaked the thread.
    This the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Kinshasa as capital city.
    Please delete your report and write it again in the section Congo.

    I am sorry but many members make the same mistake!

    Have a nice staying in Brazzą and keep us posted!

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    Another night in Brazzaville

    Hello All,

    This is my first report from the Congo. Looks like I will be here for awhile so you will see a few more from me. I will say Brazzavilee is not a cheap place. I can shop in the USA alot cheaper than here in Brazzaville. I dn't know how the people make it here.

    This night I start out down in the center of town at a couple outdoor bars. Many girls are walking the street from one bar to the next. I know very little French which makes it a little difficult but not impossable. Eye contact means everything here. The ladies are in all sizes. There are some mighty fine looking asses here. Well after a few drinks it is about 10: 30. I head to a nightclub called the Diplomat. It has live Congo misic. Many girls are already there looking for some action. After a couple drinks I take a nice 22 year old girl. Wow, what nice body.

    I take her back to my place. We have another drink and start playing. I bring out my camara and she is ready to pose. Then we hit the shower. She starts with a good blowjob. These girls can suck a good dick. I did also return the favor and got it nice and wet before we continuied to the next stage. This went on for a few hours before I took her back to the bar.

    All in all a very good night. I hope you like the pictures and I will write more reports.


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    Grand Hotel Kinshasa

    To contribute a bit on Kinshasa, when I was there I stayed at the Grand Hotel Kinshasa. A very nice but overpriced place. I has a disco in the middle of the hotel which has usually a pretty okay selection of girls. Normally they don't approach you unless you make eye contact, I think the management gets irritated if they bother the customers. That said, I picked up two solid 8s on sucessive nights. The first was a very cool Rwandan. She wanted anal/no condom, but I happen to value life. The second was Congolese, nice but businesslike. I rewarded her very well but she still had the cheek to ask for $5 more. And take my condoms.

    The Grand is not really girl-friendly, though it seems routine to them for someone to go upstairs 'accompanied'. You have to pay a supplement of $20 at the desk. There are better places. I like the pool party idea that someone wrote in the Republic of the Congo thread.

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    Some Pics in DRC

    I would like to share some pics from DRC.

    This is from last year in Kinshasa

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