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    Your Absolutely you're right my friend

    I know what you talking about it is a nightmare I try to do it to save money but I was sadly mistaken I wasted a lot of Taxi trips and I have to deal with some stupid bureaucracy so I said screw forget it and I decided to pay money and get a lawyer.

    What really pissed me off was the day I came to get my passport from the office to find out that there is one last step and that is the stamp and I have to walk my passport all the way to the tribunals because supposedly that's where you get it done or to actually make the payment there and get a receipt and then come back to her office to get the stamp for the extension well she let me walk all the way over there and she forgot to tell me that the tribunal was closed on that day!

    I called my lawyer who actually did a previous extension for me when I was outside of and 10 in the rainb I called my lawyer who actually did a previous extension for me when I was outside of TANA (I was in Toliara) and she mailed me back the passport with a stamp. It cost me 550,000 AR but I was extremely happy and did a total of 3 extensions with her.

    I do not recommend you go the regular official rout unless you truly are on a low budget and you only need one month extension as I recall they only give you one month extension and it's for around 80,000 AR.

    Quote Originally Posted by NmExpert  [View Original Post]
    Its huge problem if you don't know first hand don't mislead. I did it last year in Tana and it was a nightmare. I took 4 taxi to down town to bring documents and bank authorization and more countless things.

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    I sent you the info with hair phone number

    I was waiting for your response in my inbox I didn't notice it I just now saw your response in this thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthEaster  [View Original Post]
    Brasil please make some space in your inbox. Tried to send a PM but rejected. And yes contact (and cost?) welcome. Anyone else with info greatly appreciated.


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    Steve Ohh, SouthEaster, IAmTheBest007.

    Thank you guys very much for your advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bfsie  [View Original Post]
    Hi everybody,

    Are most working girls in Madagascar black girls? Are there any white girls in there? Thanks for your advice.
    There are but they are not working girls. They are called vazette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bfsie  [View Original Post]
    Hi everybody,

    Are most working girls in Madagascar black girls? Are there any white girls in there? Thanks for your advice.
    OK no white but some Tana massage girls are near white I was surprise to see that. I didn't see this color in bars etc.

    But there are not fresh no kids etc so expect some baby damage. Try badoo and of you like one immediately offer money when chatting for full night. But no one goes to Mada for real white. Try Brazil or Colombia.

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    I don't know where you were mongering Steve but I didn't see many Asian looking girls around, except for those that obviously have some Chinese in them. The vast majority are medium brown to almost black with a minority having fairer skin. As for white girls, you may find a few hookers from SA or La Reunion but I wouldn't count on it! Zero white working girls in Mada. You do know this is Africa, right?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bfsie  [View Original Post]
    Hi everybody,

    Are most working girls in Madagascar black girls? Are there any white girls in there? Thanks for your advice.
    Most of them are looking asian with darker skin, but there are also black girls and some have light skin. Those women with lighter skin are living in Tana and highlands around.

    Have a look at Badoo (flirting App) and check some big major cities in Madagascar or Facebook and search for "Top Model Madagascar". Others also post here some pictures of their ladies. To see is much better than only to describe.

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    Hi everybody,

    Are most working girls in Madagascar black girls? Are there any white girls in there? Thanks for your advice.

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    A few observations

    Just a bit of info for those heading here. One thing I have definitely noticed is prices of some things going up, especially beer and especially in Tana. Last year at LE Glacier the daytime price for a large THB was 4500 and evening 6000. That changed to 6000 any time. My last day there around a week ago it had just gone up to 7000. Now this is still cheap at under 2 bucks but that is a hell of an increase in a short time. La Terrasse in Tamatave has boosted their (still good value) menu du jour from 12000 to 13500 and the duck confit from 21000 to 24000. La Cantine in Diego has put their beer up 1000 since a year ago. Don't get me wrong the prices are still good, especially compared to a lot of other places but there seems to be some big price pressure over the last year or so. Don't know exactly why because even though the currency has fallen a lot, most of these products are not imported. Except the hops? Except the prices in the supermarkets have not followed that of restaurants and bars.

    Hotels seem to be steady. I am paying the same at Anjara in Tamatave as I was 3 years ago. Same for Imperial hotel in Diego. New Select has gone bonkers though. Receptionist gone half the time and prices have gone up. It's a shame as I love the location so close to Glacier its perfect for STs.

    Airfares. Book very very early if possible. Prices for Tsaradia over the next 6 weeks have gone nuts! Almost all of the cheapest category flights are sold out, and even the ONLY one I saw for NB to Tana was for 123 Euro, not the 80-90 we were seeing when they first kicked off. Cheapest one way from Tulear to Tana is 150 Euro going all the way up to 364! Fuck these are old Air Mada prices.

    Does anyone know if the offices (Tsaradia is in Air Mada offices?) have different prices and availability like the old days with Air Mada or is it exactly what you see on the website?

    Cotisse Tana to Diego. I did the whole trip, 28 hours. Road in terrible shape in many places, probably adds 10 hours to the trip. Bearable but I was practically falling down by the time I got there from lack of sleep. I believe they are in Collaboration with Anjara Trans as that was the name on the Taxi Brousse. Their station is way the hell and gone from the centre of town.

    I have not added anything about pussy as Pokeris did the job much better than I could a month ago!

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    Last year I got a month only in TNR Airport when requesting 3 month. 5 month later I got back and got 2 Month without issues. Their policy is a mystery.

    But I did learned one thing that one month is the optimum time or me as I got bored in any city. Next trip in September.

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    A single entry up to 3 months, or a multiple entry up to three months can be had in 4 business days for Americans, Canadians just mail your stuff to and let them do it. End of story. They've gotten me visas for Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger, former soviet countries. Just too easy.

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    Nosy Be

    Quote Originally Posted by IAmTheBest007  [View Original Post]
    If you arrive directly in Majunga you can get 3 months on arrival. It s probably the same in Nosybe so the issue of 3 months VOA seems to be in Tana only.

    I guess for nosy be you are wrong. I was there in April. Some other guys discussed that in my hotel and they fly directly to Nosy Be. Only two month on arrival at the airport. Another option for some guys there is from the Comoros by ship, also only two months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldf3  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I don't speak French, but planing vacation to Madagascar. Which of you guys don't speak English and still had a great time there?

    I don't speak French, but English and had a great time there. Without French it becomes a little bit complicated sometimes. For example restaurant menu is usually in French. Taxi driver won't understand you, because of the pronunciation. Be prepared, that means have a card from your hotel or the correct address.

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    French or English?

    I am assuming you meant to write French instead of English in your second sentence? If you speak neither you will have a hell of a time. Again assuming I am right, for a good example go back in the thread and read Pokeris' posts. He has given heaps of good info, had a great time and he doesn't speak French. That said it makes things a lot easier if you do. I speak a bit (basic shit) and it certainly helps. My biggest problem is understanding half the stuff on the menu!

    If you have an ounce of adventure in you and are willing to do some difficult travel then I would advise you to give it a go. If you are the AC or Pattaya type that expects everything handed to them on a silver platter, don't bother.


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    No need to be so testy Mr. Best. I didn't say I didn't believe you I asked if you were sure and it seems you are. I don't think I am the only one that thinks it a little odd that there are different immigration policies for different ports of entry, in fact it is probably unheard of anywhere else. And yes, after my fiasco I am aware that rules in Mada are, shall we say, malleable. I asked in part because I don't wish anyone else to go through the hassle that I did.


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