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    There is some action at the President Hotel, but otherwise there's not alot on the streets.

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    Dear John Aldrich:

    Botswana is a lot like most African countries, at least in the capital city of Gaborone (the only place I've been in this beautiful country). That is, girls are available almost everywhere, especially in the bars and discos, but also in shops, markets, etc.

    I stayed at the President Hotel in downtown Gaborone. Stopped by the bar downstairs and almost immediately started talking to two young ladies (early 20s) who asked if they could come upstairs to my room to watch TV. After 5 minutes in the room, one of the girls disappeared into the bathroom for an extended stay while the other one started sucking me off. Ended up with MPCFS - very nice, but unfortunately no two-girl action.

    Another good hotel is the Sun Hotel, towards the edge of town, with a lively disco (and casino?) where lots of young ladies may be found.

    If you've ever been in other black African countries (other than South Africa), then you shouldn't have any problems here. Good luck!

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    Amazing. I hear so much abotu Botswana and its promiscous society. But not a single posting. Am going to be travelling there shortly. It would be of great help if I could get some info on the mongering scene here.

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