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    Quote Originally Posted by Garf888
    Hello All,

    This is my first report from the Congo. .... I will say Brazzavilee is not a cheap place.
    You have mistaked the thread.
    This the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Kinshasa as capital city.
    Please delete your report and write it again in the section Congo.

    I am sorry but many members make the same mistake!

    Have a nice staying in Brazzà and keep us posted!

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    Another night in Brazzaville

    Hello All,

    This is my first report from the Congo. Looks like I will be here for awhile so you will see a few more from me. I will say Brazzavilee is not a cheap place. I can shop in the USA alot cheaper than here in Brazzaville. I dn't know how the people make it here.

    This night I start out down in the center of town at a couple outdoor bars. Many girls are walking the street from one bar to the next. I know very little French which makes it a little difficult but not impossable. Eye contact means everything here. The ladies are in all sizes. There are some mighty fine looking asses here. Well after a few drinks it is about 10: 30. I head to a nightclub called the Diplomat. It has live Congo misic. Many girls are already there looking for some action. After a couple drinks I take a nice 22 year old girl. Wow, what nice body.

    I take her back to my place. We have another drink and start playing. I bring out my camara and she is ready to pose. Then we hit the shower. She starts with a good blowjob. These girls can suck a good dick. I did also return the favor and got it nice and wet before we continuied to the next stage. This went on for a few hours before I took her back to the bar.

    All in all a very good night. I hope you like the pictures and I will write more reports.


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    Grand Hotel Kinshasa

    To contribute a bit on Kinshasa, when I was there I stayed at the Grand Hotel Kinshasa. A very nice but overpriced place. I has a disco in the middle of the hotel which has usually a pretty okay selection of girls. Normally they don't approach you unless you make eye contact, I think the management gets irritated if they bother the customers. That said, I picked up two solid 8s on sucessive nights. The first was a very cool Rwandan. She wanted anal/no condom, but I happen to value life. The second was Congolese, nice but businesslike. I rewarded her very well but she still had the cheek to ask for $5 more. And take my condoms.

    The Grand is not really girl-friendly, though it seems routine to them for someone to go upstairs 'accompanied'. You have to pay a supplement of $20 at the desk. There are better places. I like the pool party idea that someone wrote in the Republic of the Congo thread.

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    Some Pics in DRC

    I would like to share some pics from DRC.

    This is from last year in Kinshasa

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    Hotel Meridien had 6 - 7 in the lobby bar each night. From very nice looking to not as great looking, but not bad. One evening, must have been slow, one jumped on the elevator with me, started rubbing her chest and offering a massage, etc. Not one of the great ones.

    One guy in the party found nice sweet younger girl for the week.

    They are available there.

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    Which Congo?


    In the Country list Republic of the Congo diverts you to the Democratic Republic of Congo (old Zaire) and likewise the other way round. So it needs to be corrected. Nothing I can do as I posted under Rep. of Congo but got slotted under dem. rep. of Congo. I know where I've been and it wasn't Zaire!


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    Hey Zouk,

    Give Kurt a break no need to correct. Appreciate his contribution on a dead topic.

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    For your own sake, Pointe Noire is a town of the Republic of Congo wich is a country near the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaïre).

    So, I guess your post is in the wrong topic.


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    Point Noire, Republic of Congo

    Spent a few days in Point Noire in April. Nice seaside town, commercial centre for the Congo. Untouched by the civil war a few years ago. Oil industry offshore has lifted the quality of life here. Some very nice beach restaurants. The sea has a big surf with a strong undertow.

    Night life in Point Noire centres around the main street where there are numerous bars and restaurants and cafes. Here you walk into any night club and you will quickly meet plenty of women. Most are on the game but you can find some non-pros just out for some fun at the weekend. Was in this locals only joint though the talent was not so great.

    Met a tall legs eleven doll and brought her back to the hotel. BBJ and CIM and she was ready for more in the morning though I had been a bit heavy on the local brew the night before. No fun banging with a hangover! She came with me to the airport, the terminal is just a shack in the sand, and I gave her 10,000 CFA (€15), and flew off to Gabon for more fun.

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    I'd like to visit Kinshasa (and Brazzaville) in the near future, but as I don't know anyone who has been there all the information I have is from the internet and it gives me the impression that it is VERY expensive to hang around there. Could anyone give me a hint what a budgethotel costs, I mean a basic room with just a bed and a small bathroom. How much is a meal at a cheap restaurants? Prices for girls? etc.

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    D.R Congo is a crazy place in war and conflicts. The forgotten place of the planet for media and interest.

    Well its very easy to find beautiful Congolesian babes. Just go to any disco or any bar they are there.

    Bobongo and the Dicco just over the road. Lots of nice friendly people.

    Lecrete and Tel Aviv Disco

    Or just smile to someone its easy


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    Democratic Republic of the Congo

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