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    Is there anyone who has been there recently? How is the situation there?

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    Hi Indohound

    Are you on the board?

    I would like more info on Comorros from you.

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    Indo hound,

    Can you tell us some more about the women there? What do they look like physically and what kind of attitude/personality do they have?
    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we'd all love to see any pics that you can share.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Just visited Moroni, capital city of the Comoros Islands.

    No street prostitution exists here. No unaccompanied women in the better hotels or inside the islands only casino.

    So: two possibilities exist;

    1. La Rose Noire - Disco located within the town of Moroni on coastal road. Entrance is CF 2000 (approx 6US$), alcoholic drinks start at CF 1000. Only overweight girls were available ie unattached. No interest on my part in fat women, so I left. Was there on Friday evening.

    2. Bar des Amis - Walked there from my hotel Moroni Hotel approx 15 minutes or 2 kilometres. Halfway there stopped 2 good-looking slim girls and asked the way to the disco. Both agreed to walk with me over there. Spent the evening together with them dancing and drinking soft drinks (these are moslem girls!) and arranged one of them to meet me in my hotel the next day. Anway lots of single women or groups of single girls obviously out to meet guys. No other Europeans or non-white males there besides myself - despite Moroni being the safest capital city in Africa. Entrance to this place was CF 1500 per person. SINCE I hooked up with my girl, lets call her Layla, I had no need to discover the scene further. 'Layla' is a delicious 19 year old schoolgirl. Worth a trip back to the Comoros for the sex alone.

    No hassles taking guests into the hotels. Low AIDS rate on Comoros. Taxis around town are CF 300 (US$0.85).

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