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    Visa alert

    The cost of obtaining a tourist visa at Ivato (the airport neat Tana) was recently increased from about $15 to about $85! Bring cash; they don't take credit cards: euros, dollars and ariary only.

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    Hot Nosy Be

    back from a short stop in this island i wans to share my experience with you.
    arrived tuesday and was surprised to see at the custom a nice malagasy dressed in more than a black mini with white high heels, hard and long legs, i could not resist from looking at them and she replay with a smile !

    the change is 1=2400 €/ariari, best is to change at the gasoline station in the main village, coming from the airport is on a square, the owner is indian 1=2500

    i decided to stay in ambatoloka, a village on the coast wher there is a good mixture of beach, restaurants, and night life without needing to take a taxi or rent a scooter to go out at night, driving at night is not the best idea, lights are poor, drivers are drunk on w.e. and a black zebu (like a cow) can always get out from the dark in the middle of the road, i suggets you to rent a scooter or a small enduro 125/250 for day tours. there are 2 rentals in ambatoloka proices are similar so concentrate more on the quality and deal the price if more than one day.

    the taxi price is fixed, from airport to ambatoloka 30000, keep in mind that this is the most expensive place in madagascar, even for local people living there and petrol is very expensive for their salary about €1/liter.
    use the belt and never wear a white shirt on the taxi since the belts are brown from dirty end were not used for years ! now they are mandatory !

    i suggest you to take a small hotel on the beach in ambatoloka since you can go out at night just walking, no taxi no costs, just concentrate your night on girls/drinks/food !
    there are many hotels, in low season you can get a good discount for one week or more, i choosed robinson a small wodden bungalow in front of the beach from where you can see local people in the day showing food, fish, and nice girls smiling on the beach, wonderful sunsets and it's just 5 minutes walk to the town.
    le residence d'ambatoloka is also nice and quiet.
    remember to take a battery light since without the moon is difficult to see the way.

    never had problems getting girls into at night and out in the morning !

    avoid fishing club rooms are hot and noisy, avoid also the most expensive hotels, unless you are a typical spoiled eu or us that is always in need of comfort, i suggests you a medium level 40000-60000 ariary/day always check if there is a mosquit curtain over your bed, just to reduce malaria risk.

    for dinner price are all the same so concentrate on quality, for good italian food and really an excellent pizza go straight to caribo (owner is from tuscany) service is good, you can get good wine, price a little higher than other places, i suggets you to come to caribo if you are in need on pasta, pizza and/or wine, try the local restaurants, i prefer if the owner is malagasy.

    for lunch the best spot is at andilana, in a small restaurants on the road, opposite from the famous beach, sorry i'm not sure about the name (ernesto)
    best lobster and gambas of all the island ! and good price !
    if you like a more elegant place go straight on the beach and eat on the sand at, again i don't remember the name but it's the only one and very nice.

    girls.....many types from the
    1"i'm a model" just here to wait my ride to eu or usa
    2"i'm a sex bomb" fuck me any possible way i will make you happy
    3"i'm here to get some money" i hope to find a gentle man
    4"i'm a virgin"
    5"i'm a girl you are a nice boy let's get friend"

    beware of type 4, many of them look like a good young girl with a nice angel face, usually they like to decorate the face with natural colors and you can find them on the beach daytime, after you stay with them they pretend you to pay their house rent and sometimes they say "i'm **** if you don't pay i call the police".

    i had this experience but i checked before her age on the card, so when she asked me 200000 i started laughing and agree on 40000, she was really not compatible with me, she didn't like to such since she was muslim, but she like me to work on her....!
    very tight pussy and small but firm body, but since i love to get oral it was a lost of time....

    there are 21 races in madascar (not really races but i don't know the right word) every one is different in terms of culture, habits, body, and approach to sex. they are a mixture of asian origin and african, the asian group is calle d merna you can find them in the capital antananarivo, very beautiful but difficult to find on the coast, some of them are classy good education don't like to fuck with everybody, beautiful faces and good body (not all)
    the opposite are sakalava of african descent, great body (african face), always happy, the best to fuck, sex is a game for them and thay are more than happy to give and receive pleasure !

    so get straight to type 5 or 2 depending on your mood !
    prices range from just a gift (cadeau in france) to 50000 per night, sometimes they say ok for all night but later they say they have to go back home since tomorrow they work early, fucking girls....they just want to go back in the pub/disco to get another one, so i suggest you to be very clear at the beginning, all night and money in the morning.

    if you really find your match, for me it's a mixture of girlfriend in the day and a sextoy at night you can stay with her all your holiday just pay the bill, be nice, and give some gift and money before you live, help them they are so nice and know how to make a man happy.

    if you like to change every day they try to stay with you, they come back so just be nice and say no.

    i try some massages, they are passing on the beach asking, invite them to come in your room for the massage, lay down without clothes and let the game go, smile and be doesn't work 100% but 60 is ok

    if you like diving, go there are plenty on small islands to visit nosy komba, nosy tanikely, nosy ranja, nosy=island

    ride your byke daytime if you are not too tired....people are nice and friendly.

    my typical timeshare was snorkeling 1-2 hours a day, running 45 minutes before sunset, sleeping 8 hours/day, eating fruit for lunch and fish for dinner, and help the local girls to find a new fucking friend....hehehe.

    last but not least take condoms with you and some medicine in case of stomach disease.

    happy hunting and ride safe !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigedejade
    However for girls the top are probably girls of TAMATAVE (ethny betsimisaraka).
    Great place for dark-skinned coastal girls. Some Malagasy-Chinese "metisse" too. Decent beaches, wild bar/discos, good restaurants, OK internet services, plenty of hotels from inexpensive to moderate prices. The roads in Tamatave/Toamasina really suck, and the traffic can be surprisingly hectic in some parts of town. Ask any taxi driver for recommendations (but remember, he may be getting a kickback from a hotel or 2, so don't hesitate to ask to be taken somewhere else for a comparison). A great place to find a small boat up the Pangalanes (canal system) to more remote villages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Swim
    Hello Tigedejade,

    Thanks for your reports. I am planning to go to Mada soon for a short stay.

    It's a big country ! Which locations do you most like for mongering?

    Thanks for answering,
    All places are enjoyable as you enjoy the country as well as the girls.

    However for girls the top are probably girls of TAMATAVE (ethny betsimisaraka).
    I have to make detailed mongering reports with photos when I shall have time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Labadi
    The best language to be spoken is Melegash ;-). There are a lot of girls that hardly speak French. And I have never seen a girl speaking English being not a pro-pro.

    So, if you want to enjoy the scene, French-knowledge is advisable.
    Even French will only get you so far in more remote areas, but it's good in the larger towns and real cities. A few words of Malagasy go a long way, even if you don't speak French.

    Just say: "misy vola" (mee-see voo-la); it means I have money
    "Tsara be" is beautiful or pretty. That should be enough!

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    The best language to be spoken is Melegash ;-). There are a lot of girls that hardly speak French. And I have never seen a girl speaking English being not a pro-pro.

    So, if you want to enjoy the scene, French-knowledge is advisable.

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    Perhaps this question has already been answered, excuse my ignorance, but is French the only language one can communicate in with local girls in Madagascar? I'm under impression that not all reports in this section have been authored by Francophiles. So, how far can English take one in Madagascar? With girls, in particular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Swim
    Hello Tigedejade,

    Thanks for your reports. I am planning to go to Mada soon for a short stay.

    It's a big country ! Which locations do you most like for mongering?

    Thanks for answering,
    With all due respect, RTFF.
    Tons of info at your fingertips!

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    Tigedejade's experiences

    Hello Tigedejade,

    Thanks for your reports. I am planning to go to Mada soon for a short stay.

    It's a big country ! Which locations do you most like for mongering?

    Thanks for answering,

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    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it was not written in English[/u]. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigedejade
    I did that at my first trip (2002) with a 19 years old superb beauty « Sakalava » (ethny) from « la brousse » around DIEGO. Fresh and simple. She gave me her ID, I put it in my passport. And she was mine during 15 superb days. Without a single whim or request to pay or buy anything. And I made clear from the beginning that it would be a slice of life with no other commitment. We both enjoyed. That’s all!
    Thank you Tige de jade for the lavish oeuvres that you painted in your three comprehensive reports. They conveyed a longing to visit Madagascar and to live la belle vie for a few weeks. The closest I came to having such a girl was when in my twenties and a student in Paris, I had a girlfriend from La Réunion. Happy memories.

    It would only be if my life became sufficiently simple that I could even dream of a stay in Madagascar. In the meantime I will content myself with mongering where I live, in the Middle East - and dream-on while occasionally visiting this thread.

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    Report deleted by Admin

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the Forum's Zero Tolerance policy prohibiting reports containing any references to transvestites or transsexuals. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information.

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    General Infos For Travellers To Mada (3) End

    Travelling inside the country:

    1)Domestic flights AIR MAD are numerous and well maintained (no accident since 1982, notwithstanding its name! Contract Management with LUFTHANSA) however they are not cheap.

    TANA being in the center of the country, if you want to go to any provincial town on sea shore (DIEGO; NOSY-BE; TULEAR; MAJUNGA; MORONDAVA; FORT DAUPHIN.) the return rate in 2007 was around 580 000 MGA (I. E. 220 Euros). TAMATAVE is closer and cheaper (157 Euros).

    You have two ways to get discounts: 20% discount is offered if you book and pay 15 days in advance with a Saturday night on spot (in fact personally, I have now my travel agent in TANA who trusts me and I can order from Paris; he issues the ticket only when I am in TANA).

    Another way is to come from Europe by AIR MAD: you have 40% discount on domestic flights booked and bought in Europe. But AIR MAD is often more expansive than AIR FRANCE!

    2) Local standard transport « taxi-brousse is much much cheaper. Very cheap, but crowdy minibuses (without aircond. You are not in Asia! ), which are an interesting experience, but can be also pretty hard if babies are crying, heat over 30°. To spend 6 hours (TAMATAVE) or 9 hours (MAJUNGA- 18 000 MGA/ 7 E). Roads to TAMATAVE; MAJUNGA; TULEAR are tarred roads. You can even go to MANANJARY with a perfect newly tarred road.

    But the road to DIEGO (I. E. Also NOSY –BE) is not yet finished to be tarred in 2007 (even if it is one of the priority of the last six years Presidency)

    And it is clear that except if you are a true backpacker, it is impossible to spend 3 days in « taxi-brousse partly on unpaved roads to go to MORONDAVA or DIEGO and sleep in the minibus or flea rest houses.

    3) Of course if you can afford it, and it can be an option not more expansive than plane if you travel at 2 or 3 people: private driver. You stop where and when you want. I have a very good and cheap car driver (70 000 MGA per day /27 E + gasoline); girlfriendly! To admire superb countryside, caress superb little tits of a young beauty and have a gentle private massage in the meantime, is a must!


    The country is very friendly to mongers of all ages.

    I was told (never observed) that what malagasy men cannot accept, because they become very jealous, is a malagasy man with a « white girl.

    MADAGASCAR is basically a matriarcal society.

    There is no prostitution with « mamasan as in Asia.

    Girls are always independent: pro, semi-pro, newbies, more or less encouraged by their mother. The mothers see as an asset the possibility for a nice daughter to go with « vazahas ».


    In fact you have mostly Frenchmen over 50 who discovered this paradise and come regularly or even settle for a retirement at low cost but high sexual intensity. Some fall in love and start a new family (often after a divorce in Europe), manage a small hotel or restaurant. Of course it is the target of many girls to marry a « vazaha ». Other remain independent and enjoy several months in a city with various girls, then change their horizon to another city to enjoy new girlie environment. Some become alcoholic sponges and share their time between girls and bottles. They become sad wrecks.

    Whatsoever, the environment is very tolerant.

    It is clear –and it happened to me several times- that the most attractive experience is when you are the first « white man a girl fall in love with. I always observed, that after having met and share love with « vazahas », girls cannot come back to love with local malagasy boys. They will try to find other « white men; they become addicted to us and our games. Once a malagasy girl I knew well told me that malagasy men never lick them. Personally I am very fond of cunnilingus. It happened to me only twice among maybe nearly hundred girls to be told « no, I do not like it ». One was a pro (but elegant and kind, of MAJUNGA, I kept her two days, very photogenic); the other was a young mother of NOSY BE who told me: « no, I am Muslim (? )

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Nice reports tige de jade

    By your reports I can said that you had a good time in Mada and are a very much experienced monger in Mada, On my last trip I only stay in Tana for 2 weeks I did mostly the Glacier and street walker, (nothing else to do in Tana except mongering)Glacier early in the afternoon and street walker at night or late evening, you are right at the Glacier you can find some gem in the rough as I did a few times especially around 6-7pm, the Indra is not too much my cup of tea, girls there are very average imho, it is true that Tana is a fairly safe place walked a lot even at night and never felt threatened even walking from Indra to Glacier about 20 minutes walk, just love to walk at night as you can see all the street walker but beware it is not for everyone! I am quite muscular wich is a turn off for the small thief lots of street walker from Indra to the area below Sakamanga The only time I had a concern with my safety was on a crowded street market where I got pickpocket and I can say that those guy work in team of a few and are very good at it, lost of about 5k to 10k Ariary, they hit the wrong pocket it was the pocket for beggar money.

    On my next trip I plan to stay in Tana just a few days on arrival and a few days before my departure would like to visit Mada by renting a Motorcycle as I did when I was there for my first time shortly after the departure of former president Ratsiraka in 2002

    It is advice that you should have a good supply of vitamin V or C as what you can buy in Tana is very expensive 75 Euros for 4 pill of 20mg Cialis but the clerk told me that it is less expensive than in France where it is more expensive! Well can not said if true because I am not french but in my country it is about 35 Euros for the same.

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    Thanks Ti! I look forward to your reports and pics. Welcome aboard!!
    Here's a souvenir from Morondava:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sasa_doggie.jpg‎  

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